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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U Has Region Locked Multiplayer, So NA & EU Can’t Play Together


Capcom has revealed that the online servers for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Wii U are region locked. This means that North American gamers and European gamers won’t be able to play together, and neither one will be able to play with Japanese players either. Interestingly, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate runs on Nintendo servers. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is due for release on the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS on March 19th in North America, and March 22nd in Europe.

202 thoughts on “Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U Has Region Locked Multiplayer, So NA & EU Can’t Play Together”

      1. “Nintendo’s servers”.

        The point is, Nintendo should be bringing the hammer down on stupid shit like this. But do they? Nope!
        The just sit there, and do NOTHING

            1. I’m interested in Monster Hunter , Lego City , Aliens colonial marines , NFSMW , Scribblenauts until then :) oh and of course the fabulous Rayma…… forget that last one

              1. Haha! I actually glad Ubisoft made the decision to delay the Wii U version. It’s hilarious to see how butthurt the Nintendo fanboys are!

                1. I don’t mind a game going from being an exclusive to multiplayer, but what I am “butthurt” over is that Ubisoft delayed the game from February all the way till March.

                  I’m still getting the game nonetheless. Just upset I can’t play it during summer break and that they’re releasing it right when school starts.

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                  1. Ah right, now I understand x3 Yeah, Dragon seems to have a few anger management issues of late, he use to always be so calm. I think the trolls (and to a lesser extent the fanboys) are starting to get to him.

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                1. I wasn’t defending him, just trying to calm him down, is that not the default thing to do when someone else is angry?

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          This site makes me thank god Nintendo won’t even allow a word like poo on Miiverse. Miiverse is an amazing place for Nintendo discussion. No. 1 .

          1. I’d be getting rid of some fanboys too. Especially the perverted ones. I don’t care ifpeople are fanboys, but for the love of christ let others speak there mind about Nintendo without being told to get “cancer and die or to go suck a bloody vagina.”

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    2. I just hope we get voice chat as a compensation, at least now we know that whoever we speak to online speaks the region’s majority language, in NA it would be english. Can’t wait to play with those french speaking Quebec players.

  1. I guess that’s fine.
    If I can’t understand who I’m playing with then it would be pretty hard to maintain a working party anyways, so not playing with Japanese players isn’t a big deal to me.
    With EU, however……..well, they’re mostly English speakers, if I’m not mistaken, so that confuses me somewhat…
    Well, maybe things will change down the road.

    1. Most of them are able to speak English, but the only native-ones are people from UK. Europe is a Tower of Babel, but amazing and wonderful place.

      1. Because he isn’t enraged like others around here? God forbid some people on this site easily looks at these situations from another perspective rather than the popular negative perspective, right?

        It truly is users like yourself that prove that most people on this site has an irrational, one track mind who can’t think up of thorough statement and instead choose to go for whatever you commonly see around here.

  2. alright, this region locking bullshit has gone too far. multiplayer?! i have a friend in scotland who i play multiplayer with, this is stupid.

        1. lol yeah and the Wii U version better get AT LEAST a 9.5/10 while the other cheap ass versions get a maximum of 4/10… -__- Yeah.. i want them to fail. Just want Ubi to learn a lesson.

          1. Delaying it to SEPTEMBER is what annoys me, I already have alot to buy around that time (GTA V) being the most important, so I won’t be picking up Rayman. Ubisoft lost a sale from me.

    1. Yeah, and not a lot of people complained about it then. But I guess now it’s okay to complain about something that was to be expected from a port in this day and age…

      You ever feel like gamers act like they’re entitled to every little thing, even if it’s something they thought up because it was recently brought up? Next thing you know, they’ll be asking for the game on a silver platter and having the in-game characters serve them like butlers. (¬_¬)

  3. Oh now you’re just being ridiculous. Why the fuck not ? Ever heard of a thing called Servers ? That way I can go in the Japanese server , the American server or the Euro Server.

    Certainly not a deal breaker *cough rayman cough* but the whole point of miiverse is to bring the world together with pictures. And now an Englishmen can’t show a puny ass American how to hunt properly xD!!!!!!

    And then an australian comes along and says ”That’s not a knife , THIS is a knife”. Who do the Australians play with then ?

      1. But that’s stupid. So an Australian Can play MH with a European , But an Australian can’t play with an America. Contradictory much ?

