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Monster Hunter-Themed Nintendo 3DS And 3DS XL Cases Available Now For Pre-Order


To coincide with the launch of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate in March, Capcom will be releasing aluminum, Monster Hunter-themed cases for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL. The cases are lined with felt, feature a laser print of the monster Brachydios, and each one comes with two styli. Each case is meant to protect both parts of the handheld, but you can remove the bottom piece to use the Circle Pad Pro. The only way to pre-order the cases is through the Capcom Store.


    1. I might get one because I’m bored of the look of my Silver XL. Other parts of the world are not missing out on Eiropes Silver XL , it’s not even silver , it’s a dull grey :/ . I really want a red or a blue XL now , even the Pikachu one is nice. Guess I’ll have to use this case to cover up !

      1. the red one looks pretty good. it really pops. i don’t really know about the blu ones since i dont own one.

  1. Question: if third parties want a limited edition 3DS (etc.) engraved do they have to have permission from Nintendo, etc.

    I like this comment section btw

  2. Hmm…..finally a special edition 3DS XL, but not one I care about. If only there was a Pikachu, Animal Crossing or Zelda special edition released in North America.

  3. Monster Hunter 3DS, Luigi’s Mansion, Fire Emblem, Pokemon X/Y for the 3DS and Killzone Mercenary, Soul Sacrifice, Tearaway for Vita. It’s a pretty damn good time to own both handheld consoles.

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