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Crysis 3 Won’t Be Coming To Wii U Due To Lack Of “Business Drive” Between EA And Nintendo


CEO and founder of Crytek Cevat Yerli has announced that Crysis 3 won’t be coming to Nintendo’s latest home console due to a lack of business drive between publisher EA and Nintendo. Yerli said that there had been discussions between EA, Nintendo, and Crytek, but ultimately nothing worked out. He went on to say that it was purely a business decision.

“There is no Wii U version due to a lack of business drive between publisher EA and Nintendo.”

“There has been discussions between Nintendo and EA and Crytek, but the bottom line is that there is that there’s not enough business drive in it.”

“It’s a purely business decision. I’d love to see it on Wii U, but what I love to see and what gets done at the end of the day are two different things. Even so, I could initiate it but someone has to sell it, right?”

121 thoughts on “Crysis 3 Won’t Be Coming To Wii U Due To Lack Of “Business Drive” Between EA And Nintendo”

  1. kid that cried when he found porn

    thats alright.

    crysis 3 would be a watered down frame rate issue port anyway. hardcore gamers dont buy a wiiU. its just for fanboys

      1. kid that cried when he found porn

        i Love Nintendo actually. but if you expect the wiiU to be a 3rd party machine then you are clearly deluded. I love my mario and zelda and pokemons but unlike the majority of fanboys on here. I own all consoles…and wiiU will just be a repeat of wii in terms of software. great nintendo games and some exclusives but missing out on the biggest sellers.

        1. I own all Nintendo and Sony consoles and PC…. but i dont get the logic, hardcore gamers dont buy Wii U? what about you and me? there ara many PC/Wii users for example, or many PS/Wii users etc.

          But i agree with you in some way, forget a big 3rd party support for Wii U, its not only about specs, the problem for Wii U is that PS3/60 systems are still supported and there are more than 70mil PS3 owners and more than 70 mil Xbox 360 users + much more PC users than PS3/60 combined… so, why should someone buy a Crysis 3 game for example for WIi U if they can just buy the damn game for PS3/60/PC? thats normal, its easier to sell a game with a much stronger “userbase” than for Wii U (with much less users). And last, mayn Sony users will buy the next Sony console even if the console would be trash (same goes for NIntendo and Microsoft).

          What all this means for me?

          Again…. 95% multiplatform aka 3rd party games = PC (depends, im playing multiplat games mostly on PC) and exclusive games (1st and 2nd party) = Wii U and PS4 (maybe even Next Xbox too).

          1. True that, why would anyone play Crysis on PSBOX if PC has it better. Wii U has different way to play that’s why people will buy it. Not just rotating analog sticks. Gamepad has a lot of potential.

        2. I kinda agree… But I think the 3rd party support is better… But to me it seems like developers are not trusting the Wii U right now.

    1. Its going to be wasted on 360 and even worse on ps3 I feel sorry for the ps3 owners. For crysis its a pc game your wasting your time if you buy it anywhere else. The wii u could run it right neck and neck with the 360 easily.

      1. I really can’t believe some people are still sticking up for Nintendo and saying it’s fine when we hear news like this. I love Nintendo sure but they really need to start getting 3rd parties involved on WiiU a lot more like promised. I mean where’s Far Cry 3, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, DMC, BioShock Infinite, GTA 5, the list goes on. It’s going to be the Wii all over again where we have only a handful of games to look forward to for the year.

        1. ” THE PS3 AND x360 SUCKS!!! THEY SUCK!!!!!! Although they got all the games, and Wii U is left behind, skipped so many games, but Wii U is the best!!! BECAUSE THE SPEC IS BETTER!!”
          Oh shut the fuck up fanboys, go ahead and stick to your Wii U and stop complaining ps360.
          I Agree you, @pinkerton. People like @Elaise just wants to be hated by everyone…

        2. Most of the games you mentioned are coming out in the next couple months and were in development before the Wii U was announced. The developer of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has TWO exclusive games in development for Wii U. Bioshock Infinite was first announced in 2010, before the Wii U was even a thing. Also, the Wii U JUST came out. The 3DS and Xbox 360 had crap launches and didn’t get great games (like Mario 3D Land and Mass Effect) until almost a year after they came out. My point is it’s too early to tell how successful 3rd party support on Wii U will be. I’d start worrying if E3 2013 gones by and the only major releases coming up are from Nintendo.

