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This New Pokemon X And Y Video Shows Sylveon

The Pokemon Company released a new trailer for Pokemon X and Y for the Nintendo 3DS. The video shows off Sylveon who is an Eevee evolution, although its Type is currently unknown. In the video you will see Sylveon use a variety of attacks against Krookodile and Hariyama from Pokemon Black and White and Gligar from Pokemon Gold and Silver. Pokemon X and Y is coming to the Nintendo 3DS worldwide this October.

70 thoughts on “This New Pokemon X And Y Video Shows Sylveon”

  1. My guess is it’s a Normal type Female evolution of Eevee, and a Normal type Male evolution will be revealed later… y’know, to tie in with the whole X and Y chromosomal thing.

    1. That’s not inpossible, but even just looking at it, it doesnt “look” like a Normal type, i mean its got glowing blue eyes (also to note theyre the same colour as Light Stones).
      You’d think for a Normal type it would keep the same colour scheme as Eevee…

      1. I’m fairly sure the ribbons and bows are indicators of a normal type, and the pink colour has been seen in normal types before (Skitty comes to mind), and if we assume there is a male and female version then of course the female version will have a feminine colour scheme and appearance, because the male version would have a more masculine colour scheme.
        And unless they add in a new type (which I know is a rumour but I seriously doubt it) then I can’t think of any other types it could be.

        1. Yeah but look at the move it used. Okay, Swift is an obvious Normal type, but then is used some projectile, then whatever those cards were, and then a weird stat boost move, its just doesnt come across as “normal”. Saying it’s normal because Skitty is pink and so is this is like saying Lucario is Dragon because Garchomp is blue.

          1. The card move is probably Trump Card (from Gen 5), a normal type move.

            And you’re seriously missing the point and seriously oversimplifying what I’m trying to say because for some reason you disagree with me but you haven’t put forward any evidence to suggest why your opinion (as of yet unvoiced) is any more correct than mine.

            1. all the known moves it uses are moves that evee learns by leveling so we can’t tag it as normal yet. I don’t believe its a normal type since a pure eveelution woulden’t need such effort put into it.

  2. Have a hunch that it’s the new rumoured “Light” type. Aside from Swift, i have no idea what those moves are but theyre not flying or normal moves.

    1. Also the name, Sylveon, if it’s said as “Sil-vi-on”, as in silver, and it isnt Steel type suggest its named as silver being shiny, not like they’d like call it Brighteon, or Lighteon.

    2. There’s a very good reason why a “Light” typing is unlikely… because it sort of technically already exists in the Fighting type.

      1. How? Because it’s Super Effective on Dark? So i guess Ice is pointless because Fire is already good on Grass. Light and Dark will probably be super effective against each other, Light will just have the parallel weaknesses and strengths of Dark type.

        1. No, there’s more than that. If you look at Dark as a type in Pokemon it doesn’t portray evil or darkness, it portrays trickery, cunning, back-stabbing. Pokemon like Sneasel and Murkrow are tricksters. In Japan especially, honour is a big thing in combat, so the Fighting type naturally counters those characteristics with honour and valour. Unless we get a new “Evil” type or something, Light is totally unnecessary for the balance.

            1. Or, y’know, I saw someone else explain it elsewhere and checked it out for myself. It’s kind of interesting. Besides, who are you to say when I’ve researched something “too much”, especially if I find it interesting?

            2. I don’t see anything wrong with researching anything. There’s no such thing as too much knowledge, and what they said makes sense. I was pretty certain GameFreak said long ago that they wouldn’t add anymore types because they all fit in somehow. Of course, by now they could have changed their minds.

      2. Also, the it just seems like theyre rethinking the types of Pokemon every with the starters, the way that its still Water>Grass>Fire triangle, but each Pokemon has a move or sub type of Fighting>Psychic>Dark triangle so their sub type is super effective on the starter that is good against their main type.

    3. I agree on Light type, and also a note is that it didn’t appear to directly use Swift, it looked to me at least more like it use Nature Power, which can turn into Swift.

        1. Ugh..Gyrados has wings because the design of Magikarp is based on a Japanese legend of a fish swimming to the top of a waterfall and getting turned into a flying dragon serpent, which make no sense for Gyrados because he still cant fly -.- his Flying type has stayed for balancing reasons, otherwise Gyrados would be even more of a powerhouse.

        1. Even though Doduo is based on the dodo, a flightless bird, and is also said to have poor flying skills, it can still learn the move Fly. It says that Doduo flies by two different methods, the first being that he jumps high enough, and gets enough hang-time that would be the same as flying. the second it is said that Doduo Rotates his legs in circles at vicious speeds, causing him to hover, granting him flying capabilities…so everyone knows.

      1. Ok but neither do the Hoppip family, Rayquaza, Drifloon, Drifblim, Fan Rotom, Sky Shaymin (which to be honest was the first thing I thought of when I saw Sylveon), Thundurus, Landorus, or one of Tornadus’ forms.

