The next edition of Japanese publication CoroCoro promises to have some new information regarding the long-awaited Pokemon X & Y for the Nintendo 3DS. The edition of CoroCoro will be available to purchase in the next few days, so expect leaks before Wednesday. Next week’s episode of Pokemon Smash will also feature brand-new information about Pokemon X & Y.



  1. I swear Pokemon smash is completely pointless. every week it’s just: show random episode from the anime, Japanese people doing random shit that has nothing to do with pokemon, show creepy pokemon costumes. I hope corocoro leaks by the time I get back from school tomorrow.


  2. Cool man, i hope they do something big with SpotPass, and the 3DS’s online.
    Do something similar to the file share “secret base” trainers from R/S/E, but online and with random people


      • I didn’t start disliking the series.
        I still think it’s alright.
        It’s just that it became a nightmare for me.
        I have a curse called half-assed perfectionism.
        I WANT to catch them all, but after seeing how many the ones past Pearl added to the overall total, my patient side just couldn’t handle how daunting a task it would have been to actually catch at least one of absolutely everything.
        In essence, too many Pokemon. It overloaded my patience and my perfectionist streak made it too frustrating to know I’d never accomplish my goal, so I left the series for good.


  3. It’s games like Pokemon X and Y , Animal Crossing , Luigi’s mansion , why the 3DS is leading the way for Nintendo this year. I see huge things ahead for 3DS after Pokemon X and Y comes out. Wiiu needs to gain some momentum soon , but it is way too early to say negative things just yet. I think it will be an OK success come Christmas and from there it can go on to grow and grow.


    • gen 1-Eevee, Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon
      gen 2-Umbreon, Espeon (new)
      gen 3-nothing
      gen 4-Glaceon, Leafeon (new)
      gen 5-nothing
      gen 6- ??? (new)

      It could happen… who knows.


  4. (SPOILERS) My good friend Shigeki Morimoto has showed me pictures of the new 3ds pokemon. The game is still in beta and it looks very nice. The 3d graphics you have all seen in the trailer is still beta and Morimoto told me it will look much more like pokemon Colosseum once more textures are added. They plan to add 121 new pokemon and a total of 253 pokemon available in this new region.


  5. Most likely the pokemon we all like the most will be in both versions whilst other “rare” pokemon can appear in only one version, can’t wait to use poke’transfer from bw2 to xy!


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