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Pokemon Company Reveals Why Pokemon X And Pokemon Y Are Coming To Nintendo 3DS, Rather Than Wii U


Game Informer recently got the chance to speak to J.C. Smith, the director of consumer marketing for the Pokémon company international, and ask him a few questions regarding today’s announcement of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. They asked Smith why the game isn’t coming to both the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U. Smith said that Game Freak has always loved the game to be on a portable device because of the communication, trading, and the experience of taking this adventure with you. Here’s his thoughts.

Pokémon X and Y looks like it could be a good fit for console as well. Why not make a Wii U version?

I can’t speak to the specifics, but traditionally Game Freak has always loved the game to be on a portable device because of the communication, trading, and the experience of taking this adventure with you. That’s why they’ve always prioritized a portable version of the game first. They’ve always liked what you can do in the real world with that.

Why haven’t we seen a console Pokémon?

It comes down to what the creators want to do. Every time I’ve heard them talk about it, it’s been about the portable experience, taking the adventure with you, being able to share it with friends, communicate, trade, battle – really encouraging that interaction

162 thoughts on “Pokemon Company Reveals Why Pokemon X And Pokemon Y Are Coming To Nintendo 3DS, Rather Than Wii U”

    1. Pokémon fags logic is funny

      Héy 3ds has wii graphics so pokemon y is a console experaince. Yet ya idots say vita has consolé games smh assclowns

      1. haha. the logic is solid. Pokemon is ‘Pocket Monsters’. the whole idea of the game in the beginning was to be a portable POCKET game. putting it on a console would not fit the concept. I have no issues with a console version. if you knew anything about Pokemon, or gaming in general, you would know that I was merely posting an intelligent play on words.

        1. Shall I clarify further for those of you that frequent this site – when I am saying console, I am referring specifically to the WiiU in this case, using the terms used in the article. maybe take your immature trolling to the author of the article. better yet, go back and play your beloved Black Ops. Totally for only the most expert gamers –

    2. Pokemon Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness say hi. Some of the best Pokemon games i’ve ever played, and they were on Gamecube.

        1. I never owned an N64, but my teacher in elementary school had one in the class and that was my favorite game to play. I miss free time in school, now I just get work, work, and more work :(

      1. Ughh I have to disagree completely on that one. While I think XD was decent, I thought Colosseum was pretty….tedious and just all around bad. every battle being a double battle, battles dragging on longer then they should, only getting Pokemon via Shadow Pokemon and not even being able to evolve or level up until their heart is “purified”, poor graphics for gamecube standards, uninteresting areas, and really a rather lame story in my opinion leads to probably my least favorite Pokemon game in the entire series. If you like it, good for you, I just don’t like it. I did think XD was a major improvement however. Favorite Pokemon game? No, but still decent

  1. People are complaining it’s not on the DS
    Guys, the DS was great and all, but it’s time for new and better things
    I would hate having ANOTHER Generation on the DS

    1. They only complaining because they have to buy a 3DS to play the game. To be honest they should have see this coming the moment the 3DS was unveiled at E3 2010.

      1. This. The DS also doesn’t have the power to run a prettier Pokemon. I really hope they blow the lid off on this one!

    2. You shouldn’t be saying that because you should know many developers stopped production of Nintendo DS games ended last year.

      1. Its kind of funny actually. When Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 came out, everyone was complaining that it was on the DS instead of the 3DS. And now its the exact opposite argument now.

        1. It’s not everyone complaining either way, it’s just that the people who are content with it are less vocal than the people who complain about it.

    3. Really? Don’t bother. They don’t want Game Freak to grow, expand, and evolve. Those are the kinda fans that companies shouldn’t ever have because they’ll always hold a company back. At least, that’s how I see it.

    4. No they are complaining because they cant play it for free using a rom file on their hacked DS or 3DS. Unbelievable! But they could easily make a game called Pokemon W that interacts with the 3DS by offering the same game as X and Y with newer pokemon which you can transfer to your 3DS game and take on the go!

      I bet they actually have plans for this functionality and game but are going to wait til Around E3 time to pop it out to help push the Pokemon game excitement even more!

  2. oh come on, sure it cant be used as a portable if it was for wii u, but off tv play and using the touch screen for pokemon battles could have worked. Wii U’s online is great.

    1. You’re right it would work well on a console , I just think they feel the whole fighting face to face outdoors thing is cool. When I was in High school , there used to be a group of about 30-40 people in the school forest with DS’s , You would either trade or battle on pokemon or race each other on mario kart. Those 2 games were permanent fixtures with the odd other multiplayer game being brought in.

      I understand what they’re saying , the thrill of using you DS outdoors against other people is great. Hopefully they do something with the wiiu though…

      1. I understand what you’re saying, but it they could’ve just ported it to wii u, as i don’t have a 3ds. and over here there aren’t many people with ds’ or any type of portables so it kinda sucks that some people cant use that outdoor’s experience.

