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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Trailer

Capcom has released a brand new Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate trailer to coincide with the North American and European release date announcement which took place earlier today. Monster Hunter Ultimate 3 will be released in North America on March 19th, and in Europe on March 22nd. There will also be a playable demo for the game on the Wii U eShop and the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

32 thoughts on “Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Trailer”

    1. Hey. Never played MH before.

      I am a huge final fantasy fan (well, huge fan of ff5-10) and love jrpgs.

      Do you guys this will be a good fit for me?

      Also, do you guys think that this will be bundled with a Wii U pro controller? I need one.

      I think charging between $80-100 for the bundle would be the sweet spot.

      1. It’s fun for me but it’s not for everyone either. I can’t really say you’ll like it from your mention of FF games.

        If you have a Wii or Wii U I would try pick up a used cheap copy of MH Tri and see if you like it. That should give you a good idea of what to expect with Ultimate.

        Also, I doubt it will be bundled with a pro controller.

        My site has some screens if you want to check them out, s

        1. Thanks.

          I’ll do that. I’ll pick up a used copy and see what’s going on with MH tri.

          What is your favorite weapon?

          My favorite class are thieves because of their speed, but it doesn’t seem like there is really anything even remotely like that in MH.

  1. There’s a reason why this is not on a manly console. The only people who will play this nerdy game are the retards that love Dungeons and Dragons. It has absolutely horrible graphics and nothing redeeming about it. HAHAHAHAHAHA!
    ~THE REAL Bill~

    1. GO HOME TROLL ! Your kind aren’t welcome here you play barbie and barney hair dye and nail polish academy and call yourself a man stop molesting little boys and trolling and find a new hobby lil pussy bill you or is it Amy I forget you do drag too

    2. News flash…gamers started off as nerds. Now you think it has changed from nerds to manly men? Manly men or muscle heads who go to the gym and dont play video games. So if you play video games then you contradict yourself.

    3. Bill you are right these graphics are horrible? Wiiu fans actually think this game looks good. Maybe is Sony and Microsoft went together to buy all Nintendo idiots glasses they would loose Nintendo as a competitor. Then again they might hurt themselves by finally seeing how much of there lives they have wasted playing kiddie crap

  2. I kinda wish they wouldn’t bring games to the Wii U that have already been released. But then again it is a new game for the Wii U so that’s good I guess.

  3. I think this trailer did the game a lot of justice for how epic Monster Hunter 3 is. March 19 can’t come soon enough and I will gladly spend $100 for both versions.

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