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CNN Money Lists ‘Three Things Nintendo Must Do To Survive’

monolith_soft_x_wii_uCNN Money writer JP Mangalindan made a list of ‘three things Nintendo must do to survive,’ which was published today. Mangalindan began his article by saying, the tired line, “Nintendo is in trouble.” Although Nintendo said earlier this week that it has no current plans to give the Wii U a price-cut, Madigan says the company should obviously lower the console’s price.

Mangalindan’s second point is that Nintendo should upgrade the Wii U console’s firmware to shorten loading times, even though Nintendo said last month that it will release two system updates to speed up its newest console’s loading times between opening and closing applications. Mangalindan’s third and final point, that Nintendo should accelerate game development, comes after Nintendo announced, during the last Wii U-focused Nintendo Direct presentation, that multiple Wii U games will be revealed and released throughout the year.

FORTUNE — Nintendo is in trouble.

The long-respected video game company announced earlier this week that sales of its newest home console, the Wii U, were lower than anticipated, with just 3.06 million units sold. Last October, the company had said it expected to sell nearly 5.5 million machines through the end of March, but now that number has been downgraded to 4 million. Software sales fared better: 11 million games sold through the end of last year, though Nintendo also scaled back its expectations there, from 24 million to 16 million sold through March.

111 thoughts on “CNN Money Lists ‘Three Things Nintendo Must Do To Survive’”

      1. WIth just 3million sold ? Is he forgetting that those 3million wiiu’s were sold BY DECEMBER 31st!!!! That’s exactly how much Nintendo predicted. And they must of sold another 0.5+ through January.

        And another thing , go look how much units XBOX 360 shifted in the same time, It was less than half what the Wiiu did .

        No Nintendo is not in trouble , stop making shit up. They just posted a profit. They lost money for the first time ever last year because they slashed the 3DS , Developed HD games and manufactured a load of Wiiu’s. Now they will reap the benefits of such a small loss in the future.

        1. Calm down. Even if Nintendo isn’t “in trouble,” don’t you think the points that Mangalindan brought up sound ideal?

          1. A price cut would be great (probably not happening unless they were desperate)

          2. An update to the slow OS is only beneficial.

          3. Developing games faster is also great considering the Wii U might have to rely on 3rd party games for a while.

          No one’s saying that Nintendo’s gonna crash and burn. But even you have to admit that the Wii U’s popularity is rather underwhelming. I think Nintendo can benefit from keeping an open mind.

          1. A price cut would be detrimental at this point.
            The system is very reasonably priced. A part-time job at minimum wage could fund that much in a single check if the person gets a full 5 days a week for a couple of weeks.
            The Wii U is just now starting to make profit, after having been sold at a loss for the sake of attracting customers in the first place.
            It wouldn’t make sense to slash prices so soon and risk going right back to loss-selling. That’d hurt them in the long run even if it would benefit us, because stock-holders and such would see the reduction in profits as another doom&gloom sign, which would further hurt confidence.

            No, the price point should stay right where it is for a while.

            1. Are you forgetting house bills, electric bills, food and other expenses? Aside from the fact that the games’ cost are expensive and some even overpriced garbage. Not everyone still live off their mom’s teet, loser.

              1. I totally fail to see your point here. These things are expensive, there is no denying that. It was the same last gen, the price range is exactly the same. What now, only people living “off their mom’s teet” will be able to get it? No, don’t be silly. Sony and Microsoft went years before even competing with Wii’s price. I’m pretty sure when they release next gen consoles it will not be even close to this price range. Hell, 250 is what an xbox 360 costs right now.

                1. When was the last games console released, though? A year ago, was it? And that wasn’t even sold to too many people. I’m fairly certain that the disposable income of near enough anyone added up for a year would easily outweigh $300

                2. you have become literally a drone dude .. stop sucking nintendo’s dick i love nintendo but even i can see that they are in trouble not like sony but they are.

                  if you bought a wii u it’s your prob.

                      1. with this point that the world is globalised the ONLY REAL WAY TO SUCCEEDING THIS DAYs
                        (the formula samsung used) if you know anything of Mobas you would know that HoN is starting to revive from the death using also this.

                        is making a dedicated company for south america, that does ads and shit and making a way to buy the games originally instead of bitches importing everything and adding 50 bucks to the price.

                        right now they are the ones with most percentage of growth in the world right after china and korea. (and they won’t buy nintendo’s products)

                      2. If I bought a Wiiu it’s ”My prob” ? What the fuck are you talking about dick sucker ? I love my Wiiu and have bought a load of games for it , play it nearly every day. And am looking forward to Rayman Legends , Lego City , Aliens colonial Marines and Monster Hunter Ultimate , all pre ordered. kid.

