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Nintendo Blocks Miiverse Friend Requests For Aged 12 And Under


Nintendo has announced via Miiverse that it intends to block Miiverse friend requests for those gamers aged twelve and under. This basically means that Wii U users under the age of thirteen can still befriend others, although not exchange messages with them through Miiverse. Younger users can make friends on Wii U outside Miiverse by entering each other’s Network IDs in the friend list on the HOME menu There were a number of changes to Miiverse yesterday, which you can check out here.

“For the protection of younger users, direct friend requests are not possible in Miiverse for users aged 12 and under,” reads a new section of the console’s Miiverse Code of Conduct”

“At the same time, younger users can make friends on Wii U outside Miiverse by entering each other’s Network IDs in the friend list on the HOME menu.”

“We encourage younger users to make friends on Wii U only if they are friends in real life (such as friends from the same school or neighbourhood). Therefore, do not attempt to exchange your Nintendo Network ID with other users on Miiverse.”

40 thoughts on “Nintendo Blocks Miiverse Friend Requests For Aged 12 And Under”

    1. Yes, to the parents who actually own the money and the credit cards and the car to drive to the mall. If you are offended, then you are under an 12 kid.

  1. Good, kids should be making friends with real live people anyway, not online. I’m glad at least one game company makes an effort to take care of younger gamers.

  2. Even more mind boggling is their removal of notifications on posts you commented on. So how in the world are supposed to know if someone else commented on that random post? Why can’t they just made a setting for notifications instead of all on or all off being forced.

    1. I am glad that you are not longer notificated about that. I hated being spammed with notifications that someone else also commented a post that I have commented earlier… but they should make a setting for that, that’s true

      1. I liked it because then I could re-access the post and make another comment. Now if someone else asks about it, I’ll have no idea that they did respond. So if someone asks for help I respond, then another user asks for additional info, I won’t be able to respond unless the owner comments first.

        1. Have you ever commented on a popular post, like a really good drawing? You may not mind the 50+ spamming notifications from users who all but maybe one didn’t reply to you, but I’m willing to bet the same cannot be said for a plethora of other users.

          1. No, I haven’t yet. I don’t see those posts. They probably get buried. I don’t actively go in all the communities looking, only games I own or recently playing. Since I’m playing a Wii game since it’s a rental, I haven’t been going into any communities and just checking recent friend posts.

      1. I just ignore those. But honestly facebook spams those notifications when someone comments or likes a post, why all the negativity when Miiverse behaves the same way?

        On that same note, if facebook lets you configure when you get notifications, why can’t Miiverse?

  3. I like it. They are selling to parents, not kids and parents like this. No child under 12 should be contacting random people on the net to begin with.

  4. Lol all the more effort to keep pre-pubescent teens from talkin unnecessary vulgar crap on any game that has online chat, most notably COD

  5. One of many reasons why I love Nintendo. They support order and goes that extra mile to prevent people from getting harmed.

    1. A parent that lets kids curse like a sailor on a M rated shooter is the type of parent that will blame Nintendo and video games for school shootings. Some parents cant parent, so its up to Nintendo to pick up their slack and cover their asses.

  6. First the 5 minute and no off topic, now this?! I am glad I’ve turned 13 a few months back. And while I understand protecting the younger, kids should be kids and parents be parents. They should learn not to add EVERY stranger they see. And if the parents were really that worried, they should see what’s going on.
    I bet most of this crap isn’t happening in Japan or Europe. I am very dissatisfied at what Nintendo of America is doing. The Off Topic and 5 minutes REALLY NEED TO GO! And the same with this. If people really want to monitor this crap, have it in the settings, DON’T RUIN IT FOR OTHERS! That’s why we have Report buttons!

    1. Lol, 13 year old thinks he`s mature. Look kid, children need to be saved from themselves. If the parents are lazy, society will do it for them, and it wont be pretty.

  7. No big deal. The only people who would complain about this are the people under 13, and really, what do they matter? They most likely don’t spend their own money on games, just their parents money. And any sensible parent would be perfectly ok with this.

  8. So why can’t my daughter be friends with a school friend and NOT exchange messages? What the hell would be the point in using the service at all then?

  9. I still think it should be up to the parents and not Nintendo.. As this removes the other possibility that someone random online could be trusted. Especially when someone has a close friend on the Internet..

    Won’t effect my whole Family though but still. :P

    1. Maybe they could add a feature that allows parents to unlock friend requests? I kinda like this new rule. Makes it safer for kids whose parents aren’t that attentive to their children’s activities.

  10. nintendo supports middle class soccer moms that think all the terrorists and pervs will magically grab there kids and drag them into the gamepad screen and into a bill gates ran cyber peodofile universe like lawn mower man but were kids get BUMMED

  11. iv met a large number of 12 yr old twinks on miiverse tey use adult accounts to meet older bear fag males

    apparatly iam huntley meets kids this way lol

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