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Nintendo Says They Have Almost Reached The Next Stage Of Wii U Visuals


Nintendo in-house developers are currently getting more and more used to developing for their HD home console, and promise that the next wave of titles are becoming more advanced than what we’ve currently seen from the company. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata also reiterated that the home consoles of other companies are six or seven years old and software developers have sufficiently studied them and know how to take full advantage of them well. The same will eventually apply to Wii U.

“For Wii U, such a time finally came in the latter half of last year. In this sense, we could not avoid the trial and error stage to create games which take full advantage of the hardware. I think that this is true for third-party software developers as well as Nintendo’s. The home consoles of other companies are six or seven years old and software developers have sufficiently studied them and know how to take full advantage of them well. As Wii U is new to them, some developers have already acquired the knack and made good use of its features and others have not.

“You might see this gap among the games that are currently available. However, we are not much concerned about this problem because time will eventually solve it. Actually, we believe that our in-house development teams have almost reached the next stage.”

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    1. Oh my god! I’m thinking about what Super Smash will be like… It is going to be so freaking awesome. I might actually die of excitement! :O

    2. They’ll make us drool when they release, right now they are so early on in their production stages that I doubt they’ll look at E3 as good as they will. And Zelda will definetely not be at E3

      1. 1) Never underestimate Nintendo
        2) Have you seen MonolithSoft’s X trailer for the Wii U?
        3) Either you’re bullshitting or enjoy getting exposed… your pick
        and 4) The Zelda franchise will DEFINITELY BE AT E3…. two Zelda titles to be exact. The first one will be The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker – Reborn (HD) for the Wii U.

        1. Highly doubt Zelda hd i think they will focus on the ww hd, they havent even decided an artstyle yet, but i do wish they could show it tho

          1. The first Zelda game (Wind Waker HD) is only the beginning. However, we still don’t know what the real Zelda Wii U game looks like right now. We’ll just have to wait until we get confirmation from Nintendo themselves.

        2. Relax bro, What I said is that whatever they show won’t look as good as the final product, because it’s too early. That’s not exactly trolling. And I was talking about the real New Zelda, WW will of course be there, they said it will be ready by fall, meaning it’s quite advanced already.

  1. Cant wait to see which art styles Smash Bros and Mario Kart U use, condsidering how MKW used a more happy nice look, whereas mk7 looked more normalish. And Smash Bros Brawl had a very different type of style from Melee, so lets see if it’ll be epic!

  2. … It’s kinda sad that they had to formally explain this. Me as well as a number of others knew this from the start. Well at least now people know now.

    1. Hardly anyone knew this. He said the Wiiu wasn’t even finished until mid 2012 , that means not one single game on the Wiiu even remotely shows off the consoles power. We won’t see the games that utilize the Wiiu’s power for 1.5 – 2 years from now. Pikmin 3 , X , Bayonetta 2 will be a good idea of what the system can do , But when the new Zelda game comes out we will know what it can do.

      This just makes the people who say ”the wiiu hasn’t even displayed anything much more better than ps3 and 360” look even more stupid.

      Maybe they replaced a DX10 equivalent GPU with a DX11 one or added extra memory to certain bits or what ever. Point is it’s gunna take a lot longer for Nintendo and others to max it out , unlike the Wii which was a Gamecube on crack.

      1. Well then explain me why all Nintendo fanboy are saying that the PS4/20 won’t be a significant jump over the PS360 and why Wii U which by that logic isn’t a significant jump either will have games that leave PS360 games in the dust?

        1. I never said the PS4 and 720 won’t display a leap over the Wiiu , they WILL. BUT when they first launch – it’s gunna be really dissapointing. Sure there will be a few games that look amazing , but most of the launch titles will be ports of xbox 360 games , IE Madden 25 , CoD modern warfare 4 , etc.

          It will take those consoles a year or 2 at least before they show their potential. The same applies to Wiiu.

          The Wiiu will eventually have games that the ps3 and 360 could have no chance at running. The ps4 and 720 will have even better looking games than that that the ps3 and 360 will have no chance of running.

          I think they will be about 2-3 times as powerfull as Wiiu. Which isn’t that much of a difference.

          1. I agree… This is a reasonable comment. look at that yoshi pic. no game on box or station have they vibrance yet the next gen could of they wsnted .

        2. It’s not leaving them “in the dust.
          It’s a significant jump, not an expansive leap, like some people seem to believe the PS4/XBox720 will supposedly be.
          The price tag for something with a ginormous leap in graphics would be too harsh to meet the standards of consumers.
          Hell, people are bitching for a price slash on the Wii U already, and it’s cheaper than the PS3 was at launch despite being a bit of an upgrade.
          It just goes to show that another $500-or-up price tag for a console, let alone two of them, wouldn’t be accepted very easily if at all, and would only hurt sales.
          Personally, I want to see Sony, at least, stay in the races, so I’m hoping that they will do the sensible thing and not try to make their next system a ginormous leap in power or graphics.

        3. their are reports on the console like 720 thats is 20% more powerful than wii u, another one is sony got inside info that their ps4 also will not be a significant leap like the ps3, so yeah this next gen will all be the same or not bit more powerful than each other.

        4. I believe Sony said their next system wouldn’t be as big as a leap as it did with Ps2 to PS3. Don’t quote me on that, can’t recall where I heard that.

