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Miyamoto Admits It Takes Time To See Charm Of Wii U


Legendary games developer Shigeru Miyamoto has explained to investors and analysts that it takes time to see the genuine charm of the Wii U. He went on to say that they’re looking to create games that will sell in the long run, rather than produce games that only sell well at launch. He did say that the company needs more employees internally and externally so they can strengthen their development teams.

“It takes time to understand the charm of Wii U. We are currently offering a few titles but we are aiming for games that sell steadily for the next 3 years not for games that stop selling after a few weeks. We have a lot of ideas for 2 screen play. We definitely need more employees internally and externally so we are strengthening our development teams.”

31 thoughts on “Miyamoto Admits It Takes Time To See Charm Of Wii U”

        1. You can post it in sites like IGN or Heck, others than Nintendo fanboys and trolls would like to sign this.

    1. That’s actually not really good, because you need to experience it in the first place. Wii was an instant hit because people saw it one and got it right then.

      1. lol! I am an artist. I can draw, paint, sketch, SCULPT, even blow glass… not that those last two are needed to create videogames… I have always wanted to design a charavter for a top notch videogame. Nintendo is TOP NOTCH.

  1. I could see the appeal from the start, but I can understand how some casual gamers may be confused. Leave luck to heaven.

  2. Experiencing their system is like experiencing a brand-new game that you’ve never tried before.
    You won’t know it’s good until you’ve spent the time to fully experience it, and you’ve got to have a mind open to forgiving small flaws.
    Like in the case of Ninja Gaiden Razor’s Edge on the Wii U.
    Story’s not fantastic by any stretch but the improvements in the battle system and difficulty make the game a leap ahead of its other versions.
    I wasn’t too taken by the game at first, but after spending time with it, it’s definitely grown on me.
    Just like Darksiders and SASRT has.[though, granted, Mario Kart and Zelda were there to give me some experience in the type of expected gameplay for those two….]

  3. I love my console, nintendo land is an absolute must. I do admit in order to understand wii u, and find its charms you must buy wii u.

  4. That’ll be Miyamoto admitting they’re more than a little behind. Not enough employees? Sounds like a problem that didn’t need hindsight to be corrected. People who can see the charm right noe are sycophants who think Nintendo can do no wrong, before I can see the charm I’ll need a little more than a mario game and party game and a whole lot of bad ports.

  5. Wiiu is awesome , Asking people for help in the Trine 2 miiverse thread is awesome and proves what Nintendo have set out to do with Miiverse. I take my Wiiu Gamepad to my bedroom or to my Living room where the TV is.

    I love my Wiiu right now! But I see UNLIMITED potential in the thing and can’t wait for the big games to come out. First of all Rayman , Monster Hunter , lego city and Aliens are going to put some more juice into my U.

    1. The off screen play with the Gamepad is the best thing though , it’s like an in house portable. And when You play PS3 or 360 , they feel like a Caveman device. Just can’t wait for Mario Kart and the likes to arrive.

  6. I’m LOVING my Wii U! And it didn’t take me 2 SECONDS to love it.

    I love my 360, but my Wii U will get more playtime, especially if a quality baseball title comes out, not just that 2K crap.

    Oh, look for me on Miiverse, I’m ByteManNeo.

  7. I’ve been missing 2007, a funny and joyful time in which I could swing around my Wii remote and my nunchuck and get tremendously amazed by a home console…

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