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Digimon Game Announced For Nintendo 3DS


An early leak of Japanese publication V Jump has revealed that an updated version of Digimon World Re:Digitize will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS. The new version is titled Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode and will be an updated version of the PSP game that was released in 2012. Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode will include new Digimon including Omegamon X-Antibody and Dukemon X-Antibody, plus a new Digimon called Dorumon. This updated version will also include two new story chapters. Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode will come to Nintendo 3DS this year.

170 thoughts on “Digimon Game Announced For Nintendo 3DS”

        1. The previous Digimon games have all had different was to play. The same is kind of true for Re: Digitize, although it does have gameplay similar to that of Digimon World for PSOne.

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    2. yeah, they are still very popular in japan, that Digimon game didnt make it stateside either by the way, so im hoping this one does.

      PS: Re:Digitize is suppose to be a reboot of the series, and play the same way that the First Digimon World on the PSX did. So anyone that enjoyed Digimon World 1/2/3 should definitely pick this one up (if it makes it stateside this time)

      1. Digimon World 3 had different gameplay in comparison to 1 and 2. It was a more traditional turn-by-turn RPG. Digimon World Championship for the DS had the same style as 1&2, though.

      1. The digimon world games for the ds were good IMO but that might be because I’m a huge fan of digimon since it’s part of my childhood lol

      1. And how many of them are just variations of the exact same creature, as opposed to Pokemon’s several different gens of different ones?
        Also, is there an emphasis on obtaining all of these Digimon, or just fighting them?

        1. well the digimon wiki counts all 7 agumon as different things so I’ll count all of them. and pokemon gave up on the gotta catch them all like 3 gens ago.

          1. They gave up on it originally not because of how many, but because Pokemon had slid from a game that everyone played together into more of a single player due to lowered popularity in the west. It wasn’t until 2006-08 with Diamond and Pearl that Pokemon really smashed its way onto the scene once again.

  1. Theres pokemon for 3ds, aint that enough? Wii u needs more pokemon love! And i mean pokemon RPG not RUMBLE. Or atleast a XD game or something. Yeah still pissed off that they didnt announce a pokemon rpg yet. :(

    1. Digimon Adventure 1, 02, Tamers, Frontier, Savers, and Xros Wars. So 6. And before anyone tries to correct me about The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time, that has been specifically said to be the same generation as Xros Wars, despite the change in goggle head.

    1. Pokemon and Digimon are rivals, since…. ufff along time now. but anyway, pokemon fanbase is already much stronger than digimon fanbase.

        1. dude, is just a videogame that is not develop by gamefreak, Nintendo can do nothing with that because that’s how competition works. xD

                1. dude i think you have reached new level of fanboyism/fangirlism.both series has their own merits. digimon was their anime (which was freaking awesome) and pokemon is their games. as far as digimon stealing some of pokemons buyers then well, if you think they’re gonna take like a massive chunk out of pokemons sells then you are, to put it bluntly, wrong. I being a huge fan of the digimon series am also a huge fan of the pokemon series, as is a good chunk of the digimon fanbase or maybe even the majority of the fanbase. If this does come to america i will more then happily buy both games. so chill man, considering you didn’t know that digimon games are on several of nintendo consoles means that you haven’t really given the series a fair shake and i highly suggest you do so. its a great series

                  Me personally never really seen why they are “rivals” sure they had similar concept with the whole partner thing and had a big emphasis on friendship, trust and what not. But i’ve always felt that they had to different of monster designs, worlds (seeing as how digimon when they’re in the human world its pretty much consistant with reality. and the obvious fact that they go to the digital world which is also vastly different then the pokemon world). pretty much everything in each series is vastly different then the other including the atomosphere and execution that other then the previously stated reasons i don’t see how they where ever rivals. they where just two different series that where very popular amongst kids, one happened to live longer and the other did not. simple as that.

        2. but, for example, something like Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed wouldn’t even be on the Wii U by the same logic (potential Mario Kart rival)

        Hellow Rey Hardy
        for the past few mins,you said something horrible about pokemon and you disrepected pokemon’s reputation,and you must pay.There is a chance to exit.Here is the instructions
        You must open your intestines and find the key inside of them.Next,you must find the thread to sew your intestines and then find the bitchy door to go to the last room.There you must cut your mouth so that you can find the last key which is inside of your mouth!Next if you survive this pain then you will exit from here and i will forgive you.

      1. Anyone have their OWN preference. I like both Digimon and Pokemon games, if you don’t like the game, just don’t buy it and thats all.

          1. Digimon and Pokemon are different. Like completely different, just the same basic concept of LITTLE ANIMALS or something. Digimons where created first if you do your research so stop making it sound like it’s a ripoff.

            1. Actually a little research shows that copyright for Pokemon is 1995-2005 and Digimon is 1997-2005. The simple Digimon Tamagotchi came out before Pokemon, but Red, Blue, Green and the Pokemon Anime came out before any of the “real” Digimon stuff existed….

              1. The Digimon Tamagotchi actually came out before Red and Green. Digi-Tamagotchi first came out 26 June 1997, whereas Red and Green came out 26 February 1996 in Japan.

      1. Dude, you are probably the most creepy fanboy I have ever seen in my life. How old are you? 10, 9 years old? Go take some air and sun, and tell your parents to limit your acces to internet. I’ll be good for you, belive me.

      2. Charizard sucks dude get in the world keldeo is the best and digimon stated when pokemon did. Did you forget about the v-pets they were awesome.

  2. Woah I checked and there are currently almost 900 Digimon, and that number should increase soon.
    And some people say there are too many Pokémon, Digimon has 200+ more.

