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EA Snubs Wii U Again? Madden 25 Isn’t Coming To Wii U


EA has confirmed that the latest instalment of Madden which is titled Madden 25 will only be coming to Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Madden NFL 25 is developed in Orlando, Florida by EA Tiburon. Madden fans will be able to vote for the cover of Madden NFL 25 based on a bracket of 32 “all-time NFL greats” versus 32 modern day NFL players. Madden 25 will be released on August 27th.

“There’s no better way to celebrate and mark the culmination of 25 years of innovation than by naming this year’s game Madden NFL 25. This year’s game will push the boundaries with gameplay and feature innovations that will lay a very strong foundation for the next 25 years of this storied franchise.”

– EA Sports general manager of American football Cam Weber

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191 thoughts on “EA Snubs Wii U Again? Madden 25 Isn’t Coming To Wii U”

    1. Nowhere in the article did it say it wasn’t going to be available on the WiiU. This site is starting to decline in quality…

      1. Article says there is no word on a Wii U or Vita version.
        That could be an implication that there isn’t a Wii U version, since normally they’d announce all planned development platforms right up front, but I still agree with you; it’s too soon to say it won’t happen.

        If it doesn’t hit the Wii U, though, it won’t be any skin off my back. I don’t play or watch football anyways, so I’ll just chock it up to another by-product of EA pouting over the Origin fiasco again and move on.

        1. Explanation; I lost my taste for football when I broke my left wrist playing it in high school all those years ago.
          Scored the winning touchdown, but landed wrong.
          Not a fun afternoon.X_X

          1. *sigh* First Mass Effect 3’s “your choices in the end over the course of 3 whole games +dlcs means dick” then this whole “you meanie Nintendo, I won’t let you play with my toys because you won’t kiss my feet” attitude. Way to show your true selves EA.

                    1. Business decisions. Simple. The Wii U install base isn’t big enough for them to warrant putting big games on there compared to PC, 360 and PS3.

                    1. Why is it so hard to believe EA might not want to because of a simple business decision? The install base is small compared to 360 and PS3 so they might not want to put there games on there YET.

                  1. Jelly, the fact that it doesn’t have an install base is because companies like EA don’t step up to the plate with titles that gamers want for the Wii U.
                    If they put their games ON there, and made use of the pad appropriately, they’d be seeing plenty of profit from the move, because for games like Madden, there’s a lot of potential on that little pad.
                    It’s just easier to believe that relations soured over the Origin fiasco than it is to believe that it’s all due to install base.

      1. A) They aren’t lazy, the push out more games than most dev studios do💰, and they sell insanely well.

        2) Developing for Wii U has been reported numerous times as being very similar to XBOX 360, so they’re not too stupid or lazy to learn.

        C) They likely realize that production costs for porting it to Wii U doesn’t outweigh the potential profit. Wii U isn’t doing amazingly right now, and it’s safe to say a large majority of people who bought one and still have one are hardcore Nintendo fanboys. Typically speaking: those people usually aren’t into sports at all, let alone sports games. I’m side there are exceptions to the rule, but that’s not enough to justify added programming & production time/costs.

        What is hilarious about 99% of the kids on this laughable site is that you all act like kindergarten kids and snicker/insult anyone who doesn’t praise Nintendo or the Wii U, including developers. None of you understand that FIRST AND FOREMOST: game development studios are a fucking BUSINESS. They’re in it to make profits, not to cater to any one group’s ego or insults. If they don’t see a profit in it, it doesn’t happen. Period. But you all are so naive and immature that you automatically resort to, “Aw screw them, they suck, I never liked them! Boo! They’re dumb and lazy for not doing everything *I* think they should do!” It’s, as I said before, hilarious… in a pathetic “I pity these monosyllabic speaking mongs” kind of way.

        (Cue that UNation or whatever kid making some crude, 2nd grade, typical Nintendo fanboy insult to me… now!)

        1. I’m glad that we have a rep from EA management here to explain things.

          EA is not above holding a grudge. While we don’t know for sure, keep in mind that in 2011, EA announced a great new cooperative relationship with Nintendo and called the Wii U “transformative.” So, were they lying then?

          The fact is that EA did something like this before with the Dreamcast: They refused to support it because Sega wouldn’t guarantee EA exclusive sports games on the DC.

            1. Did I say that? No, I don’t see that I did. What I do see is someone pretending to know the reasons for EA’s decision. And I showed an example of why you can’t assume it’s a rational business decision.

