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Ubisoft Promises Another Wii U Exclusive Rayman Legends Demo


Ubisoft has announced via its Facebook page that it’s planning to release another Wii U exclusive Rayman Legends demo. The news comes after the company announced that Rayman Legends is coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U, sometime in September. Ubisoft wouldn’t say when the demo will be released, but as soon as we hear anything we will let you know.

Thanks for all your feedback regarding Rayman Legends in all of its forms. We have heard you and we will continue to listen. We understand your frustration and that you want to get your hands on the game.

We are working with the development team to provide you with a new, exclusive demo for the Wii U soon. Stay tuned for more.

Thanks, Craig

124 thoughts on “Ubisoft Promises Another Wii U Exclusive Rayman Legends Demo”

      1. They can release all the demos they want. If its not released in February its not being purchased by me…. there is WAYYYYYy too many great games being released in September.. This Rayman Legends game is now a rental.

          1. Not even a rent. The game was part of the wii u e3 show because it was exclusive to Nintendo. Now it is only being delayed so it can release at the same time as 360 and Ps3 version. If this isn’t a Fuck You to Nintendo I don’t know what is.

    1. This^ The thing they fail to realize is a lot of people were going to buy the Wiiu to buy Rayman legends , which is what tends to happen when games release at the start of any systems life.

      1. this^ i was looking forward to rayman as a launch window title. Why would i w8 till late Q3 for that when in q4 ill be having zelda, possibly xenoblade 2 and who knows what else >>>> ubisoft crap. sigh*, just focus on Assasin’s Creed, your other titles and decisions fail to entertain me Ubi

      2. Exactly, And Exactly HOW successfully do they think it’ll be on PS3 and Xbox? Im not interested in it, but isnt there that GTA game around then? Wont that like, oh i dont know, kill it in sales anyway?

    2. I would not by this game if my life depends on it wright now unless it came out wright now sense its finished it should come out now release later on other system

    1. No, they are going to release the same demo with the same levels… cause that’s what “new” means. Your comment was pointless.

      1. The demo from the kiosks in stores have two of the same levels in the Wii U demo but from experience each version has some differences. I’ve played both versions so I know. I was saying that I hope it’s all new levels and not just the same levels with changes and then one new one like we have in the current demo.

  1. Guess we can’t complain anymore about it being delay since we are getting an “exclusive” demo.
    Oh wait, you’re just probably gonna delay it till september so that ps3/360 players can play the demo as well. Thanks Ubisoft.

    1. I KNOW! wh in the FUCK would they just delay a FINISHED game so that it would launch at the same time as ports? the ONLY damage control the ycan really do now is to just release the wiiu version soon. otherwise, they’re going to be stuck with a ton of pissed off people, including the dev team.

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  3. I will get this game has soon that it gets a price drop cause lets be realistic the perfect release date are from today till june beyond that there will be to many new game releases and anoucements.

  4. thekidnintendowiiman

    3 weeks before the release of the demo…
    Ubisoft: We’re delaying the demo to 7 weeks from now because we want the formerly exclusive demo to make a simultaneous launch with the PS360 versions.

  5. If they delay it long enough and give Wii U players new levels every time then eventually we’ll have the entire game for free.


  7. Yeah.. Good luck getting my money now Ubisoft. It’s shameful that your devs have to suffer because of your bum mistake. Good luck getting the Wii U sales back.

  8. This is contradictory to say the very least, They can’t release the full game unless simultaneous release date. But Wiiu can get an exclusive demo before other consoles ? What’s with that ? Which one is it Ubi?

    1. They are trying to repair their image with releasing another demo… Sorry, we already played 1 demo and liked the game, another demo will just rub it in our faces that we have to wait 7 months.

      Eff Ubi.. I wont even download the next demo. Monster Hunter 3 is already getting my $60

      1. Monster Hunter , Lego city , Scribblenauts unlimited (UK) , Aliens colonial Marines , NFSMW , Game and Wario is getting my £250-300 xD !

                  1. Iceman… you love getting your anal probed, don’t ya? Monies… what is it preschool? Graphics alone doesn’t make a great game. All video games… especially Nintendo games… bring quality in visuals, gameplay mechanics and a great replay value. If I find a game that meets the quality, then it’s definitely something worth buying… no matter how much it costs.

