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Skylanders Publisher Activision Not Frightened By Disney Infinity

Activision’s vice president of consumer marketing, John Coyne, welcomed Disney Infinity to the market and made it clear that his company is the leader of the ‘toys to life’ category, via an issued statement to GameSpot. In under two years, the two games in the Skylanders franchise, which were published by Activision, have generated over $500 million in U.S. sales. Disney Infinity, set for release in June, will integrate collectible physical toys from Disney and Pixar worlds.

“We are thrilled by the incredible success that the Skylanders franchise has had in such a short period of time. We are also flattered that one of the leading family entertainment companies is joining our ‘toys to life’ category.”

“We continue to focus on delivering innovative and immersive entertainment experiences to kids around the world and are pouring more creativity into our games. As a result, we are well positioned to continue leading the category.”

-Activision vice president of consumer marketing John Coyne

35 thoughts on “Skylanders Publisher Activision Not Frightened By Disney Infinity”

        1. They have kind of already done that. The trophies from super smash (just the concept from being a trophy to become a real character) now if they started to use the concept as the REAL thing.
          It would be interesting to see what would happen.

    1. half million* and most of it probably is profit, since kids have to buy the toys in order to play the game, and toys don’t cost too much to make. on another note, how could they possibly not feel threatened by a game that seems to be the same, but with actual characters that are very popular? there’s seriously no way they can compete. what kid would want to play as some rock thing or shark person when you can play as buzz lightyear, mr. incredible, (possibly) marvel superheroes etc.
      p.s. sorry for the rant that’s not even related to your comment lol

      1. Half Million $? lol I think skylanders is more like 500M$ all sales added up , it’s huge. It’s shit , but it’s Huge.

        Disney infinity >>>>> Skylanders calling it already.

        1. Depends whether or not Disney include Marvel & Star Wars. It will be succesful if they keep it traditionally disney and pixar, it will suck ass if they try and put in marvel and Star wars.

    1. Neutron, you do realize that Disney infinity and skylander toys will move more nintendo consoles than anything else right? It shall be the indirect pokemon series of the west.

      1. I think your mum gave you too many shitty Nintendo games as a child. It seriously stunted the development of your brain.

  1. Just when doubters thought nintendo to be reeling, two future competing companies are set to move nintendo consoles due to the family tag. Oh! How I wish Aeolus would see this, he would freak lol. I actually miss Aeolus and Ness.

    1. What the hell are you on about? These games are on all platforms they could possibly do. They are not set to move just Nintendo consoles. In fact, there main focus is to just sell games that’s it.

  2. What he said ” we are awesome and maker lots of money and we will continue to lead the industry with skylanders and we are flattered they are becoming competition” what he meant : wow guys we are screwed! We were able to dick around with characters like series 2 skylanders that aren’t much different than the originals or not releasing many characters in a good amount of time and not stocking a ton. They have marvel and star wars and pixars and they are freak in Disney with endless characters we are so screwed! Hurry we need to think of new more fun ideas hurry their product looks amazing

  3. I liked the first Skylanders game, but with so many figures, it is a cash in geared for collectors. Skylanders Giants is nice, but also a cash in, I don’t like that the first generation toys can’t earn a Whammy power upgrade. Also, they should have added more new stuff in the levels and bigger levels and more bigger levels.

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  7. i think disney infinity is just copying skylanders and any way they are way more disney characters than the skylanders characters.

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  9. I think Skylanders is an inspiration to many companies, Disney has already made a toys-to-life game and maybe, possibly, Nickelodeon, Nintendo, Cartoon Network and many other franchises will follow.
    Wether you like it or not Skylanders will always be the first toys-to-life game, and besides with so many people buying Skylanders Toys, do you really think they would stop and spend even more money on a new toys-to-life game?

    1. Well there are alot more disney fans out there and they have lots of characters but in skylanders you need to buy game discs, one portal, figurines and magic items, and in disney infinity you have to buy playsets, idk about a game disc, one portal, coin things and thats about it but disney infinity will have cheap and prob loved coin things you can use to unlock special things like dumbo and vehicles id care anyway cause im getting both lets face it it doesnt matter if skylanders suck and disney infinity rules or vice versa the only thing that matters is gaming if ya dont like something dont buy it and besides why make bad comments about skylanders if you dont like it? I wouldnt bother to say anything about something i dislike

  10. I dont think that skylanders will be second place until like a few years but they would prob have new ideas by then and besides lots of ppl are buying skylanders right now they would prob hit 1 bill in the next year or so

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