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Ubisoft: The Only Reason For Rayman Legends’ Delay Is To Release On Multiple Platforms

raymanYesterday, Ubisoft announced that Rayman Legends will not launch until September, and, in addition to releasing on Wii U, the platformer will also be released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The Wii U version of the game was previously scheduled to release this month, so why was it delayed to launch toward the end of the year? According to Ubisoft public relations specialist Sarah Irvin, the only reason Rayman Legends was given a seven-month delay is so that the game will simultaneously release on multiple platforms.

“There are no issues with the game development. All of the information was in the press release, the only reason for the delay is to release on multiple platforms.”

“We usually release all of our platforms simultaneously (aside from PC). We’ve made special exception sometimes in the past but it’s definitely just on a case by case basis and not our standard practice.

“In this case, Ubisoft recently decided they wanted to release the game on multiple platforms so the decision was made to launch them all at the same time rather than separately.

“I know it’s not an elaborate, ‘convincing’ answer, but it’s the simple truth.”

-Ubisoft public relations specialist Sarah Irvin

105 thoughts on “Ubisoft: The Only Reason For Rayman Legends’ Delay Is To Release On Multiple Platforms”

    1. I don’t buy the idea that Ubisoft is delaying this game just to make it multiplat. I think the real reason is that this game needs a lot more time to be polished.

      Here is my train of thought:

      One thing that does not add up in my head is that Ubisoft would be sitting on top of boxes and boxes of packaged wii u rayman legends if this game really was planned to be released by feb 26th. It costs a lot of money to be sitting on hundreds of thousands of units of inventory for 6+ months in terms of storage alone. Not to mention the cash flow issues with having their money tied up in inventory that is just sitting around and getting old.

      I call bs on ubisoft. I think rayman legends is probably really buggy and needs more time to be polished. In that case, I wouldn’t ever touch this game because the coding is probably really sloppy and may be really buggy even if it released by Sept ’13. I would think twice about making that purchase now if I were you.

      Or else, why wouldn’t ubisoft just release it right now for the Wii U?

      Something smells fishy and their story that they are telling us simply does not make any (business) sense.

      1. Remember, businesses lie all the time.

        Rayman has already been delayed once because of development issues (aka being polished). So it wouldn’t surprise me if they delayed it one more time and they are using this as an excuse in order to cover up the issues they are having.

        1. If its really buggy. Devs would have noticed them and fixed before release. Plus they have to test the game before they can say it is finished and announce release. I dont think yhe bug reason is right. Even the devs are mad at the delay. I think the microsoft reason is more believable.

        1. Maybe there is sloppy coding. It can be really hard to troubleshoot if you have low quality programmers.

          RL was already delayed 3+ months because they were polishing it up. It wouldn’t surprise me if they needed another 6+ months in order to polish it up and to create ports.

          1. Who says they’ve printed the discs already anyway? Perhaps they’re not sitting on inventory as you put it. I think it’s more likely they are telling the truth. Running a marketing campaign (I am actually involved in that area by the way) is extremely expensive and you don’t want to market something on two separate occasions if you can avoid it. What’s probably happened is that they’ve realised that Wii U doesn’t yet have a big enough install base to justify the development cost and they remembered how well Rayman Origins did on 360 and PS3, ergo they want to release it on all 3 but that would require more time to port to the other consoles and if they want to release on the others, it makes more monetary sense to market the game in one go.

            1. The problem is it did not do well on ps360. They are talking a even bigger risk and that will blow them on there face. They could have said we ubisoft took our fans comment serius and we decided to make the game multiplat and ad the mosquito levels, but they did not said that. Who say they did not stoped adding things to the wiiu version so they ps360 could catch up?

            2. If ubisoft is 2 Weeks away from launch and they were serious about the Feb launch date, then they would have had to print and package the disks by now in order ship it to retailers. It would be a logistical nightmare if they didn’t, which supports my idea that they never planned on shipping it in the first place on Feb.

              I know marketing is expensive. But it seems there is something more than meets the eye here.

              1. Yeah but they could’ve just stated that they are behind, no one will really fault them for it. I believe it seems fishy to the extreme. Something tells me it may coincide with news of the new systems. Not that I care for Rayman, but I consider it a mistake not to get a head start. The thought of not making deadline due to quality purposes is less controversial than keeping consumers in the dark for about their business tactics. Bad fish.

      2. If the game really was going to come out in 3 weeks they would have sent out review copies and be shipping to stores in about a week and a half. If that were true someone in the public would get their hands on it real early like they did with nba elite. They knew they were going to release with ps3 and 360

      3. GTA V is a huge open world game. There’s massive amounts of coding that needs to be gone over with a fine tooth comb to ensure it’s as good as it can possibly be. Rockstar recently announced a delay of four months to help with that process.

