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Baird Equity Research Says Wii U “Lacks Broad Appeal”


Baird Equity Research analyst Colin Sebastian believes that the Wii U genuinely lacks broad appeal beyond the core Nintendo fan base. Sebastian listed this as an issue in the latest note to investors from Baird Equity Research. He went on to say that Nintendo really need to market their major franchises and also retain third-party developer support in order for the console to flourish.

“We remain concerned that Nintendo’s innovative Wii-U console will lack broad appeal beyond the core Nintendo fan base.”

“Following a somewhat lackluster launch and holiday selling season, Nintendo will need to bring to market major first-party releases (Zelda) and retain the support of key third-party developers to reduce market share losses. In a negative scenario, Nintendo will be forced to prematurely lower the Wii-U price, and over the course of this cycle, we expect consideration will be given to extending first party franchises to other platforms.”

104 thoughts on “Baird Equity Research Says Wii U “Lacks Broad Appeal””

      1. He’s got a point though..
        So far, nitnendo has failed to properly market the console
        and most launch titles are ports. NSMBU is just an expansion
        of previous NSMBWii so that can’t count as 1st party franchise
        launch title.

    1. As I have always said, the Wii U is an unmanly, unappealing console with PS2 graphics and no third party support. The only reason it has sales is because of Nintensheep like AC.

        1. Ummm… play any game on it and you can plainly see it’s graphics are equal to or better than anything on PS3. The GC had vastly superior graphics to the PS2, let alone WU.

      1. You’re not very manly yourself, Bill. You sound like some trouble-making little kid who just keeps coming back just to insult Nintendo as much as you can because you get a high from it. And all of those childish insulting words such as “Nintensheep”. Not very manly.

        In some peoples eyes, ALL consoles are just toys made for babies.

      1. I’ve played one at a relatives house, Gotta say it’s pretty neat, the only thing I’m disappointed with is the game line up, bunch of old ports and first part titles I don’t care about, that’s why I’m waiting for the big hitter to come out, even though they should be out >_>

      1. Apparently that’s the bar to cross?? I find it comical. The Wii U so far sold 2.7m. For comparison sake, the PS3 sold 900,000 in its first month and a half, the 360 sold 425,000, yet the Wii U is called a failure?

        I don’t think its fair to compare the Wii U with the Wii, the Wii was a sales freak of nature… Nintendo created a product even grandma could play, that’s why is sold more than PS3/360 combined…. The Wii U is just not as easy for grandma to pick up and play this go around, so there will be some casual gamers that don’t purchase it…… I don’t think the ps4 or xbox will sell very well in this environment. Nintendo knows the casual gamer is 90% of the console market, and this go around the casual gamer isn’t going to bite as easily on consoles because their tablets and smartphones have all the gaming they could care to want. Nintendo selling 2.7 million consoles in a month in a half says that they are pulling in the casual gamer a bit. I just don’t see what Sony can put out there for the casual gamer. THeir system will be geared to the hardcore gamer, and the core gamer crowd is only 10% of the market. Not exactly enough to keep this industry profitable…. That’s why I think the sony/xbox will be a flop.

  1. Didn’t they say the same thing about the 3DS? Just sayin. Now isn’t it selling better if not just the same as the original DS

  2. A lot of industry people are being pessimistic about how the Wii U will stand up in future, but I don’t honestly think that the 720/PS3 will be THAT much more powerful (my opinion).

        1. Many people are thinking about getting a Wii U but are just waiting for SSB, Mario Kart and the other exclusives.

          When the next SSB’s released I guarantee the Wii U will surprise those “researchers” at how well the sales will go.

        2. The fanbois, after bashing Wii U for not having any games, will say “Well because the ps4 is soooooooo new that there is no games for it. Developers don’t know how to program for it” and other silly excuses…… When my neighbor bought his ps3 on launch day, we went to walmart to pick up some games for it. They had 5 games. 2 of them don’t count because they were sports games that come out for every system…. 3 games, and all three were terrible.

          I’m impressed the Wii U’s debute came with a library of 30 games.

            1. I’m sure the fanbois Corey was reffering to were of the PS3/360 kind. All I have to say is that if Playstation or Xbox don’t come out with something that’s truly badass, they’re gonna fail. Even if they just upgrade the graphics to support Unreal Engine 4 or engines like it, who’s to say that the Wii U isn’t powerful enough to run them? And no one can say shit because the specs are unconfirmed as of right now. How about we all wait and see how it plays out.

