Nintendo Funded Studio Brownie Brown Is Changing Its Name And Restructuring


Brownie Brown Inc, the Japanese Nintendo-funded and owned video game development studio, has announced on its site that it is changing its name, and restructuring. The studio which has recently helped out on development of two Level-5 titles, Professor Layton and the Last Specter and Fantasy Life, will now be called 1-UP Studio. Details about the restructure have yet to be announced.


      1. was just thinking that too haha, the company is thinking of a name, somebody gets of the toilet looks down brown… brownie…. brown hmmmm,,, brownie.. the company….. should be called brownie brown!!!!!!

      1. Lady, this is the freaking INTERNET. You faik to realize that there’s no law requiring us to use correct grammar spelling. So what if it is not a full sentence? Big woop. It is the INTERNET, not a fucking spelling bee. Unfortunately, you have failed to realize that.

      2. Its because its the internet that’s why you shouldn’t take it so seriously. Come on now.

  1. And sounds more Nintendoish aswell, they should also have the green mushroom as a mascot or whatever…

  2. It’s about damn time!
    I was WONDERING when Nintendo would use the word 1-Up for one of its subsidiary studios!XD
    Given the popularity of Mario for all these years, I’m shocked they didn’t use the name sooner!XD

    1. Probably because of the 1up news site that eventually merged with IGN. Nintendo having a studio like that would have been confusing.

  3. I like Brownie Brown, they better not do some durastic changes.
    For those wondering, they made London Life, A Kappa’s Trail, and I could’ve sworn they helped develop the Mother series. They only developed Mother 3.

  4. I hope this is just a name and management change. Cause their games are quite fun and have a whimsical charm to them.

  5. other names Nintendo can use: Warp Pipe, The Master Sword, Triforce, Another Castle, Triple Jump…etc.

    1. Warp Pipe and The Master Sword sound lame… I like Triforce and Triple Jump though. Triple jump is probably the best name you came up with. How about “Bounty Hunter” or “Other M”(from Metroid)? I also like the sound of “Boomerang Studios”(from Zelda) or “Sacred Treasures”(from Kid Icarus).

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