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Another UK Retailer Slashes Wii U Premium Price In The UK


Yet another retail outlet in the United Kingdom has decided to slash the pricing on the 32GB Premium Wii U console. The Premium package usually retails for £299.99 and comes bundled with Nintendo Land. UK retailer Simply Games are now selling the device for £249.99 to presumably boost sales of the console which doesn’t seem to be selling too well in the UK.

38 thoughts on “Another UK Retailer Slashes Wii U Premium Price In The UK”

    1. I wonder how relevant the UK market is at present. Considering what has happened there in the last 2-3 years.

      What with GAME filing for bankruptcy last year and then HMV going through similar financial troubles, it seems that the market is a bit toxic.

      The videogame market in the UK fell 13% in 2011. In 2012, the UK market dropped 17.4% with physical copies of games decreasing.

      After the PS4 and 720 come out, and if their sales are just as low as they are for the Wii U, I think it would be safe to say that the UK market (and with it the EU market) is going to lose its importance in the next gen race. And its going to be all up to the US and Japan.

      We’ll see.

    1. they over priced it anyway that is the problem with UK retail as a whole and when the producer has R.R.P they take them to court like over the game cube. the retailers said Nintendo was price fixing and the EU Courts agreed with the retailers big surprise so Nintendo can’t put R.R.P on any product in the UK. they even buy milk under the price of production most retailers are just all scam artists. it would not surprise me if they fixed the price between them in the first place.

  1. All the retailers have been selling them for over the odds in UK :( . Game has Assassins creed 3 for £55 , the most expensive games on ps3 and xbox are £45 , it’s a joke. Every other retailer has AC3 and any other wiiu game £45 tops. But It’s like Game is TRYING to damage sales for themselves and Nintendo . Retards. Nintendo’s Wiiu E-shop full game pricing is too much aswell…. Sort it out Nintendo , this isn’t the same Price friendly Nintendo we knew during Gamecube and Wii.

      1. Game closed a load of their stores a while ago, and trying to sell games for a lot more than you can get them anywhere else is definitely not the way to prevent themselves closing. Game will be the next to go though, their prices are almost as bad as HMV’s.

      1. Yes , You are right! Unless they’re not as powerfull as people though and retail for cheap. which is unlikely.

        1. Please a favor and THINK ONCE BEFORE YOU WRITE.
          The other systems have nearly double the budget for tech because they don’t have to build a TABLET (OMG I said TABLET Reggie wants to kill me now). Microsoft can do it the same like with the 360 which had MUCH BETTER SKU’s. Nintendo should’ve done it like microsoft and release a cheap SKU, a normal SKU and the SKU with all the accessories and a bunchbof memory.

          1. No they dont?
            In fact, from the larest leak the hardware on the 2 other systems isnt even that much more than the WiiU.

          2. XBox 360 has barely made a profit, PS3 had made no profit, and Sony is already in debt. So please explain how they have more money for tech? Nintendo has been financially secure for years and only now started reporting drawbacks from the economy. Rumors of the “Nextbox” show it more as an entertainmemt hub then an aim for graphics. As of now TVs are only capable of going to 1080p, so I dont understand where anybody is thinking graphics are improving this gen. No family can afford 4k resolution tvs when they just bought a brand new 1080p one.
            And theres also various rumors stating that Xbox will follow suit and actually use the tablet idea in their next console. Theres a high chance that again this year Nintendo will have the most successful console. Its the first out, is on equal grounds with what next gen consoles will produce and has innovative controls.

          1. I know the AMD leaks suggest 720 Is using an IBM power PC CPU and a Modified AMD 6760.

            Funny because the wiiu is using a Power PC CPU and a modified AMD 6760 , LMAO.

            The 720’s most likely will be slightly beefier with 4-8GB of RAM instead of 2 like the wiiu and more Edram , like 62MB instead of 32MB.

            Microsoft knows they need to make profit off each console and there is no point in losing money just to push graphics too far forward for some graphics whores to be happy with.

            Consoles should be about games not power.

            It’s looking like the wiiu is 50% of the 720.

  2. How fan yiu guys be fans of this system it isn’t selling the UK knows how much it sucks why don’t you all. Over priced under powered and strictly for babies Nintendo should just sell out to Fisher Price it would be the perfect match

    1. what good does it do you to troll around talking s on something you dont even own? I own all systems as they all offer exclusives and their own unique playability. You are a loser with nothing better to do than bounce around commenting on something you are biased over. Get a freakin job. and anyone who supports the vita has no weight in a conversation blasting the wii u. Hows that $50 copy of call of duty? trash.

  3. Kind of a shame that that should be neccessary. I got mine at lanch in England and I love it, but barely anyone seems to have one. It doesn’t help that it has barely been advertised and the only advert it had has been banned. The only advert I see on any kind now for it is the LoveFilm one that mentions it. I hope it picks up steam soon.

  4. I dunno…see. This is what I think.

    Nintendo allowed the shops to decide the prices. Almost immediately amazon put the Wii U premium pack at £200. About 5 minutes later Game then put it up at £300. Then amazon retracted the price and put it up at the same price. And the others followed suit.

    Personally I think that the £200 was the actual price it was supposed to be but was then changed to £300 because the stores KNOW that the die hard fans will pay that for the new Nintendo console.

    So now a lot of the stores are ‘reducing’ the price to try and gain more sales. Strange considering Sony set the price of the Vita and that is STILL doing TERRIBLE yet has barely had any sort of price drop.

    1. I got my Premium model for £265 from Amazon. They also had the Basic at £225 at the same time.

      I think those are the perfect prices for this system.

      £250 and £300 are both too much. But £225 and £265 seemed perfect to me.

      Nintendo really need to stop allowing UK retailers to set the prices, because the retailers will obviously fuck us over with the highest bullshit prices they can. The original 3DS being the prime example. $250 USB some fucking how equaled £225?!!! No!!!

      Nintendo need to set the UK prices themselves. Maybe then it’ll be a little more reasonable.

      1. They can’t do that m8 :(
        Nintendo got in some real trouble when they tried to set their prices in Europe (during the Gamecube era I believe). Some EU law bs apparently

  5. it still costs more than in the US and Japan at $400US, the shops over priced the console from the start due to the fact they are just money grabbers. we are paying $288US for the Nintendo 3DS XL in the UK and that is without a charger or game.
    the shops where just chancing their luck it has nothing to do with anything else and they wonder why shops are closing

  6. Even here in America, I feel the price of the console and the games is too expensive. That’s one of the reasons why I have no interest in buying a Wii U. I already rarely bought new Wii games because they was always $49.99 (plus tax) for the good ones. But now the Wii U games are $59.99 for the good games? No thanks! NintendoLand (for example) is NOT worth that much money.

    1. Nintendo Land is worth that money (from first hand experience sinking hours into the game), but you might as well buy the Premium Pack and get it with the system. The basic bundle is not really worth it

  7. Haha Nintendo sock so much, My nana wank her birdie cuz I ate tacos. I cool person cuz I hate the fishing with prices wii U with Ipad 3 controller

  8. The price isn’t what will make it sell, people just aren’t interested in the games that are out for it. I can’t think of a game that would make it sell. NSMB sells millions but that’s already out, call of duty sells more on pc and PS3/360, monster hunter doesn’t even do as well as it does in america and japan.

  9. Well it should be that price in the first place, seeing as we get overcharged for everything.
    It’s a shame i wont be able to buy one till March though -.-

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