              But I love how you assume I hate EA. I quoted them from 2011 and referred to a fact about their history.

          1. Yeah, I work for EA whilst posting on a little-known WordPress-themed blog, cursing and thereby risking my career. That makes sense.

            It’s not a grudge. It’s EA willing to take a risk if they were given an incentive/potential payout to do so, and them deciding NOT to take that risk when that potential payoff or incentive disappears.

            In other another word: BUSINESS.

            You kids are hilarious with all your mad conspiracy theories of “oooh, EA and Nintendo are fighting! And Blizzard told Crytek that Treyarch said that Bungie saw EA having sex with Nintendo’s wife!”

            Give me a fucking break.

            1. Then maybe you should stop pretending to understand the financials and EA’s decisions because you don’t unless you were there in the meetings.

              I’m glad that you find historical facts hilarious conspiracy. Unlike you, I didn’t say why EA made this decision, but I pointed out that why you can’t assume that it’s only about the potential to make money on a platform.

              And if you don’t think business involves egos, then you haven’t worked for any. As someone who’s worked at several, I’ve seen egos at nearly every one.

  1. LOLZ man, ya heard??? EA Talk to a nigg* , talk with me, man, ya heard?? cant belive it. EA, this motherf*cker, where we always takin the ride, man, ya heard? Get money, then cash that check for me, Keep bouncin up and down these streets! man, ya heard? no money for you EA!!! Now fuck it up just a little for my nigg*s! man, ya heard????

  2. Oh no!!! A game no one really plays anymore apart from Rednecks and Americans, and its not coming to the Wii U? …. OOOOOOOHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! (Sarcasm)

    1. Man, is it that difficult to you get the whole picture? This is a very bad sign. So far, seems that third-party support concerning Wii U will be such a scarce. We are loosing multiplat good games every single day – Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider Reboot, Dead Space 3, Crysis 3, Metal Gear Rising are good examples.

      1. Correction. Iwata said a 3rd party Nintendo direct is coming. And Bioshock Infinite…I have zero interest in Bioshock the 1st was great I dont like the way its been takin. Tomb Raider may come to Wii U it was never stated that it never will. Dead Space 3…again the direction its been talkin is terrible. Less scary and co-op? No thanks. Crysis 3…besides an amazing graphiclly looking game it sucks. I tried the Beta for Crysis 3 couldnt even finish 2 games its so fucking bad. Metal Gear was shown on the Wii U Miiverse hack remember. There was Yoshi Land which was confirmed, Resident Evil which seems to have been the Revelations Port. But since those were real Metal Gear is aswell. We just havent seen it yet.

        But regardless I dont really care for 3rd party devs for the most part. I dont really buy many multiplats. People will buy the Wii U for Nintendos games like they always do so big woop. There are 3rd partys that love the Wii U, Ubisoft, Gearbox and such.

        1. You’re opinion on third-party devs is irrelevant. Whether you like it or not, Nintendo is going to need strong third-party support for the Wii U if they want it be successful.

          1. Yet Wii was the kost successful of the 7th gen and it lacked 3rd party… Its all opinion based when talking about success. Nintendo will remain a success from their games. Nintendo Fans will say the Wii U is a success from the 1st party games. The HarDcoReZ will say it failed but those hardcores arent needed to become successful. More casuals then hardcores. So if the Wii U is a failure to those people then big deal its not going to hurt the success of Wii U.

          2. This. Exactly this. That kid seems to think that because all HE cares about is first party games, that that’s all the Wii U needs to be successful as a whole.


        2. OK. But you have to consider that Nintendo and developers/publishers are two pieces in the intrincate gaming market. And as in any other market, it concerns business, penetrance, profits, and so on. I can barely dare to affirm that Nintendo will survive throughout another whole generation without third-party support – that’s the reason behind Nintendo efforts to pursue this issue. I also do not care a lot to multiplat games, but in this world ignore their appeal is nothing but suicide.

        3. The fact that YOU don’t like those games listed, doesn’t detour the fact that Wii U’s 3rd party support (especially for AAA titles) is fucking laughable and pathetic, and doesn’t look to be getting better anytime soon; in fact, it’s getting worse.

          You may not be a fan of those games, but they’re VERY popular and sell MILLIONS of copies all over the world. You seem to think that your opinion makes everything Nintendo isn’t doing “okay”, but that’s not the case. Not even close.

