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GameStop Prepares For 250 Store Closures In 2013, Opening 60-70 New Stores


GameStop has announced that it is preparing to close 250 stores. The retail chain says that only 50 of the closed stores will be outside of the US. GameStop CFO Rob Lloyd says that the stores which will be closing as those that are unprofitable and those that are marginally profitable stores, mainly in areas with an alternate GameStop store nearby. He announced that the firm will be opening around sixty to seventy new stores. They’ve also got the acquisition of 40 stores in France from the European retailer GAME.

41 thoughts on “GameStop Prepares For 250 Store Closures In 2013, Opening 60-70 New Stores”

    1. Read the full article. They will mostly close stores in locations with more than 1 Game Stop or places where it is not profitable and probably build new ones where demand is increasing.

      1. probably a decent idea, a street where I used to live near had around three of them and not even far from each other and where I currently live, there’s two on the same street.

        1. Yeah, this is probably what they should cut down. It is not profitable having two stores compete about the same customers when you can relocate them.

          1. My city had three gamestops within a half mile radius until our mall GameStop closed at the beginning of the year. There was just no point to keep three stores that are within walking distance.

  1. And that idout pachter – says the UK was a joke because of closures of GAME and HMV – well here’s GAMESTOP closing 250 stores to open. 50. So does that mean the US is also a joke as its losing 200 GAMESTOP stores ???

    1. UK lost 2 of their biggest retails. US will lose 200 stores (many which are located in the same area as another store). It is a big difference.

      Not to protect Pachter or anything, but when he is right he is right.

    2. lol! No Gamestop is making a wise decision because they are losing money having stores open too close to each other. They will close a bunch of stores and open up 50 new stores and evenly spread them out around where ever. It is a GOOD thing for G.S.

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    1. Mine too! But its even closer. You walk out of the first one, go up the escalater 15 feet in front of it and walk another 15 feet and your at the second gamestop. Its kind of rediculus. I mean, you can see the other gamestop from eachother.

  3. In Auburn, Maine there’s one in the mall and then there’s one in a outdoor mall area right next to the mall. Pointless as hell. So I understand them closing those, and it sounds like they’d like to get rid of the ones in areas where there’s less business. As long as the one in my town doesn’t close, which it probably won’t, I’ll be content. Hopefully the employees get offered a job at the new stores.

    1. I hear you. I live in Central Maine and there are four of them within 30 miles of me. I do like the option if one is out of what I am looking for, but it doesn’t mean THAT much to me. It makes more business sense to close a few. I’m sure that Maine will be hit with a few of those closings.

  4. Hopefully not the one across the street from my house. Though it’s a pretty big GameStop so it shouldn’t close.

  5. 2 out of 3 gamestops that have been within walking distance of me for the past 6+ years closed within a week of each other a month ago. Knew something like this most have been happening.

  6. One by me closed in 2011 and it was such a great longtime location. We found about two others near us, and one at the mall by us but I hope the closer ones don’t close any time soon.

  7. I wish all Gamestops would close out and become Play N’ Trades. Play N’ Trade was such a better store. They had CLASSIC GAMES!!!

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