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Wii U Sales In France Reach 120K In 2012


Despite the Wii U not selling as well as Nintendo would have hoped in the United Kingdom, the Wii U appears to be selling well in France. The latest figures for 2012 show that the Wii U sold a respectable 120,000 units. The Wii U Basic pack accounts for 10% of sales, the Wii U ZombiU pack accounts for 15% of sales, and the Wii U Premium pack accounts for 75%. Nintendo products have always sold well in France with sales figures showing that the Nintendo 3DS was the best-selling system in 2012, beating the Xbox 360, and the PlayStation 3.

52 thoughts on “Wii U Sales In France Reach 120K In 2012”

  1. HAHAHA That is pretty pathetic. It shows that no self-respecting gamer wants the pathetic Wii U. The Xbox 360 and PS3 had at a minimum double the sales the Wii U had back in 2005/2006.
    ~THE REAL Bill~

    1. The Wii U actually sold more in it’s first month than both the xbox 360s and PS3s launch month. Here is some custard for your hungry and growing mind troll.

    2. Nice try, epic fail. WiiU wasn´t launched in 2005/2006 and those sales figures are for 2012. it´s dumb to compare 12-month sales with 2-month sales. I recommend you to try learn french also before trying to read it.

    3. “The Xbox 360 and PS3 had at a minimum double the sales the Wii U had back in 2005/2006.”

      I know. I had a really hard time finding a WiiU back in 2005-2006. They should start selling better, now that they got their distribution problems solved.

  2. How sad nobody is buying a wiiu, 120000 is good how pathetic. I guess it’s better than of only one person bought it. Like I would have predicted.

    1. 120000 JUST IN FRANCE IN ONE MONTH. Actually pretty impressive.

      Seriously nobody is interested in your trolling. You just making yourself look like a pathetic nobody. Constructive criticism is one thing , Behaving like a mindless troll is another.

    1. Many people are talking about how badly WiiU is doing in UK but so far I couldn´t find a reliable source of console chart sales for that region. Do anyone know any ?

  3. 97% of the French are literate ( can do basic math, language and communicate effectively ). Making that country one of the smartest in Europe and the world. Just random trivia. This is great news. 120 000K Wii U s sold now calms some nintendo fans that had nerves :). The Wii U shall dominate, especially with all the great and diverse 3rd party offerings that the system is getting. Nintendo is big world wide, and they should and will capitalize on markets they are even yet to branch into, alá Africa, India, Asia minor, central and south America, Eastern Europe and the Islands.

  4. I dont know what is going on . but sikr i dont know how long u know i have been here but the comment section has gotten bad. With bill always repeating what people post . And amy. It was much better when it was aeolus vs fanboys and gamers. It bad now you need some changes

  5. SICKR and ALBA, can you make and post an article well articulated, with great games one can get on the original DS and the Wii. Also list the genres the belong too. It shall help us converts to nintendo and fellow gamers with taste pick up bargain buys with great substance :). Thank you in advance.

  6. I blame the low sales of the Wii U in UK due to that ad banishing they did only because A FEW games have the off-screen gameplay option. I think that information is not “misleading” at all. The ads only state that there IS an option for that. That itself is no lie. I bet UK gamers are not even aware of games such as Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate or Bayonetta 2

    1. Heck, I wouldn’t have known about the Wii U if I didn’t watch E3 presentations and go to websites researching what system to buy. I either would have ended up with a PS3 or a Wii which would have been a mistake simply because they have both reached the end of their lifecycles.

      I can count on one hand how many times I’ve seen an advertisement on television and I live in Southern California. Their marketing just plain sucks everywhere. I also wouldn’t be able to find out about games if it weren’t for websites like this one. Nintendo is notoriously bad at providing decent information in a timely fashion and instead opt for the surprise.

    2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      It was misleading to me. I thought every single-player game could be played on the GamePad. A lot of people thought you could also use the GamePad as the TV since it has the sensor bar. People thought you could use Wiimotes with the GamePad.
      That wasn’t the whole reason why I got my WiiU but it was a bit misleading.

    1. The UK not Europe. The UK, a group of small islands that make up great Britain. Europe is fine, the UK shall rise as soon as a FPS is released, and Pikmin.

    2. Seeing as France is part of Europe and France is doing well when it comes to Wii U sales.. no The Wii U is only not selling well in ENGLAND.

  7. nintendo fans need not worry, the wii was the best selling system of this gen, the 3ds is selling well. in fact mario kart sold over 32 million and the biggest selling game on the xbox was a kinect game 18 million, all big n has to do is up the campaign and bring out its killer ips

  8. Boring as hell. Those French sales are going to slow considerably. Pikmin 1 + 2 were never system sellers, so logically, Pikmin 3 won’t be either.
    Soon, Valve’s Steam Box, Project Shield, and Ouya will bring an end to Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. It’s time for gaming to abandon the big 3 losers and go beyond.

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