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Characters From Mickey Mouse, Star Wars And Marvel May Be Playable In Disney Infinity

disney_infinitySome of Disney’s most iconic characters, including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy, are absent from the Disney Infinity reveal trailer; however, Mickey and the gang may, one day, be playable in the upcoming sandbox video game. Also, because The Walt Disney Company acquired Marvel Entertainment and Lucasfilm, characters from The Avengers and Star Wars may be featured in Disney Infinity. Disney Infinity will launch in June for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

71 thoughts on “Characters From Mickey Mouse, Star Wars And Marvel May Be Playable In Disney Infinity”

  1. Good news about Mickey, I just wouldn’t put Star wars in yet, I mean they haven’t done anything with the franchise yet.

    1. How can you possibly say that Epic Mickey was boring….it introduced a generation to all those characters that started it…how many people today would have known about Oswald the luck rabbit had it not been for this game….how many people on here could actually tell me the name of the person who drew Mickey Mouse …I’ll start you was not Walt Disney!

        1. It doesn’t lack games. It just lack quality 3rd party games. 1st party is covered with more to come. Sony just have to move the developers from the PSP to the Vita and the Vita will be fine.

            1. as a vita owner, i can say yes, it is deffinately lacking games. and the fact that not only is it lacking games, but of the few games on the system a very small ammount of them are actually any good. the device has a lot of potential, i just wish sony would market the damn thing and sell more of them so more good games come out for it, instead of the 5 good games it has right now.

                  1. Because nobody knows about them. I currently have about 30 Vita games. In a year about 100 were released.

                    Compare the well reviewed Vita games to the 3DS games (a system with a year head start) and they’re about the same amount.


                    If you truly have a Vita, hop on the PSN store and see all the different games that are offered there. Not everything is a retail release.

                    1. Thats a problem for a console that memory is expencive,if they where going more digital than retail they should have included a decent size memory from the beggining.

                      1. It’s more the third-party that is going digital. Most systems come with at least a 4 GB memory card and some come with a 8 GB.

                        In Japan, I believe they already started selling some Vita systems with 32 GB memory cards.

                      2. ah ok. lol for some reason i wasnt even thinking about the psn store lol. i was thinking strictly retail. i actually took a look at it and got dissapointed for one reason…..where’s crash bandicoot in the psone games :( oh and is playstation allstars anygood? i’ve been thinking about getting that one.

                        1. I guess the availability of PSOne games on the Vita store depends on what region you are in.

                          As for PS All-Stars, I really enjoy it. It’s a great party game. However, I will say, it’s not for everyone. It’s closer to a FFA fighter than brawler.

                          If you can get the idea of SSB out of your head and just play the game for what it is, a new fighting game, you will probably enjoy yourself.

                          But once again, it’s not for everyone, so I couldn’t tell you that you will enjoy it for sure.

                          I wrote a review you can check out here:

                          1. well, as much as i love smash bros, i really do like more serious fighting games like umvc3 the most recent mortal kombat and tekken, so i’ll give it a shot

                    2. as another vita owner, i second that. sad to see how much they could do and what they *don’t* do with this awesome handheld…

                      1. there biggest mistake was the rear touch pad. if they would have put a psp game slot there instead of the stupid rear touchpad then they’d be flying off the shelves.

                1. and im not trying to act like a fanboy but, when the 3ds was too expensive, they lowered the price. the vita however, is still highly priced. it may have console quality, but it shouldnt be priced like a console.

              1. From the information I got from Disney Interactive, the base will likely use plug and play (wired) on most devices. No info on what the mobile devices will use yet. Those will come out after the initial console release.

                The Vita at this time does not support any wired peripherals/accessories other than the official charger/proprietary USB data cable, bluetooth headsets, and of course standard headsets/headphones.

                Although there is an accessory port at the top of the system, its use so far has remained unknown.

                Connecting the base would likely pose a challenge as Sony hasn’t opened up access to these areas to third parties yet.

          1. Also, don’t forget the Vita gets games the 3DS doesn’t as well. Example: Need for Speed Most Wanted (Criterion). Essentially all systems got that game except Wii and 3DS.

        2. What a pathetic, wimpy game! Perfect for the young children, nostalgic pedophiles, and casual moms that make up Nintendo’s fanbase!

            1. It’s coming to other platforms, but it won’t be popular on those because Xbox/PS/PC fans are not into childish games.

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        4. PikminDon'tDoMushrooms

          The PS Vita is officially dead. All these games have been coming out and all like coming to XBOX 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U, 3DS! Never Vita. So much potential.

        5. So i heard there some problem with trolls, you say? You mean these:

          Robson Jr.

          I killed Ness. Now he’s my puppet.

            1. Aeolus trys to act really smart and logical with all his posts, but he is just pretending. He has some sort of random hatred for Nintendo. Ness is just illogical with everything he says. Same with Zigfried, except with him you can’t UNDERSTAND him most of the time. Bill is a moron, I don’t know who Neutron is and Robson Jr, trys to sound smart like Aeolus but is inferior to his trolling. Overall..they all suck ;)

        6. u kno the vita is dead cuz u got these so called people who own a vita always on a nintendo news site. if ur systems of choice was as good as u say u wouldnt be on a nintendo site everyday. is there really no good vita or non nintendo news 4 u to talk bout.

          1. You know not everybody who has a vita has it as their ‘system of choice’. Try broadening your horizons, and stop being a close-minded fanboy. Some people play multiple systems/platforms, and don’t disrespect any particular one unless they deserve it. I personally only game on Nintendo, but that doesn’t mean others only do, and I respect their right and choice to game where they so choose. A good game is a good game, after all, regardless of which system it is on.

        7. and speaking of Marvel, last night, i was watching some video game news in YouTube, and just realized that Lego Marvel Super Heroes is being made by TT games which is owned by Warner Bros. which also owns DC Comics… ironic isn’t it.

          of course there was also Lego Star Wars, but that was made when Lucas still owned the franchise.

        8. Honestly can’t wait (if they include Mickey, Goofy and Donald) and yes I am getting it on Xbox to counter the poster above.

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