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Epic Mickey 2 Only Sold 270,000 Copies In The US


The LA Times is reporting the Warren Spector’s critically disappointing Epic Mickey 2 only managed to sell 270,000 units in the United States from its launch till the end of the year. The original Epic Mickey for Wii fared much better by selling 1.3 million copies. It’s not known whether Disney will work with Junction Point anymore. Disney unveiled today that it’s currently working on Disney Infinity with Avalanche Studios.

93 thoughts on “Epic Mickey 2 Only Sold 270,000 Copies In The US”

    1. How right you are. Nobody bought it because there are too many self-respecting users on the Xbox and PS3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
      ~THE REAL Bill~

      1. Bill you are a sick and disgusting creature. You are selfish for forcing your views on others and expecting you know best. You must respect the thoughts and actions of others as they do you no harm. As the scum of this Earth I bid you make quick haste in your recovery to become a good soul and RESPECT ALL videogames and the choices made by fellow gamers… Good day.

  1. i never found the game interesting. trine 2, mario bros u, scribblenauts, and sonic and all stars got my attention way more than this game.

  2. To be fair, Warren Specter overhyped the first one and tricked a lot of people into buying it (myself included). I didn’t fall for his hype the second time and I’m glad I didn’t. My friends who bought the game say it’s really bad and not worth the price tag. I might get the game when I can find it really cheap for what it is worth.

  3. That’s because the game sucked azz, good thing for miiverse or I might of bought it, but after all the complaints I read about it I decided to skip it… Got zombie u instead, great game btw…..

    1. I never understood zombiu (not trolling) i just never did enough research. so there are no checkpoints, so how do you progress if you keep losing? Seriously i dont understand.

      1. just download the demo and give it a try my friend you’ll see, btw the game auto saves after you die so you dont have to worry about that…

          1. damn that sux, try creating a new account and download it again, but i thhink the game is worth buying, i love it, you should look up videos on youtube about it…

          2. If you’re under 17, I don’t think you can view the description info or download the demo. But you can still buy it and download it for some reason.

              1. I just bought Darksiders 2 on wiiu. been wanting it so bad since it launched on 360/ps3/ But I thought I would do Ninty a favour and wait for the wiiu version.

                I love it! And I particularly love the awesome touch screen maps and on the fly inventory selection really streamlines the game. And as usual , I love the off screen play :D

              1. Yeah, just make another account where the age is over 17. You can download the demo and play it on both accounts after.

      2. you can save your progress every time you go to sleep. in the game you have a safe house to switch weapons, to get ammo, to upgrade your weapons and bed to sleep.

      3. you sleep in a bed to save your game. the game also saves when you die. then you gotta go kill the zombie and get your shit back

      4. Actually, the last place you lose a survivor becomes a checkpoint. you must go down there and kill the infected survivor to regain your itens, but it´s not mandatory to kill him. The game as some minor issues (graphics) but it´s cleverly designed and really challenging.

        1. Ha! The fact that you use the word “faggot” as an insult makes me a better person than you. Using disriminatory terms as insults makes you the scum of the Earth. Everything you say and do is a discrace to which ever company (Microsoft, PS3, etc) you hold dear to your heart. I compell you to think of what you have said in hope that you may recover from your dirty, vile sin. Good day sir…

          1. If you think less of people who use discriminatory terms as insults, you’re not going to like very many people on this site at all. Troll and fanboys both use them.

            1. They are all filthy mouthed children who need to learn to better their existance. I do have hope for them however, I hold hope for all. I also recognize those on this site who do NOT use their words in vein. To them I thank… and good day.

          1. I speak four languages and I will curse in all of them as much as I want! So fuck off, try-hard cunt. YOU SHALL BURN! BURN I TELL YA!

      1. @Halo
        That’s the funny part about the whole thing. A lot of (if not most) of the trolls (and people who just like to talk trash) are probably minors who would get in trouble if their parents knew what they were writing online. Their parents are probably clueless about how nasty their kids are. MOST are clueless about their kids.

  4. I played the PS3 version and…. yeah… i want my $20 dollars back warren :l im not kidding, i got it for 20 a month after it came out .

  5. Good, maybe Warren will go back to making games that are actually good.
    It’s like he forgot how to design games.

    1. ^ My thoughts exactly. When I played Epic Mickey I was like is this guy seriously supposed to be a good game developer? Don’t ever let him reach his dream of making a Zelda game. I think if Nintendo did that some assassinations would be in order.

      1. The guy’s been a part of some amazing games, like Deus Ex, System Shock and Theif.
        It’s like he had kids and was just like, “maaah keeeedz” and started making games for dumb children. I play all genres of games, but Epic Mickey is just dumb.

      1. If you don’t like foul language, I suggest you leave this site (not trying to be rude, just telling you how it is).

  6. I hear the camera isn’t fixed, Oswald’s AI is retarded, and the level design iss horrible. I wonder what Spector is thinking now. Simple Q&A would have saved this game.

  7. mickey doesn’t have that appeal anymore with kids or a lot of adults so of course mickey games doesn’t generate enough sales. the kingdom hearts games makes money but its not cause of mickey. what disney needs to do is work on games with characters that gamers young and old will like.

  8. Not surprised, because the first game suck so much ass, to dark, to repetitive, and the camera, the camera was so horrible.

    That experience kill every chance to people give to the sequela a chance

  9. Disney owns Junction Point, so the question should be: will Disney shut it down, not whether they’ll work with them again.

  10. I really doubt Disney will stop working with Junction Point (or shut it down, since Disney Interactive owns Junction Point) because of lousy sales for one game. I mean, they did manage to be successful with the prequel, so Disney can’t deem them poorly immediately for one fluke. Give Junction Point another chance, and maybe with a different game instead of another Epic Mickey. Test the waters in different areas.

  11. I haven’t had interest in Mickey (or Disney) games since The Magical Quest on the Super NES. Disney characters all feel so boring. Well, MOST of them. Especially the classic ones.

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