Digital Foundry Says “We Can Rule Out Any Next-Gen Pretensions For Wii U”


Stringent hardware analysis site Digital Foundry have discovered the exact specifications of Wii U due to detailed polysilicon die photography of the Wii U’s GPU being released on the internet. The publication says that we can rule out any next-gen pretensions for Wii U, as they claim that the GCN hardware in the next Xbox and the PlayStation 4 is in a completely different league. Here’s their thoughts.

It was ballpark speculation at the time based on what we had eyeballed at the event, but the final GPU is indeed a close match to the 4650/4670, albeit with a deficit in the number of texture-mapping units and a lower clock speed – 550MHz. AMD’s RV770 hardware is well documented so with these numbers we can now, categorically, finally rule out any next-gen pretensions for the Wii U – the GCN hardware in Durango and Orbis is in a completely different league.

All of which may lead some to wonder quite why many of the Wii U ports disappoint – especially Black Ops 2, which appears to have been derived from the Xbox 360 version, running more slowly even at the same 880×720 sub-hd resolution

While there’s still room for plenty of debate about the Wii U hardware, the core fundamentals are now in place and effectively we have something approaching a full spec. It took an extraordinary effort to get this far and you may be wondering quite why it took a reverse engineering specialist using ultra-magnification photography to get this information, when we already know the equivalent data for Durango and Orbis. The answer is fairly straightforward – leaks tend to derive from development kit and SDK documentation and, as we understand it, this crucial information simply wasn’t available in Nintendo’s papers, with developers essentially left to their own devices to figure out the performance level of the hardware.


    1. Sorry to say something irrelevant but I have to get this out of the way.
      The analysis by Digital Foundry was done for nothing other than clicks, and was stolen and not sourced from NeoGaf. It offers no in-depth analysis and it also INCOMPLETE. If you want to follow the real deal, click this link to the original source of this info:

      1. The problem with any of the analysis is they are trying to say its a Radeon 4000 series, but several developers had said the system is more than capable of rendering DX11 effects. DX11 is only possibly on Radeon 5000 series and above. So either the people looking at the high res photos have no idea what they are looking at and are just making up what they see to take snipes at Nintendo or several developers have went on record to lie about the capabilities of the Wii U’s GPGPU..

    1. When the next Nintendo’s games comes to life, I will have a word with the haters… Who says that Wii U is weak is a fucking dumb, even if the GPU is a RV770, it’s a galaxy of distance between PS360 GPU, which will bring awesome games too.

      1. its is… but PS4 and Xbox720 will be still stronger than Wii U and Wii U may lose 3rd party support. Thats the real problem…..

      2. Care to show your proof of the PS4 and Nextbox being more powerful?
        It’s nice to assume, but until it’s out we can’t say it’ll be better

      3. I don’t believe that will be like Wii was, I mean, Wii U has plenty of power to runs port of PS4 or NextBox.

      4. ironically the Gamecube was the strongest machine of its generation.

      5. No doubt the reason why Nintendo doesn’t give detailed specs. On paper, it looks underwhelming but in real world scenarios it’s surprisingly competent. At this point, I couldn’t care less how many FLOPs the GPU has. I have no doubt the Wii U is a highly specialized machine like the GameCube was and the games will look and perform amazing, the only reason wii was such i flop in the graphics department was because it was technically nintendo last hope, after the poor sales of the gamecube, though id prefer the gamecube libary to the wiis anyday

      6. The strongest system almost never wins the console sales race…. Sony found out about that with the PS3.

        The gamecube and the n64 were the most powerful of their respected generations, yet didn’t sell nowhere near what the PS1 and PS2 did…. also, Shovelware ALWAYS shows up on the systems that sell the most, the PS1 and PS2 had even worse shovelware than the Wii had.

      7. And once again, the Gamecube was not powerful than the Xbox.

        why do people keep posting this nonsense

      8. Last time i checked, the mass market does not buy a machine because they want it’s cpu. Case-Point, 3DS is outselling the Psvita 6 to 1 right now, and that is without Pokemon.

      9. No doubt the reason why Nintendo doesn’t give detailed specs. On paper, it looks underwhelming but in the real world scenarios it’s surprisingly competent. At this point, I couldn’t care less how many FLOPs the GPU has. I have no doubt the Wii U is a highly specialized machine like the GameCube was and the games will look and perform amazing.

  1. Been saying this forever and nice to know it has been confirmed.

    Just another Wii, with none of the demand of its predecessor, going up against two entirely different beasts which delivered objectively better libraries, experiences and lasted much longer.

    1. Name even one good Sony/Microsoft exclusive and there will always be three Wii games that can top that.
      Unless you are one of those faggots who only play nothing but bloody-ass shooters and killing games.

      1. Come on, Sony have plenty of exclusives. Many of them are pretty damn great.

        I will grant you, that nothing is going to beat a game like Mario Galaxy. But Sony have Little Big Planet & Journey. Fucking Journey!

        Microsoft, they’ve only really got Halo and Gears. But Sony do pretty well in the exclusives department. They don’t beat Nintendo by any means, but still, they shouldn’t be instantly dismissed.

      2. Many exclusives, but not many established franchises. God of War is really the only franchise Sony has that has lasted beyond one console generation. Almost all of Sony’s old franchises they’ve ditched with each console generation. That’s the key difference between Sony’s exclusives and Nintendo’s franchises: that Nintendo has FRANCHISES. People keep saying over and over again that Sony has great exclusives or whatever, and that’s great and all, but you have to really wonder if any of those exclusives are going to be supported after PS3, because I guarantee you Uncharted, Infamous, and God of War are going to be like the only three that’s going to happen. Nintendo actually attempts to build a long-term relationship with its gamers through the games they put out there, but Sony puts out games that will exist only in the short term and then ditch its growth later on. It’s like what they did with PSABR’s studio, Superbot. They plant all these exclusive seeds, but never see them grow much. Except for God of War. That’s still like a sapling.

      3. You’re trying to make one of Nintendo’s biggest flaws to sound like something good. Nintendo has franchises they’ve been reusing and rehashing for over 20 years now. Over twenty fucking years. How about giving us something new?
        I definitely prefer having exclusives which last for a few games and then getting new ones instead of getting games of the the same franchises over and over and over again. In my opinion, Nintendo’s franchises are completely overused. I want to see and have different things.

      4. Funny thing is that in 50 years,most gamers are going to complain that god of war,mario,infamous,metroid,halo and other famous franchise are just rehashes and reused.

      5. I don’t think so. Because those are not the only first-party titles Sony brings to their consoles.

      6. you want something new from nintendo? there is xenoblde chronicles, dillon’s rolling western, wonderful 101, pushmo, sakura samurai, nintendo land, the last story, pandora’s tower and disaster day of crisis… so nintendo has no new franchises?

      7. Those are no first-party titles. Except for Nintendo Land, which is just a bunch of minigames… themed with all those franchises they’ve been using since always.

      8. You can’t forget fat princess ahha that game alone got me to buy a ps3 and I have no regrets. It’s so much fun.

      9. Halo series. You know, the series that MADE online console gaming, and launched XBOX Live, the best online console gaming service?

        Ohh… and you have… Mario? Well you can bloody well keep Mario then.

      10. Super Mario, Super Mario Bros., Paper Mario, Mario Kart, Mario & Luigi, The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Metroid, Star Fox, Super Smash Bros., Pikmin, Animal Crossing, F-Zero.

        Don’t you dare act like Halo is that big again. I love Halo, but let’s face it, Nintendo owns when it comes to exclusives. In fact, you shouldn’t ever comment here again.

      11. Paying for online and ads is the best gaming service? That’s a good one.
        If you only like Xbox, then frankly there’s no reason to own one because all those games are cheaper and superior on the PC.

      12. It’s the best online service because you pay for it. They use the money to improve it. I’ve never been a fan of xbox though.

      13. i dunno,if it wasn’t for mario,consoles would probably still be in the gaming crash age.

      14. What’s that? Phantasy star online called about being online back in the 90’s? No no, you must be mistaken,gaming wasn’t even invented until halo, let alone online gaming.

    2. yeah, yeah, yeah, you are always right my friend. the god aeolus right here!!! i dont care about this, the wii u is “inferior”? who cares!!! ill enjoy the nintendo games, much as ill enjoy the games for other consoles.

    3. “better libraries” are highly arguably. If you with better library mean bigger library then it is also arguably as the Wii had more exclusives than both the 360 and PS3 but the Wii didn’t have games the other two shared. If you mean better as in quality titles, then it is also arguably. I personally think the Wii had the games I personally enjoy and I think all people think the same thing about their console of choice. If you with better library mean “moar shootahzzzzzz” and western bullcrap you are indeed right.

      But the Wii U is still next-gen as it is the next console released by Nintendo. Next gen doesn’t have anything to do with how powerful a new system is.

      1. The average score has nothing to do with the number of exclusives which was what I clearly stated in the statement you are refering to.

      2. Number of exclusives are irrelevant if the majority are crap, which is exactly what Wii exclusives are.

        No use bringing up shovelware and pretending that helps your argument. Wii has the most exclusives…and also the most terrible at the same time.

      3. The vast majority of the Wii’s exclusive 1st party titles scored between 8 and 10’s…. do you have butthurt that hardly any 9’s showed up on Sony consoles?

