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Fire Emblem Awakening Looks To Be Sold Out At GameStop


It looks as though Nintendo’s forthcoming tactical RPG Fire Emblem: Awakening is completely sold out at GameStop. The game is sold out on the GameStop website, and I’ve had a couple of people who work in various GameStop stores say they’re all out of pre-orders. Whether there’s a huge amount of demand for the game, or very limited stock, remains to be seen. Fire Emblem: Awakening is due to be released in North America on February 4th. If you had pre-ordered the game from GameStop then you would be entitled to a free character art book.

Thanks to those that sent this in.

89 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Awakening Looks To Be Sold Out At GameStop”

  1. I can’t fucking wait for this game!! The critical reception has been through the roof , IGN= 9.6 If Nintendo put more effort into lesser know franchises like fire emblem they can make them just as big as Mario (well not that big….)

    Some of the most fun I’ve had in gaming recently has been with games Such as Pokemon Conquest , Xcom enemy unknown and even Ghost recon shadow wars for 3DS is awesome. Can’t wait for this game the emperor of tactical strategy games :) …. Oh fuck it comes out in April in UK ;(

    1. But its not Nintendo as as a whole that puts effort into a game, its the producers, and to be honest, Intelligent Systems does extremely well with puzzle type games, man I love them to death. Hell ya, cant wait when Intelligent Systems start planning the next Advance Wars. Thats only if they have not cancel the series itself. Im saddened now :(, Advance Wars Reborn, please!!!.

      1. If they were to make a New advance wars , I would appreciate a similar production value to what fire emblem awakening seems to be. Make sure the game gets good reviews and it will sell 2-3 times as much. Simple,

    2. Even though IGN gave it a 9.6, which i believe is a legit score, even though anything between 0 and 0.5 or 0.5 and 1 is just bullet dodging, Audreys review was pretty meh. I didnt really learn anything about the game, or its systems.

      1. You’re right , I love Audrey’s reviews usualy , but my Nintendo Bias always covers up her bullshit. That being said the other reviews the game is receiving are equally high , so maybe their is some credibility in her reviews. And as much things as IGN has done wrong , they’re always my main review source . Sometimes I 100% disagree with their reviews , most of the time they’re pretty spot on.

        1. Their scores are generally fine, its just as a review, they dont explain much.
          All the more reason i want to do reviews myself, and actually explain why a game is good or bad.

          1. Writing reviews would be sweet. I actually used to do that in English language at High school and college, I would write game reviews when I got the chance and it was awesome.

  2. Good thing I decided to just download it off the EShop on Monday. There’s still other places to get it anyway, if you want a physical copy. And Amazon, Ebay, etc.

        1. TV ad so they can sell and limited because they don’t expect much sales at first? It could be just high sales though.

  3. this game looks to be selling good, if nintendo brings all there good games over like this, people couldnt talk shit because they would have way more good games and exclusives

  4. It seems they’re selling it earlier in Canada for some reason.
    They called today to say I can pick up my preorder now. Going tomorrow, 3 days before official release.

    1. Yup It’s a sidescroller, and a very unmanly one at that or at least that what I saw in the wise words of a legendary idiot with his head stuck up his ass

        1. oh wait, I commented before reading the rest of you comment. You really AREN’T an idiot like King Martin after all.

  5. It pleases me to see how successful this game is!
    Hopefully I’ll get it tuesday…I pre-ordered it a month ago so I assume they’ll ship it monday, and it will reach me on the following day, if I’m lucky.

  6. The game has for now a score of 91 in metacritic! Wow I can’t wait, why do games have to take to long to come to Latin America!? ;-;

    1. Yeah, it sucks here. I’m in Australia and I want some Fire Emblem now. The last one didn’t have a western release and the one before frankly sucked. I haven’t played some good Fire Emblem since 2008 with Radiant Dawn.

    1. If they had smaller physical supplies the digital price would go down. Digital costs as much as it is because its not as popular as it needs to be, to be cheaper.
      Digital costs the same because any digital game they sell instead of a physical one they send out, is waste on packaging, and cartridges. You wana know the sad thing though?
      Even if the we went fully digital, it wouldnt be that much cheaper, packaging costs money, but its not enough to be very significant.

  7. OH DEAR! I wanted to go pick it up at Game stop the day it came out. Maybe I’ll have to go to Target instead.

  8. I wonder if I get the book since I got the bundle instead of the game. Anyone know (and someone tell me getting the smaller 3DS is a good idea, because I really want this game)?

  9. When is the 3DS XL bundle coming out? Is it the same time as the launch? Is it easy to transfer old smaller 3DS data over to the newer XL?

    1. The 3DS bundle with Fire Emblem is a NORMAL 3DS not an XL. It should be on sale the same day as Fire Emblem: Awakening. I have never transfered my 3DS data so I have no clue how easy it is. Sorry :(

        1. If we got that bundle in Europe I wouldn’t care if it’s an XL or not. That’s one of the best looking limited edition handhelds I’ve seen in a while….

  10. OH YEAH! Looking forward to this game. No worries about Game Stop, I’ll probs just get it at Target or something with my Target card for 5% off!

  11. I’m happy Bill has banned thanks to Sickr, but Amy needs to be next. She/He makes poorly spelled statements how Nintendo is childish. Even Neutron agrees He/She is a weirdo.

  12. This is awesome news! Fire Emblem was never really popular in the United States (Radiant Dawn sold about 300,000 copies at the most I believe). I’m hoping that this game will reach hopefully two million games sold and be just as popular as New Super Mario Bros., Animal Crossing, and Nintendo Land. I know it’s a longshot but I can still wish.

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  14. This isn’t a proper forum. You simply can’t silence an entity in a comment section.

    It just doesn’t work that way.

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