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Pachter Says Wii U Is A Mistake Nintendo Can’t Recover From


Famed industry analyst Michael Pachter believes that the Wii U is a mistake that Nintendo can’t recover from. Pachter says that the gameplay on Wii U just isn’t unique enough from other current generation consoles, and its predecessor, the Wii. He went on to say that he thinks Nintendo has made an extremely costly mistake with Wii U. He also said that the handheld division just can’t cope against the growing rise of smartphones and tablet devices in the home.

“I think they misfired on the Wii U. It’s just not that different from the other two [existing] consoles, and the gameplay isn’t as unique as the Wii. They made a mistake, it’s something they probably can’t recover from.”

“I think they have made a costly mistake. And their handheld business can’t save them in the face of cannibalization from smartphones and tablets.”

437 thoughts on “Pachter Says Wii U Is A Mistake Nintendo Can’t Recover From”

              1. Bull shit. Nintendo is making money off of 3DS software sales and have been making money of each 3DS sold for about a year now.
                Mario 3D land has sold more than like every PS vita game combined lol.

                3DS will be a missive money maker for Nintendo in the end.

                1. 3DS has been selling 200,000 sales in Japan and all because of a Animal Crossing game that is not even out for us. This guy has said summit like this nearly every week and still nobody had given them a chance after seeing what is to be announced and released. 3DS suffered at launch and is now over 30 million so why are people thinking 3DS is not selling? Just wait until the end of 2013 and then decide because it is way to early and unprofessional of him to judge summit way too early. If he don’t like it then get over it and move on.

                    1. Selling does not equal profitting. The whole problem with the 3DS is that, different from the DS, it doesn’t sell on its own. Nintendo has to keep injecting money to make it sell, with big marketing, bundles and subisidies. They made the price cut too soon, so they took major losses, Satoru Iwata said it himself

                      The Vita might not be selling much, but you don’t see Sony injecting huge amounts of money on it, they’re much cooler about it. Since they didn’t drop the price for a whole year, they made a profit. It’s as simple as that

                    2. @ Fafael Monteiro LOL Okay. The Vita is already selling at a loss. And guess what Sony just announced: prize cut for Vita in Japan. Nintendo is making a profit.

                    3. @Rafael Monteiro, they havent made a profit with vita, and they just announced a price cut. Nintendo is getting lots of money with 3ds

                      1. lol no. It’s the biggest fucking flop right now that’s what it is.

                        Nintendo have been making profit off the 3DS for a year now. There was articles where Nintendo said we are no longer selling 3DS at a loss.. that was ages ago and they’ve sold about 10million+ since then.

                      2. Unless you count the DS’s third year of sales. 27 million in one year is something even the 3DS can’t stand up to.

                      3. Yet, they keep posting losses, don’t you think there’s something strange with that? 3DS is like an anchor pulling down, Nintendo keeps injecting resources to make it float. PS Vita might not be rising to the skies, but it’s not pushing down either

                  1. I don’t need a link, anyone who follows Nintendo news know I’m not lying. They cut the price under production costs, they subsidized it after only six months of slow sales, it was brutal on their finances. Nintendo posted losses, a first for the company, Satoru Iwata said it was largely due to 3DS price cut. He also said that they would start profitting in October, however, they had losses again. What I believe is that Iwata told us a half-truth, and the XL model does pay itself, while the common model is subsidized.

                    Don’t forget everything costs money. Marketing, exclusive games like Monster Hunter, bundles, Nintendo would rather not have to pay for any of these and they sure as heck didn’t needed it with the DS

                    1. these companies never make money on hardware, the profit is all in software. consoles drop in price because the parts to make them drop. when you say nintendo isnt making a profit from systems sold, i say duh. the money made from games is subtracted from the retailers who make a profit off each sale, the cost of a case, booklet and cartridge (which is very cheap) and then the rest goes to recoup expenses making the game. once the game sells enough to make the money back it starts to make a profit. almost no game makes a profit right away.

                      1. Then why did the company post losses? By your logic, having a console business is incredibly easy, all you need is to sell one or two games and you’re already making a profit

                    2. Incorrect, they cut the cost because they found away to make for substantially less. You can’t create truth by word count alone.

                    3. They lost money for a few months. For the last year, the 3DS has been making Nintendo a truckload of profit. The losses showed were due to impressive accountants, who could make it look like Nintendo made losses so they wouldn’t have to pay much tax. You’re judging a book by its cover instead of reading it’s inside.

                        1. Yet for the first time in over a year, their stocks went up recently. Because they’re not dying.

                  2. if PS Vita is making such a profit then why have they just cut the prices on it by a lot? You don’t do that unless nobody is buying lol.