      4. The number of exclusives is also irrelevant if they all play out the same which is clearly the case of the 360 PS3 ones. But that is not the point of this argument, is it?

        We can eighter measure with quality or quantity. Nintendo wins in both as they also have the best exclusive according to the source you chosed to use.

      5. “The number of exclusives is also irrelevant if they all play out the same which is clearly the case of the 360 PS3 ones.”

        stopped reading, since even you know far better than this

      6. By a WHOPPING point, a game which did not deserve that average, by the way.

        A game that held your hand from start to finish, and even spoiled you, all thanks to Fi.

      7. Ofcourse I do, which is why I said that is not the point. In the same way as what you said about quality is irrelevant when we talk about quantity.

      8. Also, our disqusion here proves that it is indeed highly arguble which console that has the best library which was all that I ever stated. Everything else is taken straight from your sources.

      9. And the Wii is not one of them, period. The facts are plain and simple as the day.

      10. Is it? Really? No, as the question about which console has the best library is highly up to each and every one of us. It is an question up to each and every individual which is all I ever stated. Unless all people unite in that the Wii doesn’t have the best library to them then you can not state is as a fact. This is because video game is an artform and art can not be measured in that way. Sure, it can be measured in how well it follows it’s genre and the rules of the artform, but that do not measure how good it is. I personaly (and I think alot of other people here with more or less questionable reasons, but still valid reasons as it is art we talk about) think the Wii has a better library than both the 360 and PS3. I would lie if I said that I think eighter of them have bad libraries. But they do not have any “must buy” games for me while the Wii had. For example Skyward Sword. I do agree with you that Fi was annoying sometimes and acted too much of an “Captain Obvious” but I did not find that as a big enough reason to in any way dislike that game.

      11. So you learned the name of the “helper” in Skyward Sword? Yeah, I’m sure you’re an expert at the game. Nice one, learning Fi’s name so you can pretend like you have played it.

      12. “A game that held your hand from start to finish, and even spoiled you, all thanks to Fi.”
        So…you admit playing Skyward Sword, a Nintendo exclusive, from start to finish? Congratulations!

      13. I’ve been playing shooters since the very first one that was released. It came out on PC, wolfenstein 3D way way back in 1993. I guess console gamers who only been playing shooters on their console toys for a couple of years now still find them fun, but I became bored with them a LONG time ago.

        I’ll stick with Nintendo and their innovation over subpar systems like Sony/Microsoft. My PC says hi in the graphics department over the next sony and microsoft system.

      14. He’s been doing so since this site’s inception. The day he praises Nintendo is the true end of the world.

    4. It’s a rematch, going to be interested to see how it pans out yet again, and if a challenger (Steam box) can enter the ring with any purpose.

      1. Yep, good luck to Valve with it, if they can really improve the controller situation like they suggest then more power to them.

      2. No, the steambox will compete with Microsoft and Sony on the only selling point of the Playstations and Xbox, from its own fanbois its GRAPPPPPHICS.. On that note, it would be foolish to buy a sony or microsoft when the steambox will leave them in its dust.

      3. yea, every game the isnt a sony and microsoft exclusive for a cheaper price.

      4. I’m with you on that. Valve has made a big name of themselves for PC gaming and for good reason. I can see them making a decent product for many consumers to enjoy. The Ouja (sp?) looks very promising too, especially for a start-up though may struggle since they aren’t as prominent.

        I’m very interested in what MS and Sony have to offer this generation, but don’t think it will be the two horse race as others have claimed. We also have a product from Nvidea in the near future as well and given the current global economic climate, it will be difficult for developers and consumers alike. A very competitive market with more developers might just be the kick in the pants everyone needs.

      5. I don’t think the Ouya is very promising when it’s not doing anything particularly different from similar Android devices…and with Nvidia Shield coming this year, they’ll be hard pressed to sell that to anyone who’s looking for more than a cheap Android-based console solution.

    5. No Aeolus you havent been saying that. you have been saying it was weaker than the ps3 and 360, and you were factually proven wrong many times. it also hasnt been confirmed. the ps4 and 720 may look better on paper. the graphics will look to identical to tell. Xbox and GameCube for example.

      1. Show me one post under this very username where I said this then.

        No, “clones” aren’t going to make you credible either.

      2. do it yourself lazy. we Nintendo fans know the Wii U will be weaker than the ps4 and nextbox but Wii U is graphically better than ps3 and 360.

      3. How can we? You have been ban so many time time that we dont even remember the color of the icon.

      4. I have been banned here like once, all the way back in early 2012.

        lol, nobody here even knows how to change gravtar color

        proving yet again how inept Nintendo fans are at the simplest of things and why nobody should listen to them bickering about specs.

      5. The only thing that’s been proven is that you stay on your little computer all the time acting like a douche, because you most likely have no social life off here. Idiot.

      6. Haha! You’re probably right! One can just tell by this guy’s post that he obviously lacks a social life. When you have one, you probably wont be banging on and on about specs, graphics, this that and the other. I actually don’t have that kind of energy for that kind of stuff, I have more important things to do outside internet boards. Let him feel “superior” here…look out guys, he really showed us Nintendo drones, the Wii U is gonna be far inferiror to the next consoles xD

      7. don’t just assume things, I’ve been on this site long enough to know you thought Wii U was on par with current gen. must be the fanboys you argue with that are lowering your intelligence.

      8. I second this^…I haven’t even been here that long, and I’ve been here long enough to know that the Wii U “is just an overclocked 360”, with the sporadic comments about how the 360 actually is better in some areas.

      9. Nintendo never sells their systems as some graphical prowess monster, they sell their console on the controls, innovation, gameplay and originality of art styles/direction..

        The only selling point for Sony and Microsoft, according to fanboi, ladybois such as yourself is its GRAAAPHICS, because thats all that matters to you. My PC says hi as its been doing “nextgen” for more than 2 years now.

        Watching Sony and Microsoft fanbois take snipes at Nintendo about GRAAAPHICS is like watching a 4ft10 man poking fun at a little person about being a midget.

      10. Indeed, there has been to many Aeolus clones dragging your name in the dirt -__-‘

      11. you do nothing but bash nintendo on a nintendo news site. i mean seriously, why in the fuck do you waste your time keeping yourself updated on things that you dont like? i dont like pizza hut, but i dont call pizza hut to tell them i dont like it. find a better use of your time dickwad

      12. Because he is paid to do it. Believe it or not, the PR departments of competing console systems pay people to try to sow the seeds of discontent.

        We see the same thing happening in political forums, the Obama administration paid out millions of dollars to individuals to post in political forums trying to sow the seeds of discontent among the ranks of the opposition voters…. Someone could make the case it worked.

        So why wouldn’t Sony or Microsoft pay people $10 an hour to troll every article/website about the Wii U, trying to get people to shy away from the Wii U in hopes they will hold onto their money for the Xbox or Playstation… There is no way someone would willing spend all their time trolling websites, day in and day out just because they don’t want to buy a Nintendo system, there has to be some financial advantage to waste this much time on it.


        “Yet he didn’t cite the maximum.

        Are you guys really this dense, there is not a single site, rumor or developer on the face of the earth who has stated this system to be significantly more powerful than what’s on the market now.


        Everytime someone says “absolutely next-gen!” they cite how it’s because of the controller and not actually the power of the system.

        You can piece the puzzle together, this is barely over current-gen; just like the Wii.”

        This is definatly close enough.

      14. You went and dug up a quote which most certainly is not the same as what the poster I replied to suggested.

        Holy shit, the stupid out of you is OVERWHELMING.

      15. I believe they will. the Xbox was everyway more advanced than the GameCube in terms of specs but if you compare the Metroid’s with the Halo’s then they are very well on par with each other In visuals.

      16. Wii U = PS2
        PS4 = GCN
        720 = XBOX

        It’ll probably be like this, not counting sales numbers yet of course, just power.

      17. I agree with you. the multiplatforms will be pretty much the same. I do not believe they will be a big jump like everyone says they will.

      18. They wont be a big jump without the consoles costing much more than $600 dollars. Sony cannot take a massive haircut on each system sold, they are bleeding money out of every orifice and every division.

        If Sony has a repeat with the PS4 like they did with the slow sales of the PS3, then we are looking at Sony’s last console and you will be buying Sony titles on their former competitors machines.

      19. When Sony releases their final nail in their financial coffin and has to put more devs like super bot to the grave. Okay then ? Maybe they will magically fucking resurect the PS vita too ? lol.

      20. February 20th = Judgement Day, and whatever date Microsoft unleashes their beast out. Nintendo will be rendered helpless with an underpowered piece of crap that nobody asked for or wants.

      21. When Nintendo’s big exclusives hit , you will look like a very silly person.

        How much do you wana bet the PS4 and 720 don’t sell as much as the Wiiu ? If they are as powerfull as you think they will be , they will cost $500 being sold at a loss.

        They will probably be about $350-$400 with Mobile GPU’s in them.

      22. People are now getting over Mario when coming to realize the series hasn’t substantially evolved since 64. They are now excited for the true games being crafted by true consoles that smack around Nintendo’s futile efforts. Just like how Skyrim overpowered Skyward Sword and continues to well into this day in terms of lasting appeal.

        Wii U has no chance in hell, pack up Nintendo. Your fluke victory was the result of a successful fad, which is now dead.