                        Nintendo ARE NOT IN TROUBLE. Did you know they posted their first EVER loss last year ? Oh so it’s all doom and gloom they posted their first ever loss because they slashe off the the 3DS’s price , boohoo. Look at the 3DS sales now. Flying off the shelves. And the Wiiu is selling GREAT. 3M by December 31st is what Nintendo predicted.

                        In short , Nintendo has Billions in the bank and a 3DS which looks set to sell 100M+ and a Wiiu which looks set to sell 50M+ .
                        Nintendo is doing great.

                      3. The only drones here are you guys, spewing the same “Ninty in trouble oh yikes!” shit the media spits out every time nintendo throws out a console. Remember how the 3ds was “a clear sign nintendo is falling”, how the Wii was “clearly behind in graphics and just not making a cut this gen”? No one needs to justify buying a Wii U, Nintendo has what it takes to make it worthwhile on all of its first party releases upcoming before summer.

                      1. Clearly you are in tune with the idiocy here…lets analyze…
                        Point 1: The Wii U needs a price cut or Nintendo will surely fail — yes indeed, cut the price of a system you are losing money on so you can lose more money…do these idiots work for the government? When has it ever been good business practice to move from taking a small loss into cutting the price to take an even bigger loss?? “Well guys we got ’em by the balls now…we might be losing exorbitant amounts of money on each system we sell, but at least are sales numbers are huge now! Take that naysayers! Surely we won’t fail with this large number of systems sold on paper, its a good thing these analysts were there to tell us how to run our business, because we are such a young company and have no clue what we are doing.”

                        Point 2: The Wii U needs a firmware upgrade — Ok, seriously?? Because that wasn’t announced last week or anything. If you don’t actually pay attention to video games and are a clueless douche, do you really belong giving advice on video games? I’d venture to say no.

                        Point 3: Nintendo should accelerate game development — Yes, and rush games so that they aren’t up to snuff with the quality that Nintendo generally delivers, and really do a disservice not only to their fans but their name as a company…besides, where was this guy when Nintendo was showing off a bunch of upcoming titles?

                        Now my analysis: CNN and all these other news jockeys need to get a grip…for people that are supposed to ‘deliver the news’, they seem pretty damn uninformed….

                        1. It’s crazy how these people who may know about money but not really about the industry that go on commenting stuff like this as if they were big experts. Just like Patcher, I was checking his background the other day, and even though he’s been wrongly predicting stuff for ages now, but why did he even start? He’s a middle aged lawyer, wtf?

                          1. It’s because business is business. An electronics expert can tell you all about the gaming industry, even if he doesn’t play games. It’s sounds mixed up, but very true.

                          2. If you think that’s bad, you should have seen what The Sun ‘reported’ about the PS4 today.

                            Basically, they claimed it would be more powerful than a high end PC, with 8 Computer chips in it, would be announced this month and would only cost £300.

                        2. Why does everyone think that Nintendo is doomed? I think the Wii U will sell fine one the big games are released. Remember, the Wii U has 0 major games on it at the moment and the only people who have bought it so far are early adopters.

                          Patience is a virtue.

                          1. New Super Mario U is a pretty solid major game I’d say. It’s much better than NSMB 2, and Wii. Nintendo Land is good, only if you have plenty of access for multiplayer.

                            1. Seriously getting tired of hearing all this crap, Sony is in bigger trouble with all the money they’re losing from TV sales and all other electronics. Nintendo has nothing to worry about once Galaxy 3 comes out the system will sell like hotcakes. Sure I haven’t played my Wii U for a month but thats because no software has been coming out. They’ll come.

                              1. No no no on Galaxy 3. Getting a second one is good enough. Time for Mario to try something else besides space travel.

                                1. i’m sure nintendo is working on something new and not just a plain sequel… if the word plain can even be applied to any of their sequels that is

                                2. ” ermergerd Galaxy 3″

                                  No, shut up.

                                  Why the FUCK does everyone always want stupid shit when it comes to Nintendo’s first party? “Oh remake Sunshine, do Sunshine 2, do Galaxy 3, remake Majoras Mask, put Geno in Smash Bros, remake Super Metroid”
                                  NO, STOP.
                                  Its bad enough that trolls and morons are always like “duh Nintendo rehash”, which is another topic altogether consider IP’s this gen and last on Playstation and Xbox, but YOU make it worse for asking for rehashes!

                                  Stop it! You want NEW and ORIGINAL entries in the series, give up on the endless sequel/remake shit.