                    1. shut up unation, you make nintendo fans look pathetic, nobody thinks a fucking mini game collection that takes an hour to beat is worth 60$ dollars, hmm the new monolith soft game or game and wario or gta 5 or legends shut the fuck up you dumb shit, what games have you played that were on a nintendo console that wasnt 1st party, thats why we dont get anything beacuse of you, because everybody hates you and you cant see anything wrong with nintendo, they hate there fans and dont care about them, so hope they die and join somebody else so we dont have to be shited on anymore for making shitty buisness decisions and not bringing games on there console that should be, good bye nintendo good bye unation maybe you can get along with people who arnt fanboy of a system and get along because they will be with microsoft or sony, look no more getting shited on and leaviing there fans behind,

      2. If I do end up just having to play this game I will buy it used so ubisoft won’t be getting any of my hard earned money for pulling this shit!And another demo does just rub more salt in the wounds I don’t know why they don’t see that.

  9. After the ZombiU buggy-as-death debacle, preceded by the Heroes of Might & Magic 6 buggy-as-death debacle, preceded by the draconian DRM debacle, with the Rayman Legends sugar-on-top of the ***t cake debacle, I think it’s fair to say that UbiSoft and I will now be parting ways.

    1. I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one planning on completely avoiding Ubisoft in the future due to the lack of testing for ZombiU…

  10. Lol. An “exclusive demo”…. who the hell thought that up. Sweet! I got the new exclusive demo for the Wii U while we all have to wait til September to not buy the game! Who on earth is sitting up there at corporate thinking this crap up??? Release the game when you said you would. If you dont, you are a liar. Period. A typical game delay is totally different than the stunt Ubisoft is pulling on this game.

    You’re reputation is seriously deminishing Ubisoft… do something quick.

  11. How much do you wanna bet this demo get a release date, then it will be stop called “exclusive” and push back for a couple of month to make a simultaneous multi platform demo?

  12. sorry ubisoft i refuse to purchase this game after all the delays. the truth comes out that you want to make it a multiplatform game and keep wii-u owners in the back burner . goodluck with sales since xbox360 and ps3 are fully hacked expect alot of piracy and low game sales. ubisoft i think you just lost alot of wii-u fans and that mean alot since the wii-u isn’t hacked.

  13. I’ll still buy this game on the Wii U, not because of Ubisoft making a dick move like this, but because of the hard work the developers put into this beautiful game, I’ve been wanting to play this Game for months but I know that it’s not the developers faults. If any of you guys had some respect for the developers, you would do the same and buy the game anyway despite a dumb delay :)

    1. not bying the game does not imply disrespect to the devs… who taught you that? its ubisofts problem, if anyone’s. youre talking like we owe them anything

      1. all I’m saying is that I like the game anyway, it was one of the Games I was really looking forward to and I’m not going back on that decision just because of the delay, as dumb as that delay might be, lol

  14. The only reason I’ll still buy this, is because I don’t want to be one of the people who discourage multiplatform games by not giving them any profit, but still, really Ubisoft?
    A damned DEMO?
    If pushing back the Wii U release was a knife in our back, this is equivalent to taping a “Kick here ^^^^ ” sign just below the handle, then lashing out with your own feet to drive the knife in deeper.

    If you want to prove that you understand our frustration, that you’re listening and that you care, then please, for Christ’s sake, RELEASE THE GAME IN FEBRUARY FOR THE WII U LIKE YOU ORIGINALLY PLANNED TO DO!
    Right now you’re just adding insult to injury.

    1. Off topic : just asking … Splinter cell is published by ubisoft right ?? Will the wii u get it or we are getting the shitty treatment again ???

      1. Shit I didn’t notice that I was replying to another comment ,, I thought I was posting mine ?? Nvm sorry ,,, damn phone

  15. I’ll still get the game…down the line, that is. But only to support the team that worked on it. Ubisoft making a move like that is just plain not cool. Haven’t felt this mad since Nintendo delayed Twilight Princess to make an inferior Wii port of the Gamecube version. By inferior, I mean tacked-on motion controls-wise.

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  17. If a demo is all they got, then they can keep it! In fact, no purchase unless released in February. If not, won’t purchase the game, nor download the demo!!

  18. The Nintendo Reviewer

    Given the heavy hitters that are due to release in the 2nd half of this year the smart thing would be to just release the Wii U version now so that they make a big profit. Waiting till September may likely just cause people to buy GTA 5, the new 3D Mario, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, the New Mario Kart, Wind Waker HD and a bunch of other new games and ignore a game that devs worked overtime on. This delay is not smart move business wise.