      23. Mario 3D land – 8Million copies sold.

        Nintendo has Japan in the palm of their Hands , and they also Have a good Hold in the West. As long as they put out games like Monster Hunter , Lego City , Pikmin 3 and even Wii fit U , they Will be 100% fine.

        And if the Wiiu is significantly cheaper than PS4 or 720 which it will be if they are SUPER POWERFULL , then it will have a huge advantage their.

        I think the Wiiu will do fine. I expect it to do about 50-70 million lifetime. And Nintendo to sell a shit load of software and Make money off the operation. Basically the opposite of what Sony do.

      24. Mario 3D Land sucked and only kids bought it, don’t you dare list that rubbish against truly excellent ones, like Rayman Origins. What’s worse is the fact it’s a handheld game you’re bringing up.

        Also, nobody in English countries gives a shit about Japan. Besides weeaboos and salestards like you.

      25. Apparently ratings = “evolution” according to Rich.

        By that logic, CoD keeps evolving, seeing as every console game post CoD 4 has received high reviews or within that range as well.

      26. “Mario 3D Land sucked and only kids bought it, don’t you dare list that rubbish against truly excellent ones, like Rayman Origins.”

        I find it interesting, seeing how stupid you are. That’s your opinion, but it’s looks ridiculous when you treat it like a fact. Let me be just like you, an idiot:

        “The PS3 is the worst console in history. It has no good games and the controller is so awfully designed. They should get over that old controller and do something new. Oh, and the graphics are just barely better than the PS2. It sucks.

        See? I can say random stuff, too. Only kids bought Super Mario 3D Land? Well, thanks for the information, Mr. Expert.

      27. I wanted Nintendo in hd i got Nintendo in hd, i asiera for next gen gaming experiance i got next gen gaming experiance. But did i ask for unecesary specs that even whit that will not show a graphical difference? Hell no.

      28. @Aeolus, not saying that high ratings always meant evolution, which is why you dont see COD in the list..

      29. Microsoft possibly, but SONY cant afford another “beast” console. the Wii U will most likely be able to run any game ps4 and 720 will have. like I said, you will not be able to see a significant difference.

      30. That’s ironic since it’s been all but confirmed that Orbis outperforms Durango.

        Another clueless Nintendroid post.

      31. Don’t mistaken me as a blind Nintendo fanboy like 75% of the others on this dreadful site. I am a Nintendo fan. I love Nintendo because of there games, and iconic characters. they are my favorite company and unlike most of the morons on this site(including you) I buy more than one console. it’s just Nintendo consoles are the best of the best. the Orbis thing was also a rumour.

      32. If every “rumor” is suggesting pretty much the same specs with outright confirmation via reports, then maybe it’s time to listen to them rather than shouting ‘lolrumor’ like a dimwit.

        As said before, it’s all but confirmed by Sony themselves.

      33. Do you seriously think major tech sites have time to dissect BULLSHIT specs and outright post this information like VGLeaks–who has nothing less than a credible track record–over and over?

        VGleaks leaked the Vita before anyone else, they leaked the Wii U’s specs (for the most part), and they did the same here. This is in no way a fucking rumor at this point and denial is only going to make you look like a bigger idiot 15 days from now.

      34. Why can’t Sony? It is not THAT expensive for them to make a powerhouse system. It will hurt your wallet more than their.

      35. they would want to make a profit out of it. im pretty sure they don’t want to sell it at a loss. and they don’t want to price it to high like the last time.

      36. Judgement Day it is…for another FIVE HUNDRED AND NINETY NINE US DOLLAR console? He who laughs last, laughs the hardest, sonydrone…

      37. You know literally nothing about GPU’s do you? The Wii U’s GPU is highly customizable unlike the next xbox and ps4 which will very likely be using standard PC-GPU’S. If the customized functions get used they could preform much better then it would as a standard chip. From a programmers perspective the wii u hardware is great, the RAM based design with many caches could speed up a lot of functions games need these days. Don’t get me wrong it wont compete with a high end pc, but unless Microsoft and sony do something really crazy with their new consoles, and don’t use standard PC components, there not going to be much more above the wii u in the graphics department. Just saying. But Im curious to see if playstation will be ditching the dualshock this gen.

      38. “Highly customized” =/= powerful GPU.

        It’s done so to lower the amount of power the system draws, you twit. Which is the whole damn design, low power efficiency.

        Why are you guys still suggesting there’s a fucking glimmer of hope this system can compete visually with the next consoles.


      39. *yawn* It won’t, you say? That MUST make it true! All hail the douche who thinks he knows everything! You must have some kind of syndrome, because these comments from you are some of the most idiotic I’ve ever seen.

      40. It’s not like any Nintendo console was “good” by itself

        The games are. Damn good.

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      42. The underpowered Wii says hi that will hit its 100 million systems sold mark this year… The PS3 sold terrible for its first 5 years of life, that’s a huge money losing proposition, enjoy Sony’s last console.

      43. don’t be disappointed when you cant tell the difference between the Wii U and PS4 graphics.

      44. You have no clue.

        Wii U looks like PS3 and XBOX 360. I have yet to see a game that was any better looking.

        You really think a much more powerful console from MS or Sony is going to come out and have the same graphics as their previous consoles?

        Lmao! Fucking. Delusional.

      45. wii u is still in its early days dumbass. by the time ps4 and 720 comes out, developers will know how the Wii U hardware works. like i said to Aeolus, the Xbox was more powerful than gamecube yet you couldnt tell a diiference.

      46. That’s because the Wii U just launched you asshole
        Let’s look at the PS3 launch (keep in mind that I love the PS3)
        Resistance was a great game and is considered the best PS3 launch game
        But the graphics weren’t pushing the PS3
        Once Wii U Zelda and Wind Waker HD come out, then the power of the Wii U will be shown

      47. it will take a while for developers to fully utilize the hardware. the launch titles wont be drastic. so how am I the fucking idiot when it’s the truth. Wii U graphics look just like 360’s does now because it is still new…cunt.

      48. Super truthful point. I loved halo and metroid prime and 2I on gamecube. I think metroid looked better

      49. listen bitch, compare a Wii U to a PC, there is already a lot on youtube, you can barely tell the difference. now this is a fact, the ps4 and 720 will NOT be more powerful than a PC. that and the ps4 and 720 launch games will pretty much look like the Wii U’s games in the future.

      50. “compare a Wii U to a PC, there is already a lot on youtube, you can barely tell the difference.”

        So you’re not only dumb, but you also have vision problems.

      51. no, there is no difference. it is a port so they will look similar, and I see fine thank you very much.

      52. “listen bitch”

        I stopped there, I know the rest will be absolute rubbish anyway.

      53. Please show me where I said “they are superior”, stop pulling things out your ass.. Vita is by far superior. Nintendo has even won me back with the 3DS and I put it nearly beating the Vita in my books!

      54. I want the comments where I said it was “weaker”

        are you really this inept at reading

      55. so you’re arguing semantics now

        where in the dictionary does ‘on par’ mean ‘weaker’

      56. so much companies going under for expensive development, oh fuck the wii u will be overpowered but not like the wii, if so say good bye to games, it could be the ps2 all over again

    6. Your face when 720 and PS4 aren’t the gigantic leaps you think they will be.

      February 20th will tell you. Faggot.

    7. Give me an xbox360 game that delivered a better and longer lasting experience than the Wii? Halo 3? lol Fable?

      1. I played my Wii maybe 5 times. Total.

        I am STILL playing my XBOX 360. Halo 3, Halo Reach, Halo ODST, and now Halo 4, all the Gears games, Dead Space (not exclusive but it’s not on Wii or Wii U), Doom 3 BFG, Worms games, Final Fantasy XIII, Fable, Marvel Ultimate Alliance… I could go on.

        And all of those games are either not on Wii, or if they are, they’re inferior because of graphics, resolution, and online support.

        Wii. Was. Garbage.


      2. Halo, Fable, and Gears of War are FUCKING EXCLUSIVES
        Of course they’re not going to be on the Wii
        That’s like saying the Xbox(original) was garbage because it didn’t have Super Smash Bros Melee

    8. I’m glad you confirmed it, but it’s not like anyone really cared. Yeah, having great processing power is great and all, but we only cared about it as a bonus, not so much as a requirement. You really think that’s going to stop any of us from buying or owning the Wii U now?

      1. Ironic telling me to have a life when your spend your life bitching like a bitch whenever I post.

      2. well at least he’s bitching on a site about a company he actually likes, unlike you. why the hell are you even here if you don’t like Nintendo?

      3. He knows he can’t give a good answer for that question so he “pretends” to ignore it

      1. It makes people want Nintendo has a third party more .they are like how Nintendo can puth this graphics on suposely weak console?.

      1. if I knew your location. I’d make you quit in an instant you pathetic piece of dog shit.

    9. wasn’t it already leaked that these new consoles aren’t as powerful has they have been made out to be.

    1. Ha, I doubt it would die because of that reason, a lot of people can’t tell the difference when sitting on their sofa between 720p and 1080p. Now more graphical effects, better shaders, lighting, geometry, etc. that’s a different story.