              1. Well, Epic games have already reccomended that Wii U run UE3 over UE4 and aren’t “officially” supporting it, they said a 3rd Party Dev could port a game to it with UE4 but that’s because it is extremely scalable.

                1. The Wii couldn’t run Unreal Engine 3 in any capacity, or any similar graphics engine, which is why the graphics were no where near the level of PS3/360. Even if the Wii U can only run a scaled down version of Unreal Engine 4, while MAYBE the PS4/720 can max it out, the games will still look largely the same. The differences between Wii U and PS4 will be much smaller than the differences of Wii vs PS3, no matter how you slice it. Factor that, along with upcoming exclusives, and a potential for a Wii U price cut when PS4/720 show up, and all 3 systems most likely having pretty comperable graphics is a pretty significant stance for Nintendo to be in.

                  If you look at the costs of development for games on the PS3/360, and how many copies of the game that need to sell for them to break even, let alone make profit, and see how many of those huge budget games even came close to those numbers, and it makes it less likely developers will want to risk spending even more money for a marginal improvement in graphics (which in all reality Unreal 4 is over Unreal 3) on an expensive console, vs an easy to develop for, cheaper console that can still give them room for gameplay and graphical enhancements with less risk.

                  I think the Wii U is in a good position, regardless if it’s selling as fast as Nintendo predicted it would. They fell a few hundred thousand short in 3DS predictions and people spread even more doom and gloom, along with the “already dead before releasing” comments, and it’s selling faster than the fastest, or second fastest selling video game device in history.

  3. Even as a Wii U owner I would agree with this statement. What makes Nintendo what it is, to me anyway, are its amazing 1st party titles. And right now those are lacking. In addition to the Nintendoland that came with my system I’ve only purchased one game, New Super Mario Bros. U, and even there I wasn’t all too excited because it’s essentially the same Mario game I bought for my DS once, my 3DS once, and my Wii once. Damn, even the sprites look the same. I’ve rented a handful of other titles, none of which I felt I must run out and buy now. Does the Wii U have good games? Yes. But even for the diehard Nintendo faithful there’s little to get excited about. Let me know when I can expect a core franchise sequel that isn’t a mini-game in a theme park. Then I will get excited.

    1. I kind of am in the same boat as you. I recommend Mighty Switch Force Hyper Drive Edition on the eShop. It’s a really well made puzzle platformer and it’s on sale now.

    2. I know this is your first console launch and is ok to be a litte anshius but you have to give it atleast 7 months.

    3. I agree, I don’t play mine nearly at all. Lots of 3ds, love that thing. I will wait, wii u software obviously will im

    4. I only have Nintendo consoles, so this is my first time with Mass Effect and Assassins creed. I also have been playing the hell out of ZombiU, and then there is Miiverse – I’m in there ALL the time.

      eShop, I love Little Inferno.

      I don’t take my WiiU to work, but it is on every minute I’m at home.
      – Miiverse of gamepad play during a movie,
      – Gamepad while I exersice
      – On TV play for ZombiU
      (I take time to play with my dogs)

      And after hours of use, my WiiU is still cool to the touch! (Slow OS = System doesn’t overheat.)

      1. Its actually not slow…. The reason why its not even warm after all that gaming is because its not being pushed….. Look Sony fanbois are the ones saying its slow. They are angry that Nintendo beat Sony to the punch. The Wii U has an extremely fast GPU in it (Radeon 6770).

        Whem a system is being pushed to its limits is when its starts getting hot to the touch. Remember the first PS3??? After 1 minute of any game you hear the fans kick up like a lear jet taking off, and almost immediately the tempature starts to sky rocket…. Games today are pegging the ps3 for everything they are worth. So far not a single game that is out is putting the Wii U hardware under stress. Pikmin 3 looks like it might push the system, the graphics i see in the screen shots and video looks like it could compete with my PC Gaming rig… be patient, Nintendo will start putting out teasers for how much this system can push out as we approach E3 to rain on Sony and Microsoft’s parade.

        1. Why do you make up so much bullshit? for the love of god man! Stop it! P.S. you must have a pretty shit PC gaming rig if that were the case.

