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Nintendo Confirms You Can’t Transfer Save Files From Wii’s Virtual Console To Wii U’s Virtual Console

balloon_fight_bead_artIf you own the Wii edition of NES title Balloon Fight but want to upgrade to its Wii U edition, which would cost $1 and allows you to play the entire game on the Wii U GamePad, you’ll lose all your save data. So far, Balloon Fight is the the only Virtual Console title in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U, but Nintendo confirmed to Kotaku that consumers will not be able transfer their save files when they re-buy any upcoming NES or Super NES title on Wii U’s Virtual Console.

57 thoughts on “Nintendo Confirms You Can’t Transfer Save Files From Wii’s Virtual Console To Wii U’s Virtual Console”

  1. That happens when you want to mix stuff from a limited console like the Wii with a new one. But let’s be honest, no one really plays THAT much VC games. They just want to have them on his/her console and play them for 1 one hour max.

    1. Speak for yourself. MegaMan X,X2 and Castlevanias and Colums and STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 2 get much love on my Wii vc :) when im not online playin Budokai Tenkaichi 3 for Wii :D

      1. LOL I also have those Games except for Columns. I remember when I was a kid I’ve never finished MM X & 2, and when I downloaded from the VC I finished them in less than an hour each xD

    1. That’s not going to make a difference. You can’t use your old saves on the Wii U version at all, even if you have them on a SD card/USB at the time

  2. Wow talk about stupid Nintendo.What on earth is wrong with you Nintendo!?Wow so I have to pay more than someone who hasn’t purchased the game,but now if I want to upgrade it I’m going to have my data erased?This is why the Wii U will probably fail.We wanted a Wii U Virtual Console now we’re getting screwed over.Here’s the irony of this piece of crap,I’m actually a Nintendo fan and I dissaprove of this selfish action.You better fix this in the future Nintendo!

    1. Do you get that angry when things are sold cheaper than it was when you bought it, too? “OMG I bought an iPad two years ago, those who buys it now get’s it cheaper! Fuck you Apple!!”
      Try to think over what just happened: The games are cheaper, but because of the MiiVerse and gamepad add-on’s, the game is just as expensive as it was before ^^

        1. guys seriously, nintendo is on there last string for some of there fans, they screwed us over many times, not caring about what fans want all they care about is mario, lack of games, no vc games releases just shovelware everywhere, the wii mode in wii u you have to switch to 720p every time because of those fucking green bars, they should fix that, before the nintendo direct, i didnt give a shit if they died, so now i can maybe see their not going to pull the shit they did on the wii

  3. If Nintendo ever wondered why piracy is such a problem, they should look at themselves in the mirror. I swear, their asinine virtual console service(s) is practically encouraging more free and alternative solutions to playing old games than the way they want you to play it. Restricting yourself to playing the old games on virtual console all because you want to be “loyal” to Nintendo and you want your “loyalty” to mean something is so ridiculous. You don’t have to be a freakin Nintendo zealot to enjoy Nintendo games, and you don’t have to waste unnecessary money to play their games through a backwards service. You don’t owe them anything, you’re a consumer. You do not have to sell your soul or be something “better” than yourself to enjoy Nintendo games, so don’t be a crazy fanatic; be yourself. Otherwise, even playing Nintendo games won’t be fun anymore.

    1. Wow you nailed it! This is the exact reason piracy exits!! /sarcasm
      You’re a cheap, petty douchebag and the reason abortion exists.

    2. Seriously? Do you support shoplifting too, since obviously it wouldn’t happen if the evil stores and other corporations didn’t charge so much for their products?

      Maybe you can’t see it, but its the exact same thing. You might not like it, but believe it or not, people actually did put work into these games and services and are actually entitled to compensation. Imagine that! It makes me sick when people justify something as harmful as piracy and then blame it on the companies making the games that they enjoy playing.

    1. I never thought of it like that…

      What’s the point of rebuying your game if you’re not going to play it because you’ve finished it already xD

      1. Exactly. Yet people above me are like “ermergerd, nintendo fucked up again, this is why people pirate games”.

        You pirate games because you cant keep a save file of Balloon Fight?