  19. When you hear the sound of Rayman don’t you get so mad, just grab nintendo buddies and say these magic words. FUCK YOU UBI! You can suck my dick, you just lost our business cause you ‘re so damn $mart. :3

  20. Fucking hell, Ubi. Stop making your developers do this. How about another three demos before September so you can finally kill them? It seems like that’s your goal: work them 6-feet deep.

  21. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    I’m super annoyed, especially since I have a coupon that expires this month that I could’ve used for Rayman >.>

    However, if they wanna release a demo, that’s fine by me, ONLY AS LONG AS I CAN REPLAY IT AN INFINITE AMOUNT OF TIMES! NO 30 PLAY LIMIT. YOU OWE US, UBISOFT.

    1. What I want to know is, what was NIntendo’s involvement in all this? Did they even try and stop Ubisoft from doing it?

  22. and i am no longer purchasing this game, thats $60 saved, oh well, they just lost all my business towards them, unless thier’s some zombie u2 talk in the future

  23. Ubisoft is trying to test our words. They want to see if we’re serious wen we say we’re boycotting by releasing a new demo. Please dont download the demo anyone.

  24. The funny thing about it is that the only reason many of us were even thinking about buying it, was because its coming out soon and not much else is.

    I love that the suits are seeing multimillion dollar signs where the rest of us just saw a decent game being released all by itself. Long live lego undercover, i guess. Its what i was really looking forward to and waiting on, anyway.

    Why do publishers always drop the ball when theyre the only team on the field. And what the hell is so great about ms and sony fans that they cant be made to wait, but we can? Outside of another headline or too, i’m never thinking about this game again. We better get splintercell or i’m done with ubi for good.

    And seriously? September? No one in their right minds ON ANY SYSTEM is buying this game against real AAA titles…Congrats, ubi. You just killed rayman and its developer by being stupid. No one wants a demo. We dont even want the game now.

  25. I was really looking forward to this game, I was even planning on buying a Wii U for it… But after this news. Fuck that game. I wont buy it because of Ubisofts selfish decision. In fact I don’t think I’ve liked a Ubisoft game since the Ubi prince of Persia series. Why don’t they know they’ll be other big anticipated for years type games released around september?! … It will hurt their sales NOT help it. I use to like Ubisoft.. I was telling a friend the other day when you see a Ubisoft logo on a game.. you know its good. But now with this incident Im not sure if I want to support your company anymore. Whoever made this decision needs to be severed from the company. Poor leadership, poor business strategy.

  26. Ubi was my vote for best third party publisher of the last 2 years, but they have now lost my support. Screwing over fans and backtracking on what they say has made me lose respect for them. I will still pick up Rayman Legends for WiiU, but probably not on release, maybe even second hand. I dont want to pay full price for any games from Ubi anymore

  27. I think that seeing how insane we Nintendo fans can become.

    Both Nintendo and other companies ahould be more careful now.
    Unless they want pure awesome wrath on them xD

  28. Oh thank god! I was sooooo upset about not getting the game till the end of the fucking year but that’s ok because all I ever really wanted was a fucking demo. What an insult.

  29. Just to comment, for those of you not planning to buy the Wii U version of this game just because of this delay (yes I agree it’s a really bad move on Ubi’s part), I know it’s a really bad move on the Producers part, but is that really an excuse to boycott this amazing Game, how do you guys think this will help? It will possibly end up making a situation where Ubisoft might not bother with us Wii U owners at all.

    I’m still getting this game, why would I miss an opportunity to play this amazing game on the Wii U? And speaking of the Wii U, for those of you refusing to buy that because of this how do you think that will affect the sales, yeah sure Smash Bros. is on it’s way but still, just why? Hopefully you think about what I’ve posted and hopefully it will change your mind. Basically, how is boycotting the Game going to help anything?

  30. Fuck you ubisoft.
    You’re not even good enough to have your name capitalized
    I was going to get a Wii U this spring with Rayman Legends
    Well……I am still going to get a Wii U but I will be getting Pikmin 3, which was my second choice.
    So you guys want a simultaneous release eh?
    Well you didn’t do that with Assassins Creed III now did yah?
    Speaking of which, no Far Cry 3 for Wii U?
    How about announcing Watch Dogs and Splinter Cell Blacklist for the Wii U?
    I’m not even gonna get this at full price; I’ll just wait till it gets in the bargain bin for like 20 dollars.
    Or get is used.

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