        1. You know if one of them has a 7970 inside then they have the most modern AMD GCN grahics processor available. I have not exactly the same. I have the Vapor X 7970ghz with SIX GB VRAM and I can play Max pain 3 with high settings at THREE monitors in the highest res at 30fps. My GPU is a SINGLE graphics card and is WAY BEYOND Wii U power, [my CPU (i5 3570k @ 3.8 ghz) is better anyways.]
          If both of them WOULD have a 7970 you can expect the difference between Wii U and PS420 to be like Sonic Adventure compared to Metroid Prime 3 (and that’s not BS).

          1. Warig if you find typos you’re allowed to keep ’em.

            Believe me guys if PS420h have 7970’s and the Wii U an E6760 it won’t be “slighlty more powerful” because that’s a comparison between an embedded chip and something that can run BF3 in max details, max resolution and all the fancy stuff at steady 60 fps.

            (I’m just making if scenarios)

            If so Wii U will have problems. Also let me tell you some reason why the other systems can be much stronger easily.
            1)They get released AT LEAST one year after the Wii U so tech is already cheaper by then.
            2)They don’t have to make a controller that is IMO just an expensive handycap.
            3)They take the term “moar powa” WAY more serious than N.
            4) At least Microsoft has a lot more cash banked and csan easily afford to take losses and we all know SONY wants to be better than them even if it means total self destruction.

            1. According to the NeoGaf thread from which the Digital Foundry got the information, DF left out a lot of details.

              Also Nextbox is coming with improved Kinect as it seems at the moment, so that takes also some of the money sunk into the manufacturing. Will be interesting to see what Sony comes up with though.

              But in the end the games are what matters anyway. And whether or not majority of developers really want to develop using the maximum power, as it raises the costs a lot.

    1. because 3rd party games you’re talking about are STILL in development. 1st party games were out on D1 (read: developed on a “not final hardware”). Oh, and monolith is a 2nd party company….

        1. No, it doesn’t. Maybe you don’t like the visual art… this doesn’t mean it is TECHNICALLY like shit (just see the picture above…)

          1. were not talking about art were talking about pushing the wiiu hardware to it’s potential nintendo seems kinda behind

            1. Asking for its full potential at this stage is unreasonable, though.
              Besides, haven’t games like Ni No Kuni, Ookami, Wind Waker, Borderlands, and many many others taught us not to judge our purchase of a game by its graphics?

      1. Actually, MonolithSoft is Officially a 1st-Party Developer like RetroStudios, Intelligent Systems, & the Nintendo EAD giant. I Can’t believe so many people Don’t know this.

        1. Monolith is second party, Nintendo is first party just like naughty dog is sony’s second party team. They work exclusively for the first party

  3. I’m hoping that by the time I get Pikmin 3 (and by the time E3 is here) that I really start to love the Wii U and see some games that excite me. As of this moment, I’m not too thrilled about it, and I have no real care about buying it. This Yoshi game looks AMAZING! Yoshi fans are gonna eat this game up like candy.

  4. Just wait some time to see when Nintedward and theOrginalUnation arrive to say

    “OMG I didn’t know that graphics could get even better than now! I mean we all know that the Wii U could easily handle Crysis 3Ultra Settings in 4k@120fps while streaming 60fps and the whole game screen to FOUR Gamepads. It’s Nintendo they uses magic hardware and when PS4 and XBOX720 get released Nintendo will release an update that activates the Wii U’s Super Turbo Next Gen mode to make it 10 times as powerful as it is now!”

    They are the only two Nintenyearolds on this site.

    1. Awwww ! the little guy is butthurt ^o^ !!!!! Screw you bitch , I only ever speak logically about the Wiiu’s power.

      1. No body remembers super innuendo in cartridge super fx chip… Or n64 ram pack…. They have inventive way of boosting the power for cheap.

  5. Does anyone know when Yoshis game is coming out?
    Can we pre-order it already?
    By the way this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone the wii u just lonched a couple of months ago of course the visuals are going to get better as time goes on.
    This is just the tip of the iceberge.
    There’s way more to come jus be patient I believe nintendo has something up there sleeve lets just wait and see.

    1. Agreed with everything. As for Yarn Yoshi (tentative title) it might be too soon for pre-ordering it. I think pre-orders for it will be available after E3.

  6. So far, PlatinumGames are truly pushing the envelope. Although “The Wonderful 101” is presented in HD (720p), the visual details looked more beautiful and breathtaking than the two previous trailers. As time goes by, we’ll look forward seeing more Wii U titles from first through third party and independent developers take full advantage of the U hardware.

    1. Right, because being able to hot-swap gear, keep a minimap to plan routes off of the top screen to avoid clutter, and many other functions is an excellent example of “under-par” gen capabilities.

  7. Awesome. Hopefully we can expect Mario, Zelda, and Super Smash Bros. to look amazing at E3 to where they can outdo the first batch of PS4 and NeXbox games (of course they will get better over time).

  8. I so knew this would happen. The later games on a new console always end up looking better and using more power than launch games. Excited for the new Zelda and 3D Mario games.

  9. A resounding “Duh!” Should come to mind when thinking about the fact that any new console, be it made by Ninty/M$/$ony, will never be launched with games that utilize the full potential of the console. All consumers must allow for the developers (even in house) to learn and understand this new technology they are now having to use. The next level is never the final level when it come to Console abilities… Look at the first round of 360/PS3 games, especially PS3, they didn’t look half as good as they do now! Patience is what is required for a newly released console to reach it’s potential and I have that in spades… still lovin my Wii U and all the games, even the ports, that I play on it!

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