                                    1. yes, fuck that, make a new mario, give new super a rest, make something different, would like ocarina and majoras in hd tho, thats it, windwaker didnt need it as much

                                    2. I agree with everything you said, but the sunshine 2… many Nintendo fans want it. the original was so underrated, and the game was so amazing. yea other than that, your right.

                                      1. Personally, I like both sides of that coin.
                                        Nintendo does a lot of rehashes, yeah, but they’re entertaining rehashes.
                                        And they keep people occupied so that Nintendo can spend all the time they need to spend to make new entries better.
                                        Let’s face it; without remakes to fill time, there’d be a lot of drought period between AAA titles.
                                        I appreciate what I get, because making new IP’s isn’t an easy process by any stretch, let alone doing a sequel or rehash to a series while still keeping it interesting enough to sell.

                                      2. Have you been ignoring the 3ds eshpp or what. They have been making new IPs but no one aknowledges it. Ppl simply pay attention to rehashes more. PlayStation has I believe 5 rehashes. Especially GOd of war. There’s the one for 1n2 there’s the PSP ones then there’s the one that combines all of them together. That’s worse then Nintendo by miles.

                                      3. I agree with what you’re saying, but…
                                        OoT 3D wasn’t remade by Nintendo themselves, but by GREZZO.
                                        And since they did a great job on that one, I’d love them to remake Majora’s Mask.

                                        I just love Majora’s mask so much ;_;

                                      4. OR! Let them want what they want… How about YOU stop bickering about THEIR opinion. You disagree? Fine. Should you be an ass about it? I would suggest not. If they want to voice their opinion about what games they would like to see, then let them. It’s ok to discuss what games are wanted (and not wanted) in a mature way you know.

                                      1. That too.
                                        I’ve only seen a NSMBU ad a few times, and ZombiU one online, which is very unflattering to say the least.

                                          1. I suppose i wouldnt know too much, seeing as i pretty much never watch tv but still.

                                            Yeah, Sony advertising team. “Lets release a teaser trailer, for a trailer of God of War Ascension”. Whut?

                                            1. I agree Jellybean! And the things you mentioned are easily fix-able. ^.^ Nintendo is fine. I see no trouble at all.

                                          2. Point 2 and 3, yes, i totally agree.

                                            Point 1? NO, shut the fuck up.
                                            This happens ALL THE TIME.
                                            This exact same “situation” happened with the 360, and the ps3. Stop fucking going on about it. It does mean Nintendo is failing, it doesnt mean theyre loosing money, it doesnt mean no-one wants a WiiU, its just how it is.
                                            Microsoft wanted to sell 3 million 360 units in SIX MONTHS. And they didnt do it!
                                            So i suppose the 360 was failure? No, BECAUSE ITS BEEN OUT FOR SEVEN FUCKING YEARS!
                                            Its been TWO FUCKING MONTHS.
                                            Why are people so stupid to think that Nintendo are going should be shipping out record breaking sales for a new system?
                                            Not going to happen, the prediction, which is all the forecast is, will natural change, because Nintendo dont own a time machine, they cant know the exact number of people who will buy a WiiU in its first quarter. Their forecast will change even if one game got delayed, oh wait, that did happen.

                                            How are these people journalists? -.-

                                              1. Is like everyone espects Nintendo to sell 10 millions in a holiday, come on people is this realy the first console launch for this many people?

                                              2. I dont mind them taking time, long as they dont delay it all the damn time like Bioshock Infinite, but i still think they need to release more exclusive content, in the end thats why im buying a WiiU. And multiplats are just a bonus, id prefer to play multiplats on a Nintendo system, i prefer their structure, controllers, ect (obviously that may change with ps4 but not holding my breath), but if they didnt come to the WiiU i’ll just get them on another system.

                                              3. I think they are journalists since their “hate” articles generate hits. Its interesting since point 1) they denied already. They will go out of business to reduce the price this early when they are already taking a hit on the system. #2 they are already working on, and #3 they are doing the best they can. We probably could be playing Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, but then we’d be seeing the hate articles in May when there’s no new titles. I think pushing them back was not a bad idea.

                                                My Wii U has been super busy since I got it, completing NSMB U, Little Inferno, Mighty Switch Force, Nano Neo Assault, and just got Puddle. Let alone I barely played AC3, Nintendo Land. Right now I have Last Story on a rental, so been trying to wrap that up. I also recently got EP2, Xenoblade to finish play and finish. All before March when I get MH3.