        I refuse to believe that a 2D platformer, that was initially supposed to release in November, would need a 10 month delay for bugs.

        You can complete development of a 2D platformer from scratch in 10 months.

    1. And what we have to do in september? o yea GTA V, Pikmin 3, Wind Waker, Bayonetta 2, etc, etc.

      Even if we let pass the new delay of seven months, the decision to release it in September is pretty dumb

      1. Pikmin 3 comes out this spring, Wind Waker HD and Bayonetta 2 have not gotten exact release dates. You need to get your facts straight.

    2. Like kiss Iwata passionately as he salivates all over my tongue…. MMMMMmmmmmMMMMmMMMM…. Delicious…

      -THE REAL Bill-

    1. lol who’s rayman? fuck that bitch, we’re getting monster hunter ultimate!!
      let them feed, but I hope at least battlefield 4 comes to wii u someday…..oh fuck you ubisoft btw

  1. I feel like as a wii u owner we’re always the ones to wait. Either we wait a month or two for our wii u version to hit the shelves, or we wait 7 months so the other versions can hit the shelves.

    Why can’t the Xbox and ps communities be the guys who wait for once? Frustrating.

      1. Funny how it’s ok to release AC3 almost 3 weeks earlier on PS3 and XBOX 360. How come they couldn’t wait to do a multi-platform release for when the Wii U launched? They couldn’t wait 19 days for Nintendo but they’ll wait 7 months for the other guys. Ubisoft may have lost a sale.

    1. No it’s not. They should at least tell us the truth and appolagise to the people who bought a Wiiu with this game in mind after trying Demo Units and pre ordering/. paying in full.

      It’s a fucking joke to say the least. This isn’t just any game delay. This is a kick in the Nuts of Nintendo fans. And pretty much every one of us is going to now boycott a day 1 purchase. And the game is going to flop on PS3 and 360 aswell. 100%

      1. I actually think that this was there main reason. I don’t care really I’ll buy it none the less, and yes I can see both sides of the arguments in this case. Just get a petition going or something or write letters into ubisoft. Heck I know the moderator of Ubisoft Australias facebook page was a tad bit upset too, he was able to bring some cheer about though with how he brought the news, Good guy he is. But either way, I’ll still buy it.

        1. It’s a terrible marketing choice , the Wiiu exclusivity would of done wonders for it , Being an exciting and innovative GORGEOUS exclusive.

          Xbox and ps3 owners won’t be excited for a watered down Wiiu game and Wiiu owners are just str8 up boycotting it. Ubisoft have failed hard with this one. It’s the guys at the top of the company being money greedy and not thinking properly.

          1. Well, come September, Ubisoft will either be happy with its decision, or regretting the fact they made this decision.

          1. Dude, who cares about the petition. People who will buy it will. Those who won’t will not. I won’t touch Rayman. That’s $60 less in these fat ass’ pockets. I do really feel bad for those developers though, hope they find a company with better ethics.

    2. What about no? I am going to be really cruel now and say that I give jackshit about that the PS3 360 owners will not suffer of spoilers about this game. I as a Wii U owner have suffered that ALOT and I see no reason not to do the same move now other than microsoft being crybabies about release dates.

  2. Ubisoft. Just stop. I for one don’t care about the delay, but you’re just going overboard with the damage control.


  4. Isn’t it because of Microsoft asinine contract rule? The one that states that no multiple platform games shall be released before the Xbox version because that would be a breach of contract.

  5. microsoft and sony saw this game was popular so they stepped in and said fuck you ubisoft and so then ubisoft said fuck you nintendo

  6. it’s shitty that the devs get rushed to make a product presentable for E3, and then again to get it releasable some months later, just to have the finished product delayed for half a year. i’d be really frustrated if i were one of the people who made this game. oh well, i guess.

  7. Ubisoft: Guess what! We’ve got an exclusive game for you Wii U owners! Rayman Legends will be available at the launch of Wii U! *later* Uh, yeah, about that… We’re porting it to every other console. And we’re delaying it for almost a full year, too, because we want to. Sucks to be you, huh?

  8. That is really stupid. I was going to pick it up but now I wont. By september I will start saving up for PS4 and buy some more interesting games on wii u. What a bummer Ubi.

  9. Fuck you Ubisoft. Just, fuck you. I was really excited for this game. It looked really good and finally I was going to add another Wii U game to my collection during such a long dry spell. Now I have to wait for Aliens. I’ll probably still get Rayman, but after the new 3D Mario, Wind Waker HD, and Retro’s game which will probably all release this year. It will probably be cheaper then too, so thanks for letting me save money.