                    1. It’s not a move for the public, it’s for publishers. If they don’t convince publishers right now that they can make the PS Vita sell more and have a bigger install base, years 2 and 3 will be a desert of games

                      1. I have got to say you have NO clue of how the market works. Not to mention you don’t even have a source and facts to back up your statements i have seen ppl trying to downtalk Nintendo but YOU sir… You get the price of being the most rediculous and butthurt trash talker around.

                        Educate yourself then talk.

                        1. I know way more about gaming than anyone else, I like to compare it to cloud watching. Most people will just look at the sky and check if it’s clear or dark before saying if it will rain. I watch the shape of the clouds and look for deformations caused by thermal columns, which to everyone else is something invisible and random

                  3. Actually, this is a bald-faced lie, completely lacking in even a tenuous connection to reality, but keep trying! If you repeat a large enough lie often enough, as Hitler understood, people will believe anything.

                    (FYI: Sony themselves said, before the Vita came out, that it would take 3-years to turn a profit on the project…and that was before the machine bombed into oblivion so you, sir, are absolutely misinformed at best or a liar at worst.)

                    And, uh, yeah, the 3DS is profitable–do you just say stupid shit and hope people don’ know or won’t check??: The 3DS became profitable as of mid-year LAST YEAR, and Nintendo just turned a 450-million dollar profit mere weeks ago, but you keep on keeping on…liar.

                    1. Sony said that counting even R&D costs, I’m not counting that cause it’s not public information, we don’t have Nintendo’s R&D costs, and those are very high. I’m not making the information up, I’m just not gonna dig through old Eurogamer news I read to find it. 3DS, PS3 and PSP, all made losses, PS Vita didn’t. Everyone was surprised about it, but no one made a fuss about it, cause that wouldn’t help their “Vita is doomed” bandwagon

                      Nintendo keeps saying they’re no longer selling the 3DS at a loss, yet, they post losses on their business. You can believe them if you want, but they are spending their resources to make 3DS sell, videogame costs are not just production costs. Didn’t they pay like 5 million for Monster Hunter?

                  4. Ummm, where do you get your facts, because there wrong…. Real wrong. The 3DS system is selling at a loss, but they have made their money back and a LOT more through games. In fact, try and find Fire Emblem Awakening. Not gonna happen. Not with the next shipment either. The 3DS has games that just won’t stay in stock. (Like the upcoming Pokemon X and Y). You are in some sort of weird denial. Maybe strictly system profit vs system profit, because the 3DS dropped their price to move systems. The profits overall for all 3DS sales vs the Vita’s sales, the 3DS has made a HUGE profit, Vita…. I would be surprised if they actually are making a profit at all. Have they made their development costs back?

                  5. I sell video games for a living. I sell at an absolute minimum one 3DS a day and have only sold around 5 or so PS Vitas since its release. The handheld consoles are marketed at kids and that is where nintendo owns sony in the games department. Sony on the other hand make too many adult games and features for a console that adults aren’t going to buy.

              2. The Vita is making Sony SO much profit, that’s why they announced a price for Japan about five hours ago. Also, I expect other regions to get a price cut as well. Just remember, if the 3ds wasn’t doing well, you wouldn’t see all these games being released for it. As for the Wii U, it’s only been out for 2 months. After being on the market for about a year and a half, then we should be able to judge whether Wii U is a success or failure. Patcher and others laughed at the Wii, and look at how that turned out. Best selling console of current generation!

                1. People have been judging PSVita doomed since the beginning… :/ low sells don’t mean low profit.. just mean less profit than if it were selling better…

                  But i’m sure Nintendo don’t lose with every 3DS sold.. may be a little with the XL model… but with software sales make it back.. 3Ds is a success that not even Patch can denied.. but WiiU is other case.. rigth now is not looking so good in the near future…

                  well is like allways.. let’s wait and see..

                  1. dont forget about the future games like wind waker hd, shin megami tensai x fire emblem (i dont wanna hear about that game should be released on all consoles and a monkey would know why), bayonetta 2, monolith soft new game. a lot of ignorant people want nintendo to cut the wii u price because it is expensive, actually they said they are selling them at a loss so a price cut would doom them so wake up ans smell the roses because nintendo isnt really making money on the wii u alone (im looking at you pachter and yes the wii u isnt doing well for now)

                  2. I’m a gamer. I don’t judge Sony PS VITA since it’s downfall, i always think it’s a great handheld, soon after a killer games will release and I’m sure Vita will stand it’s own feet. As for 3DS, also a great system. It will sell more coz it got a lot of games in it. Innovation and Exclusive games to every platform makes it unique and a system seller.