                                            1. i still think they might be able to make the 5.5 million.. or something close at least

                                              the end of march is 2 months away after all.. almost as long as the wii U has been available and sales may pick up once pikmin 3 has been released (if it does release in march that is)

                                              i know many people are waiting for that game

                                            2. Last I checked, Nintendo was making a profit. Anyhow, I have a question. Since certain people have been saying that the Wii U is in trouble because it hasn’t sold like the Wii, is it fair to say Sony failed, because the PS3 hasn’t sold like the PS2?

                                              1. i think in light of how the ps3 fared (during its first year at least) it’s fair to say that the ps3 launch was far worse for sony than the wii U launch has so far been for nintendo

                                            3. Ah, another case of people talking about the game industry without actually paying attention to the game industry.

                                              Next time you want to talk about Nintendo, watch some Nintendo Directs, or you know.. check out what they’ve said within the past few days.

                                              1. They r done with “Prime” series. Retro could still be making a Metroid game.just NOT with “Prime” in the title.

                                                  1. Yeah, I have no idea what that ship at the end was.
                                                    But the source of Phazon, Metroid Prime/Dark Samus and those levithians (phazon comets) was destroyed, which was what the Prime series was based around.

                                                1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                                                  So according this this guy, Nintendo will survive, because, as we know, Nintendo has those three points covered! xD
                                                  I wouldn’t say Nintendo needs to make a price cut or NEEDS to slow fix the Wii U’s slow OS, but obviously both would be nice. The price is fine where it is, but the OS is aggravating.
                                                  If I were to give my “three things Nintendo must do to survive,” I’d also say they should:

                                                  1. Accelerate their game development (however, I would VERY much like to know how Nintendo runs behind the scenes. They MUST have good reasons for their stupid ideas).
                                                  2. Improve their advertisements (not just showing more, but also make them more understandable. There are tons of people who don’t know what a Wii U is or have no idea what it does).
                                                  3. New IPs that can/will become popular enough that Xbox and PS owners will know and YEARN FOR. Nintendo needs new, fresh series for their home consoles. A lot of people don’t take hand-helds seriously, so awesome series like Professor Layton go unnoticed.

                                                  1. lost rare lol they sold rare for 250 million uk pounds stearling rare went down the drain at ms

                                                    they then purchosed retro studios for 1 million dollars thats 500 thousand pounds stearling at the time

                                                    there first game metroid prime won game of the year

                                                    lol @ rare kinect sports FUCKING HELL

                                                    1. Retro relationship with Nintendo has not been as prolifically successful as Rare and Nintendo. Retro made three Metroid Prime Games and Donkey Kong Country. All great games, but nothing compared to Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie, Conker, Perfect Dark, Goldeneye (best shooter of the time), Jet Force Gemini, Blast Corps, Battletoads, Snake Rattle N Roll, Killer Instinct, Donkey Kong Country 1-3, Donkey Kong 64, etc. Most of these games are original IP exclusive for Nintendo platforms. Name one original IP Retro has made. Answer, nothing.

                                                      1. Goldeneye by itself sold more (and also was a system seller), than all 4 of the games Retro made for Nintendo, period, rest my case.

                                                      2. This journalist is obviously trying to generate hate to get hits on the site. I can tell because he ignores that the Wii U has actually been selling well, basically trailing the Wiis first two months, DESPITE the Wii launching with a new Zelda game, and Wii U launching with mainly third party games. This just shows how little he knows about the industry, especially how he makes points that have already been addressed via Nintendo Direct, he is simply generating hate to get people to click his link, which gets the site money. In other words, this guys statement is irrelevant, and not worth the time of day. Moving along.

                                                      3. Major journalist organizations like CNN and The New York Times can’t seem to get tech journalists that understand anything about the gaming industry. That’s why we have to turn to IGN, Gamespot, Joystiq, etc. to hear from people with some knowledge. Articles like this one by CNN just aren’t worth paying attention to.



                                                        wii made more clear cash profit than ps 1 ps 2 psp gamecube COMBINED

                                                        wii and DS made more profit than every other gaming device in history COMBINED

                                                        sony is valued as a JUNK BOND BUY by the credit agencys as one step above DEAD bankrupt

                                                        sony just sold a building to pay for ps4

                                                        who are these people EA is still loosing billions and nintendo is back in profit

                                                        am i in the twilight zone here or somthing the level of MONGAL these people sick out there retard mouths is shocking

                                                        what next twin analog sticks is core FPS oh shit yeah they already said that too its like watching clowns on angledust rule the world


                                                      5. Nintendo should invest in Japanese developers and American or European Developers. And work on projects together with third party publishers. Nintendo should buy Mystwalker .nintendo should seek close relationship with Platinum Games and makes of Demon Souls. Nintendo should try go get GTA 5 on Wii U. Nintendo needs to make deep experience with connecting 3DS with Wii U on games. Nintendo should bring back Earthbound, Star Tropics, and Faxanadu .