      1. 1080p will be a firm industry standard this gen, the other two consoles will be able to push it in all games with absolute ease. What impact do you think having notably inferior versions of multiplats will do for gamers opinions, of Nintendo and the Wii U brand?. This console has been coined as utopian by Nintendo, it looks far from that in my eyes. No Bayo 2, or Pikmin 4 down the line in 1080p, I had hoped that at least the next Pikmin would output as it deserves to. Sad to think Baya on 360 can do full 1080p on an ageing console, while a brand new console cannot.

      2. Hello don’t lie the Wii U is standard 1080P. The 360 is 480P upscaled to 720 and 1080 P. Spread another lie and you shall be debunked.

      3. The Wi U standard is not 1080p, you are talking out of your shitter. Nordo 360 games upscale to 1080p in the way you say. Bayonetta on 360 runs in non-upscaled 1080p, only the Sega made PS3 game is upscaled from 720p -1080p

      4. PS3 yes is a beast that has 1080P grunt abilities when pushed. The xbox360 spazzes and RRODs at 1080P. Go research and look at your xbox games again lol. The Wii U runs the unreal engine 4, unity 4, not even the beast PS3 can run those two engines lol.

      5. Why do people act like Unity 4 is so god damn important? Unity really isn’t a big AAA engine, most things can run the Unity Engine.

      6. Cause indie developers use them and we will have games that push the gameplay side of devlopment.

      7. Everything already ran unity. Heck the Wii ran a previous unity engine. It’s nothing to get all happy about.

      8. The Xbox doesn’t upscale from 480p. Where in hell did you hear that? Now you’re spreading lies. It sometimes had sub-HD games, but most games are in native 720p. Very few games are in 1080p, though, so those are upscaled.

      9. If the recent screenshots of Pikmin are an accurate representation of the current game development then Pikmin looks pretty good to me, and if it runs at 60fps then that’s a great experience right there on the Wii U.

        The resolution, on it’s own, I don’t think is a deciding factor though. The next gen Xbox/PS4 could run games in 720p at 60fps and still look noticeably better than the Wii U if they have better effects, geometry, filters etc.

      10. He is refering to the new multiplat games that is called guess the resolution it comes whit the dlc guess the frame rate.

      11. I sincerely doubt that 1080P will be an absolute this gen.
        If the cost can be kept down by developing for 720P, I wouldn’t bet against developers doing so, and scaling can do a lot.
        Also, how do you even know that Bayonetta 2 won’t be capable of 1080p? Got a source from the devs of the game for that particular line?

      12. Read the full article at EG

        “1080p resolution is around 2.5x that of 720p, so bearing in mind the inclusion of just eight ROPs, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll be seeing any complex 3D titles running at 1080p”

      13. Bear in mind that there’s a lot of blocks in there that they haven’t even identified yet, and that the devs are getting better at using the architecture of the games all the time.
        Unlikely doesn’t equate to an absolute no, not even if it’s a highly, and especially if it’s just speculation without any significant experience on how far the system can be pushed.
        Like a previous article said, devs haven’t gotten used to the Wii U quite yet, and that’s something that will be solved with time.

      14. Looking at the recent Nintendo Direct it would appear that Bayonetta 2 still has a long way to go in it’s development.

    2. BS. Whether it can do 1080p native or 720p native upscaled to 1080p is irrelivant to 90% of gamers.

  2. Do these analyst’s not understand that “Next Generation” has absolutely nothing to do with the hardware itself? The first Wii was next generation even though it was under-powered compared to the competition. The WIi U wont be at as big a disadvantage this time around, simply because the Wii U can do full 1080p and 60fps. I suspect a lot of “next gen” games on the PS4/720 are going to run at those specs and below in some cases.

    Nintendo has always, ALWAYS been about gameplay and fun.

    1. Exactly. There is no threshold for generations other than it preceding what was before it. Like Pokémon. You can’t simply claim Fennekin, Froakie, or Chespin aren’t next-gen simply because they do, in fact, succeed generation 5.

    2. Oh man…. you know what? just stop the “1080p and 60 FPS” thing, its not that easy, sure if game graphics, AI, phyisics etc will be sacrificed than you can expect more frames per second but if you wish a bigger jump in terms of visuals, physics etc than you cant expect 60 FPS for every game on weaker hardware (im not talking about high end). So…. every system with HDMI is CAPABLE of 1080p and even 200+ FPS, yes, you heard it right BUT ONLY WITH MUCH OUTDATED graphics, physics, ai etc unless the console is really expensive or “massive sold at loss”. Remember that word: “CAPABLE”…. its not the same like “ABLE TO DO” in terms of bigger jump.

      The same happend with PS3 and Xbox 360….. 95% games are sub HD or HD and 30 FPS, and only 5% are 1080p and 60 FPS for example

    3. yeah and now, with the wii u we have bth fun and gameplay and graphics :D! now sony and microsoft had no advantage

      1. Sony & Microsoft still have massive third party support. Nintendo is no where near there level yet of third party support.

  3. I don’t care how it matches up with the other guys, I care about the games. I have owned a video game system since the first pong and Nintendo systems have always been my favorite because of the games. Some people prefer straight line speed, others like handling.

    1. IKR ? I’m guilty myself of caring too much about the Wiiu’s specs , but come to think about it , ITS NOT IMPORTANT. The graphics are good enough , the controller is amazing and innovative , Miiverse is amazing.

      Rayman legends , Monster Hunter Ultimate , Pikmin 3 , Lego City , Bayonetta 2 , Wonderfull 101 , X , Mario Kart , 3D mario , Smash bros , Yoshi’s Yarn , Windwaker HD , etc .

      I want all of those games. How Powerfull the 720 or ps4 is does not affect that. Heck Gaming PC’s are out now that will shame the ps4 and 720 , they also don’t affect my desire to own the wiiu games above.

      I really like my Wiiu and it has massive potential. It has the potential to be more fun than the ps4 and 720. Nuff said.

      1. Even though they used an enginer we still dont know if he was accurated in 100% or 90%

      2. People are only looking at the face value of the Specs and they don’t know understand them. It’s a completely different Architecture to PS3 and 360. It’s all based on Fast coding , Efficiency , and Memory.

        When It is Maxed out , I expect at least , Graphically amazing games running 720p 60FPS. Wonderfull 101 and Pikmin 3 are 2 such games.

        The Wiiu is powerfull enough for what Nintendo want to do.

      3. If you think about it , It’s pretty appalling behavior for Peoples primary ojective to be offering graphical leaps. Nintendo focuses on Gameplay , Sound , Innovation and trying to offer a nostalgic experience. They make their competitors look like amateurs in that regard.

      4. “Nintendo focuses on Gameplay , Sound , Innovation and trying to offer a nostalgic experience. They make their competitors look like amateurs in that regard.”

        LOLNO. Your fanboyism is pretty appalling too. Btw, I don’t want to see you saying the graphics look amazing ever again, otherwise I’ll be calling you a hipocryt every time.

      5. Why are you attacking me ? lol. I’m just saying , all people want IS THE BEST DERP GRAPHICS IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!! ”OMG HAVE YOU SEEN BATTLEFIELD RUNNING AT 1080p 120FPS DERPP!!!!” that’s all I hear from gamers everywhere. They’re forgetting what makes games good. Super Mario Galaxy is 10 times better than Battlefield 3.

        I love good graphics , I always have , But also sound , presentation , the overall feel a game provides. I think 3DS games have amazing graphics , But I’m not comparing them to anything else , just thinking ”Wow they made great use of this system”.

        I just hate the guys who go around saying ”DERP WIIU IS WEAK , PS4 IS SUPER POWERFULL” as if that’s ALL that matters.

        I will look at the graphics of My WiiU and 3DS and think ”they are amazing graphics for the limitations of the system” but that will be an afterthought compared to how god I actually think the game is in terms of Gameplay , Artstyle , Lasting appeal , Presentation , etc.

      6. “Everyone is a douche and should be ignored unless they are Nintendo fanboys” – Macarony64

        That’s what you sound like.

  4. Ofcourse the PS4 and 720 will be more powerful, heck they will be released 1-2 years later. But will it be a better console? More powerful is not equal to better, then PC would be the best by far and history have taught us that the most powerful consol do not always (seldom even) sell the most.

    1. Every game console has its own prons and cons…. but its really only about games. The thing with Wii U is that it may end just like the Wii did… in other words, if next Sony and MS consoles will be much more powerful than the same will happen to Wii U.

      Last and honestly….. sorry but i think it will happen, Wii U will lost 3rd party support again but that doesnt means Wii U wont have good games.

  5. I thought Nintendo made it clear with Wii’s specs that they are not even trying to compete in best hardware power and focus more on producing great games and experiences. Something Microsoft and even Sony to some degree have yet to accomplish.

    Anyone who even uses the terms “next-gen graphics” et cetera and rates higher HD1080p higher than good story and gameplay is a moron incapable of rational thinking and whose opinions should not be given any credit at all whatsoever.

    1. “Something Microsoft and even Sony to some degree have yet to accomplish.”

      That is entirely opinionated. I believe they have achieved it. EASILY. The Wii was utter shit too,

  6. Actually, plenty of people who have been following the Neogaf thread, like me, have confirmed that the Eurogamer thread is sensationalist bullshit. It says completely the opposite of what the tech geeks responsible for analyzing the die photographs claim.

