Nicalis Is Publishing The 90’s Arcade Racer For Wii U


Cave Story and VVVVVV publisher Nicalis has announced that it will be publishing The 90’s Arcade Racer for Wii U, PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. The racer is a Kickstarter backed project which has already surpassed its £10,000 goal. The current tally for the game is £11,661 with five days to go before the 17th February deadline. The game is being developed by Greek developer Antonis Pelekanos and is meant to be a throwback to games such as Daytona USA and Virtua Racing.

“We’re working with Anthony on The 90’s Arcade Racer. Our collaboration will allow him to realise his vision of the game and make sure that he has the necessary Unity programming and design help he needs so that he can concentrate on art and other aspects. On our end, we’ll be working on the Unity programming, physics, tuning and general design and production of the game.”

– Nicalis founder Tyrone Rodriguez

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    1. You, sir, has been being overly ironic lately.

      Anyway, I confess I have a crush on 90’s graphics style.

  1. The gameplay video looks reasonably fun , If it’s less than a tenner and has off screen play , count me sold!

      1. I dunno. If it does , then it will be a must for any good Wiiu owner. It looks fun though , I saw a dinosaur and an F1 car. If the price is low , I’m sold.

  2. When The 90s Arcade Racer (powered by the Unity 4 Engine) is released at the eShop for the U. I’m gonna buy that game and go away like Daytona!!!!!!

  3. It’s pretty cool that devs are using Kickstarter to get projects on consoles and not just phones and tablets. 11K pounds sounds little though,

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