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Capcom ‘Would Have Liked More Sales Of Resident Evil Revelations On 3DS’


Masachika Kawata, producer of Resident Evil: Revelations, has spoken briefly about the sales for Resident Evil: Revelations which was released on the Nintendo 3DS in January last year.¬†Kawata says that sales of the well-received game were admittedly less than the company had expected, given the game’s budget. Here’s what he had to say about sales of the game on Nintendo 3DS.

“Going by the 3DS market at the time we released the game, it was definitely a success and we’re certainly hoping we can repeat that success with the home console version.

“Given the large development costs we had on the 3DS version, we would have liked to have even a little more sales than we did in the end. But that doesn’t mean we saw it as a failure by any means.”


99 thoughts on “Capcom ‘Would Have Liked More Sales Of Resident Evil Revelations On 3DS’”

  1. Oh my! What a horrible and scary game! Why would anyone in their right mind want to play something like this? They should be outside playing in the streets!

      1. No, dearie. I am looking for Nintendo news for my granddaughter, but I am only finding these scary games! I would never let her play Resident Evil!

        1. technically that sentence IS a complete sentence. It has both a subject and a prediate. Although it is missing a period.Subject= It’s Predicate =fun.

          1. You are definitely the one who needs to be “banned”. All you do is insult people. I am a kind old lady, trying to help everyone with their spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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            2. You didn’t help anyone at all, in fact the guy a few comments above, had his sentence “corrected” by you. When in fact it already correct. It was indeed a complete sentence.

    1. No offence Mrs.Finkleburg, but go away.
      Resident Evil should have gotten more sales, it was a great game.
      haha it made me scared to open doors in my house for a while due to hiding zombies.
      Love the Game 9.5/10!!

  2. Well Capcom, that’s because you decide to spend all of your advertising money on Raccoon City and 6 instead, and look how those games turned out…

      1. No. Those 3 ‘periods’ are called ellipsis, which is actually a punctuation mark. It’s OK granny, not many people know that…

        1. You should not use them at the end of a sentence! Use them only when quoting, son. Do not contradict your elders!

  3. At the time they released it , there weren’t THAT many copies , if they put it up digital or print some more copies I’m sure it will sell more.

          1. Why are you wasting your time Spam-trolling on a Nintendo site ? Grow up FFS!!!! oh wait , don’t grow up any more than you already are .

            1. You are a little brat? Are you ten years old? Do not be rude to your elders or anyone on this site. I will call your parents, brat!

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            1. I do wish I knew what you are talking about. I am an old lady; I am not in with the young peoples’ lingo, dear.

    1. At the time they released it the 3DS had not sold that much I mean. If they would of released it now it would have sold twice as much.

      1. Capcom scared alot of people wen they say fue game was going to cost 50,they did quite recogerse from that in the states.

    1. “Failure was written all over this game”.

      It like the best Resident Evil game since 4, or in my opinion, since the REmake.

      1. I know! I loved this game! I don’t see whatthere is NOT to like about it, well besides the controls, but that was nintendo’s fault.

  4. Erm, are you sure Capcom, or is it just you trying to justify re-release another game for the 10th time this generation?

    In pretty sure RE6 is the game you should be disappointed with.

    1. It’s Capcom. They’re too busy emo-ing up Dante (note, never played a DmC game) than to market RE Revelations.

  5. This game is a definate MUST HAVE if you are a Nintendo 3DS owner. It definately surprised me! The game came with a great story, decent online multiplayer, and a relatively deep weapon customization system. It also had surprisingly nice graphics on the 3DS, and excellent 3D. Considering the 3DS doesn’t have a LOT of amazing games, this is definately a must buy!

  6. Nintendo fans are always yelling for these game be released on Nintendo consoles yet they never seem to sell well. But maybe there is only a million adult American Nintendo fans and the rest are kids?

    I am a Nintendo fan but the poor sales of these titles confuse me.

  7. 3rd-party titles hardly ever sell well on Nintendo’s platforms. Their fault for expecting that, they should have released it on other consoles right away.

  8. Is there any sites like mynintendonews for Sony or Microsoft? Would like to know what’s up in the opposite camps as well :)

  9. I don’t feel comfortable playing a game like RE on a handheld. To me a lot of what makes the RE experience is the envolving scary atmosphere of the games. On a tiny screen with lard to hear audio that gets lost.

  10. Yet it was said before either a sequel or another Resident Evil game may come to the 3DS in the future…forget which it was.

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  12. RE Revelations is one of my favorite games on 3DS. I think it works best with the circle pad pro attachment. Keep support it on store shelves, it will pick up, trust me, it’s really good.

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