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Paper Mario: Sticker Star Wins Best Handheld Game At D.I.C.E Awards


Nintendo’s cherished Paper Mario: Sticker Star for the Nintendo 3DS has walked away with the accolade of best handheld video game of 2012 at this years D.I.C.E Awards in Las Vegas. PlayStation exclusive Journey grabbed eight awards at the event, including Game of the Year. You can view all the winners of the acclaimed event right here.

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121 thoughts on “Paper Mario: Sticker Star Wins Best Handheld Game At D.I.C.E Awards”

        1. Yeah, because Nintentards are so braindead and brainwashed that they haven’t even realized that they’ve been playing the same shit Mario game over and over with just a few updated graphics added – because, as we all know, graphics DO make a game, right?

      1. It was, but only because the storytelling was a nearly non-factor and there was no leveling up or partners.
        Aside from that, it had all the trademarks and inventiveness of the Paper Mario series, and it’s not really a bad game in and of itself, by any stretch.
        I just got my second file up to the fire area’s boss, and I’ve already done huge improvements to that file compared to the first. Much more health and many more stickers and secret items collected.
        It’s the worst of the series, but still good enough to be worth owning.^_^

    1. I mean, Sticker Star was good, but it wasn’t better than any previous Paper Mario installments by any means. I would have given the award to a different game.

      1. Summer Braddell – Thank you so much Astrid!! Your photos alawys come out so beautiful and different! I love how you make the photos pop out at you and are very unique, not the typical kind of photos, yours are alawys special!!Thank you again for being there and enjoying our special day with us!Love,Summer & JackSeptember 1, 2011 3:12 am

    1. Or Gravity Rush. I mean, that game was something completely new. In an unbelievably good way. One of my personal favourite games of 2012.

  1. I really enjoyed this game for it was my first Paper Mario game. But I think Kid Icarus: Uprising should’ve gone to Kid Icarus: Uprising.

        1. It’s in my Top 10 favourite games ever, so so good. The original on the N64 is good to, but not as good as TTYD

        2. Hopefully they’ll do that with Paper Mario U with more partners, somethin better than a badge system, another original story, and customization to the characters

    1. I really like paper mario sticker star got many hours out of it. It’s a great Paper mario handheld spin off! and I found the game very charming :)

      As for best handheld game of 2012 ? no. Resident Evil Revelations , Kid icarus Uprising , Pokemon Black and White 2 , pokemon Conquest , Virtues Last Reward and maybe others would get my vote. There’s supposedly some good vita games too.

        1. Oh yeah , Kingdom Hearts was an excellent , underated game. So was theatrythm final fantasy , amongst many others ! And yeah , the vita had a rock solid finish to 2012

      1. Can Paper Mario: Sticker Star actually count as a spin-off because the Paper Mario series as a whole is already a spin-off of the Mario series. That would make Paper Mario: Sticker Star a spin-off of a spin-off.

    2. I know what you mean.
      I hadn’t played te others, so I wasn’t impacted by the let-downs that plagued PM fans.
      I was just thrilled for a Mario Game that wasn’t part of the NSMB formula.

      1. am i the only one that thought that super paper mario was awsome, at first i hated it because it was way to different, and then tried it a year and a half later and thought it was a great and creative and i hope they make another one like it, this game will be like sunshine in the future, everybody will want another one

    1. I mean seriously, Kid Icarus? RE: Revelations? Maybe Fire Emblem was too late to the party but still, Pushmo/Pushblox/Whatever is better than Sticker Star.

      1. Kid Icarus yes, RE Revelations no, Pushmo/Crashmo yes. Mostly agree. FE definitely better, but that’s a 2013 game unfortunately.

        1. If you live in Japan Fire Emblem: Awakening can count as best handheld game of the year.
          That goes for Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate as well.

  2. Idk about that award. I liked the game but personally it doesn’t deserve any rewards. For an “RPG” in the fabled paper mario series, it was lacking heavily. Hell, I can think of a number of portable games that qualify for that award more so than Paper Mario, one of which is Kid Icarus Uprising.

    1. Nope.
      I actually like Super Paper Mario, the gameplay was different, but it was still fun, and it had arguably the best Paper Mario story out of the 4 games.

    2. No.
      Super Paper Mario I can at least call a RPG. Yes, you heard, the game that removed turn-based combat is more of a RPG than Sticker Star.
      Why? You could level up, you could use multiple characters, you had to do sidequests by talking to NPCs all around the world (and not all of them were identical) and it had, you know, AN ACTUAL STORY.
      Sticker Star had turn-based battles in which you could only attack the enemy in front (or all of them) and you could only fight by collecting stuff. Picture playing the first Paper Mario by only using items.

  3. Paper Mario is good but they could have done something about forcing you to use things. Fighting cheep cheep pissed me off

  4. I for one enjoyed walking around collecting Stupid stickers and having a sticker book full of shiny and flashy stickers. I really liked the game come to think about it. And You have to think of it in a spin off regard as it’s on a Handheld.

    Paper mario sticker star – 8.5/10 for me. Resident Evil and kid icarus and Virtues last reward are near enough the Perfect Handheld games though..

        1. Is amazing love the mini storys wen you marry your caracters i will replay it a thousand times just to check each of there marry plots wait each caracter.

          1. O i forgot my score 11/10 i may be a little biased cause i also love advance wars and the many turn based tactics games.

              1. Personally, I’m against ”professional reviewers” giving any game a rating such as 6/5 or 11/10.
                Calling any game perfect is already a bit of a stretch (Hell, I can see the flaws in even my favorite games of all time), but calling anything ”more than perfect” is downright illogical.

