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Game Industry Says ‘Nintendo, No Need For Alarm’


To counter all those negative Nintendo articles that have been plaguing websites for the past few months, Game Industry International has published a more neutral and balanced article. The publication says that while Nintendo has a lot of work on their hands with Wii U, they see no reason why sales of the console can’t increase later this year once the big software titles become available. Here’s the closing summary for an article that really needs to be read.

Nintendo has a lot of work to do on Wii U, but we’ve been here before – it had a lot of work to do on the 3DS as well. While 3DS’ price cut helped a great deal, much of the real work was done through significantly improving and bulking out the console’s software line-up, and a similar process is underway with Wii U. One need only look to the rapt response which the recent Nintendo Direct broadcast received from media and Nintendo fans alike to see the truth of Nintendo’s situation. This is a software company at heart. Its consoles are enabling hardware for its software, and as such, they sell in parallel with major software launches. Of course, this is a valid argument in favour of Nintendo’s ultimate destiny outside the hardware market entirely, but for now, the company isn’t willing to give up that level of control – and for now, it doesn’t look like it needs to. I don’t expect Wii U to match the success of Wii, in the medium or long term – but equally, I don’t count myself among those who expect it to be Nintendo’s last console. Sentiment is negative right now, but fundamentals aren’t, and for a business like Nintendo, it’s the latter that counts.

109 thoughts on “Game Industry Says ‘Nintendo, No Need For Alarm’”

  1. Finally someone in the VG industry with some knowledge! Just because the sales didn’t reach up to their expectations, doesn’t mean they’re doomed!

    1. I fear that Game Cube and Wii have begun a path of no return to the relationship between Nintendo and third-party developers. It has nothing to do with sales; it has to do with confidence.

  2. Downplaying the struggles Nintendo have been having isn’t going to remedy the problem. Nintendo is in serious trouble. Grow up and admit it.

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              I’m not unation, you fat dickless cunt. I’m your friendly neighborhood Troll Whisperer. You’re fucking with the Nintendo themed blog. Go back to the IGN message boards and dwell there!

                1. Just because the Wii U have sold over 3 million units worldwide doesn’t amount to your fucked-up opinion that they’re failing. They have over 100 billion dollars sitting pretty in the vault. Next month there will be MORE Wii U games coming. Rayman Legends, The Wonderful 101, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate, MonolithSoft’s newest Xeno game, and Bayonetta 2.

                    1. And you need to suck Cortz’s dick, fucking jackoff. Both of you don’t deserve to be at Nintendo-themed blog. Both of U are jealous because Nintendo is coming back next month with a vengeance.

                    2. funny how you have dreams about them being unsuccessful. Talk about delusional Sonydrones…

                    1. First of all, the currency in Japan is called “yen” not “dollars”. Second, even if Nintendo had 100 billion in Japanese yen it would equal out to a little over 1 billion USD.

            1. This is why this site needs a more controlled atmosphere in the comments section. It really is a shame, cause this site manages to post breaking news first, but the trolls really bring it down

                    1. fanboys are in denial, nintendo has treated its fans like shit, i really dont know why some of you cant think of anything wrong with nintendo, and what they have become, being a fan of nintendo doesnt fucking mean oh new MARIO, ZELDA thanks, and skyword sword is good enough, even it sucked for a zelda game, not even because of the motion controls either, if wii u repeats ill be gone, and so will nintendo and i wont care anymore

      1. They’ve lost hundreds of millions over the last two years and they don’t show any signs of recovering loses anytime soon, in fact they will most likely continue to lose money. Also, Nintendo once again has huge gaps in their software releases, one of the main problems with the Wii.

        1. I rather have gaps between software releases than have games being rushed just to keep customers happy (Sonic 06 anyone).

        2. Thats the economy speaking not nintendo. I mean take a look at sony, another great company in a great amount of trouble, due to the economy not the software. The vita is amazing, and if I had money to get one I would but sadly I don’t have the funds to buy one.