        3. actually what he said pretty much confirms that EA is still acting like little bitches about the whole origin thing. nothing to do with nintendo or their console

        4. Pinkerton …..its about EA orgins not being on the wii u. Also you know how much time and Man power it tales to make games. It would be Seriously tough to start developing for a new console when the games being in development for years already..think Man shessh

          1. @UniverselGamer You have just proven my point. You shouldn’t’ settle for these excuses, what about other games then, why aren’t they coming out? Why does the WiiU lack so much 3rd party support? Activision got Black Ops 2 on Wii U in time for launch (just under 1 month after the PS3 and 360) so game development time obviously isn’t an issue. You’re just making up excuses for the situation, EA said it’s a business decision which means it comes down to money which is where Nintendo should step in.

        5. The Wii U will get 3rd party games later in the future. It is only missing out on the ones that are being published like right now and from before the Wii U was announced. Think of all the 3rd party games that are only going into production RIGHT THIS SECOND that you dont even know about yet. I am sure they are being made for PS3, Xbox 360 AND the Wii U now….

    1. kid that cried when he found porn

      the truth is still pathetic. Nintendo will fail in getting 3rd party support the FOURTH TIME IN A ROW.

      shame! wiiU is not even on par with 7 year old consoles. Cant wait for the damage controllers to insult me when the man at crytek said it himself. Just admit the wiiU is a rushed attempt to get back the core, and no pikmin 3 is not a core game, just a game for gardeners LOL

      nntendo will never learn

      1. Companies barely get proper support for a new console when it’s first launched we saw the same thing with the 360 and Ps3 especially the Ps3.

          1. “There is no Wii U version due to a lack of business drive between publisher EA and Nintendo.”

            “There has been discussions between Nintendo and EA and Crytek, but the bottom line is that there is that there’s not enough business drive in it.”

            “It’s a purely business decision. I’d love to see it on Wii U, but what I love to see and what gets done at the end of the day are two different things. Even so, I could initiate it but someone has to sell it, right?”

            where does he say on par with 7 year old systems?

      2. the man at crytek said it himself? no he didn’t. he said it was a business decision. on the other hand, previously they had said that they could bring their game to WiiU from the technical point of view.

        the wiiu IS stronger than any other current console. it just won’t hold a candle to the next gen consoles,

          1. Sorry but you cant compare early games and new games, Wii U has a not good CPU but the RAM and GPU is im sure noticable stronger than current gen. But again, Wii U will lost 3rd party support (i believe this time it will be better than Wii but thats not enough to “beat” PC/PS4/NextXbox 3rd party support)…..

            And no, Cryengine 3 is officialy confirmed for Wii U and Crytek said it runns “beautiful” on Wii U, so obiviously its not because of specs.

          2. Those are really important exclusive titles… Of course Halo and uncharted look great… Just look at Mario galaxy for the Wii… It looked great… They gave their best at developing the game.

          3. nintendoland looks far better then halo 4, maybe they should of put it on pc with bettter texture then it would of had a chance.

          4. Halo 4? Seriously?

            I think alot of you are mistaking what’s in gMe footage and whats a prerendered cutscene. Don’t get me wrong, they pull off blending the two well, but it’s not that great looking. Best looking 360 exclusive game, yeah, but not that great.

            1. The problem i got is that reach was more impresive ,reach got bigger open world more enemies on screen better particles and lighting.

          5. Comparing 6-7 year games to launch titles ….ok everyone just ignore this guy he knows nothing about tech. He is just the guy who walks in the store and buys a system that every knows….also the cpu is purposely slow cuz it has a gpgpu.

      3. Are you a fucking idiot ? You still beating this stupid dead horse ? The wiiu is considerably more capable than ”7 year old consoles” retard. With the right attention crysis would look a lot better on wiiu .

        Not even gunna bother explaining it to you anyway because you seem to be disabled. CoD on wiiu looks better than it does on ps3 and that’s just a rushed launch port , so why wouldn’t crysis ?

        If they took some effort they could litteraly make it look twice as good on wiiu.

      4. DS got 3rd party support, 3ds is getting 3rd party support (actually more 3rd party than 1st party that’s making me mad i want pokemon already), gamecube got 3rd party, 64 GOT The best games ever doesn’t matter if it’s third party or not

      5. Pikmin 3, wonderful 101, bayonetta 2 rayman legends, monster hunter 3 ultimate=all I care about. Also, the ps3 and 360’d looked terrible at launch, ps3 only sold around 500k unites in the first four weedks and 360 800k. WiiU sold over 1mil in the first four weeks and current games look just as good if not better then systems that people have been working on for 7 years. And graphics really matter… *cough*vita sales*cough* the ps3 as apparently stronger then the wiiu, and it can’t even outsell nintendos portable! Pathetic! The 3DS just passed ps3’s lifetime sales and its still running strong. Sony has had 2 major hardware flops in a row, one more strike and they’re out.