        1. Porting a game to Wii U because a handful of gamers don’t own a 3DS isn’t a business strategy, it’s a personal wish. It’s silly to expect that of Game Freak.
          Besides, the core Pokemon ganes have always been on handhelds, why should that change? We’ll get a Pokemon Stadium-esque game for Wii U before long.

      2. I must admit, Pokemon was always sort of ‘Taboo’ at our high school. portable consoles were sort of shunned, the only ‘social’ play was if we had game nights and such.

          1. lol. Playing the DS in my School was seen as a cool luxury. I had a DS lite at the time , and you were slightly cooler than those with the DS phat….

            I kid you not , The gangsters of my school would play Mario kart and pokemon. A few of them had PSP’s… But the DS multiplayer was the shit…

            1. Ds?in my days we took our gameboy colors a extra paid of batteries and a link cable and we love it you kids have it easy whit your fanc wi fi and all this was in high school feal so old.

            1. It must of just been my school. The DS went massively popular amongst all the kids in my school Cool or nerd. It might of been a fad exclusive to my school , but there would be 40 people in a group all with DS’s playing Mario kart or Pokemon all Year 10 and 11 , not even the young kids…

      3. I’m sorry, all I saw here was “school forest.” As in, the entire woods that just occupies the area around your school.

        I went to class in the projects, and you got a forest? Where did you go to school, Hogwarts? Where is the justice in the world????

        As for pertinent discussion: I like my console Pokemon games to be simple. It just wouldn’t be the same if the main series games were on the Wii-U, they belong on the handhelds.

        1. I’m from Manchester in England , and it’s like the fucking projects I tell ya. My school was in Moss side/ Hulme which is one of the roughest areas in England . People got stabbed in my school , kids got shot outside of school , drugs were sold all over my school.

          The ”forest” that I speak off wasn’t much of a forest , it was just a load of trees , somewhere where the kids could go at break and smoke without getting caught.

          But yeh , The DS at one stage was really really popular and seen as a cool luxury. Everybody had a DS or a PSP….

    1. They could make an app for the console that uses 3ds connect features to have 1080p battles with friends and such. It would be neat.

      1. Ah ok, didn’t know that lol (I always ignore the clips in the beginning when a game starts up showing the development teams and the licensed company)

  3. Pokemon is for unmanly stupid Nintendo fanboys who would love to fuck Iwata’s asshole. Please grow up adplay some real games on a PC, Nintendo sheep.

    1. All play all systems (expect Xbox but i dont blame Xbox gamers and the console, i think its a very good console)….

      Please, GROW UP MORON!!!

    1. That’s the same reason why i will not buy the 6th gen. before they kept say’in that they would not release a 3d version “cuz ppl like the 2d”, and now they make a 3d version which is not actual full 3d (still grid movement, no camera rotation) “Cuz we need monaah”. Seriously Game Freak, i thought you were a better company

  4. I dont mind a console Pokémon not being made yet. Has long that a console game comes that gives the Pokémon experiance.

  5. Just taking a stab at this. Never played a Pokemon game before but I am familiar with the franchise. You got X and Y. I see many asking what about a Wii U version too. It’s possible that a Wii U game is in development and it may in fact connect with X and Y. If that is the case I’ll bet that its called Pokemon Z.

      1. “they just want money from us”

        Name one business that doesn’t think that way. Come on, name ONE. You can’t? Thought so, EVERY business wants money.

  6. Guys, it’s obvious they’re making something on the console. Someone doesnt have to announce it for it to be in the making.

    1. Your comment sucks dick, adarASS101!!!! U mad because the Pokemon franchise is still going strong and will add a million more copies of X and Y. Quit being like Aeolus, Ness, and Ziegfried von Scrotum, failure!

            1. Puta please! I know everything about Nintendo a whole lot more than your primitive brain that you have no fucking clue. All you do is bash the company while getting a dick in your ass. You’re nothing but a fucking primitive barbaric looking whore!

                1. Adarazzhole101… Grow the fuck up and shut the fuck up. If you don’t like Nintendo, quit wasting your time bitching and move the fuck on. You’re giving video gamers across the globe a bad name.

      1. the appeal to pokemon that he means is: gathering together in real life to trade and battle. Nintendo is not the “oh so great” company. it is a very good company, but you should’nt overestimate them. (i feel like a kind of “apple style” fandom is growing here, like: “Nintendo is the best and rules them all by far”. the same happens with apple fans.)

          1. The Catholic Church organisation (Whatever the hell it’s called) Is actually one of the richest organisations in the world.

            1. THAT’S IT!!! The Pope is forcing GameFreak to keep Pokemon on handheld Nintendo devices with his influence and riches!!

            2. Yeah, the Roman Catholic Church (which is what I think you were going for) is also THE largest charitable organization in the world. Bigger than bill “pie in the face” gates.

  7. So many 3DS’s has been sold. It outsold the gamecube and it’s certianly doing better than the Wii U. I think it was a smart choice. Also we need a good Pokemon game on the 3DS. So yeah.