        What they’re saying, basically, is that they’re impressed by the overall design of the chip, and that it’s pretty intriguing. Power-wise they say it’s better than the 360 or PS3, but they can’t know for sure. That’s the whole point, they don’t know. Over 30% of the die contains stuff they haven’t been able to identify yet, and those things can only improve performance, not decrease it.

      2. Yeah, I searched through it and saw that.
        There’s a lot of unidentified tech there that could be crucial to figuring out its potential.
        Like Nintendo said in a previous article, devs haven’t found out how to make the best use of it yet, and that takes time.
        I’m sure that none of this doomsaying that DF and certain lunk-headed trolls the internet over are using as bash material is going to make the slightest difference in the long run.
        It’s these same people, after all, that said with full confidence that the original Wii would not last a full generation, that it would never sell even to casuals, and that it would die from lack of support.
        None of which happened.
        Having said that, I’m now curious as to how much of a leap the PS4 is going to be.
        I doubt, as I said before, that it’ll be a huge leap. Cost-wise that wouldn’t be a smart move on Sony’s part, and I have at least enough faith in them to believe that they’ll hold back on any urges to overpower the machine. Especially if it makes it harder to develop for.

    1. Nobody is suggesting it says the opposite, you’re just reading the bitter Nintendimwit posts. Which wouldn’t surprise me at all.

      1. Aeolus logic – Neutral isn’t an option. Get down on your knees and worship whatever MS and Sony are releasing. It doesn’t matter that their specs haven’t been confirmed, or we don’t know what games will be released on it and how they’ll look. They’ll be infinitely better than Nintendo. That’s not an opinion. It’s a fact.

        (I suppose you could insert a childish insult here and there to make it more authentic, but I couldn’t be bothered…)

      2. when valve releases the steambox along with Nvidia releasing project shield, i think all you sony and Microsoft supporters will drop to your knees in respect. considering steam has almost all the games that are on ps3 and 360 and are considerably cheeper. and we all know that ps4 and nextbox titles will appear on steam like the games of the past. so that only leaves sony and microsoft with exclusives.

      3. Microsoft yes. Sony they have a massive amount.

        Once again though, Entirely opinionated.

      4. Steambox…huge, huge potential there
        Project Shield…not convinced at the moment….but it’s very early days

      5. You’re neutral, but also have said bad things about Nintendo, which is the relevent part. That’s what stops him from bashing you, let’s say, and not another random person who’d say the same thing as you, like “I’m excited for the new Pokemon” or “PC has relevent exclusives”.

        This is from a third partie’s perspective, so it’s probably a lot different from how you see it.

  7. they say “1.5x the power of 360” but they forget that 360’s theorical 240GFLOPS are very far from the real power of the console, the real GFLOPS are less than 240. even the 1800 of Ps3 are very very very far away from reality

  8. No surprise, but I didn’t buy my wii u expecting it to deliver the same hardware as the next gen sony and microsoft. I bought it for the fact that is next gen compared to the wii, for exclusives and the unique gamepad. Haters can rejoice now and go back to playing their xbox from 2005, content they don’t have to feed the hype and buy the system.

    Buy what you like man, get over the battle of the systems. If you’re well off, educated and can afford to, you’d have all systems and enjoy them for their uniqueness, like I do.

  9. I can pretty much guarantee that this won’t matter in the slightest as far as next-gen offerings go.
    The Wii U will still be getting lots of great offerings from many other developers who aren’t blinded by pretty graphics and clock speeds, fooled into thinking the system can’t do anything grand because it’s not “in the same league”.
    Trolls will defend comments like this to the death, though, so there’s little point in going further.
    This will turn out better than the Wii’s situation was, as far as third-party developers go.
    Nothing that DF or anyone else says about the hardware will rule out the fact that the Wii U will get the support it needs and that it will be a fantastic console for many years to come.

  10. For the last time. The Next Generation isnt about the hardware or specs, graphics already look nice enough. it is all about the innovations, new ideas and of course, THE SOFTWARE.

  11. i haven’t got a wii u yet. If it’s going to be another wii situation, then i won’t buy it.

    1. Not entirely. There’s a great possibility that Nintendo, third party and indy developers will push the envelope… not just the visuals alone.

    2. More than likely that not the case. The Wii had trouble in two areas (I know this from talking to friends in the industry) when working on a game the texture assets had to be done twice or look like junk cause of the resolution parity. Basically if you built for an Xbox360 and then try to size down the texture or sprite it looks smooshed for lack of a better term, and for text graphics eligable. And if you started with small graphic and go larger its worse. Couple that with that the controller out the box was as far from a traditional controller as you could get, it really required a company to look at the development process and say can we even make this work.

      But this time everything will be around 1080p, I can’t see them really trying to do 4K as those TV being at a consumer lever are well off. This time the controller is easier to pare down with traditional controllers, it just has extra feature they could utilize. Most of the current development engines like Unity and whatnot are already supported, meaning this is a lot more user friendly environment and would bring the cost down to make better games quicker. The more a company thinks they can make games that will make money the more likely they will try to make games for it.
      So what it looking at is the possibility of many more games being ported to the Wii U, once they reach the development cycle where they can start porting games to it.

      Or who knows it could end up as the lead platform for development like who the Xbox 360 was for the last generation. But anything at this point is just speculation until actual systems are announced

  12. i remember when they said, – the 3DS isn’t as powerfull as the PS VITA, the Vita will rule them all, the graphics on the vita are above and superior to 3ds, the specs of the vita are the best – and now what happened to those who love vita?, what happened to the support of better specs and graphics?, most ppl forgets that better specs it’s the same as higher prices on both hardware and software. i have both a 3ds and a vita, to tell the truth vita is a nice handheld but the wait for games is really a pain, and to play fps in a handheld i whould play those in my pc.

    1. Well said – I always use the 3DS compared to Vita argument. It proves that graphics are not that important , and certainly don’t define console generations.

      I’m very happy with the level of graphics the Wiiu can produce. The same way I am with my 3DS :S

      1. ^ the wiiu is capable of producing graphics like uncharted, gta5 and ect then im more than satisfy..

      2. Exactly bro. There isn’t even much room for the PS4 and 720 to get that much better without breaking the bank.

        GTAV cost 150 million to develop for example. So how much is it going to cost to max out the PS4 and 720 ?

        I bet Zelda on Wiiu will give those consoles a run for their money.

      3. Most articles said it only cost 80-100 million.

        What is it with people on this site and pulling “facts” out there ass?

  13. Again with their complicated specs jargon.
    Power and graphics are not that important to Nintendo (unlike Sony) but unique gameplay is.
    Proof: Nintendo announced/launched Wii U way before their competitors. Then Sony is like: “We’re gonna wait for Microsoft to make the first move so we can be better. Derp.”

  14. I’m kinda dissapointed with those specs , but kinda don’t give a shit either!

    The Wiiu is 100% ”next generation” by default of being so different with its controller.
    Generations are not measured in power , they are measured in time.

    The Wiiu might be much weaker on paper than ps4 and 720 , but it will still have VERY NICE graphics , and I can’t wait to see what Nintendo can do with them.

    Can the WIiu run a graphically complex game like Assassins creed 3 ? No problem on day 1. What that tells me , is that if they build games from the ground up for Wiiu and take advantage of all the shaders , blah blah , We will get games that exceed that level of graphics. And I don’t really clamour for anything more from my Wiiu.

    I will be buying a ps4 or 720 to play multiplats that may not end up coming to Wiiu. But Wiiu will remain my Main console , as it will , as always , have the greatest exclusive games.
    We can put this to bed now. It’s better than a ps3 and 360 graphically , but not by much, But it does have an excellent controller with a screen on it! It is an 8th gen console , but it might be a lot weaker than its rivals , albeit a good level for Nintendo and others to produce amazing games for it.

    All I know is , I’m ecstatic about my purchase of Wiiu and the games coming out for it this year. And the graphics of other consoles or PC’s will not affect that.

  15. So the Wii U is apparently not as powerful as DF hoped?

    Okay, so how are the incoming games for the Wii U? Well, given the recent Nintendo Direct (and their announcements beforehand), very promising given Nintendo’s track record of using their time wisely to bring out excellent games. What about the PS4 and 720? Oh wait, none have been officially confirmed, and those speculated don’t seem interesting, even though their fans are hyping them up to no end. It’s funny how when it comes to the Wii U, the games already announced by both Nintendo and third-parties (port or not is irrelevant, if I will be able to play it on the Wii U at one point, that’s all that matters in the end) get blasphemed to death, but when it comes to anything on the PS4 and 720 (which only one we know will actually be revealed in less than a month, despite the talk of the 720 being shown before the PS4), the gaming community start crying in joy for something we barely know anything concrete about.

    In the end, the games will do the actual talking for a console’s future, not its specs. The Wii, N64, and to an extent the Gamecube had their long periods of glory without being a powerhouse before dying down and as of now, the 3DS is still beating the Vita, so yes, it CAN be done.

    So DF and the PC Elitists/Superiority Complex-suffering users can talk about specs being the end all for the Wii U for all I care, but I and several other Wii U owners will enjoy what we KNOW is coming to us, the games.

    1. Kinda knew this from the start but so what, there will be great games coming, the 3d Mario will blow everyone away visually we all know that BUT this also states that obviously games made for PS4 & New Xbox wont be getting back ported to the Wii U that often and that is somewhat dissapointing but oh well.