      6. Wii U is out of Xbox 360 and PS3’s league… get over it! Wii U is next gen, Team Ninja said it themselves!

    1. kid that cried when he found porn

      gamer: and every other EA game… think before typing. EA hate nintendo. enjoy your gimped madden port lol

        1. kid that cried when he found porn

          speak for yourself. Millions obv do if EA sell loads of games. Shut up and stop being worse than EA

          1. Aelous you were born yesterday what you know about console launchs? If there statement was true it means that even the ps4 and 720 will have same wiiu support from ea.

          1. left for dead is owned by valve, it was published by EA. Just because I publish X doesn’t mean I own X, it means i take profits from X.

            1. kid that cried when he found porn

              but if EA refuse to publish it… it wont come to the console. just like whats happened with crysis 3.

              1. That depends on how the partnership between EA and valve work. EA is smart enough to not screw with valve, because then they lose steam. If valve blatantly state “We want this on every console” Then they will have no choice: or valve will simply gain a publishing contract with another happy developer (Someone who wants to publish console HL3). In reality steam has gained enough money for valve that they will probably publish their own games on consoles in the near future.

          2. Again, they simply published those games. Valve has shown that they could easily publish the games themselves if they needed to for the home consoles.

            1. kid that cried when he found porn

              yeah but they havent. they are instead focusing on their own console which will crush wiiU even further lol.

              What asad year for Nintendo loyalists

              1. I believe that the ‘steam box’ is just a specialised gaming pc, not a specific console. Also it is going to run linux, which may be an issue due to the fact man steam sale games run on windows (i think they have l4d2 and possibly half life running on the linux version of steam).

                If you think the wii u is crushed you are very silly. It has out sold at the levels they expect (bar gamestop, but few people buy with gamestop due to absorbent pricing) And has been drawing a significant profit (1 game per console draws a profit for Nintendo). If you believe that Nintendo is in trouble then I fear holding a logical argument with you is a waste of time.

              2. I’m glad that I’m not a Nintendo loyalist then. (Lets assume that I am though, just to make you feel better about yourself.) Valve’s focus isn’t for the current console market due to its various restrictions. Valve wanted to fully implement its Steam service for their games but was very limited to what they could do because of the console makers restrictions put on them. It’s almost very silly to ask for a console version of Valve games, since the computer versions of the games are vastly superior to the console ports. (Lack of TF2 updates, the need to pay for DLC that comes free on the PC versions, lack of content updates due to restrictions set by the console makers) Now if anything, if Valve does go through with their own console, the only thing it would really revolutionize is the distribution of games and lack of restrictions that inhibit Valve on other consoles. While I would believe that it could kill SONY and Microsoft’s next iteration of consoles if they just plan to do spec bumps. The WiiU would still offer a unique gameplay experience that not even Valve could replicate. So Nintendo won’t be going anywhere soon.

          3. Man, get lost if you’re NOT a fanboy. I’m sick of seeing people coming here and bashing Nintendo and their fans. Go play with your stupid PS3, Xbox 360 or what ever dumb console you like, and leave us Nintendo fans alone!

            1. If you’re referring to me, I illy worded my first sentence. I am a Nintendo fan, but buy no means a fanboy of any sorts to any console. I do own a Wii and a WiiU and also do gaming on a PC.

      1. lol I might enjoy one EA game, but I don’t even play sports games, I’ve never even touched Madden, I personally think football is stupid. But I like some EA games. really I don’t give a shit who makes the game, I just like a game if I like a game..

        This must be a very hard concept for you.

  2. In other words, EA is still sore about the fact they don’t control the Nintendo Network like they thought they would, so they’re throwing more tantrums like this.

      1. I find that unlikely.
        Or more, EA was asking too much for a game that isn’t even that great.

        Crysis 1 and 2 were overrated as shit.
        It’s better than COD, but still average as every other game.

        1. 1 was really good. 2 was shit. 3 will probably be “meh”. Crytek really lost it after Crysis 1. All they really have in a cool game engine.

      1. I know wen a developer lies wen they state that they are not going to make money out of it cause last time i check the install base of ps4720 is cero so it means almost no support from ea.

  3. Yeah, Nintendo, keep fucking up even more, but don’t stop obtaining our money, and for the love of god make sure you release Pikmin before you even begin work on the next Zelda game! Because you know everyone bought your new Wii U to play pikmin instead of Zelda or Mario. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY

    1. kid that cried when he found porn

      o rly? tell me about pikmin sales on GC? o yeah only 1million units. New super mario wii sold over 25m.

      do your homework

  4. What’s what? EA still butthurt about the Wii U because Nintendo wouldn’t let you have total control of the online?

    1. Joshawott is a fucking spastic

      fuck off josh. saw you on twitter and you are a fucking ugly shit. no wonder you never had a girlfriend. you look down syndrome. fucking fanboy prick.

