Nintendo Confirms Online And Local Multiplayer For Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon On 3DS

Nintendo has revealed new information about Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon launching exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems on March 24. Luigi stumbles through multiple mansions to capture ghosts and solve puzzles armed with his trusty ghost-catching vacuum cleaner, the Poltergust 5000, and in a series first, the game will feature local and online multiplayer modes, as well as Download Play capabilities.

Join up with up to four players and journey into the ScareScraper, which is jam-packed with paranormal creatures. Additional systems and games may be required for multiplayer modes and are sold separately. In Hunter Mode, each player controls a different color Luigi and is challenged to hunt down ghosts and use effective teamwork to clear each floor of the tower before the clock strikes zero. Bonuses and upgrades can be earned depending on how well the team performs. There are also boss battles at the top of each tower. Players can choose the number of floors in this mode ranging from five, 10 or 25. They can adjust the difficulty to cater to both new and veteran gamers. Fallen players can even be revived by their teammates to keep the adventure going.

76 thoughts on “Nintendo Confirms Online And Local Multiplayer For Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon On 3DS”

  1. Good, now all these “ermergerd online multiplayer” people can finally shut the fuck up about wanting it in EVERY DAMN GAME

    1. Well.. Some people have valid point to want online. Some people don’t have friends or family with a 3DS. But I agree about have online in every darn game.

      1. But it’s just like, people have been on and on about it. Why would i play Mario or Nintendoland online? They’re supposed to be local games. Having some dude online on NSMB would be PAINFUL. It’s already hectic as it is.
        As for Nintendoland, it’s all about having everyone in the same room. And for both those games to work, you NEED a headset.
        Pikmin 3 as well, that game is all about deep strategy, i dont think id trust half the people to do anything right.
        Do i think a game like Star Fox need competitive multiplayer? Yes, if theyre designing it like a good SF: Assault. Fzero? Hell yes. Metroid? I duno, not impossible.
        But there’s certain game that just dont need it or just wouldnt work well with it.

          1. Not really.
            It would just be a “gather the most fruit” type thing.
            To play competitive you’d have to have the option to stop other players, which wouldnt happen, what are you gona do, throw more Pikmin?

            And the levels would be the same ones over and over, with the fruit in the same place, after a while everyone would know where the fruit is, and what the perfect route is, it just wouldnt be a good multiplayer experience.
            Co-op is a different story, but again, you need that communication, you need a headset, and they ultimately need to speak your language, unless they make a robust interaction system.

        1. Take into consideration that Japan is about as big as Illinois. It’s a tight community, where NA is much more spread out. Japan in the streets: “Wanna battle Pocket Monsters?” “Sure.” US in the streets: “Wanna battle Pokemon?” “Get outta here you freak!”

        2. Nintendo Land would be great with online. The only person that plays with me in my house is my sister and she sucks at video games. I would love if the people in my friends list could help me master missions in the team attractions. Pikmin is completely frustrating to try to master solo. The competitive games would be fun too. Mario on the other hand doesn’t need it.

    2. So Star fox 64 3d or nsmb2 and U wouldn’t have been better without online multiplayer? People do have friends across the world and can play with them if they had online.

    1. I’m here, you little cocksucker. How is online multiplayer good news? So many manly games on manly consoles and PCs have them already.
      ~THE REAL Bill~

        1. Yeah, he really made it obvious that he’s not actually serious and is just trolling lol: “So many MANLY games on MANLY consoles” xD

    1. lol Marty Mcfly :p

      Oh, but yeah! I don’t mind when a game is delayed because when they just rush through a game, it turns out realllly bad .-. *coughcough*ET*coughcough*

  2. Good move. The multi sounds interesting in the least and excitingly fun at the most. If you’re gonna put multi mode in a video game make it local and online.

    1. Kinda like Super Mario 64 DS? Yeah, that would be cool! I think Nintendo wants to give Luigi some attention though since Mario’s always hogging the limelight lol xD

  3. now wii need 4 player online co op for mario starfox 4 player co op with in game cams 24 player f zero 4 player waverace 4 player 1080 and so on…

    1. Meh, played the demo, it’s ok.
      The weapon crafting and loot/ammo system is at least a change, whether or not it turns out to work in the long run however remains to be seen, but the game just doesnt have that spark for me. Same with God of War Acsension, there just isnt anything there other than the multiplayer which I thought was decent.

  4. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon will be awesome. But I can’t help but wish that it was also coming to Wii U as well. I hate to think that it’s forever trapped into being a handheld from now on. I get so much more out of major console games than I do with handhelds.

  5. Thank you Nintendo, I can actually play the game with my friends. Now just add online to Nintendo Land through DLC and all will be forgiven :)

  6. I am glad they are adding online play. I know a lot of people do not care for online, but I do. I like both a great single player experience and great online play. Games with local multiplayer should have online, because not everyone has people to play with locally and miss out. Nintendo Land should have had online because it was multiplayer focused. Multiplayer is optional and it should not be bad for the single player experience.

  7. Why would they do different coloured Luigis? Come on Nintendo, you have heaps of characters that you could use instead. How about Dr. E. Gad instead of a blue Luigi? Or hell, maybe even Mario, or Wario or Waluigi, or… anything else. I know you probably added this at the last minute to satisfy the online multiplayer addicts but how hard would it be to impoort the model from 3D Land and make E. Gad playable??

  8. Okay, this is awesome. I already desperately wanted to play Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon for months, and now the online multiplayer makes it an even more anticipated game for me.

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