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Monster Hunter Ultimate 3DS & Wii U North American Release Date Announced


On March 19th, the fan-favorite Monster Hunter series descends on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. The action RPG’s expansive, gorgeous world features more to do than ever before. Players can hunt monsters, upgrade equipment and improve skills while they take part in more than 200 challenging quests. Monster Hunter Ultimate will be launching in Europe on March 22nd and will have a playable demo available to download on the 21st of February.



  1. I am of to trade in every 4 day attachment FPS alá COD, halo, Killzone, Far cry 3, grayscale gears and kinectimals. A real game is here Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Thanking Jesus that February is only 28 days. Phew my Wii U launch date felt like eons. Used to to play that RROD disk scratching machine endlessly ( with only two real exclusives ), but no more, the real 8 th generation machines, the Wii U, 3DS and PS4 are here :). If you disagree, tell me the last time xbox had more first or second party titles vast enough to compete in a real gamers world? Not you basement dwelling “COD” “hardcore” gamers. I mean real core vast genre real gamers like nintendo’s and Sony’s.


  2. Just take all my money already ! Geese MH3 ultimate, Lego city undercover, and Luigi’s mansion 3ds if one more game gets announced for march I’m toast ! I will be a hermit and broke but happy. I’m just really glad to be a Nintendo owner right now


    1. I know right? Words of advice to Nintendo gamers and gamer in general, finish all your backlogged Wii, PS3, xbox360 and 3DS games. Trade those in and then acquire March’s splash releases. Nintendo Domination is a beautiful thing, a really beautiful thing. Look at the vast array of gems. Don’t forget Aliens colonial marines arrives shortly in march or earlier february this year.


    2. Guess you will be broke after all, they just announced Lego city undercover: the chase begins for the 3DS. Releasing April lol. Save starting yesterday my friend.


  3. Am so happy, monster hunter 3 Ultimate, after Pandoras tower was announced yesterday. This is the reason we the real people like Nintendo. Genre diversity, with really great games in those Genres, namely :
    Monster hunter tri, Monster hunter 3 Ultimate, The Last story, Pandora’s Tower in the Action RPG section. Mario Wii, Mario bros Wii U all Super as a header that is, Cave story, Super paper Mario, super Mario 3D land, Lost in shadow, Trine 2 Directors cut etc. RPG royalty Xenoblade chronicles, best RPG of last generation. In the Action adventure Zone, we had Redsteel 2, Night Crawlers, Okami Wii, Res4 and the vast great Wii ware titles. In the strategy there was Battalion wars 2, some others I have forgotten.

    P.S next time am listing Nintendo DS, DSxL, Dsi and DS lite games.


  4. Does anyone not notice the title says north American release but the end of the article says releasing in EUROPE!!! starting to seriously think nobody can read and I’ve seen this mishap twice now


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