    2. Rednecks AND Americans? Rednecks are Americans. lol. I haven’t played Madden in years. It’s the same thing every year, so it’s not worth buying anymore, but I would have like to try it on the WiiU. The new controller to call plays might have been fun – draw your own would be nice, too.

      1. I’m American and I am NOT a redneck… -__- Also, I hate football. It is a disgusting excuse for big black men to knock each other around. Oooooo exciiiting(saracasm).

        1. I didn’t all Americans are rednecks. He said “Rednecks and Americans”. That’s like New Yorkers and Americans. Rednecks is an American term, thus they are Americans.

      2. So simply the ability to tap to select a play instead of moving a directional pad and hitting “a” is what would change your mind about playing Madden again. That and doodling…

        The mind of a Nintendo fanboy, ladies and gentlemen… Wow.

        1. Actually, I am a Sony fanboy (if I can be a “boy” at 50), but I always like a new way to play an old game, if that’s ok with you in all your enlightenedness…

      1. No cuz they suck. Not releasing a game on the Wii U because they are throwing a tantrum is just another reason WHY they suck.

        1. I thought you were one of the few sensible people here. Turns out you’re just another overly-aggressive Nintendo fanboy.

            1. Or WooferZ is allowed to his own opinion and to like what he wants. I for one, like EA and am especially excited for Battlefield 4.

            1. “the whole gaming comunity hates EA.”

              1) I don’t
              2) Why are they still one of the most successful publishers in the gaming industry? (Apart from Nintendo & Sony etc)

              1. Last time i check you where not the abolengo gaming comunity. 2 EA have been slowly earning his distrust whit the gaming comunity, check YouTube and gaming sites and check how many gamers are unhappy whit EA from every corner of gaming from pc to consoles.

                1. Are you kiiding me? YOU said the whole gaming community hate’s EA. I don’t, therefore, the WHOLE gaming community doesn’t hate EA.

                  “Last time i check you where not the abolengo gaming comunity.”

                  Take your own advice. Also I don’t care what youtubers think.

          1. No? They’re just a piece of shit company.

            What have EA actually done as a developer?
            Fuck up IP’s, online passes, micro transactions , and day one DLC. Gee, thanks EA.

      1. Huff N Puff, I have my doubts that you are actually paralyzed and even if you were, well then that sucks for you…

          1. People can choose to be whatever they wish to be, but it amazes me why you some of you fanboys chose to be so stupid.

  3. I’m beginning to think EA is just incredibly lazy…I don’t think they want to have to put in the work of learning to program for a new system like the Wii U. But what happens when the Xbox 720 and PS4 come out? Will EA still only say Xbox 360 and PS3 lol? Either way they are going to be forced to change systems regardless. I honestly dont really care about EA. I don’t play any sports games hell I can’t even remember if I have ever played a game made by EA…

    1. I know I never have. Never played Mass Effect or any of their
      lame sports games, and I actually considered maybe getting M.E 3 for Wii U to give it a shot. Then they announced the Trilogy and I was like screw it. EA is the douchiest company out there… -____-

  4. Wow! I knew EA were butthurt about Nintendo not letting Wii U be “The Origin Box,” but GEEZ!

    BTW, I don’t resort to using the word butthurt often, but it’s completely apt here.

    1. Additional Note: EA, we know you were a part of Dreamcast’s demise by pulling support, but I doubt you still have the same pull.

        1. As is Nintendo. They’re walking the same path, it’s just taking them longer to get there. Nintendo keeps making shit that appeals mostly to young teenaged Japanese kids; as a result, they’re getting murdered everywhere else in the world as far as home consoles go.

          They keep this up and we’ll all be playing Microsoft Super Mario Bros.

  5. Did EA just put the words Innovation regarding a Madden game? Yeah, clearly a screw loose.

    But I don’t get what their problem is. The poor sales of EA games are due to their own stupidity (re-packaging Fifa 2012 and selling it as Fifa 13 and overpricing Mass Effect 3 wii U) they have little to blame for people not picking those up except their own greed.

    1. How about the decision to have the Mass Effect Trilogy over 3? That seemed like a complete no brainer. How can those getting the Wii U that don’t invest in other consoles join a series like this?

    1. They’re just exposing themselves as a horrible POS company. Why don’t they make some GOOD UNIQUE content for NIntendo ? all them 3DS’s and Wiiu user base would buy good quality games.

      EA is now 100% officialy dead to me.

      1. I don’t want any EA game.
        They’re too concerned about getting the most money. Dead Space 3 may or may not be ruined, Mass Effect will end up being the same, and they publish no other good games so i don’t care.