          1. What up there is bullshit again? The only thing I see is the Radeon 6770 (no offence I just haven’t seen confirmed specs.) P.S. It’s really not even fair to compare consoles and PC’s. Of course the PC is going to look better, but the consoles are wayyyyyyy cheaper. And unless you’re some rich prick or have saved your hard earned money, you’re gonna buy a console.

    5. Sounds like you only played a handful of levels…. The first half of the game feels meh, but then it opens up and puts a big grin on your face…. go pick it back up, and play through it, I promise it will get better.

  4. The Wii-U would do better if it had better marketing. There are tons of people that still have no idea it’s a new system, Most think it’s just a new controller to go to the Wii, or one guy thought it was just a big new Game Boy!

      1. That’s a pretty terrible attitude to take. Oh instead of marketing you guys should research the console yourself! That’s a sure fire way to failing. If people have no idea what it is, generally most want care, the point of marketing is to make them care and give them information.

  5. How long has it been out again? 1-2 months?
    Ok… -__-

    Seriously, why are people acting like the 360 and ps3 came out, and everyone threw their ps2’s and GC, xbox’s out the window and bought one straight away?
    Nintendo don’t make time machines, they don’t have tons of games secretly stashed, ready to throw at the public.
    Yeah, they need to market the first party titles, and do third party, but thats just a given, and nothing as of yet have proven otherwise.

    They have 3rd party support, and its just came out so theres only 2-3 exclusives actually available.

    It just insane how people keep thinking a Nintendo console comes out, and in the first week there should be a new Zelda, Metroid, Mario, Pikmin, there isn’t, get over it.
    What has Sony and Microsoft actually exclusively brought out recently?
    Kinect and PSASBR? Because they were good /s. Uncharted 3 and Halo 4? Because they were mindless sequels with nothing new at all /s. Sony has The Last of Us and other coming this year but it’s still only 3-4 games, kinda like, i duno, the 6 exclusives Nintendo has coming.

    Post concerns about 3rd party when it’s een out over a year and if it doesn’t have good support, otherwise, let the damn thing be out for year before “analyists” and “journalists” start predicting anything.

    And no, this isn’t “fanboy damage control”, i’d do exactly the same, and most likely will be doing exactly the same thing, when the ps4 and 720 come out.

    1. ”we expect consideration will be given to extending first party franchises to other platforms.” – This guy thinks Nintendo is going to put First party titles on other platforms , LMAO. He’s basically a retard. Nintendo will never do that even if wiiu sells 25M in 6 years Like the Gamecube did.

      I don’t know why people are so butthurt . Ps vita 4M in a full year+ , Wiiu 3M in 1.5 months.

      Are people stupid ? This console is doing amazing considering it has not a lot of exclusives yet and its really expensive.

      Just let them be pessemistic AGAIN and watch them eat shit like they did with Wii , DS and Now 3DS. See how pokemon X an Y has confirmed the 3DS will be a MASSIVE success? Smash bros wiiu , Zelda , Mario will do the same thing for Wiiu and other games.

      It might only sell 50M consoles , Half as much as wii in a 6 year period , but as long as software sales are high and they make profit off the operation (unlike Sony who lost TONS on ps3) then it will be a success compared to Ps3…

        1. I swear most of the so called ”analysts” are like 40 year old Sony dones/ Xbots . They have no basis to what they say. As if the 150M and 100M wii and DS owners are just gunna think ”you know what fuck Nintendo”. At least half or more is gunna come back.

    2. ^This…I don’t understand every prognisticator’s predicitions, but how does anyone predict anything on one or two months of data? They have been doing this at least since the ds, and they have failed at being right every single time. Nintendo knows what they are doing. Here is how I see it: Nintendo needs a base to be able to market games to. To do that, they usually utilize one of their big franchises at launch(even when not of overwhelming quality), and of course their brand name to get a base of die hards to buy their systems(like me). Then, after the first 3 months to a year, they start unleashing their big guns, and getting people who were on the fence about buying one to jump on the bandwagon.