    1. Shulk!!! Well, he looks like him…
      But back to the point. If this and the Zelda tech demo aren’t going to convince the fanboys that the Wii U is next gen, nothing will. Heck, Nintendo could miraculously find a way to compete with a 2,000$ PC whilst making the console really cheap, and people would still bash it.

      1. Mhhhmmmm. It doesn’t matter though , The fact is , If you wana play X , you gunna have to buy a Wiiu. If you wana play Zelda , you gunna have to buy a Wiiu , if you wana play Smash bros………..

        Wiiu is next gen by default. It even feels next gen to me right now , by having things like Off screen play , Miiverse , Asymetric multiplayer , regardless of graphics.

      2. Exactly. Next gen is all about introducing new elements that developers can take advantage of to produce games that were not possible on previous platforms. That’s why the Wii U is a next-gen console, regardless of what the fanboys say…

      3. You can’t dispute what generation this console is in,

        What happens if the PS4 is twice as powerfull as the 720 which is twice as powerfull as Wiiu , By their logic all three consoles would be in a generation of their own.

        As far as I’m concerned if the 720 and ps4 don’t have screens on their controller which allow for off screen play , browsing , communication etc. Then they are at a huge disadvantage to the Wiiu in that respect.

      4. nooooe, nxt gens is bouts steelingz each uthers ideaz. dats how itt reealy wurks. gawd.

      5. if its all about graphics then play on the pc. cause thats where it is, if you want the best graphics out there.

      6. Add if graphics is what the next-gen is all about then why in the current-gen is the wii out selling the ps3 and the 360. same goes for the vita and 3ds.

        PS4 is going to be sony’s last console

  16. Am I the only one who doesn’t give a damn about realistic graphics or processing speed all that much? My brand new Xbox 360 that I got last October still lags in Borderlands a lot and I don’t even have any DLC on it. The only things saved on my 360 is a bunch of save files from games I’ve tried out. If speed was such an issue, I would have thrown away a now 17 year old N64 due to lag in OOT and Banjo-Tooie (especially in the cloud world). I can’t tell the difference between 1080p or whatever either and I clearly don’t care. Yes, graphics are good as they are eye candy, but gameplay matters more. That’s why I tend to play Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon more than even popular games like CoD or Halo. I mean, I played and beat Halo 3 on easy (since I’m a halo noob), but that game didn’t give me the want to actually go back and play the game again, unlike Metroid Prime (though normal mode is enough there). Meh. Give me my gameplay!

  17. PS4 and Xbox720 were always going to be more powerful than the Wii U. The Lamborgini Gallado is more powerful and more expensive than the mercedes S600 AMG. In reality the Mercedes S600 is the better car in userbility and convinience. The Wii U is more powerful than the PS3 that and that alone is what we wanted :). Any nintendo fan that doesn’t like this is probably two more brain cells away from being a Sony drone or xbot.

  18. so both will be $.599.99+? I think i pass on them untl they are $350-400 and get the one that let me play used games.

  19. Haha! Nintendo could have put what ever hardware they wanted in the Wii u. Its not like they are new to gaming. They have access to all the things Sony and Microsoft have access to. They knew/know exactly what they are doing. This move was obviously intentional.

    As for graphics? I dont know about you guys but the TVs in my house max out at 1080p. And uh… That’s going to be the standard for at least another 5-6 years. (as 4k tvs are about $30,000 right now). And anyone who thinks “next Gen” only means “astronomical leaps in graphics”….is a child.

  20. so, it took them 3 month to barely discover the specs, and they can confirm that is beneath unanounced consoles? is that what they say?, they already rip apart the other 2 then?

  21. Expecting next gen consoles to be far more powerful than the Wii U is like asking for the next generation of cars to be planes. Irrelevant.

  22. only 320 shaders? i’m wondering if they may have mixed something up here.. because even after subtracting the area for the 32MB of eDRAM and the additional BC cache (a little over 50mm²) the wii U GPU would still have around 100mm² available for shaders/ROPs and what else a GPU needs.. now the HD 4830 which is manufactured in 40nm aswell has twice the number of shaders and merely 37mm² of additional space.. dunno.. seems unproportionate to me

    1. That’s because it is.
      This particular article leaves out a lot of additional details that the threads on NeoGaf, which are dissecting this stuff, cover, including the fact that there’s a ton of parts there that they haven’t figured out the function of.

      1. i’ll just wait and see, maybe more information comes to light

        i’m sure it will take a while to fully analyze a complex IC like that

        for now i’m not going to jump to conclusions
        if it does turn out to be only 320 shaders that would be unfortunate news for the overall power of the console but not the end of the world regarding future ports i hope

      2. Im to busy having fun whit my underpowered 3ds :), now seriusly people have to be stupid not see why Nintendo chose this pad. Indies are jumping in faster than i though small developers are talking risk including new gameplay mechanics to old ports. The strategie i see from Nintendo is to have a console that can make bothe developers and gamers happy. If Nintendo treats the wiiu like they treat the 3ds the wiiu will be a beast.

  23. What a sensationalist article. They simply doing this for the clicks, and everyone will go there. The source of their “info” is this thread:

    Those guys at GAF wanted to buy a picture shot of the GPU die, but Chipworks, the company doing those shots, gave them a more comprehensive shot for free and offered to help.

    The interesting part is that even with all that help, gaf has yet to figure out exactly what the GPU is. They have numbers and stuff that seem to be week, but the GPU seems to be heavily custom, and they think the CPU might be the same from what Iwata said. Yet DF made that article citing neogaf as the source when even those guys may never know what the fixed functions on the Wii U might be even with help from Chipworks. Give that gaf link a read.

  24. I dont care much. Actually Wii U was my first Nintendo console bought and i don’t regret much. I played AC3 on it and FPS was perfect, the graphics that is there is enough for me. I’m waiting for upcoming games to play and while waiting I played Zelda’s on Wii, and going to get some RPG’s, the graphics are pretty blah, but that doesn’t matter, gameplay matters.

    I bet PS4 will come out with 600$ console again, because ps vita at start was 350$ + 100$~ memory card if you wanted a better one card. And since Sony doesn’t care if they fail much at the beginning, they will most likely launch a 600-700$ PS4 that is going to be powerful for 7-8 years and in the beginning will make 150$ loss from each unit sold. But they will still have their tablets,phones,TV’s market and everything else. Same with Microsoft. Maybe Nintendo would do the same, but Nintendo is scared to fail.

    1. It’s not that Nintendo is scared to fail, Nintendo just prefer innovation and widespread availability of a cheaper console as opposed to expensive consoles that families can’t afford. Not to mention that Nintendo are a purely games company, whereas Sony and Microsoft aren’t and therefore have more funds coming in to cover the losses.

      1. global console sales for the current gen is proof that innovative and low prices is the way to go.
        consider this the Wii sold 98.8 Million consoles compared to the PS3’s 72.4 million, with the 360 in-between at 74 million.

  25. The Wii U is more powerful than the Xbox 360 and the PS4 end of discussion. Example Israel is the most important country on the planet. It does not have direct military strength, but has people that will jump through a pigs nose ring to protect it. Just like the Wii U, more powerful than xbox360 and PS3, but weaker than PS4 and the xbox720. Guess which console is getting monster hunter 3 Ultimate, Bayonetta 2, Pikmin 3 and the X game from Monolithsoft ?

      1. Streaming to the Gamepad alone makes the Wii U next generation. And if a developer so chooses, they can make games to use the pro-controller or the Wii remote and nun chuck. Your shared comment is smart and wise though :).

  26. Aeolus if Zelda,Metroid,Mario 3-D,Mario kart and Smash brothers U, was already on the market and Wii U sales were still below Nintendo’s expectations I would agree with u that they in trouble and are going to lose the 8th generation war,and u must know by now its not the most powerful console that wins the war,infact NEVER HAS THE MOST POWERFUL CONSOLE WON A CONSOLE WAR.

  27. Oh for goodness sake these debates are getting old. The wii u is out now we can all see what its like. They can fix speed issues with software patches and the games will increase visually (if you care for that sort of thing) as developers make stuff for them and get familiar with the hardware. If power and having a beastly console is what you want, then why the hell don’t you have a gaming PC XD That goes for you Aeolus ;D.

    I think the Wii U is actually pretty awesome, new way of playing games which makes it fun and interesting. HD too so the best first party games ever will look awesome. I plan on eventually getting the PS4 because they had some decent first party games too. Its the games that matter, not console specs, if you care abouts specs more than once again get a gaming PC. :P

    1. I already have such a PC.

      Doesn’t mean I should accept a shit console and neither should anyone else.

      1. Tell me Aeolus right now a name of a developer that is or will be as great as Shigeru Miyamoto or the other Nintendo EAD developers. Tell me of a game that will stay legendary like Super Mario brothers LUIGI and MARIO. Samus, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Kirby, Fox McCloud, Pokemon or Animal crossing. Then tell me how the 3DS “killer” Vita is about to be eclipsed by the just released Wii U. It’s because they have games of legendary quality and all aspects of reality put into them, if power was every thing, BROCK LESNER would still be UFC heavy wait! Weight champion. SEE WHAT I DID THERE?

      2. you factually don’t have a gaming pc if you think pc isn’t getting relative exclusives. you’re caught up in the world of sony, no one is going to believe otherwise. a laptop with 2gb of ram doesn’t count as a gaming pc, fyi.