      1. Dude, calm down, Digimon have 6 series, so yeah, they have between 900 to 1124 different kinds that they have created in all this years.

      1. Well its got a wide variety of Digimon, the Anime is as annoying as the Pokemon one, we don’t get an over load of useless Digimon, they can evolve back into their original forms and the battle system in most Digimon games are a lot open than Pokemon’s.

        Pokemon is the same over and over again with some new gimmick while Digimon actually switches it around from time to time.

        Pokemon is good, don’t get me wrong but Digimon is just that much better to me and quite a lot of people too.

  3. Pokemon…. AND Digimon on the same ssytem?! Battle of Territory!!

    I’m goofin but shit this is gettin me to be a bit over ecstatic :D

    1. But the thing is Digimon actually tries to change up the battle system which most of the times is awesome while Pokemon is using the same formula that is getting old really quickly.

          1. NSMB2 sales over 5 million, NSMBU sales at about 1.5 million. That’s almost 50% of people buying NSMBU for Wii U.

            Selling pretty damn well in mine and most other people’s opinions.

  4. Why even worry?
    As soon as Pokemon X/Y comes out, no one will even remember this game anyway.

    Other than that, better Digimon than copies of the copy…;p

    1. and here we come again… dude, NOBODY will outlaw anything. I repeat to you again, If you don’t like the game, don’t buy it and boom, done!

  5. I agree it’s somewhat unconstitutional…

    But Pokemon, one of our main Nintendo bases is not in any danger at all.
    We will not be denied by anyone hahahahahah!

      1. I’m sorry, but the Pokemon anime is bloody dreadful. That said, I dislike most anime, but Pokemon’s anime is terrible.

  6. sorry to interrupt but… Digimon and Pokémon are neither story nor gameplay wise EVEN CLOSE to comparable to each other. the only similarities I can think of are:

    – the title ends with -mon
    – they can evolve
    – they have a fixed set of attacks while battling
    – and… THAT’S IT!

    Did the majority here even bother to take a closer look at this?!

    Don’t get me wrong though, I like both franchises very much :)

    1. Lots of stuff that have to do with anthropomorphic monsters in Japan have a “-mon” suffix.

      For example (probably the most famous one), DORAEMON

            1. we seem to have very different opinions on whats cute XD. i found koffing a stupid pokemon. no offense to you. what about the black form of agumon i forgot which one.

    1. The latest anime series aired last year, and there’s a MMO game called Digimon Masters that’s quite famous about now.

  7. Digimon makin a scene, and they’re kickin it up,
    Kick it up to the BIG SCREEN! YEAHYEAHYEAH
    Digimon, Digital Monsters!
    Digimon are the cha-cha-champions!

    Man, I almost regret watching that movie.

    1. The movie sucked cause it was a terribly done English dub they smacked 3 different Japanese digimon movies (that were not linked at all plotwise) together and tried to make a cohesive movie out of them and failed.

  8. I have got to get this game! I never got to play a Digimon game, ever! This will be my first to try it out on the 3DS!

  9. People need to realize that Digimon is actually a lot different than Pok­émon. I loved both, and though Pokémon games are far better, the Digimon shows were much, much better.

    I do hope this comes to America, I want the PSP game soooo bad. It looks great! I am surprised it didn’t get a Vita port, which would’ve been pretty easy to make…. It’d be less work I’d think. Either way, I hope it comes to America on one of the systems anyways. I want a Digimon game sooo bad!

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  13. I wouldn’t mind if both pokemon x and y and digimon world re digisize decide came out at the same time in the USA. I’ll put that in swapnote on my 3DS.

  14. Fuck yeah! Can’t wait for this game! I personally love both pokemon AND digimon, but I prefer the digimon monsters. Waaaay cooler.

  15. Come on I saw it on amazon but it was in Japan import please make it Usa import as well I really want to play the digimon game its really awesome but I’m in the Usa so please take my request other people around the world wants to play it as well.

  16. I know why don’t you make a video of the digimon game and send it over the nintendo eshop in the Usa that should spread the word try and do the same thing with the tailor drum master game as well don’t let Japan keep the good video games send it over to the world to know and play then after that make a 3ds game with both pokemon and digimon in it at the same time that should make things intresting.

  17. I prefer both pokemon and digimon they are woo cool they were made to be together because they are similar to each other so please send it over to the USA.

  18. I’m saying this one more time please make the digimon game come to the Usa with taiko drum master game. Oh yeah remember D.N.Angles dragon drive and cirque du freak you Japan people makes a lot of good things even pokemon thank you.

  19. Digimon, digital monsters,Digimon are the champions,change into digital chamoions took save the digital world,Digimon, digital monsters,Digivolve into champions,Digivolve into ultimates Digimon,digital monsters Digimon!

    Man, I almost regret my brother talking me into watching this show.ALMOST IS THE KEY WORD.

    : D

  20. Noticed one thing all those who watch and like pokemon more just talk about digimon in a bad even insulting
    But the ones who like digimon more just say both are good just that they like digimon more
    So pokemon kids don’t be duchebags -__- going al Garry on other series fans.
    Pokemon i personaly don’t like becouse its repeating the same thing just with new pokemon season 1 had some twists but every other day the same walk to new place ,meet stranger,new pokemon,team rocket fight happy end move to sunset END
    Digimon has faaaarrrr more plot twists and its more realistic if you ask me sometimes it realy presents the danger the kids are in so good i like it more and friendship s a lot stronger in digimon everyone learns to get along with chother in pokemon juits just ash being best palls with pikachu

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