  8. He said “I can’t speak to the specifics” and that “traditionally” they love it on a portable device. I think they’re probably working on at least some form of cross communication with the WiiU, given the fact that Monster Huner will be displaying tgat funcionality soon. Whether it be a WiiU App or the full game, I don’t know, but with the NFC reader on the Gamepad, I could see some great Pokemon card stuff, or even figurines like Skylanders.

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  10. Since 1996, when the first games were released in Japan, there have always been main series games on handhelds and a console game that can in some way connect with the handheld. Pokemon Stadium, for example, utilized the transfer pack. This is the formula that has driven Pokemon to the second best-selling game franchise, only behind Mario. There will be a console game that connects to these, it’s probably already well along in development, so be patient.

  11. Leave it up to them to always have a stupid excuse for not bringing the Pokemon games to the BIG consoles.

    1. It’s a business decision. Plus I don’t find the reasoning to be stupid at all. You’re just butthurt is all.

  12. Gotta agree to be honest.
    We all remember taking our gameboys or DS to school, or a friends house or anywhere and trading/battling pokemon.
    Plus its more of a on the go game.
    Just have a more story based RPG spin off on WiiU. None of the Stadium shit though

    1. Honestly never took the gameboy around anywhere except around the house. Still a fantastic franchise and I don’t see how it ruined my experience not playing it that way.

      What about people not attending school or without friends to share handheld gaming with? I don’t know any with handhelds and only a handful with consoles and no others with the Wii U.

      1. For the majority though, Pokemon is a social thing too. It’s easy to just pick up and battle with friends locally or online. Thats why they had 2 versions, so you and your friend, or you an a sibling could get different versions and trade/battle.
        Also, kids are more likely to use handhelds rather than consoles, and Pokemon, while loved by adults xD is still majorly a younger audience.

        We could still get a Pokemon RPG on WiiU, but it wouldnt be a main series game.

  13. Wow people complaining about the naming of these versions.
    Pokemon X, Y and maybe Z may actually be refering to the fact that now everything is in 3D. The X, Y and Z axis.

    Pokemon X is a land based pokemon on a horizontal plane, x axis, length.
    Pokemon Y is a flying pokemon on a vertical plane, Y axis, depth.
    So if pokemon Z exists, it probably will be a water pokemon in the sea, representing depth.

    1. well, since the X legendary is a Flying type, and the Y legendary is a Deer, the Z pokemon might be a Water type.

  14. It’s certainly possible and it could work greatly. Look at what Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is doing. You can get the Wii U version and play on there and then transfer your save data to the 3DS version and continue from where you left off. Once you’re done on the 3DS transfer it back to the Wii U and continue your adventure. This would completely keep the whole communication on the go and trading with other people on the portable device but also have a great experience on the HD console. I think it’s easily possible, they just don’t want to do it -_- Come on! If Capcom can do it, Game Freak can do it better.

  15. This is stupid. The way consoles are connected to the Internet, it perfectly fits the Pokemon standard. After all, you logged into a PC in the first Pokemon game, not a handheld device.

    Also, the 3DS and Wii U are completely connected. You should be able to play on either device and have it available on either where you left off.

    Nintendo and developers need to step up their game and use available technology.

    1. I get what everyone is saying with the whole connectivity and such. Maybe the developers’ biggest concern is not portability, but PORTability. To run a game on an HD console, such as a WiiU, requires a lot more guts than a handheld can manage without significant cuts to the quality, or in the instance of NFSMW, the environment around the player. In pokemon’s case, the environment plays a pretty big part. to have a game of sub-par graphics quality on a HD console purely so said game could be played on a handheld as well would maybe be an issue for the pqeudo-gamers out there who think that graphics are the be all and end all of modern gaming. I think that the pokemon fanbase, much like the SMB fanbase is declining. To get new, fresh eyes on the game with a console version would require top-notch graphics..

      that’s my one and only useful contribution to this discussion :)

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  18. I really don’t think we’ll see a main Pokemon title on a console until they release a Virtual Reality game console.
    Cause when that happens they’d BETTER release a Virtual Reality Pokemon game, just think of how AMAZING that’d be.

  19. Guys , just ignore the trolls , don’t reply , just give them the silent treatment the will eventually will get bored and leave.

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  21. I’d have loved a Wii U version, Pokemon U for example, that’d allow for connectivity with the 3DS versions so, whilst primarily a portable experience, you could also play the title in full HD. You could upload your 3DS save to your Wii U through Wi-Fi and then re-download it so you could play on public transport, or battle against/trade with friends, with the same save file.

    It’d basically be a replication of what Capcom are doing with Monster Hunter 3 and Sony are doing with their Cross Buy/Cross Play system.

    I could see it managing which version exclusive Pokemon are available by offering 2 save slots, one for X and one for Y, which can be chosen when starting the Wii U version, or chosen by uploading a save file from the 3DS version(s).

  22. Morons for believing in that pokemon rainbow b/s. Now they question why it’s on 3DS? How dumb can they get??

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