      My thoughts on Wii U: Truly I think they are pulling this off better than their previous three systems(DS, Wii, 3DS) with a launch lineup worth delving into(even if slightly underwhelming), getting third parties on board with cheap port-overs, so that there isn’t any significant loss to them getting on board, and doing it with a plethora of games that have been pretty high in quality, and letting the system sell itself(although it is $300+ dollars in a worldwide economy, that, at large, BLOWS right now, which apparently no one seems to consider). So, you have 25+ games at launch, about half a dozen good quality games coming in early 2013 (Lego City, MH3U, Aliens, NFSMW, Project Cars, Rayman Legends, Pikmin 3, etc), with the promise of Bayonetta 2 and surely a plethora of other quality games coming between then and the next new year, one or two of them guaranteed to be something of real quality from Nintendo.

      So while initial sales may or may not be ‘meeting expectations’, when was the last system that did? In this day and age it is hard to present anything new or groundbreaking, not to mention plenty of people don’t have the cash flow at present to be plunking down on systems, so I don’t expect waves of people to be running out to buy this thing just yet. However, waves of people didn’t run out to buy a 3ds either, and look how that turned out? Steady influx of games, with the promise of this year a pile of games coming. I think that is exactly how the Wii U will work out, especially with new system(s) coming this year, I don’t think they will show up empty-handed to E3 or the holidays.

      So please, for the love of god, to those that keep whining, ‘I just don’t know what Nintendo is doing, it looks like they are gonna fail if they keep this up, blah, blah, blah, it’s over, Nintendo is finished’…please, shut up. No third party games coming early in the year? It’s not justifiable when they have been working on most for quite a while to even bring these games over with a small userbase, not to mention all the critics naysaying. Give it a year people, jeez.

      1. I think the ps4 and xbox will fair worse… Nintendo knows the fastest way to sell a system is to target casual gamers. They did that in spades with the Wii. The PS4 has nothing to offer the casual gamer. in fact most casual gamers will probably not buy any console as their smartphones and tablets plays angry birds and they are happy with crappy games like that for the rest of their lives……

        Casual gamers make up 90% of the video game market. Its the only thing that keeps the console market here. There just isn’t enough core gamers to keep the console market going on its own. Sony didn’t start selling systems until their third year when the PS3 came down to about HALF its launch price. To this day Sony still hasn’t turned a profit on the system. Microsot turned a little bit of a profit, and Wii ran away with a profit.

        This generation the market has changed dramatically, and without casual gamers buying up consoles, the console market will collapse on itself. Nintendo will probably fair the best in bringing in the casual gamer. If the PS4 and Xbox720 fail turn a profit, which is probably going to happen, I cannot imagine Sony and Microsoft remaining in the console market for the ps5/Xbox 1440.

  6. I agree, Nintendo should bring more first party games(not just Mario), Pikmin is coming and so should others, like Link, Samus, Fox, and many more, plus retain those third party supporters as well as getting new ones…

    1. Its a waiting game. Games take time to develop. I knew that buying the system, I wasn’t expecting all my favorite titles to be there instantly. I prefer they take their time with Zelda, instead of just giving us a port of Skyward Sword, like they did with porting Twilight Princess from the gamecube to the Wii…. Pikmin 3, Wario are all coming in the next 3-4 months, its an exciting time to own a Nintendo.

  7. you know, I think the 3DS had less appealing launch games. I just bought Pilot Wings Resort til Zelda came out. but I never regretted my purchase one bit. I really enjoy my WiiU. I bought 4 games this time at launch.

    1. I agree totally with you and I can’t wait tip next month when FE: Awakening comes out!
      I have 7 games for my Wii U and all of them are great… I really haven’t touched my 360 since I got the Wii U. It’s getting Dusty!

  8. Third parties have been given the platform early by Nintendo, they should not complain when Nintendo unleash their first party gems. Cause let’s face facts, Nintendo’s EAD is the world’s greatest video game development studio.

    1. He did sound like a microsoft said paid misfit by saying this :

      “will be given to extending first party franchises to other platforms.”

      Thanks Carlos Hugo for being wise and seeing right through the sellout analyst.

  9. To new gamers and Sony fans out there heed these words. These analysts and journalists are just mad a Japanese company always obliterates the competition. Microsoft would be in fourth place behind the PC if it was not for negative publicity towards nintendo. Nintendo and Sony are the real true gaming companies as I type, Microsoft is a treasure trove of propaganda FPS and illogical blood filled gore sheeple games. Take a peek at the 360s library then speak to yourself if you have a functional independent “pop” and “country” music hating brain.

    Speaking of trolls where is American? this isn’t “wonderful” news.