    1. Yeah and so is Sony but know one bitches about them, analysts should grow a pair and stop bagging on nintendo for there mistakes, they tried there best by getting all those 3rd party games that they didn’t get with the wii, but guess what, not good enough, they announce they’re probs gonna release, new mario kart, new 3d mario, zelda wind waker, yarn yoshi and a new ip all by the end of the year, but guess what, not good enough, I’m so sick of These patcher wannabes bragging about nintendo, errh the graphics are shit, errh nintendo gonna die soon derp herp, errh console to pricey won’t sell with that price, shut up I mean by the looks of all that shit sinus stuffed into the rumoured ps4 I’ll bet it will be even more of a flop, all these fanboys say oh we praise Sony we’ll buy it even if it is 600.00, go get a pc if you want the latest powerhouse, sorry for my language by I’m just so sick of this hat goes to nintendo, and yes nintendo does have some major flaws at the moment but it look like that could all be gone by the end of the year well a few… :)

    2. Right, Nintendo is the ONLY company in existence that has its struggles. Sony and their flabbergasted Vita anyone?

  3. head in hands at butt raped industry daring to take on nintendo






  4. Didn’t everyone say the wii was the last console too?
    Doomsayers in business are no better than the ones on the street

    1. Agreed, I am just happy somebody finally got off their arses and said something positive towards the console. Like he said, this is what happened at the start of the 3DS launch and Wii U is just doing the same and I see them doing great sales once the big games finally start coming out. Just that nobody is giving them time and a chance to prove it and I know Nintendo Direct has excited people so really doing the Direct was pretty genius so people may start buying ready for the big time games.

  5. They are been trying to doom Nintendo since The GameCube….they gonna be around for a long time.

    In other News!~~~

    WOOT my hyrule Historia art book just arrived!!!!!

    1. I remember waiting in line for my Gamecube, some guy drives by and told me to enjoy “Nintendo’s last console.”


      Got my Book too! Looked at it for about 15 min, amazing! Can’t wait to sit down with it.

      1. Yeah people like that…

        Beautiful book indeed! I think i going to order 1 or 2 more unopened for Collection. I think their value will be high in a few years XD.

        1. lol.

          You know Nintendo has 15Billion dollars worth of Debt free capital in the bank. That means they can afford to LOSE MONEY let’s say 500Million a year (like they did in 2012) for the NEXT 30 YEARS WITHOUT GOING BANKRUPT.

          But guess what ? they’re gunna make MORE MONEY off the 3DS and Wiiu once they get rolling.

          I don’t understand the negativity , it’s as if it’s a trend worldwide to want Nintendo to fail :S . Even though they’re far from it. They own and invented the Handheld Market and they are the most innovative Software and arguably hardware makers going.

          The 3DS is the fastest selling system ever so far , and Nintendo are in trouble ? What do people expect them to do ? fly a fucking gamecube to Mars ? lol

          1. Nintendo is definitely not the most innovative ‘software makers”. Over the past decade a majority of their releases have been rehashes of old franchises.

            1. Bullshit kid. Do your research . Nintendo’s software in the past 10 years has been the most innovative. Go and look at some of their DS and Wii games and then come back to me. And some of their 3DS and Wiiu games.

            2. What other companies produce more innovative software than Nintendo then?
              The only company I see coming close is Valve…

            3. Sony is the most innovative company in the world. You know, the PS Move, the Vita, removing Linux support, removing PS2 compatibility from the PS3, you know, the stuff that matters.

  6. Like I said before, once SSBU comes out, the console will sell very quickly. Plus, we don’t know how Mircosoft and Sony’s new consoles are gonna be like. Maybe they’ll bomb badly (doubt it, but hey crazier things have happened).

    1. of course they will bomb. We saw the economy go from 2% growth in the third quarter to a crash in the 4th quarter of -.1 growth.

      If we lost that much economic output in a 4th quarter (even with Christmas) then we are in a much bumpier ride later this year….. if people think $300 is too much for a console today, they are not going to be excited to spend $500 either.

      1. So I’m not the only one thinking the same thing….It’s the 3DS – Vita scenario about to be replayed in console form.
        And another thing. Guys, do you know how many game companies went bankrupt spending resources for current gen games? Yeah, now try and imagine what will happen IF the other two next gen consoles present another significant leap from the Wii U in terms of power.

  7. I really don’t understand you people…
    The WiiU is a new console…obviously it has a slow start…All new systems have!

    BUT, that doesn’t mean that Nintendo isn’t in trouble…all industry is in trouble…it’s called “recession” and “contraction”.
    The thing I don’t understand about you people, is that, when someone says Nintendo is in trouble, you claim to be a lie, and the article is biased, and what-not, but when someone says Nintendo is not in trouble, you all assume that to be true, and the article is neutral….Honestly? Please grow up. You make me feel embarrassed to be a Nintendo Fan.