              3. Actually since July of last year the 3DS has been making money on each console sold. The vita was potentially making money before the price cut, but if you add in all the extra costs that go along with releasing a new system then it is tough to say cause then you need to know how much it cost to design it and the R&D and all that goes into it. Either way, it has always been software where the money is made not hardware.

          1. In which extent? If he is 100% right this time, he has been completely right for all his life. And the facts show that he hasn’t.

              1. Patcher is wrong everytime, when he said the 3DS near launch was a good price at $250 and would sell it didn’t. When he said the 3DS would sell after the price cut for very long, he was wrong about that. This guy says what he says in order to hedge the market to serve his own purpose.

                And yes the 3DS is very profitable, the only reason they lost money this year again was on the Yen conversion, which they lost more than 80 billion yen each year to. That and the operation cost of launching the Wii U and the loss on Wii U units sold, not the 3DS units and software which is making profit. IF you don’t believe me check the stock report.

          2. I think that Nintendo should have probably waited a little longer to release the Wii U, but I don’t think the system is a mistake. Also, Nintendo isn’t in any “danger” right now with it. It might not be selling as much as they would like, but it’s fine and will improve over the course of time.

            Ideally, they should have released the system when the titles they announced like Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends were ready. In addition, considering the other games they have lined up for the system this year like Mario Kart – Fall 2013 release probably would have been good for a Wii U launch.

            But I’m sure Nintendo weighed the pros and cons going into the release, especially considering that the other two manufacturers are gearing up for their system releases this year.

            All-in-all, it’s too early to be painting doom and gloom for the console. Give it at least a year.

            1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

              I agree with all of that lol. I kinda regret getting my WiiU so early. But I think the Wii wasn’t selling very much so thy had to release the Wii U to make some money.

            2. I too remember many of Patcher’s claims about 3ds’ future demise. He don’t seem to have patience and jump into conclusions when things aren’t going so well. Although I’m not disagreeing with him about Wii U’s shortfall in sales, but he shouldn’t be over-dramatic about a few month’s missed targets. if Nintendo doesn’t seem too worried about it I don’t know what’s the big deal anyway.

            3. Yeah, you hit the nail on the head with your third paragraph. There are always reasons why companies do this. I would assume since it was actually finished being designed, and processed to the point of being made it wouldn’t have made sense to wait another year because that is throwing away potential money. Of course you could argue that it could have been tested more and been released with better software, but there is always a give and take with that as well. Testing costs money too. So too much testing could throw away too much money, and too little could release a buggered system, like with the apple iPhone 5 that was just released, the software was so buggered when it was first released that for many people the phone nearly wasn’t usable for about the first week or so. Had a buddy go through all that… As you said, it’s far too early to even guess as to the outcome of the console at this point. The 3DS started very slowly as well and it’s still fine, the PS3 wasn’t selling at stellar rates just after launch either and it’s still kicking. However, the Sega Dreamcast broke records for sales at the time and continued to sell quite well, right up until the PS2 was released, so that kinda went the other way. The sad thing is that the Dreamcast had a much better library then the PS2 when it came out and was nearly on par spec wise. With the next couple consoles coming out from sony and MS, they might be priced too high and at that point the wii U will have shown what it can really do as opposed to the quick ports we received. Guess we will see in time.

          3. If you think he’s right, and Nintendo can’t recover, you have joined the “Nintendo is doomed” bandwagon… A wagon we see every generation,… A wagon that is always full of fools at the end of the day.

            1. Yeah, I wrote an article about it. If you wanted to find a noob, find the guy saying Nintendo is doomed. However, the person saying that is no longer a noob.

              There’s something called Death Spiral, documented by Christensen, if I well remember, that predicted all the steps Nintendo have been making, it’s a trap that most CEOs can’t seen to be able to escape, takes big companies to bankrupcy

              What can happen is Satoru Iwata drops his president position and another person takes the company a different direction. As it is, yeah, the company is doomed.

              1. Exactly Nintendo is doomed. I hope Monolith and Retro are bought by Sony once Nintendo goes out of business in the next few years.

                      1. HAH! GAAAAAAY!

                        Seriously, loser. Post something original. Stop being like Nintendo and rehashing the same thing over and over.

                        1. I guess Micro-soft isn’t that great or you’ve abandoned it by coming to Nintendo sites. You know you’re actually helping this site regardless of your Electron comments. Figured you might wanna know.