      3. “no one is going to believe otherwise”

        Son, you seem to have me confused with somebody who has fucks left to give.

  28. Guys, notice they said the gpu is a “close match”. A bit different to being the same, fuckin idiots. Nice little get out clause there by Digital Foundry.

    1. So really the next gen Xbox and Playstation are not going to be anymore powerful than the Wii U?… I smell angry Xbox/Playstation fangirls typing now

      1. I don’t see how you ended up reading that from the article.

        But then again…you’re not skilled at such a function.

  29. cant wait to get ps4 and xbox3 because both consoles will be running off tech from 2007 so every game they both have we look bad when next to the pc copy even better because xbox360 and ps3 all just have mainstream shovelware pc ports!

  30. 1. Let Sorny make as powerful console they want, in thenworld today, far less will be able to afford it.

    2. Let Microshit do theirs, I bet they will once again sell millions because of the boxes breaking again and again plus paying for online.

    3. Nintendo doesn’t give a fuck about specs, it’s all about creativity.
    It’s always the west that starts these stupid arguments because of their primitive white power agenda.

    4. I only buy what appeals to me

    5. Aeolus go suck Patcher’s cock.

    1. No truer words have been said lately. Only other thing is the majority of WHITE people are actually smart and support nintendo, it’s the duesche inbred ones that can’t stand to see a Japanese or foreign company dominate an industry from it’s inception. They don’t get the fact that nintendo is more than just gaming. They are gaming personified.

  31. i wonder if nintendo would have released wiiu back in 2006 would it have still beat ps3 and xbox360? nintendo is always ahead.

  32. If it’s true I regret it because that will probably mean that nintendo will lack crossplatform games once again this generation. On the other hand I’m really curious what the price of the true next generation consoles is going to be, because if they’re really going to be much much more powerful, their price is going to be way too high for a console.

    Truly hope this won’t scare 3rd party developers away.

    1. Do you see the current third party efforts? It’s going to stay that way for the foreseeable future, mark my words.

    2. You were a true gamer and multiplat owner until you said true next Gen consoles. Next generation begun with the 3DS. Then came the VITA, a true beauty of a handheld from Sony, but like the Atari Lynx or the other more powerful SEGA game gear, they were both trounced by the more efficient Gameboy.

    3. Funny that the biggest third parties are already here, in Capcom, EA, Namco Bandai, Crytek ( if EA can get over their ORIGIN cloud nonsense ), Warner Bros, Disney, SEGA………even the Whinny THQ were on board lol. Breath easy the Wii U runs unreal Engine 4 and Unity 4; that alone should shut Aeolus up ( though trolls like Him had there bridges washed away so he is here to entertain us ).

  33. Sickr… I think you only make these articles to get page views…. I’m going over to Wiiublog and Wiiudaily, this site sucks now

  34. best thing is right now nintendo is alreadyworking on new hardware thats already more powerful than xbox3 and ps4

  35. So they say Wii U isn’t next Gen? This is based off the kind of graphics the Wii U can do? If so graphics are never an indication of next Gen. These individuals clearly have a different idea of what next Gen means.

  36. Well of course the wii u has worse specs than xbox or playstation. Thats always the way it is. But it doesnt matter because nintendo has never cared about power. They care about making their system cheap and making great games for it rather than having state of the art graphics, as cool as good graphics can be gameplay is what matters

  37. This article is a load of crap and everyone knows it. The worst part is sickr will let it there for as long as he can because it’s sure to bring in more comments….

  38. This is my first comment in here, and i have to say is pretty sad that “gamers” are just interested in “high end graphics” so the definition of good game is that now?. I´ve been playing videogames for more than 20 years now and still have fun with castlevania 3 on my nes or super metroid on my snes. What happened?, why are the graphics and resolution more important?
    I apologize for my english and greetings for everyone from colombia

  39. You guys aren’t seeing the point. Nintendo would miss out of third party multiplats again. All you guys are saying id that ”Nintendo will sell more units” and ”Nintendo has more exclusives”, those aren’t enough to keep Ninteno going. Why do you think people hatef the Wii? because it had no exclusives and had terrible graphics. You guys need to face facts. Nintendo can’t behind again.

      1. There’s no such thing as a correct opinion when the opinion is that any system didn’t have good exclusives.
        They’ve all had good exclusives, or said exclusives would not have sold a single digit over 100 copies.

      2. i’d rather go with the ratings rather than the sales numbers but on that front too there are quite a few very good exlusives on wii

      3. not sure about that

        If I say In my opinion I live on Jupiter” then I think i’m wrong

    1. 100 million + Wiis beg to differ. 160 million DSs beg to differ. Nintendo is ahead always, this generation Nintendo already has the “important” third party titles on lock COD and FIFA. Trust me a lot of people will but COD on anything, that is the only hipster multiplat that the Wii U needed, crysis 3 and bioshock come and go with the wind, but Mario bros. stay eternal.

      1. out of the 100 millions people how many of them are satisfied with their purchase? Wii is cheap thats why people bought it. You guys need to stop using sales as an counter-argument.

      2. That same argumentative question applies to all the other consoles as well.
        A fact that many conveniently forget.
        Not everyone who buys a system keeps it or is satisfied with it, yet some try to pretend that there were so many people dissatisfied with the Wii that it invalidates sales.
        It doesn’t.
        Nor does it invalidate sales or value for any other console.

        People buy consoles for the games present on them, not solely because they’re cheap.
        The Wii wasn’t bought to be used as a paper-weight; it was bought because people wanted specific games on it, just like with any other system.

        What really needs to stop, is the idea that the Wii was some sort of failure due to having lower tech or not catering solely, or more majorly, to the so-called “core demographic”.

      3. You are the one that brought that up by saying that’s not enough to keep nintendo going. Implying sales. The DS has more games on it than the PSP in overall greatness and playability. That is what sales nintendo products, the diversity and quality of their games. The Wii had some of the best exclusives last generation. The other two don’t have a game that can beat Mario Galaxy one.

      4. I still played my Wii until the day I bought my Wii U. Now my family plays it almost every day. I wouldn’t say I regret purchasing my PS3, but if I could go back, I wouldn’t buy it again. The majority of the better rated games aren’t the kind of games I play. Not to mention that all the kind of games I play that were on the PS3 were also on PC. I have over a shelf of Wii games, and still play a good amount of them.

    2. People only hated the wii cause gamers are lazy and didnt feel like exercising when playing a videogame. that was the mind set untill PSmoves and kinect came out. but even then motion control only speaks to a small amount of gamers. just accept it gamers are lazy, they dont want to exercise unless they have too.

    3. It had plenty of great exclusives and the graphics weren’t so terrible that it made games on the system unplayable or unenjoyable.
      It’s fine to dislike the Wii, but don’t use blanket statements like that then present them as facts.
      They’re already getting better third-party support than the Wii did at its launch and things are more likely than not to improve from this point forward. Hell, just look at Platinum Games and Ubisoft, not to mention Gear Box. They’re taking great strides to make good games for the Wii U, there’s no reason to assume they’ll be the only ones to step up.
      Well, unless a poster is just a hater looking to toss the system down a flight of stairs at every opportunity.

  40. Sigh what has the gaming community become “ooh lets argue about games on the internet rather than play them!”

    I mean I have a Wii U, Wii, DS, DSI, 3DS, Nes, Snes, N64, GC, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS1, PS2, PS3 and a Gaming PC. Nintendo make interesting consoles, brilliant games and have one of my fave series Pokemon not to mention I can actually have fun with my family / Friends. Microsoft have brilliant online and make it easy to have a good time with friends online and Sony is a good mix of both Nintendo and Microsoft. And if I feel like a graphics whore like most people are these days I go play on the PC. I play any game and am not biased why? because I play games for fun, sigh it seems that people have forgotten why consoles exist in the first place. My favorite games are probably the earthbound series, Donkey Kong Country 1 and 2, The Pokemon series (ALL GENERATIONS), Super Smash Bro’s, the list goes on

    So yeah moral of the giant post is that your supposed to enjoy gaming not argue about it with people who don’t care and also nobody can argue with me because I have more money than you (as you can tell by all the consoles I own) and I like all the consoles and PC. The End ;]

  41. Still the only thing that bothers me a bit is that they are not releasing ME Trilogy for Wii U.
    But on the other hand, EA doesn’t deserve Nintendo.

  42. I like how Aeolus is jumping to conclusions when neither he, or Digit Foundry know what the NextBox and PS have in store with their tech, neither do either one know what will be announced on Feb 20. There’s no factual evidence that shows it’s a PS4 announcement, it is all simply assumed. But even if you wanted to make the argument that PS4 will trump Wii U, take the latest educated rumors coming directly from ex-AMD employees who stole documents on specs in the PS4, and you will actually come to the conclusion that PS4 will be on par with Wii U.

    PS4 specs according to AMD documents:
    Dual-Core AMD Bulldozer 1.6GHZ x4 (8 cores), HD 7670 2.2gb VRAM, 8gb memory, 160gb storage

    Wow. That is so much more powerful than the Wii U (sarcasm)

    What bothers me the most about these specs is the CPU. The Dual-Core Bulldozer is criticized for being one of the worst processors of its year. Heck, the Wii Us processor actually outperforms this.

