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Gold Nunchuk Returns For A Third Round In Club Nintendo

gold_nunchukThe Gold Nunchuk accessory, which connects to Wii Remote and Wii Remote Plus controllers, is, once again, a Club Nintendo reward in North America. The accessory can be yours for 900 Club Nintendo coins. Remember, a limited quantity is available, so grab one quick!

34 thoughts on “Gold Nunchuk Returns For A Third Round In Club Nintendo”

    1. Uh huh , I’m on my 5th pair of shorts today…. (jk lol)

      It’s super exciting new for me- This is how I feel. Fuck GTAV , Fuck Pickmin 3 , Fuck everything else in 2013 , they all pale in comparison to the first true 3D pokemon Game. XD and Gale of darkness were nto true Pokemon games…

      This is a Milestone for me. I mean I’m still just as excited for GTAV and Pikmin , Rayman , Monster Hunter and the rest. But now Pokemon X and Y is lodged firmly in my number 1 spot by a billion miles…..

      1. Me as well. I’m saving my fourth nunchuk-spot for a golden one. I have two white already and I’m planning to buy a black one. But I really want a golden one to go with my golden wiimote.

    1. Bitch please…. If sony were giving away crazy collectible stuff with points acumulated from buying games , You would be all over it.

      I got some good Games and stuff of Club Nintendo….

  1. Last time not enough coins because of my lazy ass didn’t enter the codes. Now luckily I accumulated 960 ^_^. Got one!!

    Thanks for heads up!!

  2. I never saw this on Club Nintendo the last time this site said that it was available.
    But 900 coins? *sigh* I don’t wanna spend all of my coins this soon. I’m saving them in case another game (physical copy, not download) becomes available. I have both Game & Watch DS games. And I’m hoping there will be more of something.

        1. You talking about that free CD that came with Skyward Sword? That was NOT a soundtrack for Skyward Sword. There was only like 1-track that had a Skyward Sword song. I’m talking about having a FULL SOUNDTRACK (like they did for Ocarina Of Time).

  3. i got 4 remotes and chucks and wm add ons a gold classic pad a black pro im all controlled out would like one tho

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