        Mew, Smeargle, Golurk, and Genesect (not Flying type but all learn fly and don’t have wings) also come to mind. Mewtwo flies in the movies he’s been in. And these are just Pokémon examples. Superman doesn’t have wings. Witches’ brooms don’t have wings. Chinese dragons don’t have ’em, and neither do rockets, helicopters, or blimps. The Weasley family’s enchanted car doesn’t have wings, and neither does Goku’s flying nimbus cloud (to say nothing of Goku himself, as well as mostly every major character in that series).

        Point is, it’s a fictional character in a world where the laws of physics are usually treated more like a recommendation anyway. I fail to see why lack of wings automatically means it can’t be Flying type.

      2. Who says Sylveon has to be able to learn fly? Maybe it can’t even learn that move so there is no point in adding “pointless” wings.

    1. Well the two names given are actually from the words nymph and sylvon which are both things that represent the forest so my guess is that it’ll be bug or normal
      i think i spelled it right

  3. I think contests will return in VI gen.

    Then the typing would be a normal type, and method of evolving Eevee into Sylveon would be getting max Beauty or Cuteness, or trading with a prism scale(much like Milotic’s second option)

    1. Man, I really hope you’re right and that contests return. Along with berry planting/picking, those were two of my favorite aspects in Hoenn and Sinnoh.

      1. Those were nice features and all, but I’m more interested in seeing Secret Bases return. But do it like it was in Ruby and Sapphire, the 4th-gen version wasn’t as fun for me.

  4. Sylveon as in Sylph was what first came to mind. Originally they were thought of as air spirits, but they seem to be portrayed as fairy-like creatures more often. If it’s not a Normal-Type, I would guess Flying. Who knows, though? Maybe all of those fans who wanted new types will get their wish :p

  5. Remember before Reshiram and Zekrom had their types revealed, so many people were dead sure that Reshie was going to be the first Light-type?

    I have to agree with the most popular theories here – she’s either Normal or Flying.

    1. You ever take the time to think that maybe they want you to take the obvious choice and say a Normal type? I’ve learned my lesson about doing that when black and white 2 were released. Everyone speculated they’d have a single release titled Pokemon Gray.

  6. ok on the male/female X & Y thing has in a way been done (shellos) I’m not saying they can’t go this way but it isn’t new and their are rumors they might change it up I honestly don’t know what to think type wise I always thought a normal would look like Eevee or you could tell it was connected to it, to me it looks like a weird Espeon as for flying again my mind sort of goes to a white looking Eevee with feathers (now don’t get on my with the not all flying have wings I’m very in love with pokemon so I know this) but I can at least see this. Although I don’t know how its name Sylveon ties to flying because at least in the US the names tie into the type ( Vaporeon = Vapor = Water Vapor = Water, etc)

  7. Most likely types: Normal, Dragon. Obviously it looks Normal, as we’ve all determined, but if it’s anything else, it looks a little bit Dragon.
    Unlikely types: Poison, Bug, Rock, Ground, Flying, Steel, Ghost, Fighting.
    0% Chance: Any type of the other Eeveelutions.
    About the rumored “Light” type: No. The Light type has been rumored since before Gen 3. The only reason they’d have a Light type is to counteract Dark. Electricity and Fire are enough light for you. And if you think of Light as “Heroic” to counter the “Evil” Dark types, that’s what they did with Fighting. Of course, this is all my thoughts. If there is a new type, it won’t be Light. Hell, Sound would be a better type, since there are already sound based moves and there are also Pokemon which would be able to be such a type (Exploud, Jigglypuff, etc).

  8. Wow, so much debate on types! My two cents…I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a flying type.
    1. Scarves: I’ve noticed a trend in Japanese, they love putting scarves on airy things that have a lot to do with wind and/or flying.

    2. Bows: They look more like butterflies fastened to the scarves

    3. Color scheme: Suggestive of sunset/sunrise skies and clouds.

    4. The name: Sylveon…now if it’s root is in Sylva (tree) then it would be a grass, MAYBE bug type. It so doesn’t look like a bug type, but then…there are the butterflies. I think the root is more in Sylph, air spirits/fae.

    As to people suggesting this is only the girl colour…um…boy Espeons are still pink.
    As to people suggesting it is normal because it is pink…um…Espeons are pink.

    I tend to agree that giving us a fancy-looking normal-type eevee would be a repetitive redundancy, but I suppose it could be a fighting type…flaunt like a butterfly (sting like a bee…or however that goes)…I think a fighting-type eevee will end up with a bandage across its nose hehe.

    Still, can’t wait to find out with the rest of you :D

  9. It appears to me to be a flying type. It has the appearance of a kite. Mantine also has the appearance of a kite, and it is a flying type.

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