      1. Wow why are you emotional? Sounds like he fucked your girl or something plus are you judging a guys looks? Sounds pretty gay

    1. Yeah, its basically a portable 360, about the size of a large book. Think most people will stuck to what theyve got

    2. Yeah I read an article on it this morning. It’s Nvidia, so for starters it will be overpriced. The thing is also a brick so good luck carrying it. It’s large enough for your backpack or purse unless of course you are a troll and have abnormally large pockets.

      Next, it’s only compatible with a specific router and to top it off, the device streams the actual content from the console or pc which you can then also display on a television. In other words, it isn’t so much a handheld as it is a glorified wireless controller with questionable battery life.

      I think I’ll pass on this one. *shrug*

  5. If i havent been alive troug 2 console launchs i would have belived ea,bunch of liars but like the wii late support will bite them in the ass again.

      1. I made an error should have said gens buth i have been fallowing just last gen and this 1 ,no 1 was this nerdy to fallow the sells of the 6 gen. In short i have see the lauch of everything except atari this last 1 are the 1 s that i have fallow whit a spy glass.

  6. While it would be nice to have Crysis 3 on Wii U, I do understand his point. Making a game like that has a significant price tag, so it would be more beneficial to put on the platforms where currently the install base is bigger. My personal feelings is that when the new Xbox/PS come out, games may come out slowly for a few years due to pre existing consoles.

      1. Don’t think I’ll be getting an Nextbox. I really didn’t have a good time with the 360 this gen and I feel like they are gonna push Kinect 2 too much next gen.

        I’ll probably go PC, WiiU, and either PS4 or Steambox (depending if Steambox is anything worthwhile)

  7. Leveled Head Gamer

    In other words Nintendo wouldn’t pay for it, key words “someone has to sell, right” EA won’t Nintendo to front the bill for advertising it or port cost one of the 2

  8. Well, the industry is business first. So…. It’s understandable. Every system has games that will never go on them because of business decisions.

    It happens.

    1. Buth i dont think ea is thinking this trough they are leaving the fps market wide open to others then it will be hard to jump in.

  9. It will be satistactory when both Sorny and Microshit don’t have a new console that much powerful than the Wii U.
    Especially Sorny, they cannot afforf it, unless they only go for those with money.
    XBox can be powerful but it is also competing with Apple in other areas…so yeh…they will fail aswell…

    1. Oh, shut up, the ps4 and the next xbox will have better hardware than the wii u, but nintendo doesn’t care because they have an entirely different focus.

      1. Wow.. hey guy hey guy hey you yea the stupid one. Developers with ps4 xbox720 kits said that there gonna be stronger but not that much. Also stating its not gonna be a ps3 xbox and wii scenerio again so hush.

  10. Maybe Nintendo won’t pay for it cause they know they got a better game (Metroid) on the way to be concerned with.

    Anyway, EA sucks for not publishing it. Been stopped caring about them. I hate sports games, and the only thing they publish that I care about is the Dead Space series and Mass Effect series.

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  12. Ya, I couldn’t care less about EA. Battlefield and Crysis are the only games I like from them and both of those are much much better on PC…

  13. “Purely a business decision”?
    More like “Payback for not giving EA control over online via Origin”.
    Which is extremely petty and sad.
    Kinda like the trolls who come here to bash people even though they don’t own a Wii U nor like Nintendo in general.

  14. Hmm, Maybe EA is still pissed that Nintendo didn’t let them put Origin on the Wii U Which is a Very Smart Decision in my Opinion. :P

  15. Doesn’t EA suck like really hard!? I mean weren’t they voted the WORST videogame company of 2011 or 2012???

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  17. So Crytek, EA and Nintendo discussed business terms about this?

    Nintendo obviously wants it.
    Crytek’s CEO and founder says he wants to do it and if he could, he would.

    So that means it was EA who refused (“but someone has to sell it right?” basically means that EA, the publisher, didn’t want to sell it).

    Confirmed: EA hates Nintendo

  18. Oh, poor EA is still butthurt that Nintendo didn’t use Origin on Wii U. Poor baby. Let me get your baba for you. Lol, If that’s the attitude EA is bringing to the table then, fuck ’em. EA is too hypocritical and greedy. When you’re ready to do some serious business that will benefit everyone and not just line your pockets, come back to the table.

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