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US Retailers Suggest That Fire Emblem Release Has Been Slightly Delayed


Numerous retailers in North America are stating that Fire Emblem: Awakening has been delayed a couple of days due to an unforeseen shipping error. Best Buy claims that they are not expecting stock of the well-received game until Wednesday, GameStop said the game may not be available until Friday, February 8. Amazon has notified consumers that stock of the game has been delayed due to a shipping error. We posted our Fire Emblem: Awakening review yesterday. You can read it here.

Thanks to those that sent this in.

56 thoughts on “US Retailers Suggest That Fire Emblem Release Has Been Slightly Delayed”

  1. Sucks for you.

    Anyway, totally unrelated, but did anyone see what Pachter said recently xD saying PS4 will have “hyper realistic visuals” and the dumbest thing i think i could hear from him…. “Games than run at 240 frames per second”…..

    What!? xD

      1. That exactly what i want.
        I mean, i look at games like Dead Space 2/3, MG Rising, and others that are appearing in the last uear of this generation, as well as PS3 exclusives and those games look great, if all games looked like that, on terms of visuals, i wouldnt care. Where i want it to change is in the size and scope of games, and what you do and interact with in the game, rather than “er durr, look at graphics”, because graphics are all well and good, but theyre just visuals. I get more excitment out of games like Antichamber and other games with really good ideas than i am with games like God of War Ascension, and The Last of Us, that i just dont have that much interest in.

      1. The purpose was the fact its hilarious how stupid he is.
        What, you think a fanboy and hate Playstation? Even though Playstation has always been my home console for the past 3 generations, and the Wii was my first Nintendo home console?
        Even though i’m actually lookin forward to Feb 20th for the possible PS4 reveal?

    1. The funniest thing is , PS3 and 720 launch titles are gunna like like 1080p 30/60FPS Xbox 360 games with maybe some tacked on DX11 features.

      The 360 was a hug leap in specs from what came before , but the launch titles basically looked exactly the same as Xbox games. The same thing will happen to 720 and ps4 but probably worse. People are in a for a big shock when Modern warfare 4 running native 1080p 60FPS is the best launch title on the 720 lol.

      1. I have to disagree to some point there. Without a doubt, there will be some games that are basically what you said, upgraded versions, but those will only consist with games from Activision, ect plus we know Bungie’s Destiny game is supposed to appear on the 360 as well as 720, so i agree there will be games like that, but there will be “next gen” titles on the ps4 and 720, whether or mot theyre launch days titles or not, we wont know, but the fact is, once those games are out, developers will quickly stop caring about the 360 and ps3, and draw attention in solely making 8th generation games, so games on the 720 and ps4 will be next gen games, and we already know some of those are coming to WiiU as well.
        I dont think the jump will be big at all, it’ll be noticable, but its never going to be a jump like last gen, its impossible, unless the consoles were insanely priced.

        1. Exactly , Not only is there a console price hurdle , there is a video game development cost hurdle aswell which is arguably bigger. None of the NEXT GEN titles will be out at launch , they will be saving those for when the installed base grows about 6-12 months after it launches.

          At launch I expect a load of Mid-high gaming PC versions of xbox 360 games :/ .

          1. I duno, i suspect Microsoft will have Halo 5 (oh wow /s) out as a launch day game, and we know Fortnite is probably a launch game, and Sony might even go far as have The Phantom Pain as its launch title, or whatever Sucker Punch (Infamous creators), are working on, as well as Bungie’s game most likely being a launch window game, as well as COD (zzz), we might even, fingers crossed, get Fallout 4, which would actually make me buy a ps4 day 1, so i think there may be 1-2 “next gen” games at launch

            1. Possibly , I’m preparing my self for a load of Madden , CoD and Samurai warriors with 10,000 enemies on the screen. and that’s it lol.

        2. Hard to say if Bungies game is coming to the 360 or 720…after how Microsoft treated them and that whole blunder of them quitting Microsoft they aren’t on the best of terms. Damn shame since it was thanks to Bungie that the Xbox even caught on with Halo CE. Destiny will be on PS4 most likely but if it is a multiplat then we better get a Wii U version.

      2. It wont be like the 360, where it launched with games that barely looked better, because next gen hadn’t started yet, microsoft just had its foot out the door first (sounds kinda familiar huh?)

        1. Yeh like the Wiiu :/ . Which looks the same, better or slightly worse than fully optimized last gen consoles.
          On par.

          We will just have to wait and see , Sony”s only choice is to sell the PS4 at a maximum of $400 and not for a loss , preferably a profit. It will be interesting to see what they can pack into such a machine.
          The ps3 cost sony $800 a piece at launch. Bit it was a financial disaster.

            1. £400 sounds about right to me , But as a mass market price it will struggle as the ps3 , 360 , Wiiu , 3DS etc will be being sold for much cheaper and parents just won’t drop the money.

          1. Sony and Microsoft have generally been companies to sell at a loss for the first year or so and then start making profit. It really didn’t work with the PS3 or Vita though. Good luck to Sony with the PS4 launch, cause they don’t want a repeat of November 06, being completely overshadowed by the Wii.

    2. LMAO… that is real life speed or faster! He’s a total Chode! most games can and will run between 45-60fps for the immediate future.

  2. Not sure if I’ll get this right away, but I would like to finally play this series. I don’t really wanna call them “the guys from Smash Brothers” anymore, haha!

    1. From what I’ve heard and a lot of people getting their hands on copies in North America, I don’t think this was so much of Nintendo’s mix up. Fortunately, it sounds like it will be sorted over the next few days though.

    2. … To have amazing games to drive their hardware? Agreed!
      Loved the demo, and downloading this while I work.
      Can’t wait to play when I get off.

    3. How?! Nintendo does not control how and when the UPS trucks move their parcels! When it leaves the manufacturer and enters the shipper’s system it is no longer Nintendo’s fault for the shipment being late! Anyways, you have waited a while for this games release why can’t you wait a little longer?

      1. The pricing is the same as retail! Why is that stupid?! You get a full retail game without having to go anywhere at all and it’s always available on your console. Plus Nintendo gets 100% of the sale, aside from taxes, which in turn gives them more revenue to put back into making more great games!! Your comment is flawed sir, just because it’s digital does not mean it should be cheaper… It costs the same to make the game whether you buy it digital or physical.

        1. Lack of an actual game cartridge. If you get a corrupted file then your fucked. A $5 price cut for digital games would be good just for the lack of the game cartridge.

  3. Hooray for the eShop’s midnight release and I feel for all the ppl that now have to wait on their physical copies… just know that the game is great and will be worth the wait!! Dropped my preorder on Friday and picked up an eShop card to pay for this one, glad I did!!

  4. I walked into GameStop this morning, and the lady was like, “actually, Fire Emblem comes out tomorrow.” Bitch, I know it’s today. Cut the crap. Then I came home and saw this.

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