    1. Same here , I’m not buying it on release anymore. I’ll wait a good few months for it to half in price. They’ve really shot themselves in the foot here , Nothing more , nothing less.

      They could of made a strong Rayman relationship with the Hardcore Nintendo croud , but that is all but dead now.

    2. I’m thinking of not supporting this game too. 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Bayonetta 2, Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei, Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Mario Kart U, X, Yoshi’s Yarn, Wonderful 101 Aliens: Colonial Marines, and Pokemon X and Y are all I need in the later part of the year to keep me satisfied. I wonder if I can cancel my pre-order on Newegg.

  10. So the game lost its exclusivity before its even released, Why cant they just release it for the Wii U then later release it for other consoles? because delaying the game till September is a really bad idea financially. GTA 5 and alot of other big games are coming in that time frame , good luck with the sales Ubisoft.

  11. Tryarch didn’t delay black ops 2 to include the Wii U in the multiplat release. Ubisoft didn’t delay the release of Assassins Creed 3 for other platforms to release it on Wii U. Almost no games that where in the Wii U’s launch where delayed on other platforms to release on Wii U. Whats up with that??

  12. This has just entered my mutant Mudd category of delayed re-occurring annoying delayed games appearing on mynintendonews lol.

  13. I wasn’t even planning on getting this, but that’s incredibly stupid. Release the Wii U version, and release the other versions in September. Goddamn.

  14. rayman legends was Wii U exclusive. now it’s being ported to PS360

    rayman legends was supposed to release in february. now it’s going to release in september

    developers of rayman legends worked like crazy to get this game out in time. now their stress and effort were in vain since they could’ve worked at a much more comfortable pace

    rayman legends for Wii U is apparently a finished project and could’ve been released on time or close to it. now people have to wait 7 months to play what they could’ve been playing in 2 weeks

    ubisoft has spit upon nintendo, Wii U owners, the Wii U itself, and even the people developing this game. and for what? to make whiny PS360 fans feel better by holding back the Wii U version and make a little more money. disgraceful. why is it that nintendo always gets the late ports from third parties? nintendo got a nice exclusive third party game and instead of it being released when it should to help the Wii U and its owners, it’s being held back while ports are made so that, god forbid, the PS360 doesn’t get the late ports of a game that used to be exclusive to nintendo’s platform.

    so rather than Wii U getting rayman in february to help shorten the gap between releases and with very few other games to choose from, it’s now going to get released in september, around the time that GTAV will be released for PS360 and the wind waker remake and new pokemon games are released by nintendo along with who knows what else. rayman will be swept under the rug by competition on all fronts rather than being a prosperous refreshing oasis in a software drought to the system it was supposed to be exclusive to. ubisoft screwed up royal on this one

  15. It will be a joy to see the Rayman charts later this year on the Wii U.
    “68 units sold” lol…;D

    But delaying the game just because of fucking shitbox and ps3 is not a reason whatsoever.
    Without Nintendo, many of them would be out of business or not even created.

  16. What a dick move Ubisoft. You didn’t delay Assassin’s Creed III to coordinate with the Wii U launch. I’m going to try and cancel my pre-order on this game from which I had since September of 2012. Ubisoft shot itself in the foot. Good luck competing against Grand Theft Auto V you retards!

  17. Ubisoft should just straight up say that its the dumbass person who is in charge for making this decision. They have the right to say it.

  18. betrayal. just fucking betrayal. a kick in the nuts for every wii u owner who couldn’t wait to pick up his copy at the end of the month. nintendo better gie us a direct with upcoming new 3rd party games like the said in january.

    1. For what? Selling another 5k copies? No sense, really. They had the opportunity to selling with almost 1:1 for WiiU users…

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  20. This is supposedly because of Microsoft. Microsoft has a policy that states that they must get all multiplats at the same time as heir competitors. That’s what i heard, I don’t have any confirmation of this. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Makes me HATE Microsoft even more then I do now… If it is true about Micro’s policy I bet you they are laughing there asses off in their offices like “Damn, we showed thos Nintendorks.” Gosh thinking about that makes me hate them even MORE then a second ago.

  21. Wii U Rayman Legends should have 100% priority over LAST GEN CONSOLES! Seriously Ubisoft. You can’t maybe reverse you decision miraculously?!?

  22. Man you guys are really pissed about this, huh? I don’t care very much. I’ll just play the demo a few more times and then do something else until September. Scribblenauts is a fun time killer. Who doesn’t love a robotic zombie Teddy bear with a chainsaw?

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