    1. Is because you dont know anything about bussines, 1 think is being bad and the other is the industry being bad im surprised Nintendo even sold 3 millions in a month we are guessing it was in the 2.2 million mark.

      1. First, learn English.
        Then, talk about “know anythíng about bussines”.

        Thank you for proving my point regarding shame-inducing fanboys.

    2. It isn’t even that slow a start. yeah it is slow compared to the Wii but that system broke record after record. In the 2 months after launch the ps3 shipped 2 million consoles and the 360 sold 1,5 million consoles. In the 2 months of the wii U release they sold 3 million systems so it is still a lot better. It also had the most launch games 29 games (usa) compared to the 12 games at the ps3 launch and 18 for the xbox 360 but then that has been more then 5 years ago so people do not remember anymore (the ps3 had the worse launch in recent console history).

      The problem at the moment is that there aren’t any retail games coming, the eshop is getting some games slowly but that is invisible to people without a wii U. When the big names hit the stores we will see a rise in sold consoles

    3. The worst of the recession has long since past. Plus the USA was effected the wort. Japan and hell even here in Canada weren’t effected even remotely close to how bad the states was hit. Nintendos stock went up in December and it went up 5% from September -December. Nintendo may not be Microsoft rich but unlike Sony, Nintendo is in a perfectly good spot.

    4. That’s because the mayority of articles say “Nintendo is DOOMED”, this in the other hand says “Nintnedo is not Doomed, but it is a long ride to success”, that’s why we give more credit to more neutral articles

  8. Nintendo STILL has money in the bank. There’s no way in hell the Big N are going down for the full count. The Wii U and Nintendo 3DS are truly one of the best video game system and portable console the company had ever invented. Innovating new ways the play video games… not just graphics alone.

    Nintendo Network ID: TMann-UNG

  9. They right about everything except implying that Nintendo will have to become a software only company eventually. Keep dreaming dude and while you’re at it, leave luck to heaven.

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  11. “Of course, this is a valid argument in favour of Nintendo’s ultimate destiny outside the hardware market entirely”

    Statements lost credibility when he said that. Nintendo as just a software company means Nintendo went out of business. Please don’t give me the Sega argument they are owned by a pachinko company.

  12. Finally, a news story that quotes someone other than Patcher!
    Granted, I have no problem listening to the opinion of someone I disagree with, but he’s just downright rude. The way he goes about making his points (while usually valid ones) comes off as cruel and belittling if you’re a Nintendo fan.
    It’s good to see a positive quote. Helps balance out Patcher’s doom-and-gloom.

  13. The Nintendo Reviewer

    This is nice and refreshing to see in the industry. Nintendo is just fine. It tends to happen that the year after the launch of a new Nintendo Console we start seeing more big titles come out for the system and I believe we will see the same thing happen with the Wii U. Especially since Iwata already said that a new 3D Mario game and Mario Kart game would be at E3 this year. And we may hear more about the new HD Zelda game and HD Wind Waker at E3 as well. Plus Retro Studios still hasn’t revealed what they are working on (I hope it’s Star Fox). The Wii U library is still growing.

  14. You mean to tell me there are people that are still butt hurt that Atari failed to rule the gaming world. I remember a time when American companies relied on innovation and business ethics to be leaders. Microsoft and their negative Nancy friends in the electronic industry leave much to be desired. No matter how many consoles any xbox may ever sale, the xbox shall always be the video-game console version of ‘pop’ music. Every where but no substance or creative talent what so ever.

  15. So people especially ignorant xbots, Sony drones and American entertainment media want 3 million consoles to sale 7 million units of COD or Assassins creed 3? With this logic, it’s no wonder people think Taylor swift, Rhianna and Britney spears have actual talent.

    1. Actually the Vita has NOT failed. Otherwise it would not be selling. Did the 3DS fail in it first few months? No. Its still here and selling very well!

      1. It hasn’t failed completely yet, true, but it desperately needs some sort of big line-up in the near future if it’s going to reach anywhere near what Sony wants out of it.

  16. Honestly, I’ve never understood why anyone ever acted like Nintendo had any reasons to worry. Nintendo has NEVER had reasons to worry. They’ve always been strong and unbreakable. They’re the greatest game company there is. I laugh at people who act like Nintendo has reasons to worry. Sure, I’m not crazy about the Wii U at the moment. But I’m just waiting for Pikmin 3. I’m one of those people who will bring Nintendo more sells once the good games start rolling in. I have faith in the Big N.

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