  11. I hate Microsoft and their weak xbox two exclusive console. Sony, if the PS4 never sees light of day, smile for the Wii U exists. That nonsense xbox720 will be the modern day gaming version of what Disney and Nichelodeon did to real music. If you are too dumb to realize this, read an encyclopedia to awaken your grey matter.

  12. yet another “Equity firm analyst” stating that nintendo, a company that has been around for 125 years (not making video games for that long mind you), is having a tough time because their console has sold more than 1Million units in it’s almost 2 month life span?! Do they realize how ridiculous they sound? Nintendo will be just fine and if you don’t like nintendo, then don’t buy their products it’s as simple as that, but the lasting appeal of a nintendo console and it’s games is what will compel people into this console in the very near future! Just keep your news eyes peeled over the next few weeks for great announcements… ;)

  13. Stop (indirectly) asking Nintendo to bring their 1st part IP’s to other platforms.
    The answer is still “No.” so just go home.

    If Nintendo let their 1st party IP’s out to tablets and smartphones, they would have a shot-in-the-arm of revenue and stock increases, followed by an exponential crash in hardware sales and support. Nintendo can be dense at times, but they are not stupid.

    Stop asking.

    1. Nintendo will never sell out their IP’s which are the biggest in the world.
      As long as they have them exclusively then that alone will keep driving hardware sales for them.

      People like to write doom articles , but guess what Dry bones ? The 3DS is currently the fastest selling game machine EVER MADE and is closing down 30M in less than 2 years. The Wii sold 100M and the DS sold 150M. but still , Nitendo needs to put their IP’s on other platforms. Because they can’t sell 35Million copies of Mario kart on their own platform, oh wait , they can and they did. Smash bros brawl is the highest selling fighting game of all time , on one platform..

  14. I want a Wii U just can’t afford one yet. Internationally there’s always an extra premium cost for these things compared to the US. Ironic, but true. So yeah, a price drop wouldn’t bother me. Certainly made me buy a 3DS.

  15. People, it’s been 2 MONTHS since the Wii U came out and you are already asking for First party titles? My god, I know we need more games, but wasn’t knowing that Smash bros and Bayonetta 2 is in the works enough?

    1. Well, yes why wouldn’t people expect it?

      Nintendo: “Oh everyone buy our consoles! But don’t expect to get any of our first party tales for months!”

      Knowing 2 games are coming out (that won’t be out for a long time) isn’t enough. If you’re condoning no AAA titles being released, have fun with no games then. Oh but it’s been 2 months! Shut up with that, seriously, it’s over used and is no excuse. I know I’ll be getting a Wii U myself, but right now, the games on offer have absolute no appeal to me what so ever.

      1. Good for you, but If you don’t like it, just wait patiently. I hate when people try to pressure Nintendo on accelerating the first title games; It ruins the excitement and the making of the games. I’m saying the same with Smash bros and the next Legend of Zelda game. Besides, there’s a decent gallery of games for now and the ones that were pushed for spring, so instead of crying and whining like a little bitch why don’t we wait patiently?

        This is just like Reggie said in one of his interviews, fans wants a game, they get it and they say “Thank you very much, now we want the next!”.

        1. So just because you believe it has a good gallery now, other’s should automatically not be able to complain? Please don’t fall into the category that UNation and that are in, I expected better from you.

          1. I think the point is, why would people complain so much at launch? 90% of the time console/handheld launches are bad, so why are people expecting anything else with the Wii U? And why do people keep screaming “Zelda! Zelda!” over and over again when we just got a Zelda about a year ago? I understand that people are eager to see something like Smash Bros., and that they may not want to buy the console until there is a big game like that, but at the same time, that’s no reason to complain about a lack of first party games. Games take time to make, and most of the games people are excited about (Zelda, Smash, 3D Mario, Metroid) had no chance of making it to launch due to timing or other circumstances. A Zelda just came out. The Smash company were working on Kid Icarus, things like that.

            The only legitimate first party complaint I can think of is why Pikmin 3 isn’t out yet. It’s been delayed multiple times, and they’ve been working on it forever. So where is it? Why isn’t there a firm release date. Complaints like that make sense to me, but complaining that Nintendo didn’t have multiple big first party titles at launch (or even within 2-3 months of launch) makes no sense to me at all.