        Lets actually think this through for a second…
        Just by their design NES, SNES, N64 yadayada, are faster games to get into, particularly NES. Theyre also faster to finish, or dont have an end, like Balloon Fight.
        Why the fuck are people bothered about keeping save data?
        I have Kibry’s Adventure, Paper Mario 64, Link to the Past, Super Mario NES, Mario World, Ocarina, Star Fox 64, and a few others on my Wii.

        Do i give a fuck if my save data wont transfer over? No, because im just going to start a new game anyway if i want to play it.
        When was the last time any of you actually played a VC game on your Wii, and are still currently playing it?
        Im going to guess none of you.

        Not even a problem, id happily start all my old games from the beginning again.

        1. While yes they are retro games, but there are a few games I wouldn’t mind having my data. Say FF6 (3 on SNES) or FF4 (2 on SNES) after pouring a few dozen hours into them. Super Metroid? Don’t care I can start again. It’s games that have more than 5-10 hours put into them that it’d be nice to continue where I left off instead of at the beginning again. It’s only RPG/Adventure games that really need the data. Mega Man? It’s a password system if you really need to continue it. Original Zeldas? Those are short and easy enough to make it back. But Paper Mario, Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy games would be good to bring over the data.

          I understand why they can’t, and I could care less since I haven’t played my copies of those games above in a while. It’s basically like loading up the original cartridge to find all your save files wiped clean (which happened to me on the original Dragon Warrior on the NES – my brother was pissed).

  4. This is what I ran into with my 3DS when I bought my 3DSXL. They really need to be more user friendly. We pay a ton of money on their product and it is disheartening to find that all the stuff we buy may not be ours to use from system to system. It is exactly why I am hesitant to buy digital product from Nintendo anymore. I lost about 50 games between the 3DS and XL. I also have a PS3, PSP and Vita and all of those can share a lot of content, so I do most all of my digital with them. I also can use anything I buy on Amazon on my Kindle Fire, Fire HD and the larger Fire HD. I would like to see Nintendo be more like the rest. I want to do more with them, but not if this is how they’re going to do it.

      1. I was going to buy the XL and give my 3DS to a “Make A Wish” type charity, so I called Nintendo to be sure I didn’t make a mistake in transferring because I had so much content to transfer. I was told that all I had to do was keep the memory card and they would help me through it after. They said that the files were on the card and they could access the info to do it through my account info, since it would be the same. It made sense, so I bought the new one, kept the memory card and gave the old one away, called them back and was told they couldn’t do it. They could see all my account stuff and that I had a ton of content (which would have taken forever to send from the old one to the new one anyway, which is another pain in the *** altogether). They could even see where I registered the new system, so they knew the account info was identical, but they said there was nothing they could do. They contacted me three times saying they needed to speak to me because there must be something they could do. I would call and get the same answer. I don’t know why they kept emailing me about it, if there was nothing they could do, but, whatever. Bottom line is I’m out of everything I bought, plus my ambassador games, so I will have to rebuy anything I want, but I’m not gonna do that. I’m just washing my hands of the whole thing and chalking it up as a lesson learned. So, needless to say, I won’t be buying any digital from Nintendo until they change their methods.

  5. I get the idea from this that you won’t LOSE the save data, it just won’t work on the Wii U version. I think they are both separate titles on the Wii U memory. One is in the Wii Menu, one is on the Wii U Menu

  6. The only game I own I worry about is super metroid since I’m kinda far in. The rest however either have no save feature (original super Mario bros), use passwords (mega man games) or it doesn’t matter if I reset because I’m not far in (original Zelda, sonic 3) since it resets, I might wait a extra month to get super metroid cheaper.

    1. I really don’t think there is a technological solution to this. I don’t think plenty of people are blaming Nintendo. They’re just mad.

      1. No they are just lazy programmers, free emulators online work amazingly well and are fully configurable. I play games on my pc then take the save files and copy them to my smartphone and continue my game works just fine.

        1. thekidnintendowiiman

          And what if you don’t have the option to use a smartphone? What then? I want to see you develop an old game from the 80’s and then port that too the Wii And then make an updated version that adds suspension points, customizing controls, and ability to play on the Gamepad, for all you know The updated Wii U version is a different file than the Wii one therefore save data won’t be compatible. And since Wii mode is literally the same OS as the Wii, the save data will work in Wii mode on Wii U. No need to update unless you want to play on Gamepad and all that.

