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NPD: Nintendo Sold ‘Well Under’ 100,000 Wii U Consoles In US During January?


According to an NPD representative, the sales for the Wii U console in the U.S. were ‘well under’ 100,000 units for January. Gamastura estimates that Nintendo sold somewhere between 45,000 and 59,000 Wii U consoles in North America last month. If the website’s estimate is true, the Wii U will have sold worse than any of the three previous-generation home consoles – the Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 – sold in their worst months, though the Wii console’s recent performance may be an exception. The Wii U launched November 18th, 2012, in North America.

109 thoughts on “NPD: Nintendo Sold ‘Well Under’ 100,000 Wii U Consoles In US During January?”

      1. The boost for 3DS was due to it launching without many things it should have had to start with (online opts especially), and due to Nintendo drastically cutting the price.

        Nintendo has said they have no plans for a console price cut. So no, you can’t expect the same thing to happen just because it happened with the 3DS. Two completely different machines, two completely different set of circumstances.

    1. Take that Nintendo ! Make a machine people want no something 5 years old and call it new. I guess the vita isn’t as funny as a more now that this console isn’t selling.

        1. I wanted the Wii U and I was going to buy it but if its just a bit more powerful, then I shouldn’t get it. I’ll just wait 6-7months for the new ps3 which will be around 400.( 50 bucks more)I have a 3ds so ill get my Mario on that. I’m sure Sony has something in store for the vita, they’re to deep into it to not try to save it, I bet on the 20th they announce a price drop. they have to create a bundle everybody wants. I mean for nobody wanting a handheld it sold better then I thought during Christmas so its proof that people want it, its just to expensive still.

      1. ok…moron you kill your self because if the wii u is a 5 years old machine and nobody wanted then what the heck is wrong with the vita that have the lates tech under the hood and nobody wanted too? is not the tech is the poor propaganda from nintendo, the bad propaganda from nintendo haters and the lack of games that aply more to the westurn audience, mario along and old ports that every body own all ready in others consoles will not move the wii u, Nintendo i love you guys but this is not japan, this is north america it is time you guys let nintendo of america make the decision for the western market and nintendo of japan doit for japan, monster hunter will make good sales for wii u in japan but not in usa over usa you need GTA, crisis 3, metro, nintendo need to invest more money in 3rd parties support in america plus new ip for the american audience to become the king in usa.

        1. All I have to say is bad marketing. The vita is suffering from it and the likes of the wii U is suffering now.everybody thinks the wii U is just a Wii with a tablet they don’t know its a new machine of its own. Wii 2 would have helped. And for marketing Sony just recently dropped the marketing agency they had we should see better sales. Well that’s what Sony is is hopefully expecting.

    1. Amaya-Chan (

      Don’t worry ^^ it makes me sad too, but once more titles are available, the sales will improve! So many great games are planned for this console, and once they start to be released, there will be more desire for the Wii U by the general public. :D

    1. The only reason Xbox 360 sells more here in the U.S.A. is because they keep Red Ringing so people have to go buy a new one :D

      1. Trollbait comment aside, you do realize that the WiiU itself has some pretty damning hardware failure rate itself right? Tons of bricked units, not to mention constant lock ups.

        1. in a year or so we’ll know the exact return rates

          for now what you’re doing is just guesswork based on a couple forum posts

  1. I wish people would appreciate innovation. Last generation to people was the “start of a new era”. If a console did well, people would follow it and the console would be a representative of the company, and if it did bad get the idea. People consider Nintendo (at least here in America) as “kiddy” because of the Wii. They don’t look at the Gamecube, N64, or even the SNES. They look at last gen’s consoles.

    1. True. Everytime I say that I don’t own a Xbox 360 or a PS3, and I have a Wii U instead, people get very surprised and make that “whaddahell” face.

      1. I know that feel bro. They’re like “What’s a Wii U?” and then I kindly educate them that a new generation of consoles has begun and Wii U is Nintendo’s successor to Wii.

    2. But having said the Wii is a kiddy console: it’s not. Everyone and anyone can play it.
      I haven’t played on my Wii U for a little while now. That’s not because I don’t like its because I’ve got tonnes to play on it (Wii games obviously). I’m looking forward to seeing what developers can make (providing they start doing something for it). From what I see its like developers hate the Wii U for whatever reason and they don’t want to do anything for it. Probably because they’re scared that it won’t bring them anything in.
      When to be honest it would if they make something really good.

  2. Well sadly nothing came out last month and thanks to Rayman Legends being delayed so will February. Thankfully March is a bit more promising with Monster Hunter and LEGO City but we need a launch date for Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101. This does look like the 3DS all over again but at least unlike it there is a bit more to play in the coming months. Once E3 and fall launch games come out I think that will start the rush.

