Capcom Says Dino Crisis And Onimusha Sequels Are Unlikely


Capcom has revealed that it’s unlikely that they will revive both the Dino Crisis and Onimusha franchises. Capcom says that it’s more important to look towards developing new and exciting IP’s, rather than resurrect older franchises. Resident Evil Revelations producer Masachika Kawata (who worked on both games) had the following to say about Dino Crisis and Onimusha.

“Capcom has obviously never shied away from bringing back our older IPs to new generations, but I do think it’s more important for us to focus on creating new IP as we move forward.”



  1. Extremely fucking ironic considering their constant milking of RE.

    What’s funny is the now action oriented gameplay of that series would have been a perfect fit for DC.

    1. First thing I thought. Counting sequels, spinoffs, and ports there’s like 50 games you could buy in 15 years

    2. I agree with the milkin res evil, give it a break and make the real dino crisis 3 not whatever that crap was set in the future.

  2. Gives us dino crisis on eshop a collection on retail and onimusha 4 on 3ds and see how they change there mind.

    1. The only good games from capcom this gen are lost planet 1 2, and dead risisng but they always find a way to screw there own ips.

      1. I personally didnt like Dead Rising.
        “Oh here’s a mall full of zombies, but you have a time limit”. No thanks

  3. What the article say:

    Capcom says that it’s more important to look towards developing new and exciting IP’s, rather than resurrect older franchises.

    What I´m reading:

    Capcom says that it’s more important to look towards developing new ways to make money through DLC on the disc, rather than resurrect Memagam.

  4. “New” IP nowadays, means replacing the characters and setting for the most part! There are almost NEVER any new ideas gameplay-wise!

  5. A little tangential, but relevent to a few posts on the page:

    Y’know, there’s more to Capcom than Just megaman, people…just before you start getting all antsy about that – they have a big range of IP’s to consider, and Megaman is one that’s spagetti’d to the moon and back…they gotta detangle their own mess in that series before making anything work again. Rushing a game without considering how it should be made to work/fit first is a bad overall idea…and we should all know this by now, surely.

      1. One has been tending to outside affairs…my gaming had taken a hit as a result, but now freedom to partake in posting has landed upon the royal lap once more.

      1. All square enix r good for is their play arts figures n they’re probably contracted to someone else just with the square enix logo on it

  6. Wat so that means they’ll never be a klonoa 3? This is really sad klonoa had potential to become as big as mario, I mean it was also such a great concept that he could travel from dream to dream, making each adventure fresh and new

  7. So can I buy the rights to the Dino Crisis franchise? It’s clear that capcom is too busy with running resident evil into the ground. Re4 re5 re6 marked the end to the franchise. Sorry I no longer have the zeal I once had for resident evil. The last resident evil I liked since resident evil 2, was code Veronica.

    1. I agree.. crazy part is they released basically every old franchise they had on pan besides onimusha

        1. They always pull out the whole license issues blah blah but think about it.. onimusha would take over.

  8. Mate dino crisis 3 ruined the saga in my opinion but the story from dino crisis 1 is epic. How many dinosaur games are there these days? If you did it right, it will pay off. I love resevil series with a passion and dino crisis was close behind. Almost the samething in a different theme! But the way number 2 ended, dino crisis 3 shouldn’t have even happened yet! 3 ruined the saga. It would b nice too see a reboot even if it was just the first one but it would b nice to see what happens after dino crisis 2. You know when Regina said she would go back for him after he went through the portal? WTF happens? who thought of no 3? Oh yea Lets start fresh in the future wow that did well…..

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