      2. thekidnintendowiiman

        Maybe Save Data converter? Although I doubt Nintendo is gonna waste time and money on that crap, besides, games are meant to be played, not stored in consoles once it’s finished and never to be touched again.

  7. I’m not doing the transfer from Wii to Wii U since most of the VC games I bought I don’t play anymore. Might rebuy Mario 64 but that’s about it. Every other game I buy will be new.

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  8. I have an easy answer to this. Just don’t buy any stupid Virtual Console (or eShop) games. See, you didn’t have worries like this when people bought physical copies of games. Downloaded games will ALWAYS have some sort of bad setbacks and flaws. I’m proud to be one of a very few who’s wise to this fact. But alas, the majority of gamers are idiots and they’ll forever support the downloadable games, and everything will just keep getting worse. It’s a terrible time of life for us physical copy lovers like myself. I only hope that I no longer care about games anymore if the day ever comes when all games are digital only. My own kids will never know the joy of gaming as it once was.

    1. I can tell you are stuck in the stone age and are completely oblivious to the overwhelming benefits of digital copies. Physical copies of old retro games are for decoration only. I have quite a few downloaded games and I would say that 99% of them have no flaws or setbacks. In case you haven’t noticed the world needs to clean itself up and cut back on resource wasting, digital copies do help with this, and it’s the reason physical manuals for the games are quickly disappearing. Instead of calling the majority of gamers idiots for downloading games you should ask yourself why are you not included in this majority of gamers, then open up the window have a look outside, turn on the TV and find out whats going on “out there”, basically do some research before you post this garbage.

      1. He obviously doesn’t believe physical copies eventually get damaged or destroyed. Sooner or later the battery in the NES carts will be gone and you won’t be able to save any data then the SNES and N64 games. It’s tough keeping crates of this stuff for one in a while enjoyment. I get the digital games to play when I want and not having to play the game of finding open outlets and space for it. I am thrilled I only have to pay a buck or buck fifty for 95% of the virtual games I bought (only a few N64 ones, and 0 Sega [anything] Neo Geo or other systems).

        1. I have nearly 2,000 games, and none (or very few) are damaged. And that includes games from as far back as Atari 2600. If a battery goes dead in an NES or SNES game, that’s what replacing them is for. There’s no argument that anyone can make to change my way of thinking and believing. And who wants all of their games stored on one console, so when you break that console it’s GOODBYE GAMES! Or having to go through HELL trying to download them all again after buying a NEW console. I just don’t understand today’s generation. I never will.

          1. That’s awesome, but not all of us have that much space to display that many games with the protection that they deserve.

            I don’t mind if they are stored on the console. I haven’t had a single console damaged, repaired or bricked. I have an NES, (used to have SNES), N64, (used to have Gamecube), Wii and Wii U. All consoles work or worked during my time as owner. So the day mine breaks will be something. I would have it repaired before replacement since I know Nintendo does not let transfers go smoothly.

            I want all the games digitally for convenience only. Why not just select the game I want and play it? What happens when the laser breaks? Then you can’t play the 2000 games either. Same situation. When you constantly have to swap out discs, there’s chances of dust or fingerprints (especially if it’s not the owner taking it out) or someone lazily leaving the disc near the system for dust to go on it.

      2. I don’t need to do research to know how much digital games is ruining my gaming life. I’m a collector. A COLLECTOR! You can’t collect digital games. You can’t display digital games. You can’t trade or sell digital games. In a nutshell, having a digital game is like not having any game at all. I can’t believe that I have to explain things like this.

        1. If one is a collector, then they wouldn’t have a desire to trade or sell a game.

          I buy games digitally I mean to collect. I’ve never going to trade in Mariokart, so why not have it on the console if I want to have a quick race? What if I want a round of Smash Brothers? Then just select the icon.

          Games I’m unsure of or trying out I get the physical copy. That way when I finish and know I don’t want it I can trade or sell it.

          Displaying a collection is an issue for me since I’m married so that’s not the optimal choice for decoration.

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