  16. He is more or less just stating the obvious, of course a Nintendo console is popular once there are a lot of 1st party titles but you can’t really expect every Nintendo franchise to have a game at launch, especially a Zelda and the only reason Twilight Princess was a launch title for the Wii is because it’s a mirrored port of a GameCube game which had already been in development for a few years or more prior.
    I bet you anything that in a couple of years the Wii U will have a truckload of great games first and third party titles and it’s already starting this year with games such as Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, Bayonetta 2 and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

  17. As much as I don’t agree with game analysts, this one DOES have a valid point. The WiiU commericials are not only rare on some channels, but the marketing is off, these commercials are showing casual gamers, families, and kids playing the console and the games shown are mostly New Mario U and NintendoLand. If Nintendo is actually serious about getting the hardcore back, they wouldve atleast advertised ZombiU, more Arkham City ads, and even some Mass Effect 3 ads will work. The point is that while it is okay to target a casual audience, the biggest audience for this go around should be a more hardcore audience for WiiU while the biggest audience for Wii was almost exclusive to casual gamers. It is important for Nintendo to not only shine bright and surprise us this E3 and this year in general, but also bring more 3rd party support, the technology’s there and so is the capabilities and the features. If Nintendo can bring in the 3rd party support to SNES levels, plus the 1st party exclusives that are coming and popular such as a new Zelda, 3D Mario, Metroid, Smash Bros,etc. with the WiiU tech, we can consider this console to be a masterpiece by the time it’s life span is done which I predict will be 6-8 years similar to PS3/360’s life.

  18. Are you f-ing kidding me? “Somewhat lack-luster launch”? 23 games. Mario, Call of Duty, Mass Effect, Assassins Creed, Tekken, Trine etc. Better launch than PS3 and 360

      1. But it was indeed better than the 360/PS3 launch… You can not deny that. And the worst thing was that it did not really get any better for the PS3 until after a pretty long time. So I think the Wii U did a pretty good job, it is just that kids these days are so spoiled xD

        1. They may or may not be spoiled, but it’s pretty obviously that when a new console launches everyone forgets how bad launches traditionally are, and they put unreasonable expectations on the new console.

          1. I didn’t like the 360 and PS3 ‘s either. Why is it when I say the Wii U launch wasn’t great you instantly assume I forgot about other consoles from previous generations?

            1. I’m not talking about you. Just people in general. There’s a lot of doom and gloom about the Wii U (like what this article is about) that it feels like people have never experienced a console launch before.

  19. Aw man, did u really have to put a zelda u pic on it, when I first saw I was getting my hope up for more zelda u info, really dissapointed… :/

  20. …..
    Did this so-called analyst just predict that Nintendo, worst-case, would sell out its first-party IP’s to other consoles?
    I’m sorry, but this guy just lost all credibility. He has obviously not done his research on past statements by Nintendo regarding their stance on their first party IP’s.

      1. The Vita isn’t doomed. I personally think it is a great system.

        I have no control of what others say, but I will say not to judge the Vita, Wii U, PS4, Xbox 720, or any other new system coming. I do not agree with everyone thinking the Vita is doomed. It has potential, but starting fanboy wars over it make Nintendo fans look bad.

  21. I agree tho. They have to make something that will make the Wii U BOOM outside the main Nintendo fan base. But most people here tend to take critisism towards the console wrong and your inner fanboyism takes over… Just look at what you guys are writing.

    1. Long lost father of Aeolus

      Mom! These guys forget, sony and microsoft are gonna be launching new consoles soon. They need to keep a few big guns tucked under wraps. Its basic warfare never let the enemy truly know what you’re capable of until the show their hand first.

  22. All I gotta say is that Nintendo does need to market the Wii U as a NEW console. One of my cousins thought it was just a new controller for the Wii. Only people who really research the Wii U and have followed it since its announcement will know that it is a new console. I have one and its pretty damn awesome.

  23. Somehow the video game industry survived without all these analyst experts when I was growing up. How ever did Nintendo survive without all the experts?

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  25. my comment is I don’t believe anything I just read I truly believe Nintendo wii u do well I bet 1,000,000 on it the economy isn’t doing that well people not going to spend a lot of money so do the fact that Nintendo sold 800,00 was pretty good so went sony and xbox come out if the price is too high they won’t sale a lot neither and by then the Nintendo Wii u will be much cheaper

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