    1. But if the fiscal year ends and they don’t succeed with the sales they forecasted, it’s possible that iwata quits.. :(

      1. Thanks Mike S and yes so they better get some more games out like Pikmin 3 or some bad shit gonna go down. Nintendo has yet to release any big IP. Mario Bros. U didn’t work out the way they hoped I guess.

  3. I have my doubts that this estimate is correct, but then again, it’s understandable that sales are lower now than they have been recently. We haven’t seen a Wii U game release since the beginning of December.

  4. This is sad just plain sad. So many issues with the wiiu games thoughv

    1) mass effect 3 released when a month later all three are released on competing consoles for the same price

    2) dlc for call of duty and mass effect don’t make it on the wiiu

    3) aaa games like dead space bio shock and castlevania don’t come to the wiiu

    4) one of the few multi platform releases “aliens Colonial Marines” turns out to be worthless.

    5) rayman Legends is delayed, and to eventually be released on Sony and microsoft platforms

    6) very few games, no big name titles are launched between launch through the present day.

    The poor wiiu has never really had a chance to achieve its potential potential, what is Nintendo thinking not having thought this launch out better. I know Nintendo doesn’t Co trol 3rd parties but they could have given them cash to have made this launch better.

  5. Nintendo is repeating the same mistakes they made with a 3DS.

    Expensive and no games.

    Can they turn it around like they did the 3DS?

      1. The 3DS was expensive and had no games at start. Same with the Vita. Wii U isn’t expensive, it’s just it hasn’t got a WOW type of library YET.

  6. Well I’m not buying a Wii U because in Mexico my shitty retailers are selling the Deluxe console at $500 Dollars. Not to mention that Nintendo are selling their games on the eShop at $82 Dollars I don’t know why.

    1. I know right? What with game planet (I should be postin this in Spanish but no one but you would understand it! ) it’s fucked up! I really want one but it’s too expensive…

  7. Not surprising, at the moment it’s just early adopters. The simple fact is, in terms of a new system, the 3DS is just more desirable right now, and will be for the rest of the year.
    Nintendo NEED to get the game to WiiU soon as possible, but they won’t start to boom in my opinion till Mario Kart hits, it’s all about the online and replay value, it’ll keep people interested for a long time which makes buying a WiiU will be in peoples minds, as well as the fact Wind Waker, Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3 should have been released by then.

  8. Third parties cried about not being given a chance on a nintendo home console. What do they do, the postpone Rayman legends are make a mediocre aliens colonial marines. STUPID WESTERN DEVELOPERS. Okay nintendo unleash Pikmin and monster hunter 3 Ultimate with Capcom. Show them what real developers can do. Criterion, you’re looking like the only real western developers now on the Wii U.

    1. -sigh- that bugs me. Ppl bitch, whine, and moan about not being able to do something then when they can, they fuck it all up. I agree with you, Stupid Devs…

    2. Capcom and real developer do not belong in the same sentence, EVER. They have destroyed every IP that was decent of theirs, and it would not shock me if they destroy Monster Hunter soon too.

      1. Agree for the most part. Monster Hunter is the main thing Capcom has left. Dragons Dogma was a great game though. A few things I would have added but a solid game none the less.

  9. You know one game if they made it to be available might have sold like wildfire? If SEGA had made a Skies of Arcadia sequel and used the Gamepad for Cupil’s little jaunts.

  10. PSV sells poorly- “Haha Sony is dying they have no chance! Nintendo will always be the most successful console!”

    WiiU sells poorly- “Well there aren’t many games for it, but it will be selling like hotcakes in a few months, People just don’t appreciate innovation, selling something is better then nothing, everyone’s just soooooo anti-WiiU that its hard for it to sell well.”

    Fucking fanboys

  11. *Of course it’s not selling well, No good games have come out in Jan. & Feb. And There is Literally NO Wii U Advertisement What so ever!
    I’m Pretty sure Sales will improve in March with Monster Hunter and Hopefully Pikmin 3.
    After E3, When Nintendo Releases Great GAMES like Super Mario, LOZ:WW HD, Mario Kart, Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, Retro’s Game, etc, AND Actually Start some Decent Advertisement For those Games, The System Sales will Most likely Skyrocket.
    These Things Take Time, So Be Patient and Wait. ^_^

  12. It’s one Donkey Kong and Mario Kart U away from selling millions. 4 million is good. Great thing is that the 3DS is running this generation. In short nintendo can actually afford this cause march it’s all smiling faces for Wii U. Monster hunter is in the house. With bundles :).

