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Sega Denies That Aliens: Colonial Marines Wii U Has Been Canceled


Despite the rumours on the Internet yesterday saying otherwise, Sega has told Eurogamer that the Wii U version of the flawed Aliens: Colonial Marines is still in development and hasn’t been cancelled. Sega says the rumour isn’t true. They haven’t announced a release date for the Wii U version yet, but that is all. When questioned about the phrase “postponed indefinitely”, Sega said that they had never announced a release date for the Wii U version of the game.

“It’s not true. “We haven’t announced the release date for it yet but that’s it.”

31 thoughts on “Sega Denies That Aliens: Colonial Marines Wii U Has Been Canceled”

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    1. Your gaming PC couldnt handle this game lol.

      I wonder if Demiurge still utilized the assets from Gearbox 2011 demo

      The Wii U version could turn out to be miles better

      1. Ok. I went to Metacritic.
        I read night-marish reviews of the game, and about lost all hope.

        I then read the good reviews.
        Currently, under User-reviews (the reviews I actually care about) it is a dead split.
        50 good, 50 horrible.

        I read samplings of them both. After reading most of the 50 positive user reviews, I found a small glimmer that this game may still be worth buying for the hardcore Aliens Fan. Not the Hardcore graphics fan, or those wanting nothing less than the most up-to-date graphics and gameplay, but I found some hope the game may be enjoyable for me after reading the 50 positive metacritic user reviews.

        I also read they are already working on a patch.

        I think I’ll still take the risk, go in with very low expectaions, and pick this up.

  1. The game was a huge letdown. I was actually really excited to try the motion tracker feature out on the gamepad and have the Jeebus scared out of me. Sadly, like most alien games, it’s not happening. Anyone ever play Alien Vs Predator on Jaguar. That was the last time I had a blast in a aliens game.

    As for RPGs Monolith Soft’s game on the U looks amazing… excited to see more.

  2. Since A patch is already being deeloped forthis game, I hope they delay the WiiU version to have the most current code, and them I hope WiiU gamers will continue to see patches like we do in ZombiU, AC3, BLOPS2, etc…

  3. ah, but what if the Wii U version turns out to be the definitive version with improved lighting, textures, AI and all? coz basically those are the major flaws of the game… lighting and texture on the supposed gameplay demo was way better than the actual; and AI in the demo was better (probably scripted anyway). what if they decided to fix all this for the Wii U version, just a thought.

  4. Well, the latest news about this game, is that there is an 8gb patch on the way to fix the issues with the game, on PS3/360. What’s great about that, is since the Wii U version isn’t set for release for a bit, those patches could already be applied to fix many of the issues from the other versions, right out of the box. That’s quite the patch, so it could easily include AI changes, or texture/graphical changes as well, which seem to be the biggest qualms. If the Wii U version is better, and won’t need that huge download to fix it, and it gets decent reviews, that could be a nice win for Wii U owners.

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