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Project CARS Wii U Release Date Announced


Slightly Mad Studios has announced that the long-awaited racer Project CARS is due to be released on Thanksgiving which is November 28th. Project CARS is a community-based racing simulator which is due for release on a number of platforms including Xbox 360, Wii U, PlayStation 3, and PC. Here’s what the development studio had to say on Facebook.

“Once and for all : the “official” release of the game (on all platforms) is scheduled for Thanksgiving… for the moment…”

Thanks Jblaze

84 thoughts on “Project CARS Wii U Release Date Announced”

    1. best thing about it is that it releases right around the time Pokemon X and Y releases. So it’s even better than before for some of us

    1. It’s sad when your talking about Christmas, when Christmas just passed. I’m not waiting on anything, it gives off a rushing time feel. I’m just live for today & in December I’ll talk about a Christmas list, but until then… I’m lay back & play my current Wii U & PS3 games.

    1. Last time I saw the list of cars, it is a short list when compared to say GT3. I’ll probably purchase it anyways as I love racing.

      1. Well, I would love to race with the Skyline GT-R, the RX-7, the Evo or the Impreza as I always do in most racing games. Hopefully the Wii U will get something similar to Gran Turismo, but unfortunately I don’t see that happening any time soon…

    1. There was a rumour before the Nintendo was making a racer, but that hasn’t surfaced, but yeah this game is a multiplatform.

      See how i answered your question without sounding like an asswipe, rather than the other dicklord above

      1. “dicklord”

        Why force your uncontested crown onto others? Seeing as you only have Nintendo’s dick in your mouth. =P

  1. This was such a welcome gesture from slightly mad studios. Though with the goodness being announced for the Wii U every single week now, project cars I anticipate but not as viciously as I wanted it last year :). Great game though, also the Wii U and PC versions of the game are the supreme versions of the game, as stated by slightly mad studios.

  2. Keeping an eye out for this, I’ll get it either for the U or the PC…I could get better visuals on the PC but if it uses the gamepad in an intuitive way then I’ll get it for the console.

    1. Go Wii U. Sure the graphics will be more impressive on PC, but the gamepad (if used correctly) could put in that extra bit of fun, plus racing games suck on PC (<– coming from a PC gamer)

        1. Long story short, took some time away because the spammer trolls just became too annoying, plus I’m kind of in the emergency services in Australia, and well, we’re having an interesting time at the moment over here. Floods, fires, cyclones …. I honestly don’t want t know what is next -_-

    2. I’d say WiiU, if the options are significant, i mean this is one of the first games thats a multiplat that we know of thats been on production for WiiU this long, and release at the same, so they’ll probably have some cool features.

      1. LOL! I finished almost all the events on 3 stars(which took FOREVER and was wicked hard) then all of a sudden the game added a 4th star onto every event I already did… after that I was like SCREW IT! I’M DONE!

        1. I beat all the events on 4 stars from the start only using Ralph with no mods. It was challenging but not impossible.

          1. Bull. Shit.

            SASRT is so broken on 4 star difficulty. CPU’s are always faster, even if its like Amigo, who has horrible top speed, and they only use items on you, at perfect precision -.-

            1. What version are you playing? I’m playing it on the PS3 and it does say for advanced players only, so the game does have to up the difficulty. I like it cause it reminds me of F-Zero GX’s Master Mode.

  3. Just noticed ‘slightly mad’ hahahaha, a great name for a company. seriously, its a sweet name.

    Imagine them being mad because the release date is a little far. YOU CALL THIS EARLY! >:)

  4. Cannot wait for this , A gem of a game for 2013 on Wiiu.

    I’m really excited about using the Wiiu gamepad as a steering wheel and using the analog stick as the accelorator for more precision. The Motion control in the wiiu gamepad uses 9 axis , Acelorometer and Geomagnetic sensor , which means it’s basically 1:1. It will be amazing. Won’t be suprised to see a third party device where you can mount your wiiu gamepad onto it and turn it into a steering wheel.

    1. I think Nintendo will release a first party accessory (maybe it connects to the bottom of the gamepad) at the time of Mario karts release, sorta like the wii.

    2. Analog for the peddle might add more precision but i doubt it would be as comfortable.
      I just haul as in racers anyway xD

      1. One of the default settings on GT5 is using the sticks as the peddle and it adds a lot of precision .

        Use the motion to steer. Left stick as peddle , right stick as camera , ZL an gear down and ZR as gear up.

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  6. Nintendo Troll Slayer

    I REALLY want a Wii U, but unfortunatly, i don’t have enough money. I could care less about the big third party games coming this year because they don’t interest me at all.

  7. Pinkerton January 7, 2013 at 2:30 pm
    It’s going to be the Wii all over again where we have only a handful of games to look forward to for the year.

    1. I have a ‘Stupid Trolls’ Word document ^. Havin’ fun with that XD
    2. This game looks really polished.
    3. With NFSMWs crash and burn, I’ll definitely be looking forward to this racer!

  8. i don’t normally get simulators but because this is a racing game. . . and it’s on the wii u. . . and it’s got eye-diabete graphics. I’ll get it. Hopefully it has fun gameplay

  9. That’s a lot later than I expected. The game loos pretty good so far. I’ve had my eye on it for a while. Leave luck to heaven.

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  11. Ah well, with the mass amount of Wii U games coming this march I will be busy ^^

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this game =3

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