  13. No big guns (game wise, the library is meh at the moment) And marketing at the same level as Sony’s.

    I’m surprised it’s doing as well as it is! I’ll be adding another one to Australia’s total soon though XD (Unrelated but heck I’m excited)

  14. Who gives a shit. January had nothing at all for Wii U. February should have had Rayman but doesnt. Suck it up. March we start getting stuff finally. As the saying goes better late then never. 2 Amazing months of sales November and December then 2 shit months of January and February, but starting next month with MH3U, The Walking Dead Survival Instinct, Lego City Undercover, Aliens Colonial Marines…ehh we will see how that goes lol. Does Need For Speed U come out next month? Point is The Wii U is a very heavy ball to get rolling starting next month it finally starts to budge lol.

  15. Again I say, it’s all Nintendo’s fault. That’s what happens when you don’t do CRAP for advertising something. Half of the world still doesn’t know what the hell a Wii U is. It would help if Nintendo would at LEAST put some demo units in stores like Wal-Mart and Target etc.

      1. No, that is Nintendo’s work. Companies pay retailers for marketing space (posters, demounits etc.) Nintendo is really greedy when it comes to marketing.

  16. As I stated b4 the reason the wii sold well was because casual gamers period the reason xbox sold well was because red ring and replacement playstatsion sold well because well i dont even

  17. Just tell me with honesty, how much xbox 720 and Orbis will sell after the first 2-3 weeks….?

    When they cost it about 450-500 dollars, euro, etc… and when they force their customers to pay bills (phone and internet conection) as a mandatory feature.? I am waiting answers!!! So these numbers are huge in my speculations about orbis and 720.

    1. I myself will buy the orbis at launch, but I don’t see it or the 720 selling like hotcakes, I honestly think it will just be a repeat of this generation.

      1. Well if you think the 720 will bomb then you have got you info wrong on the current generation because the 360 has done very well for its self, while the PS3 has struggled badly up untill the middle of last year where things picked up.

        1. Please show me where I said it will bomb. I just said it and the Orbis won’t sell like hotcakes and that it will be a repeat of last generation.

  18. I bet in a few years time Nintendo admit they should have dropped the Wii brand. I dont think they realise how Toxic it is. Say the word Wii and most people will follow it with ‘dust’

  19. Its because it is not being promoted/marketed in North America. Really have you actually seen a commercial (on TV, not youtube or a nintendo, gaming site) for it (if you do not live in LA or NY)… I live in Seattle, I have never seen a commercial for it. you know how many people that have seen it online think it is just a new controller for the Wii? It’s bad marketing, and poor game localization, Which I contribute to marketing also. Japanese developer think Games dont sell well here. It’s because they are not promoted at all. So they don’t sell. Just watch the differences between the NA Direct and the UK Direct. Sure Games come out later in the UK most the time, but at least they come out. NA doesn’t even get games that they do. Companies and developers are still in a sad state, closing studios, for poor game sales, etc. There are more gamers than ever, which means more customers! they are not buying it because they do Not know about it!

  20. Don’t worry. This isn’t unusual that a console has problem selling at launch. Take a look at the 3DS’s launch. It was overpriced, and it didn’t have good games. Now look at it. It’s one of the most popular handheld ever. Even if the Wii U sold under 100,000 units, it will do better than ever in the upcoming months.

  21. I personally don’t think the Wii U needs marketing right now or to sell great. I think of these sales as bonus sales.
    Nintendo had to release a new system as the Wii was running out of steam unlike PS3 and Xbox360 which seem to be getting stronger. I think they just need to keep peoples interest enough that they aren’t trading the system in (which they appear to be doing with the Nintendo directs) and then start to build up steam closer to the end of the year when the other two platforms release. This is when I think they need to market the console and the fact that they have had a year head start and maybe built up an install base of what 6-7 million (just a guess) will hopefully help them get some parity from 3rd party publishers on the new console releases even if they do have to be downgraded a little.
    The new PlayStation and Xbox will both likely be competing for the same target audience and if the Wii U debuted alongside them, other than the people who were definitely going to buy one regardless I think it would not do well.

    1. I agree the admin just wants hits and attract more trolls, im seriously considering leaving this site for good as days go by more and more

  22. Of course sales are gonna be crappy in januaray because no new games came out for wiiu, and usually jan and feb are slow, dead months for home consoles with the exception of dmc and ni no kuni both are awesome games

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  24. Same thing happened to the 3ds. No games, no sell. Once next month kicks off, and the games start coming through, the sales will DRASTICALLY pick up!

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  26. I’ve been down on the WiiU a lot but now Ive had more time with it it’s clearly capable of being an amazing console. What it all comes down to is games and the shocking lack of them.

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