              2. Man, why don’t you play the lottery? You seem to be so good in doing predictions. I pay the tickets and we can share the prize. Doesn’t it sound good for you?

                        1. Sorry erich80, but you were the one being childish when you started trying to ridicule me. Why don’t you go read the books I’m talking about and see if you can outmatch me? I’m not that smart

                  1. You think knowing THQ was closing is brillaint. THQ made good games, but they kept expending INCREDIBLY high amounts of money into licenses wich produced bad game wich got no sales. Then they made Udraw, FOR a Nintendo Console. compiting in hardware against Nintendo is stupid as hell. THQ was a good company but it was obvious, OBVIOUS, that they were closing much before January 12. Their whole strategy was a mess. You can say they will close instantly when you hear that they FOUGHT against EA for a fighting license.

            2. It’s ok Drybones. The Wiiu is the second coming of Hardcore Nintendo consoles , You know it , I know it. It has the potential to be the best Nintendo console so far. And that’s all that matters. I don’t really care if it gets out sold By PS3 and 360. As long as it sells a decent amount (broken record) about 40M+ I’m happy. Because that means Nintendo have incentive to try harder and carry on :) And they always have their Handheld high horse to fall back on. Like when the gamecube sold 25M , the GBA still sold 95M and Nintendo were still rich.

            3. I certainly don’t think Nintendo will be doomed. They have an extremely successful system with the 3DS and potentially successful system with the Wii U. Sega ended up going down because both of its consoles eventually tanked even though the dreamcast had such a great start. Something that Sony might actually be worried about with the vita, but unlikely I’m sure.

          4. he is a very negative person, and when it comes to Nintendo he is even more negative. he is not right though, Nintendo is doing just fine, they only sold 24,000,000 game cubes and their still around. the Wii sold over 100,000,000 systems, and the 3DS is selling just fine. and no matter how meany systems they sell they well sell lots of software for the systems. he shouldn’t kid him self they are doing as well as they want to be. as they come out with more software like Zelda and Mario, smash brothers, and new apps they well be just fine. also the Xbox 720 and ps4 well be much more expensive then the Wii U, it well be a cheaper option.

            1. Cause a Death Spiral crushes business. You can’t get out without either devaluating your stocks tremendously or slowly walking towards bankrupcy

              It’s a challenge most CEOs can’t handle

              1. It’s certainly not to that point for them. Eventually drop out of the console wars… possibly, but highly unlikely in this generation and doubtful in the next. Plus innovative companies often have a way of pulling themselves out of those instances. Look at Apple again, before the iMac they were almost out of the game. Look at them now, because of smart decisions and innovation. Admittedly they seems to be at a stand still now however, but that is neither here nor there.

          5. sony fans DUAL-CASUALS



            its sony who can never recover

          6. He was “impressed” by Nintendo and pretty positive when Nintendo did pretty good and the flaming wasn’t as popular. Now he’s back to flaming Nintendo. He goes back and forth to suit the more popular opinion… What a sock puppet.

          7. Anybody who thinks the WiiU isn’t going to be successful is a huge dumbass. You know how many people are saying, “I’ll get a WiiU when Zelda comes out for it,” or “I’ll get a WiiU for Smash.” Nintendo has so many games that gamers can’t resist. Whether it be Zelda, Smash, a 3D mario, or mario kart. There’s gonna be that one game that pushes each individual gamer off the edge so they buy a WiiU. It’s exactly what happened with the 3DS. It was doing HORRIBLY, and then BOOM. Mario Kart and Mario 3D land. Those sold millions! Now the 3DS is doing substantially better!

        1. Yes he is. He is correct about how pathetic the Weak U is. Thank god someone else understands this on this gayass web site.
          ~THE REAL Bill~

                  1. When I entered the magical world of the internet, trolling was something you did by stating painful truths that the idiots and the fantards tend to willfully “forget” in order to get by with their obsessive behavior, then simply feeding their increasing anger with condescending attitudes.
                    Now trolling apparently is posting the same retarded excuse for an insult over and over again.

        2. Who is this so-called “famed” analyst? I’ve never heard his name outside of this single blog. I’m starting to get the feeling Pachter and Sickr are the same person.

          Anyway, he’s always wrong, he shouldn’t be quoted or given the time of day. I don’t know why Sickr is, unless he’s trying to promote him.

        1. aiyrfgakjfgiy aitgye

          agreed. I think he’s 30% right though. They have made big mistakes with Wii U, but they’re Nintendo, they’ll recover. The 3DS certainly isn’t going to fail anytime soon. The Wii U, at worse they’ll make a small loss. They’ll be around for another generation after Wii U at least, but I would agree their decision making in recent years has been questionable at best, and friggin mind numbingly stupid at worst.