    1. You know… that thing about Miiverse is quite true. It was created with the sole intent of bringing gamers from all over the world, together. But then Capcom comes along is like…

      Capcom: Heh, heh… NOPE! *region locks as they roll away in a rolling chair, flipping us all the bird*

      I honestly have no idea who I hate more, right now. Ubisoft or Capcom… ooh… tough choice… tough choice…

    1. Already almost 650?!?! Sweet! I honestly don’t mind if ps3 and Xbox get it, since they probably won’t be gettin Murphy (unless cross play or smart glass) and they probably can’t do 5 player, BUT WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DELAY AN ALREADY FINISHED GAME?!?!? WHY!?! I already was planning to get my little bro this for his birthday in march since he breezed thrrough orgins like it was nothing. Today I told him about the delay and confessed that I was supposed to get him this. Sad guy. But if Ubisoft is going to pull a dick move like this, than they should at least do the following-
      -Give the wii u demo infinite trials
      -Update it to add 2-4 new levels and maybe a new character.
      -Work their asses off to make this game even better, not spend all this time just porting it!!!
      I honestly expect around 120 levels out of this game, so they better hurry to satisfy fans.

    1. It will sell a few hundred thou in the west. A mill world wide… It’s already sold about 400K+ in Japan in Bundles , Digital and retail.

    2. Well, just like everything Capcom does, they already fucking sold it, so why would they give a shit -__- re-release galore with good old Capcom. Someone needs to punch Svensson square in the jaw.

    1. Agree, I will probably start to “hate” people who talks Spanish even more. I mean, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get some of them to talk anything other than Spanish, even on English sites I have seen Spanish-speakers talking nothing but Spanish.

      No offense towards people who speaks Spanish, but it gets annoying when people try to tell you something but you can not understand them as they refuses to learn/speak the international language that is pretty much required to visit internet.

      And I do not look forward to talking to kids who have not learned English yet. Hopefully there will be many Swedes, would be nice talking Swedish with someone online though :)

      1. That’s really stupid. Why don’t you learn spanish? You know, our language isn’t everything or the most important. Good luck on learning spanish, amigo.

        1. Spanish is actually quite an interesting Language. I’m trying to learn as much as I can as I’m travelling there next year XD

  4. i’m very happy, means I can return to multiplayer after getting tired of being called a “fag” 20 times a day from american children

  5. What’s the next shot Nintendo will fire against itself? Seems that we are facing the eminent unleash of a snow ball that will make things even worse from now on.

    What a 2013… :(

      1. Miiverse sucks and Reggie dared to affirm that it would be a nice Wii U feature and social network. He was doing his business, but he was entirely blinded by the hype around Wii U’s releasing announcement.

        And, frankly, Nintendo has done something wrong, in fact. No one can deny it. All the bad news that came out this week regarding Wii U are consequences of a mistaken realtionship policy with third-parties. Not saying the obscure reasons by which they decided (i) releasing a home console harboring a questionable hardware for 2012 and (ii) not to load the store’s shelves with a massive and strong bunch of first-party titles on day-1.

  6. I personally didn’t have a problem with it in tri, my Internet isn’t that good so playing with people in the same country or continent as me is good for the connection. But I understand why some people don’t like it. I would like to play online with Europe and asia sometimes if I could. I was an exchange student in Japan and my host brother may get this, I would like to play online with him sometimes…

  7. This is insane Capcom! It’s really sad how you think this is the future.. Shame on you.

    I knew I was right about how bad and dark aged region locking would lead to.

    Once again, imagine what Internet would be if that was region locked.. All back to the dark ages.

  8. I would like to know why this was even considered. At the same time at least I won’t have to listen to that awfully dreadful English accent! Blaghhh they sound soo pompous!

          1. The hottest is Irish girls accents. It’s like they are pouring baileys over you whilst they speak. Only the hot ones though….. Welsh girls accent = a no no

                1. That moment when I google translate “Is this satisfactory?” to Arabic. And when I google translate the Arabic translation back to ENglish it translates to “This is a disease” XD

                  1. English is an awful language. The only reason I’m speaking it right now is to communicate with you mainstreamers who are too lazy to be multilingual.

                    1. You’re right, English has me locked away in a dungeon, I can’t get out, it’s protect by ghouls & dragons.

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          1. Now now, people can say “in my opinion” or whatever. But this guy? No his opinion is stupid because it is racist and quite pathetic.

          2. Your opinion on MY opinion is equal to that of a caveman. I think your accent sucks why don’t you just get over it and move on instead of getting soooo defensive about it. You don’t even know who I am so why bother trying to “teach me a lesson” or whatever it is that you are doing…

          1. Lol! No your BOTH wrong! It IS my opinion. Sorry I think the British accent sucks asshole. It really does to me. That doesn’t make me racist either, because I don’t hate the British. Just the way they talk… Its disgusting.