                                                      6. CNN is awful. Don’t watch them. They are stupid Democrats that are ruining the United States AND now they want to ruin Nintendo?! Why must they wish a world of dispair for me!?!

                                                      7. Accelerate game development is the only thing I agree with.
                                                        I have always found it baffling why other game development studios can pump out popular first party titles such as Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed every year, yet it takes Nintendo multiple years to release Zelda on a home console. ‘Tis aggravating but still worth the wait.
                                                        Twilight Princess – 2006
                                                        Skyward Sword – 2011
                                                        Come on….that’s a little ridiculous.

                                                        1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                                                          I completely agree with accelerating game development, and development for the Zeldas should’ve been quicker IMHO, but they were worth the wait. Releasing a new CoD every year with different tweaks but the same gameplay doesn’t take that long, especially when they start on the next game before the current game is released.
                                                          Making a Zelda game is harder because they have a HUUUGE reputation to live up to. They can’t rush it in any way or else it could damage the series’ name and rep.
                                                          Also, having a new Zelda every year would really suck. The more Zeldas there are, the less amazing the series is IN A WAY. If it becomes too repetitive and/or too frequent, the series will diminish as a masterpiece into a rehashed, tired IP.

                                                      8. Looking at the current gaming industry now I think Nintendo are doing quite good with the increased interest in smartphones games, seeming decrease in “traditional” console gaming (i.e consoles), etc. I personally want the Wii U to do good because I think it offers a lot of potential and I feel the company has good values compared to the somewhat stuck-up impression I get from Microsoft and Sony sometimes.

                                                      9. 1. The Wii U is at a reasonable price. 2. Nintendo knows about the slow load times and are working on fixing it. 3. Big Wii U titles from Nintendo were announced during the most recent Nintendo direct. Nice try CNN. But you fail.

                                                      10. 1. No. The Wii U is at a very good price now. Let’s see if they complain at the PS4 being $450 or whatever price I’ll be. I’m guessing they won’t, and this is just Nintendo hate.
                                                        2. Negligible. Slow loading times do not make or break a console or game, apart from extreme circumstances. The fact they even brought this up when Nintendo have already addressed it shows how idiotic the writer of this article is.
                                                        3. OK, so you want all of Nintendo’s games to come out in quick succession, killing off many third party titles in process in terms of sales very early in the system’s life, and scaring away developers? How idiotic are you?

                                                      11. ‘Three Things Nintendo Must Do to Survive”? How about “Three Things I would Like Nintendo to Do”

                                                        1. Better Advertising
                                                        2. More 3rd Party Support (also don’t rush your games Nintendo, take your time to create masterpieces)
                                                        3. In 5 years read these negative Wii U articles and laugh

                                                      12. Why must it be always Nintendo who have to lower its price? You never ever see these analyst saying that sony needs to lower its price on the vita in order to sell. Its always Nintendo have to lower its price if they wanna sell.

                                                      13. They need to just go the way of Sega and be done with it. They haven’t released a good, solid console (hardware-wise) since GameCube, and even that did crap due to many software and design choices. Nintendo 64 was their last great console, and even that too had it’s “WTF?” problems; cartridges were an obvious poor choice for one thing; They were one step ahead with analogue sticks, two steps behind with cartridges. That’s been the story of Nintendo’s consoles ever since.

                                                        1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                                                          But cartridges didn’t really affect the N64’s image, did it? I miss those consoles; those days. Those cartridges show how old the N64 really is, and I think that creates some more love for it.

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                                                      16. I think the only time to worry about Wii U is if it performs poorly during the Holiday season of 2013. By then, we should have or know about great software titles coming to the system, fixed the OS, and have a lot more features on the system.

                                                      17. Why do people keep bitching about the price. It’s not like Sony’s or Microsoft’s consoles is going to be cheaper than the Wii U.

                                                      18. Nintendo is starting to go out of business, because now they are going after walkthroughers saying that the money shouldn’t be going to the walkthroughers it should be going to them (Nintendo), and it was revealed NOT to long ago that Nintendo is going under because people keep switching from the Wii, or the Wii U and going over to either Sony or PC, it’s the exact same thing with XBOX. People have had enough crap from Microsoft and Nintendo reason why most have switched over to Sony or the PC, yes Nintendo was a GREAT company back in the day, but for the past few years they have been shitting out really shitty games, yes there have been some good ones, but most of them have been shitty, everyone that I know have switched over already, and it’s going to get even worse for them.

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