        But on the slight rare chance that they don’t fuck up, and release something good, i’ll just get it on my PS4 or whatever i have

        1. In fact, in one way you look at it, Nintendo not having multiplats works out BETTER, because Nintendo then have to bring the heat, and release exclusives. I mean, how many exclusives have been announced and are coming? Tons.

          Multiplats are just a bonus.

          1. There are NOT “tons”. i dont know what planet YOu live on.

            And how many of those exclusives are actually widely appealing to a vast majority of the gaming community (and not just hardcore Nintendo fanboys)?

            A laughably minuscule amount, that’s how many. Seriously, Lego City Undercover? What are you, 8 years old? Project Cars? Good job on the Gran Turismo clone without all the awesome extras. How long do racing games even last for, replay value wise? A couple of weeks, maybe?

            Seriously. Stop kidding yourselves kids. I don’t hate Nintendo; SNES is still my favourite console of all time, and Nintendo 64 is up there too. But what Nintendo has done in the last 10 or so years is fucking pathetic and boring.

            1. Project C.A.R.S isn’t an exclusive.

              Besides that…can’t think of any appealing Wii U exclusives incoming save for Monolith’s “X”.

        2. Indeed. I will buy it on PS4 or 720 which ever I buy , But the point is , Nintendo is pretty Huge. EA are being retarded by potentialy damaging their relationship with Nintendo. They should be putting out great exclusives for Nintendo platforms. They would make a load of money off it :S

          1. Yeah. I mean, to an extent, i understand, because the install base is low…but it’ll sell more if you put multiplats on the system.
            At the moment everyone can just about still ride the “oh its been in development too long” excuse, but come september, they have no excuse.

            1. Fuck EA anyway. The best thing about Nintendo is that they dwarfe shitty companies like EA and don’t rely on them at all. :)

      1. A stupid monitoring system used and created by EA to do whatever the hell it is that they do. Thats all I know, cuz Ive never played an EA game in my life. They are an awful disgusting company. Even worse than SONY…

        1. *In your opinion.

          In my opinion, they’re just another business who may use some “questionable” business tactics (I’m still fine with there games). Capcom I would have to say is the worse company. Sony? I feel you just brought that up to start a fanboy war. Not. Gonna. Happen.

      2. Origin in a dictionary means begining or the start of something, the demice of EA. Im starting to think that the only games that would appear on console whit the EA logo will be from there partners.

        1. Considering your comment lacked both. And Aeolus, why dont you ever do your own research? You are always persistent to have people provide a “source”… go look it up. Google is very user friendly. :)

          1. I’m not entitled to look anything up if there was no such confirmation to be found about that rumor to date.

            What’s worse is the very “source” detailing the rumor stems from Reddit.

            Yeah, no.

            1. So you dont feel like you should have to look it up but you do feel they should put their source every single time? Okay…

              My comment wasn’t about the rumor in question… just wondering why you always demand it. Do you think it makes you more right or them more wrong? Even if they are wrong you are being counterproductive by pissing them off.

              1. I think he means, if they are going to try and use something as a fact, they need a source to back it up, people on this site have a habit of pulling “facts” out of thin air.

                1. True. I come here all the time and see a lot of rumor thrown around as fact. But Nintendo fans are not the only ones who do it. Plus I have no desire to piss them off on a day to day basis. Maybe it would be better if it was few and far between. :)

  6. I tried to tell people that EA sucks huge ass hole, but some just won’t listen… NOW DO YOU BELIEVE ME!?! EA is an awful company! Sure I really could give a rats ass about some lame sports game(NFL NHL or whatever the football league is called), but everyone knows that because it “isn’t coming” to Wii U many people will use this as a reason for “why the Wii U is awful.” Fuck EA and their little hissy fits..

      1. Hahaha! They deserve it!!! They’ll keep winning it until they finally die out. wonder how long that will take?

  7. EA, how much more butthurt can you be? Ever since Nintendo turned down the Origins offer you have been throwing a really big hissy fit towards them. No wonder why you were nominated as one of the worst companies, its because your service towards other companies and fans are complete bullshit. And I don’t know why I care because you hardly have been making any good games for a long time.

