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Aliens Colonial Marines Wii U Postponed Indefinitely?


Rumours have begun to surface that suggest that the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines has been postponed indefinitely. Kotaku writer Jason Schreier says he received a tip around a month ago that the flawed game had been canned on Wii U. He said he has spoken to SEGA who have denied it. It’s also worth noting that Amazon has removed the Wii U version from its site.

We heard from a tipster about a month ago that the Wii U version had been “postponed indefinitely.” We reached out to Sega, and they denied it. I’ll let you guys fill in the blanks there. :)

Thanks, Aeolus

114 thoughts on “Aliens Colonial Marines Wii U Postponed Indefinitely?”

      1. He’s just a troll, but the truth lies in the middle.

        That the game is garbage is an unfortunate turn of events for all platforms. That it was cancelled on Wii U *may* have something to do with the idea that it won’t have the benefit of initial sales before the bad critic reception become known by most gamers via word of mouth (in other words, most of the potential audience will already see it as garbage before it is even released, while de PC/PS360 version will still sell lots on name alone in the first weeks).

        But how much of this hinges on the fact that even the most critically acclaimed third-party Wii U exclusives, such as ZombiU, are not selling as expected? It’s hard to know.

        1. ZombiU is critically acclaimed? Yeah right!!! 77 average on Metacritic and GamesRanking is not critically acclaimed!

            1. Yes but there is no reason to do it that way because no one uses it like that. I think it has shifted to how schol grades are. 9+ is an A, 8+ is a b, and 7+ is a c, and so on. So in that case it works, but I believe it needs to be reformed like you said so it can be more accurate.

              1. It’s a little more complicated than that. Some sources still treat 5 or 6 is the middle ground. For example, 6 is “fair” for Gamespot and still somewhat good for Edge. Other sites use star rankings akin to movie ones, and you can’t directly translate these to 10 or 100-based rankings – two stars out of five still is a movie/game that may be worth experiencing in such cases, so you can’t just consider it 40/100.

                Still, ultimately the point is that Metacritic itself considers 75+ to be good critical reception and Zombiu sits above that. If a basement nerd only considers 80+ or 90+ to be “acclaimed”, it’s his problem.

      1. When ever I tell you that inbred nerds that are of Atari decent hate nintendo because it has spuned three centuries you disagree with me. Sony needs help, and we all know the xbox is……….

      2. Name some. I have a hard time thinking of many bad games from nintendo. In fact they are one of the top rated game developers in the world.
        Even if the wii u does become a failure, those with it will know it is a great machine, but at this point the wii u is far from a failure.

      3. for one nintendo didn’t start in 1889 and for two you tool bag troll thats the end dates for ps4 and xbox 720 it’s a shame you troll’s don’t read much cuz from your position you’ll wish your prescious consoles are doing as well, no backwards compatability,no pre owned, kinect only, online only, ditching pro controllers, tablet like controller rip offs 400 to 600 dollars a system not including games or online. so what was that about nintendo ?

    1. You’re proud of a terrible game not being ported? I bet you were all “hahaha Wii U owners will soon suffer!” prior to this, right? Prove your convoluted, corrupted mindset right here and amuse us. =)

      1. Silence, fool. You are butthurt because you know this is a sign Wii U will have minimal third-party support throughout it’s life.

        1. So wiiu owners should be upset they didn’t get a bad game?
          A studio has finished the game and spent a lot of money and you think it won’t release?

            1. Nintendo life is honestly a much better site. Sickr, improve the comment situation and I’ll come back. You’ve done too much to let this ruin it.

              1. I only come here because they break news first (generally) and there are a few guys who can express their views like civil adults. But yeah, the comments section of sites like nintendolife are much, much better. This site seems to like having trolls around, heck even encouraging them to get hits (ex. look at who is being acknowledged for this story…so much for banning him)

          1. The level of immaturity on the comment boards makes this site almost unbearable. I still visit it for the headlines, but it is impossible for there to be a thread in the comments that is relevant and/or devoid of childish “trolls.” – which is a term I detest.

            1. Sometimes, I click on these Nintendo news articles just see the idiotic comments and laugh. That’s how bad it’s gotten.

      1. Thank you. This dude on here makes no sense. Am I supposed to be mad because I’m not buying trash. Please call me when a game has a metacritic rating of 90% plus and it gets pulled.

    2. Pretty sure ALOT of people wanted this across all systems, and it turned out shit, least WiiU owners dont get screwed over into buying a crappy game

    3. So, your point is?

      So us not getting a terrible game is a bad thing? You clearly have no brain cells…. Also, NFS: Most Wanted PC to Wii U port…. suck it

        1. Dude get a fuckin life it’s valintines day go get a girlfriend rather then just sitting on a computer and trolling this website

  1. If they are delaying it so they can fix it then by all means GO FOR IT! I’d rather wait for a game so they can work on it…

  2. During the pre launch video with IGN within the last 2 weeks, they said infaticly it IS coming to Wii u. At this point they are better off trying to recoup some money even if it goes manly on eshop. I look forward to this game regardless and hope they do not do a last minute pull-out.