            1. Well, Dragon & I are having our opinions now :-) You are an uncivilised twat who is a disgrace to the human race :-) And yes it IS Racist you idiot.

      1. I still belive in them as they have potentional to create good games as seen in the early days. If they can go back to that we have a top developer that will deliver real quality titles.

  9. They didn’t release Frontier elsewhere because they thought Western gamers would ruin the feel of the servers, so I can see why they locked it to regions, I mean how much racist hate goes on, on P3S and xBox? I don’t approve but I can see why. We do tend to sell ourselves short on public image a lot.

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  11. Sega did the same thing whit the beta of phantasy star online 2 on pc so why capcom cant? Also dosnt affect me 3ds version dosnt have online.

  12. Well no biggie, i love you guys, but some off you have really thick accents that i just cant understand. I know it sounds ignorant, but oh well.

    Ps: last time i played a game online, some irish guys kept talking about forskins, but all i heard was fortunes lol (blackops)

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  15. Reblogged this on SamuraiSnake and commented:
    Dear Capcom,

    Stop intentionally being ass-backwards, and fire whatever employees, deity, or demons are ruining what used to be my favorite videogame company ever. Ever since you guys cancelled Megaman Legends 3 and Universe, it’s only been a downward spiral. Cancelling Legends 3 is only the tip of the iceberg. First you guys made Disc-Locked Content on games like Street Fighter x Tekken, a barebones fighting game with no great single-player content as well as Resident Evil 6, a good, but lacking Third Person Shooter made to sell Call of Duty numbers. Now, you hire Ninja Theory, a developer of mediocre brawlers to reboot Devil May Cry with the worst case of self-insertion, noise pollution, despicable unlikable protagonists, and badly-written scripts I’ve ever seen.

    I could care less about what happens to your Call of Doody, Western Developer-worshiping company. You guys can go bankrupt for all I care, and sell your franchises off to competent developers that truly care about their IPs.

    Capcom, your only chance at redemption is a new retail Megaman game (NO REBOOT), uncancelling Megaman Legends 3, reviving Captain Commando and Strider Hiryu, and apologizing for the god-awful DmC reboot by making a proper DMC5 with fan input.

  16. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate’s online play will be region-locked, Capcom has announced.
    The news first broke in a Spanish GameReactor interview, but Capcom later confirmed it on its official forums.

    “I’m not thrilled with the servers being split either,” said Capcom community specialist Yuri Lindbergh. “I am definitely aware of the demand and feedback, not only in this thread, but also from threads before finding out these bad news; so be sure that I will pass it along. There is no guarantee this will change though.”

    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Wii U will be running on Nintendo’s servers and it remains unknown what the cause is for the region lock, but we’ve asked Capcom for comment and are awaiting reply.

    Unfortunately, the 3DS version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate won’t support online multiplayer at all – a shame as online 3DS games support cross-region play.
    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is due in Europe on 22nd March and in North America on 19th March. A demo is expected for both platforms on 21st February.
    source eurogamer

    I wish when you guys post news, at least google some place so it will show the entire article.

  17. NO!!!!!! I enjoyed playing with European friends on Monster Hunter 3 Tri. This really sucks! This site should be called because lately it has been nothing but negative news for Nintendo. Still, thank you for reporting all this sickr and for all your hard work!


    -THE REAL Bill-

  19. What’s the point of this? I was really looking forward to playing with friends oversees. Fuck capcom, fuck ubisoft, fuck everyone.

  20. so English speakers in the UK will not be able to play with other people who speak English. i don’t care if i sound xenophobic but whats the point point with playing with people you can’t speak to. also half of my friend who own the wii U are in US i hate Capcom cheap tits

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  22. The only issue I have with this, is that the reality is that the European servers won’t have any specific server for a language.
    I don’t want language LOCKED servers, I want people to be able to choose a server. If a German guy wants to play with Germans and speak German, he should be able to go on a German Server. If a German guy who wants to speak English and play with English people, he should be able to select “English Server”.

    YES the ‘majority’ players of European countries do speak English, but NO in reality this is not what happens. All that happens is butt-hurt French and German people telling me “NO ENGLISH” and then I need to get lost >_>.. like sheesh………… so annoying.

  23. Not to be rude to those but I really don’t want to play with the people who can barely speak English at north america….this means you quebec and mexico, seriously I shouldn’t look up how to say”wait don’t attack diablos when he’s sleeping” in french!!

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