  8. It’s not so much that EA won’t make Madden for Wii U that is bad, it’s a terribly played out and unoriginal game at this point. The problem is that a major 3rd party isn’t doing arguably their biggest franchise on a Nintendo. Side note – I work in the same office complex as EA tiburon and pass by all the time, those dorks suck…always crossing the road to get their fat a$$es to chic fila and 711 and do it away from the cross walk where there are blind spots, i’ve almost hit them on accident and they just strut around like they own the place. get back to work and actually produce a solid game, maybe even something original…

  9. EA at its finest.. they’re pulling so many shit moves again recently that frankly i don’t even care anymore.. EA games are not going to be bought with my money, regardless of platform

  10. I don’t blame EA. In fact, why would a dev throw away precious time and resources porting a game to console on which it will generate minimal sales?

    1. That is CLEARLY not the reason nor even a sensible one at that. EA is throwing a tantrum because they are mad Nintendo won’t follow their lame-ass rules.

  11. Ever since the Mass Effect Trilogy thing, I’ve been suspicious that EA just wants the Wii U to fail, and will do whatever it takes to make Nintendo look bad.

    Call me crazy, but every time EA says something about the Wii U, that idea just seems more right.

  12. This is not really a big deal. Most EA games are subpar, the company is a bunch of slithery parasite butt munchers, and the decent games they produce that I don’t play I never care much about anyhow. Video games are much bigger and greater than Madden, in this particular case. Plus, what can EA expect as far as sales when they always bring a lazy version of the game to Nintendo’s consoles?

    1. when the game fails BADLY it won’t even matter that it didn’t come to the Wii U. At first everyone will start crap like “Wii U has nooo support” then the game will suck and we Wii U owners will be chuckling while the owners of the sucky Madden game will be pretending they never said anything. -__-

      1. i think what people do care about is not the fact that madden is missing (honestly.. who would?) but that EA is treating a major new platform like the read headed stepchild and that’s something to be pissed about

  13. EA has become garbage. They completely destroyed the NBA Live franchise. Instead of trying to compete with 2K they tried to re-brand it as NBA Elite and the game was so bad they couldn’t even release it.

    They’ve slowly destroyed the NCAA Football series.

    The only reason they have such a huge following is they were able to buy the licensing for NFL/NCAA. I believe they are supposed to be giving those exclusive rights up for 5 years starting in 2014. Hopefully 2K or someone else will enter the market.

  14. Yet another reason to say “go fuck yourself EA!!” Not that I give a fuck about madden, but their little upturned noses shit at all of nintendo’s endeavors is pissing me off!! I think they are just mad that everybody noticed that FIFA 12 and 13 were the same damn game with terrible production values and only Droneys and Xbots will put up there money for this garbage!!

  15. EA hasn’t made a good game since 1997 they are no longer the company that can make or break a system. If they want money they should actually invest in new hardware like the WiiU, so that they have a head start in understanding the tech and madden 25 would have been a great opportunity to do so.

      1. Even so, I remember a time when the EA logo was a seal of quality, i have not seen that in the past decade, opinionated or not. Their lack of foresight in the industry currently is destroying them, both their company and public image.

  16. I dont really give a shit im gana buy a xbox 720 anyway so ea can do what they plz. Besides EA hasent been the same after the ps2 gamcube and xbox era.

  17. Why would they be mad for poor sells on a poor game port? The Madden and FIFA they gave us was garbage! They downgraded it because of limited production time i guess and they want to take it out on Nintendo?

    But yea, stop supporting EA on all platforms! Spread the word. I’m mad :/ These developers must have been bribed to neglect Wii U. It’s a conspiracy! Lol Naw seriously thou, I ain’t buying their games on Xbox360 or PS3 for sure!

  18. They didn’t “confirm” anything. That article just stated its in development for the 360 and PS3, and that there’s no work on a Wii U or Vita version YET.

  19. they don’t sell anyway, it is just an advert for the NFL anyway they are crap anyway. sports games are the first games that end up in the bin. i find it funny they even allow them for trade in they are they bad at selling anyway

  20. i could be because nintendo has basicily given EA and other developers the middle finger , but in a good way saying “F You No online pass you money stealing bastards!

    1. Actually, EA has been weird over the past few years. They also got in a fight with Sony and pulled all of their content out of Playstation Home.

  21. Sickr, what are you smoking? Stop making assumptions! They NEVER said it won’t be on the Wii U, they just didn’t confirm it yet. Please stop giving your articles misleading names and names with false information.

  22. Good god people you are terrible ea would take a chance if they didn’t get smack by Nintendo and personally glad Nintendo told them to. ea would do anything for money the fact they refuse to commit or releases the games say something else. this has nothing to do with a business decision and the wii u is doing just fine.

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