  3. If this is true I might as well take my money and buy some games I missed on the Wii while waiting for the big hitters to come to Wii U. Of course, I would’ve been able to get Rayman if it wasn’t delayed >:( GameStop would give back my preorder money right?

  4. If even they did postponed Aliens Colonial Marines for Wii U, they should at least fix the issues in order to make the game a really good one.

  5. Could someone list the third party games that we really need on the Wii U, not the ones that we want but after completion and before are impulse media propaganda driven monsters.

    Here is my list :

    1) Tomb Raider revolted
    2) Niño kuni “‘wrath of the white witch”
    3) Watch dogs
    4) Final fantasy xv ( come back home FF )

    That’s all the third parties I really want.

    Honorable mentions are :

    1) PES14
    2) FIFA14
    3) Dead space 3

  6. After the ratings the PC, xbox360 and PS3 got, we are happy nintendo gamers :). Look at Nuetron jealous his PC gets ports from xbox lol.

    1. This was the same guy who said the Wii U controller is region locked, and that was wrong too.
      Also you can still pre-order it at Gamestop and Bestbuy, but as it always was before is no release date.

  7. rented this game on the xbox, it was god awful. if they dont fix the game and make the visuals the same as we were lead to believe they were supposed to be, then i’ll pick it up

  8. I just came here to comment that Amazon never listed the Wii U version…ever. So, saying they removed it is simply untrue.

    1. Small differences won’t help. If the game were only MILDLY bad, small differences might help. But the game is a total turd through and through. No amount of graphical or AI polish will help turn this boring excuse of a game into anything worth playing. Sorry.

  9. thenintendoreviewer

    Better not be true. I still want to play it regardless of its reviews. Chances are that the studio which is working on the Wii U version is still polishing the game to give it the best experience.

  10. Jesus I hope they make it better than the demo. I was actually looking towards this then not giving two sh*ts about it seeing as how crappy it is in the final develop.

  11. Fuck you gearbox!! Fuck you very much!!!! So sick of this shit… I hope Nintendo drops some crazy bombs with tomorrow’s direct broadcast because my early adopter’s remorse is really kickin’ in over all the games and devs sticking a big fat rod up the Wii U’s ass and canceling everything they have promised for it!!

    1. Welcome to Nintendo.

      They’re learning quickly that 3rd party devs still don’t care about clever new controllers when the console using it is far underpowered compared to the other two consoles coming out.

      Devs keep pulling out, canceling exclusives, or having them go multi-platform… or just not even bothering with the Wii U at all.

      It’s a good concept, the console, but it sacrifices what devs really want the most: power. Not just for graphics, for advanced AI, bigger worlds with less polygon & texture pop-in, better physics, more interactive environments, etc.

      All those things contribute largely to gameplay. So what’s better: having a second small screen to put a few gadgets or menus on, or having enough power to create more immersive games? The Wii U is powerful compared to the 360 and PS3, sure. And those consoles have great games that play and look great.

      However… developers have had that level of power for 7+ years now; they want something more. And the Wii U isn’t THAT much more powerful than current 7-year-old consoles, especially when you take into account the power needed to run the control let’s second screen; taking that into account, the Wii U is barely above the current gen in terms of raw power and, thus, game-making potential.

      It’s only advantage is the second screen. But developers can clearly see that there are only so many REASONABLE possibilities for that function that would not only make sense, but would also flow well with the kind of games they want to make (i.e. many games would be hindered by having to keep looking down or holding the controller up in the air; like ZombiU, a clear example of how it breaks the flow of an already dismal game).

      So while Nintendo fans might clamour about the possibilities of the second screen, the percentage of those possibilities that would make real-world sense for the games developers want to make is very small, and not worth the sacrifice of having to work with a benchmark just a hair over what they’ve been using for the past 7 years.

      What’s more appealing is not only more raw power, bigger storage discs/media, but also newer softwares & engines (Unreal Engine 4, which could run on Wii U, but not at full spec) and Direct X11, which I understand Wii U’s GPU is not ready-capable of, unlike PS4 and XBOX720 are.

      Also, the huge marketability and 3rd party support of the other 2 consoles is more attractive than, “hey, look-it… a second screen!” Like them or not, XBOX 360 and PS3 are HUGE 3rd party magnets, and while the original Wii sold many consoles, the software sales overall for the 360’s 3rd party games trump that of the past few Nintendo consoles together. Nintendo consoles lately are first-party sellers only. That’s not attractive to any developer other than Nintendo themselves.

