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King Boo Looks Scary As Ever In Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

king_boo_Luigi's_Mansion_Dark_MoonKing Boo, the main antagonist in the first Luigi’s Mansion on Nintendo GameCube, returns in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, which launches exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS on March 24th in North America. In the Luigi’s Mansion series, King Boo wears a more luxurious crown than the one he wears in Mario games. Also, in Luigi’s Mansion and its sequel, King Boo looks significantly creepier, as he should, and it’s easier to differentiate between him and a standard Boo. Compared to his appearance in the Luigi’s Mansion series, why do you think King Boo looks more ‘friendly’ in Mario games?

To view plenty more concept art for the upcoming action-adventure game, go here.

Thanks, CM30.

95 thoughts on “King Boo Looks Scary As Ever In Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon”

          1. It’s entertaining. I meant nothing by it. You’re silly to think that my post that ended with a smiley was meant to be rude.

    1. Acturally if you look at i closely it looks like one of the dark moon pieces that you have to collect throughout the game, meaning that the reason it broke was because of king boo was trying to release all the evershade valley ghosts that were inprisoned by professor E. gad,after king boo did it he got one of the pieces and put it in the crown as his new jewel, also if you see that purple tint on him is maybe because he grown alot more power than ever before because of the power of jewel… 0.o

        1. Um the games call Luigis Mansion: Dark Moon, a few weeks a go on the website the story was revealed saying that a dark moon crysstal was controlling all the ghost making them nice but then when someone ( i speculate king boo) destroys the crystal all the ghost go on a rampage and its up to luigi to catch them all

          1. So you assume that you have to collect the pieces? That’s not an illogical conclusion but don’t use it as truth until it’s known for sure. As it stands, it’s a theory you have, nothing more.

            1. Super Mario Wiki: Professor E. Gadd has been researching ghosts in Evershade Valley, but when the Dark Moon shatters, the once friendly ghosts turn evil. Luigi then goes to search for the scattered pieces of the Dark Moon and solve this problem. from nintendo of australia, But for the rest im only assuming since i dont think theyll do the whole mario get up again

              1. Okay first of all the only source for that section of the article links to an unofficial YouTube video that uses footage from a Nintendo Direct but extrapolates information from the footage. Second nowhere in said video is it mentioned that Luigi will be collecting pieces of the Dark Moon. It’s still just a theory.

                    1. Do you actually read at all?
                      “an unofficial YouTube video that uses footage from a Nintendo Direct but extrapolates information from the footage”
                      Maybe I was mistaken about the video being unofficial, it was my impression that the voiceover came from someone from gamexplain, HOWEVER the point still stands that the video doesn’t mention anything about collecting pieces of the dark moon.

      1. Acually, the Dark Moon had 6 pieces total. 1.the piece E.gad found. 2.the piece in gloomy manor 3. the piece in haunted towers. 4.the piece in old clockworks 5. the piece in secret mines 6.the piece found in the portal King Boo made.

        He explains what the gem is on his crown. He said,”Yes,it was I who broke the Dark Moon. This power-enhancing jewel crown of mine made it all easy….” Therefore, King Boo does not own a Dark Moon piece.

  1. Creepy, the realstic details definitely help. Though he looks like he’s made of whatever they use to make dodgeballs or stone idk which.

      1. The scariest thing in mario in my opinion are those annoying purple mini marios that follow your every movement. It reminds me of my baby brother lol.

      2. actually, I think that the easter egg in SM3DL where if you wait behind the flag pole in ghost house level for 30 seconds and a tall Shy Guy walks in is pretty frickin’ terrifying…

  2. Nice! I can’t wait for this game! I never played the 1st can anyone tell me if it was good? Also the multiplayer has me interested. The fact that it is ONLINE multiplayer basically assures that I will be purchasing it!

          1. Hey, I heard sunshine was an awesome game. Maybe they will make an HD remaster someday, like that Zelda:windwaker game.

            1. I wouldn’t get used to HD remakes from Nintendo. They’re giving us Zelda because every console needs a Zelda game to give it a sales boost and to hold fans off until they can release the new Zelda game. This isn’t just for fun. Unless the same thing happens with Mario games, I wouldn’t hold out for an HD Sunshine remake. VC is much more likely, assuming they do put GCN games on it.

              1. i dont really think theyll do it now since wind waker is a gcn game they cant really that and the original it would confuse the audience i speculate more of a hd collection like Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy as one or the metroid trilogy as hd collection

                1. That, or they simply won’t release Wind Waker on VC (but they released OoT on VC and then they released the OoT remake so it’s not unheard of). They’re about to show off a new 3D Mario anyway, I wouldn’t hold my breath for any remakes or remasters to come for a while yet.

                  1. About that 3D mario, would you rather have it similar to super mrio 64 or super mario galaxy, I personally prefer super mario 64 style, but galaxy would be cool too.

                    1. Frankly the two of them are very similar, the only real differences being that 64’s hub world was bigger and involved more exploration and secrets (ignoring the whole gravity aspect of Galaxy of course). The both have the same x-number of missions in a world structure. But I loved Peach’s Castle, a bigger version of that with more secrets and exploration would be great.
                      If you meant in terms of the classic flat worlds vs. spherical planets, I think it’s time we return to flatness. Galaxy and Galaxy 2 were great, but it’s time for something new.

  3. Love that they kept the design of King Boo from the first game. But why does he look solid? He looked much better transparent. Same goes with the other Boos in the game.

      1. I know it won’t look exactly like this, but there is an in game screenshot that shows a Boo that looks solid. I hope that changes before the game is released.

        1. Well who knows, we still got roughly a month and a half before the game releases so they’re probably just working out the kinks and negatives

    1. All Boos look solid. . . Until U Look’em in the Eye then they cover their face and turn Transparent/Invisible! lol ^_^

  4. I loved catching all of the Boos in the first Luigi’s Mansion. I loved all of their silly names, like Bootilda, Boolicious, Boolala etc.

  5. King Boo looks more creepy in Luigi’s solo installments is because it’s more fitting than when he’s in any of the side mario installments.

  6. I think King Boo looks so scary in Luigi’s Mansion because those games are somewhat horror-ish (albeit lighthearted).

  7. Since a ghost is usually someone that used to be living, it makes me wonder who all of the Boos once were when they was alive? t’s an interesting thought.

    1. It should be pointed out, that in Mario World, the ghosts (in a particular level) where there on a underwater abandoned airship, meaning its the ghosts of dead creatures on an original airship. It honestly sounds SUPER creepy.

  8. Ahhhh, they did it with King Boo as well! It’s like Nintendo only just discovered what Normal Maps are, and now they’re overkilling it on everything Luigi’s mansion 2. Why does King Boo and Luigi look like they’re made out of stone on all the advertisements! This does not work for a cartoony game…..even though the actual game won’t look like that. Very excited about it btw :p

  9. I’m hoping they make an original Luigi’s mansion on game cube remake for the Wiiu that includes the 3d capabilities. they programmed 3d for it on game cube was originally designed to make 3d games but at the time 3d TV’s were too expensive so they decided against designing 3d games after that one. But they made all the code but didn’t include it in retail. I think it would be a perfect time to put that out even on virtual console as a directors cut. What do you think about that?

  10. My guess is that Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon will be T for Teen in America. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but seriously. That King Boo is just frikin’ SCARY…….and I love scary. :3

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