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Monolith Soft May Have Shared Concept Art For Its Upcoming Nintendo 3DS Game

monolith_soft_nintendo_3dsWe know that Nintendo subsidiary Monolith Soft is working on at least two new projects – one for Nintendo 3DS and one for the Wii U console. The debut trailer for its first HD game was showcased during last month’s Wii U-focused Nintendo Direct online presentation, although it was not given an official name. The picture above, which was posted on Monolith Soft’s Facebook page, is supposedly a piece of concept art for the developer’s upcoming Nintendo 3DS game.

62 thoughts on “Monolith Soft May Have Shared Concept Art For Its Upcoming Nintendo 3DS Game”

      1. Im not bashing the vita but damn Nintendo is doing the imposible to get people not to even look at it wich is marketing atraviesa everyone uses :)

  1. And now they’re making a 3DS game? normally I don’t have interest in knowing the developer but Monolith Soft is quickly turning into one of my more preferred developers that I get ecstatic for just from hearing the name

    1. lol. Me too. I’m really queries to know what this game is going to be about and how the play style is well be like.

          1. There will be no game better than the first Prime… unless they make a Prime 4 or other Metroid, hopefully a sequel to Fusion!

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    1. whats your top mana games, just wondering, sword is kinda annoying to me but im still going to finish it, only one i played was mana fucking amazing game and played after skyward sword, way better

      1. Seiken Densetsu 3, which a group translated fully and released as a ROM, is an incredible entry with many different characters and storylines to experience, so I highly recommend that one. Currently, it’s my favorite.
        Secret and Sword tie for the second place spot, though. Combat in Secret was awesome while Sword was a bit less so but had a much more awesome story.[with a bit of a branching path depending on whether you played as the Hero or Heroine]

    1. While platinum games are top quality, they seem to specialise in hack n slash, which isn’t my favourite genre of game

      1. I personally don’t like hack n slash all that much, but you can’t deny that recently they’ve been doing incredibly well.

    1. A Japan-only game for the Wii U?
      Do they have those yet? I was under the impression that all current Wii U games, both current and planned for the near future, are Global.

        1. Your perception of what a “kiddie game” is differs drastically from mine, obviously, so I’m going to ignore that.
          Instead, I ask the following; which games for the Wii U are currently, or planned to be, Japan-exclusive? As of right now, I know of none, of either variety.

          1. I havnt heard of any planned for Japan either but Nintendo has a way of suddenly changing there minds like xeno blade was shown at an e3 then suddenly there career no plans to release it, then suddenly after protest it wad coming to America.

            1. Japan does things a lot differently from the states, you must understand. Their sense of what would and would not sell well out here is a lot different from ours and it takes a lot to convince them.
              Xenoblade and The Last Story [and now Pandora’s Tower, if it does indeed sell well] are three rare cases where Japanese gaming heads were wrong about their prediction of the games not selling well if ported.
              Basically, it’s up to us to do the ground-work, otherwise they won’t be convinced of anything.
              But, as to the Wii U, I don’t think they’ll be doing anything as far as Japanese-only titles for it any time soon.
              Right now, with the lack of advertisements, it would be an unwise move to hold back any titles at all.
              Once it has a solid install base, I can see it getting some region-exclusives, but I’m firmly convinced that it won’t be any time soon.

            1. Call me names if you want but the truth is Nintendo do of America as a long history of not releasing some of nintendo’s best games in the United States. It’s like they think k Nintendo fans are to stupid or immature to enjoy the more mature games.

              1. yea i know fuck nintendo of america they suck, leaving so many great games in japan and refusing to localize, even if in europe localized and is in english, they refuse, gamestop is the only reason for xenoblade, gamestop, yea the only reason, xseed had to bring last story and pandoras tower, still fucking sad, and cant imaging huge fatal frame fans, will probably never get to play 4, this post has common sense, mario, who cares, all they want is there franchises to be the best and all you get to play, and this is good hate, because fucking nintendo of america hates its fans and there is so many ways to see it, if they keep this up again they deserve to die, for purposely letting you not play anything good and making there library suck this wouldnt happan on any other console, and people will still kiss nintendo of americas ass, there is to many ways of saying it but most people will deny it on here

              2. There is some truth to this historically, but they ‘ve been ramping up localization.
                I think our odds are better than they’ve been.

                I disagree with Kitty games only, but with their Demographic widening,they ‘ll need both kid and Mature games.

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    1. this could very well be something pretty unique, at least that pic makes me think so
      really hoping for something special and eu release, please !!

  5. damn, Etrian Odessy , Zelda:LBW, Bravely Default, Tales of Abyss, Shin Megami Tensei, Professor Layton, Liberation Maiden, Ace Attorney, Fire Emblem, and now THIS. FUuuuuuu. also has anybody tried Senran Kagura Burst?

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