Gold Nunchuk Returns For A Third Round In Club Nintendo

gold_nunchukThe Gold Nunchuk accessory, which connects to Wii Remote and Wii Remote Plus controllers, is, once again, a Club Nintendo reward in North America. The accessory can be yours for 900 Club Nintendo coins. Remember, a limited quantity is available, so grab one quick!


    1. Uh huh , I’m on my 5th pair of shorts today…. (jk lol)

      It’s super exciting new for me- This is how I feel. Fuck GTAV , Fuck Pickmin 3 , Fuck everything else in 2013 , they all pale in comparison to the first true 3D pokemon Game. XD and Gale of darkness were nto true Pokemon games…

      This is a Milestone for me. I mean I’m still just as excited for GTAV and Pikmin , Rayman , Monster Hunter and the rest. But now Pokemon X and Y is lodged firmly in my number 1 spot by a billion miles…..

  1. I got mine on the second round as soon as it was back up. The next day they were all sold out again.

      1. Me as well. I’m saving my fourth nunchuk-spot for a golden one. I have two white already and I’m planning to buy a black one. But I really want a golden one to go with my golden wiimote.

    1. Bitch please…. If sony were giving away crazy collectible stuff with points acumulated from buying games , You would be all over it.

      I got some good Games and stuff of Club Nintendo….

      1. Australia’s one sucks though. I’m greatful we have one. But shit I’d rather have UK’s or NA’s.

  2. Last time not enough coins because of my lazy ass didn’t enter the codes. Now luckily I accumulated 960 ^_^. Got one!!

    Thanks for heads up!!

  3. I never saw this on Club Nintendo the last time this site said that it was available.
    But 900 coins? *sigh* I don’t wanna spend all of my coins this soon. I’m saving them in case another game (physical copy, not download) becomes available. I have both Game & Watch DS games. And I’m hoping there will be more of something.

    1. Or a cool CD soundtrack of something. I still think Skyward Sword should have had a CD soundtrack.

      1. You talking about that free CD that came with Skyward Sword? That was NOT a soundtrack for Skyward Sword. There was only like 1-track that had a Skyward Sword song. I’m talking about having a FULL SOUNDTRACK (like they did for Ocarina Of Time).

  4. i got 4 remotes and chucks and wm add ons a gold classic pad a black pro im all controlled out would like one tho

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