    Granted, these are not confirmed to be the final specs, so they should be taken with a grain of salt. Still, my point is with everything we’re hearing about the PS4 specs, there’s a very good chance that Wii U will be pretty on par with the other systems. Developers are stating that next gen consoles will not be a very big leap, even John Carmack thinks so. Digital Foundry can’t really prove they’ll be a giant leap from the Wii U because they are mostly assuming it. From what I understand, they don’t have access to any factual info about those systems. If that’s the case, what they are saying is irrelevant until the specs are factually shown to them.

    Sorry, but I’m still pretty sure Wii U is up to speed with what PS4 and 720 will do. Sure, they’ll be more powerful, but not in the same way as Wii vs 360. I’m not saying this as a guy who likes Nintendo, I’m saying it as a guy with common sense. Now I could be wrong, but until the specs are revealed, there’s basically no point in arguing.

    Also, please stop with the whole “Feb 20 = Judgment Day” bullshit. There’s no confirmation of it being a PS4 announcement. For all we know it’s a PS3 firmware update. Don’t be misled just because it’s something you want to hear. It could be anything. Think about how many times we’ve been misled by things like this. As Kevin Butler once said “You can’t believe everything you read on the internet.” -_-

    1. It seems that this announcement will be about some sort of PS3 and Vita firmware that will enable Vita to be used as a controller, but probably that will work only with future games

      1. I actually think you are right, because now is not the right time to make a new console announcement. Console publishers want that at E3.

  43. SICKR and ALBA post the original article from NEOGAF and the other site that talks and explains exactly what the dye revealed and their speculations. You cannot post this propaganda here and not post the truth as well. Maybe you also found the WMDs in Iraq since I assume you are British? Add substance to your site and post it now please.

  44. Yeah, come on guys, remember when these people owned a 720 and ps4? Oh wait, ni.
    Remember when they actually made guys? Oh wait, no.
    Remember when they were seen as reliable outside of Eurogamer? Oh wait, no.

    Proof will be in the games next year and beyond that. Not like i care either way, im not buying a WiiU to have shitty EA multiplats and other multiplats, im buying it for exclusives, i’ll a ps4 to cover anything else i miss, and pretty sure alot of you are as well.

    And Aeolus, nobody cares what you think, nobody cares about your opinion, and the fact you still waste your time on here is embarressing

    1. Exactly. Digital Foundry is simply assuming, because on paper, as they put it, the PS4 specs are looking pretty terrible. Just look at this.

      Dual-Core AMD Bulldozer 1.6GHZ x4 (8 cores), HD 7670 2.2gb VRAM, 8gb memory, 160gb storage

      And people seriously think next gen will be a huge leap? I can assure you that next gen will focus on getting games running in 1080p native, improving shaders, texture quality, ambient occlusion, things like that. There’s not going to be this “OMG! THIS IS AWESOME!!” huge leap like people are used to.

      1. And for those inept at clicking:


        Custom implementation of AMD Fusion APU Arquitecture (Accelerated Processing Unit)
        Provides good performance with low power consumtion
        Integrated CPU and GPU
        Considerably bigger and more powerful than AMD’s other APUs


        Orbis contains eight Jaguar cores at 1.6 Ghz, arranged as two “clusters”
        Each cluster contains 4 cores and a shared 2MB L2 cache
        256-bit SIMD operations, 128-bit SIMD ALU
        SSE up to SSE4, as well as Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX)
        One hardware thread per core
        Decodes, executes and retires at up to two intructions/cycle
        Out of order execution
        Per-core dedicated L1-I and L1-D cache (32Kb each)
        Two pipes per core yield 12,8 GFlops performance
        102.4 GFlops for system


        GPU is based on AMD’s “R10XX” (Southern Islands) architecture
        DirectX 11.1+ feature set
        Liverpool is an enhanced version of the architecture
        18 Compute Units (CUs)
        Hardware balanced at 14 CUs
        Shared 512 KB of read/write L2 cache
        800 Mhz
        1.843 Tflops, 922 GigaOps/s
        Dual shader engines
        18 texture units
        8 Render backends

        UPDATE: some people is confused about the GPU, here you have more info about it:

        Each CU contains dedicated:

        – ALU (32 64-bit operations per cycle)

        – Texture Unit

        – L1 data cache

        – Local data share (LDS)

        About 14 + 4 balance:

        – 4 additional CUs (410 Gflops) “extra” ALU as resource for compute

        – Minor boost if used for rendering

        Dual Shader Engines:

        – 1.6 billion triangles/s, 1.6 billion vertices/s

        18 Texture units

        – 56 billion bilinear texture reads/s

        – Can utilize full memory bandwith

        8 Render backends:

        – 32 color ops/cycle

        – 128 depth ops/cycle

        – Can utilize full memory bandwith


        4 GB unified system memory, 176 GB/s
        3.5 available to games (estimate)


        – High speed Blu-ray drive

        single layer (25 GB) or dual layer (50 GB) discs
        Partial constant angular velocity (PCAV)
        Outer half of disc 6x (27 MB/s)
        Inner half varies, 3.3x to 6x

        – Internal mass storage

        One SKU at launch: 500 GB HDD
        There may also be a Flash drive SKU in the future


        1 Gb/s Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n WIFI, and Bluetooth


        Evolved Dualshock controller
        Dual Camera
        Move controller


        Audio Processor (ACP)
        Video encode and decode (VCE/UVD) units
        Display ScanOut Engine (DCE)
        Zlib Decompression Hardware

        Originally Posted by ekim:
        “UPDATE: some people is confused about the GPU, here you have more info about it:

        Each CU contains dedicated:

        – ALU (32 64-bit operations per cycle)

        – Texture Unit

        – L1 data cache

        – Local data share (LDS)

        About 14 + 4 balance:

        – 4 additional CUs (410 Gflops) “extra” ALU as resource for compute

        – Minor boost if used for rendering

        Dual Shader Engines:

        – 1.6 billion triangles/s, 1.6 billion vertices/s

        18 Texture units

        – 56 billion bilinear texture reads/s

        – Can utilize full memory bandwith

        8 Render backends:

        – 32 color ops/cycle

        – 128 depth ops/cycle

        – Can utilize full memory bandwith”

      2. the very specs you post are actually more funny as I read them

        Dual-Core AMD Bulldozer 1.6GHZ x4 (8 cores)

        “dual core”…yet clearly says 8 cores. lmao you don’t even read your own bullshit.

        sad how fanboys fabricate fake specs, silly bitches, Feb 20th is Judgement Day.

      3. Duel core X 4, you twat. 4 Duel cores.

        You even quoted it. You must actually be retarded.

      4. LOL, so tell me more about this “dual core X 4” … “duel cores”. HAHAHA.

        don’t make me fucking spit my drink out

  45. So what ? With all those speculations about WiiU power, it´s clear that the concept of next-gen console is getting highly subjective. I bet we won´t see a big lap in power on the next Sony and MS consoles, since companies can´t afford another 2-3 years of losses with super-expensive products and consumers clearly are not willing to pay a lot for game consoles anymore (hence low Vita and WiiU sales). What really matters is that WiiU can deliver some different experiences for both casual and dedicated gamers and this is what really matters. It´s no wonder why MS is busy working on the next Kinect and Sony is working on a touch-screen controller too. Consoles won´t survive if they are based only on processing power, if they don´t have any innovation that differ the game experience from what people already have on tablets and PCs, we will come back to the niche market and numbers will continue to sink.

    1. I actually think it’s possible for consoles to be too powerful. Think about how many studios closed down this gen. The losses companies are suffering are due to development costs being way too huge for them to handle, and Sony and MS forcing these companies to reach a certain degree in graphics to develop on their hardware doesn’t help either. Even if the next PS and Xbox were these huge beasts (they won’t be) if developers are forced to utilize no less than advanced graphics, the type of which send development costs through the roof, guess where companies are going to flock to? They will flock to systems that either A: have no grahical requirement (aka PC) or B: a system with lower development costs (aka Wii U). So I actually think it would be smarter for Sony and MS to not go too far with horsepower to the point where some developers will shy away, especially Sony in their financial situation. In either case, I think Nintendo is actually in a very good position right now. With the console being so powerful, with a very open-source environment, low development costs, and lack of any graphical requirement, it’s no wonder developers are praising the Wii U.

  46. I honestly don’t care. The Wii U’s power, graphics and (most importantly) gameplay is already an improvement for ths gen.
    I thought we play video games to have fun.

    1. yes in power there trying to brain fuck you

      theres more sram on wiius gpu than a 500 pound pc graphics card WHATS IT DOING NOTHING



    2. i play nintendo games for the experience and thats the way sony and microsoft should go , i used to play loads on my ps1 with crash bandicoot and on the ps2 jak and daxter but sony killed them of , nintendo doesnt do that and thats why nintendo continues to sell well, because people love the games they make

















    1. First of all the damn cap lock … Turn it off .. Now just to bacup ur comment .. They stated in neogaf that these specs are based on the picture not on actual preformane also they stated that there is a big part of gpu that is costum and they couldn’t understand it . Sorry trolls .. U fail

  48. wiuu gpu has more sram than a 500 pound pc card and 3.6 x the edram of xbox360 all on chip theres 50 % of the gpu core they have no clue about the other 50% only part explained

    they dont have a clue there DOING THE NINTENDO DOOMED BIT IGNORE THEM