      As for this current game, it’s more about saving face for a game that is already doing terrible. However, the fact that Wii U sales are anemic compared to what was originally projected, and compared to the original Wii’s initial numbers, definitely makes releasing a sub-par game ever less viable. It would cost a lot of money to put the game out for Wii U even IF the console was selling really well. But it’s not. So it’s even less enticing to do so.

      Unless something drastic happens this year )and so far it doesn’t look too great), you can expect Wii U to go the way of Virtual Boy or Dreamcast. Nintendo is too caught up in their own world to realize what is happening (and what is working) in the world everywhere else. I understand they don’t like to follow trends, but going against them isn’t always a smart move. It worked well for the original Wii, but it could just as easily gone the other way. And they’re seeing that now.

      I don’t understand why Nintendo doesn’t just up and become a software company like Sega. The ONLY reason people buy Nintendo consoles are for Pokemon, Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc. NOBODY buys them for, say, Call of Duty or other popular 3rd party multi-platforms.

      Think of how much more copies of a Mario game they’d sell if it were on XBOX 360: Nintendo fans would obviously buy it, and they’d have at least a decent share of non-die hard Nintendo fans give it a try now that they don’t have to fork out $300 to buy a new console just to play that Mario game on. And the game itself would benefit from being on a much more powerful console, allowing for more game-design possibilities.

      That alone would pique my interest more than saying, “Hey, look… now you can play almost the exact same game as New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but you can play it on a smaller screen up to 20 feet away, and can tap to make a block to jump on! Hurrah!”

      Mario 64 was an ingenious game and still holds up today without any fancy touchscreen contoller, and Mario Galaxy does as well, even if played on a standard controller rather than the WiiMote. So why try to fix something that clearly isn’t broken, with “upgrades” that nobody was really asking for?

      1. I like how you made this stupidly long paragraph when your inspiration for it was about a cancelled port of a shitty game.

        Get a life.

  12. Postponed Indefinitly??!?? They should postpone it for a year or year and a half and MAKE IT BETTER, patch up some of the flaws like A.I intelligence, graphics, online play and THEN release it on the Wii U. They should treat the launch of the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC ones as the trial and error version :P

        1. I don’t have to. The game itself is dismal. It’s not the controls, it’s not the graphics, or the AI; all those things suck, yes… but the biggest problem is the story and gameplay; it’s just bloody boring. It’s predictable, bland, full of forgettable non-characters, and is not thrilling, exciting, or challenging.

          So unless they change EVERYTHING about the game for the Wii U version, it’s going to suck just as much there, except it might have slightly prettier graphics (which Nintendo fans are ALWAYS so quick to regard as unimportant, right?) and slightly less retarded AI. Big whup.

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  14. I was going to get this game only cause a friend I have on Xbox 360 was a big fan and we were going to play together on the Wii U…however he just couldnt fucking wait and got the 360 version…which apparently is pretty damn bad. Now I have no interest in getting it anyway lol.

  15. DarkLordNintendoFan

    You know… I was a bit pissed knowing that a lot of the early multiplat games that were coming to the Wii U would be coming out about a month or so after their original release. But… now, after this catastrophe, I’m kind of glad that we don’t get them immediately. So, basically… at this point in time… PS3 and 360 owners are beta testers for Wii U owners! It’s great that we’re not the ones getting screwed over, for once.

  16. Apparently the game was so bad that maybe an indefinite postponement would not only be the honorable thing to do on the developer’s part, it would also be a mercy killing for the title itself. Everyone wins. Except for those who actually wanted this game I guess.

  17. More bad news? One less game on an already Barren landscape of game releases? Maybe this wasn’t a good game but we need games. Rayman now aliens what next monster hunter? Pikmin? Hell Nintendo why don’t you just put zelda. On the 360 since abandon this console and out no effort in to keeping third party games on the console. I feel so cheated by the wiiu. It’s sad because it had such potential.

  18. This is just sad, it was actually the first game besides Pikmin 3 that caught my attention during E3 2011.
    But since the game is bad according to most…I guess itäs not a huge loss…unless they improve everything and release it for Wii U later some day…

  19. I didn’t believe the bad reviews i read of this game and i was totally right: it didn’t deserve to be rated 50/100 on metacritic with a user score of 4.4.

    It deserved far less. Last time i played a game that bad was Duke Nukem Forever. Really no loss at all for the WiiU.

  20. This sucks. This was one of the few reasons I decided to buy a Wii U and now they pull it close to release? It’s becoming a joke.
    And to jump in on the point of “critic” scores…..why do people let these things control their decisions and opinions about things without actually having played the game themselves? Game critics are the same as food critics……everyone has different tastes and what one person doesn’t like, another may love. point being, try it yourself and then say its shit if it is but LET ME DECIDE FOR MYSELF!!! (granted, poor scores from the “other two” consoles might not be the actual reason it was pulled if true)

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