        2. It’s a turn-based, strategy, tactics, RPG dream come true.
          Lots of content, lots of fun.

          I don’t know how the guy above me beat it already. I keep restarting a given chapter because of “unacceptable” deaths in Classic mode,

        1. The demo was so good that i cancel my preorder the monday the game did not came and got 3 eshop cards so i could play it that day.

    1. I thought the sticker mechanic was good, added alot of light strategy (seeing as you can just buy them), with like using the right sticker in a battle, and use a few as possible, and there was an element of conserving your health that was good.
      The 3D effect and “paperised” world really out did itself, feel like a little diorama in your 3DS. Also things like screwing up Toads into a ball and finding them in bins was funny.

      But then, the rest of the game -.-
      Story….was there even one?
      No XP made ever battle pointless, and annoying, just enemies getting in your way, so you can continue the game with no story.
      Also wasnt as funny as previous game.
      Real world items were cool, but about 5% of them actually matter, and you end up thinking “oh this will work in this area”, only to find it doesnt, so you have to go aaaall the way back, then to the level, where all the useless roadblock enemies respawned, to perhaps have the item work, and sometimes you find that a standard fire flower was the item you need, even though the whole game has been about interacting with the world using real items, real items that dont even do what real items would do. Why the fuck does a fridge turn a lava level to ice? If its a REAL LIFE ITEM, they need to use real life physics, and have them work as they would in reality, its like saying “oh well you need to use that can of soda as a steamroller, idiot”. It’s stupid.

      In the end, i didnt even have the interest to finish the game.

      6.5, has new features that are great, but took away everything else.

      1. I totaly understand your legitimate point there. I agree with you on pretty much all of that.

        I thought the game looked incredible and it was just a nice place to be full of humour and charm as always in paper mario and the 3D is used perfectly.

        But yeh , Sometimes you do wana run past enemies and that’s kind of shit… The game is a mixture of awesomeness and bad decisions. But the former mostly shone through for me.

  5. Really? Paper Mario was fun but it’s nowhere near best anything, I played much better handheld games last year including my favorite Virtue’s Last Reward.

    Actually, the whole list is full of WTFs…

      1. I still felt ripped off.
        It was good, and beautiful but still, there wasn’t much to it, i wanted to be longer.
        Reminded me alot of Shadow of the Colossus, with its simplicity and direction of being very artsy, but a platformer instead.
        Doesn’t hold a candle to Shadow though.

        1. Also, with both of those games, they’re kinda the ones you only play once, Journey was amazing, but i dont have the need to play it again, because ive seen it, same with SotC, i wont have that “holy shit i have no idea what im doing” feeling, then the even better feeling that follows when you figure it out.

      2. ‘Complete and moving experiences?’ no, the game had no story development and it was rushed to hell which is blatantly obvious.

    1. Yeah. I mean, some games are fine being short, you play it, it gets its message across and ends before it gets repetitive and it shows you everything it can but yeah, Journey needed to be a but longer, i felt like it only touched the surface, and for £15, it felt sour when it ended.

  6. Paper Mario: Sticker Star was a good game but I don’t think it’s worthy of handheld game of the year but it’s their choice so it’s up to them to what they think.
    Personally I would of either chosen Kid Icarus: Uprising or Pokemon Black Version 2/White Version as my handheld game of the year.
    I haven’t played Kingdom Hearst 3D: Dream Drop Distance or Resident Evil: Revelations so I don’t know if they are better but I have heard a bunch of good things about those games.

  7. Wow the one Paper Mario game that I actually don’t really care for wins an award. It should have been Kid Icarus: Uprising by a long shot or at least New Super Mario Bros. 2 or Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance.

    1. You lost credibility when you said NSMB2 should of been a contender, you regained some when you said Kingdom Hearts should be a contender.

      1. I like New Super Mario Bros. 2 because it has a lot of replayability compared to other games. Between the multiplayer, coin rush, DLC, and trying to get a million coins there is tons of hours you can pour into that game.

          1. Aw that’s a shame. I was really mainly motivated to buy the game (digital version) because of the bonus club nintendo coins. This is just my opinion, but the game is as challenging as you want it to be. It just depends on how much you actually want to complete and compete in the game.

            1. Don’t worry, I bought it for that reason too (Nintendo of Australia never gave me the double points -_- ) It honestly just didn’t cut it for me. It didn’t feel much different compared to the DS version.

    1. Oh crap! I can’t believe I totally forgot about Virtue’s Last Reward. That game was outstanding. I think perhaps that game should have taken the award of Best Handheld. I was seriously addicted and engrossed to the plot of that game. 999 and VLR are some of the best stories this medium has to offer.

  8. Are you freaking serious?!

    They picked that over Kid Icarus Uprising or Kingdom Hearts 3D? They gotta be smoking something.

      1. Thomas Muller would have been better but at least he was in a few of these phtoos. You should really do a post on some of the gorgeous Arsenal players: Robin van Persie, Theo Walcott, Mikel Atreta, Aaron Ramsey. Go Gunners!

    1. It’s totally worth buying. I don;t agree with others that it gets really hard, in fact the only criticism I have is that it’s a bit too short and easy, but it’s a rock solid experience and very enjoyable.

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  10. I’m seriously wondering what is their criteria for quality…Sticker Star wasn’t a good game, let alone the best handheld game of the year.
    I actually wouldn’t mind it if it didn’t have the ”Paper Mario” trademark and was just a standalone game. It basically brought back (and utterly butchered) one aspect people wanted (turn-based battle) and removed everything else so they could replace it with a shallow/boring sticker hunt.

    Kid Icarus Uprising would deserve the award much much more.

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  14. Lee Chong Wei, is not a sell-out if thats what you’re implying. He’s aylaws gracious in defeat and a great ambassador to the sport of badminton around the world. I don’t think he’ll see out the chance to win an Olympic Gold medal to make money.

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