          1. They made a mistake by allowing 3rd parties to have such a big presence at launch. They should have known 3rd party ports weren’t going to take full advantage of the new hardware and would make limited use of the gamepad.

            Nintendoland is a very good way to show off the gamepad uses and the asymmetric gameplay but they should have had a big 1st party title to show off the graphical capabilities as well as the gamepad to the “core” gaming crowd. NSMBU was never going to do that.

            The January ND showed that they are going to bring their 1st party stuff out and show exactly what the Wii U can do. Looking forward to the fall releases. Should be plenty of titles for Wii U owners.

            1. You’re so right. The biggest mistake Nintendo made with the Wii U launch and the 3ds launch was letting 3rd parties have too much presence. It would be okay if 3rd parties gave them that must have game at launch, but that hasn’t happened. So they need some of their 1st party. And no, New Super Mario Wii U doesn’t count!

          2. Biggest mistake I think is actually calling it the Wii U. Should have come up with a different name with Wii in it, people think it’s and add on, like the sega CD was.

        2. Hey g im sry about my comment that i made about you not giving Nintendo his fare share and thats cause miss used words what i meant s that for once a site should say the good things. Also im sry again cause i bet this one will not make sence eather.

        1. This makes me happy. Because he and others will once again have to eat their words and watch the Wiiu be a moderate-big success.

          As long as the Wiiu does 40M+ lifetime and Nintendo MAKES and doesn’t LOSE money on the WiiU , Nintendo will be happy and they will continue to trot a long as they always do.

          Not even their Handheld can save them ? It can , is and will.

          Listen Nintendo have already said they DO NOT expect the Wiiu to sell as much as Wii. You don’t have to sell the most consoles in the world to be considered successfull.

          You have to sell a decent amount say 30M+ like the original Xbox or N64 for example and provide good software and sales. Anything more is a Bonus.

          now if you sell 30M consoles and LOSE money from the entire operation then that is a definite fail. Nintendo is much much smarter than that though , as you will see.

          1. You are so delusional. Pachter is 100% correct about the Weak U. A pathetic, unmanly system is something that Nintendo always makes. The Weak U will not be successful, because it is a fucking failure. Get your head out of Iwata’s ass and listen to logic and reasoning, virgin.
            ~THE REAL Bill~

              1. Yes, Nintendo fanboy, yes. Nintendo has done plenty of stupid shit lately. You need to understand that, and that the unmanly Wii U will be a failure.
                ~THE REAL Bill~

                1. If by failure you mean awesome console with awesome games and exclusives , yes.

                  Go and play wonderbook with your sister troll.

                  1. Awesome exclusives? Haha. There is not a single manly exclusive on the Weak U. Go play your homosexual Zelda and retarded Mario games, tool.
                    ~THE REAL Bill~

                  2. The only exclusives coming to the Weak U are recyled series that you Nintendrones consistently gobble up. You should sell that pathetic console while it’s still worth something and get into the vastly superior world of PC gaming.
                    ~THE REAL Bill~

                        1. Neutron
                          If you hate Nintendo, leave the fucking website
                          But of course, you are a troll and a pussy so you won’t reply to this comment and pretend to ignore it so you have a fucking excuse to bash a company on a fan page

                2. lately. in your fantasy world the strongest system has always won i guess. fuck. i can’t even ignore people like you. the only mistake they made is, that there are no games. this will change faster as you can say sony rocks. it has the same problems as the 3ds had.

            1. Seriously. LOL, what the hell are you attempting to compensate for? Manly this and Manly that, then calling the next person a virgin? LOL. Honestly, perhaps you should see a specialist, maybe they will be able to help you with your apparent compensation disorder. There is nothing manly or womanly with a console or PC. They are boxes with boards, wires, chips and fans in them, entirely asexual.

            2. PROTIP: Manly men know how to troll without throwing random insults that can be countered simply by mentioning the preteen and basement-dwelling target audience of the software the other consoles thrive on. Unmanly men talk trash of people they don’t know, like the bitches on the Jersey Shore.

          2. Indeed, it is very interesting to see how voluble are human beings. One year ago this guy was continuously bashing on Wii and its “gimmick motion controls”. Now he’s saying that Wii is an unique console. As you said, he ate his own fool words.

            But, at the same time, I fell worried about Wii U future. In fact, the myriad of tech devices that catch everyone’s attention today is something impressive. Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel people spending less time doing only one thing at a time, and so playing games. Differently form 2006, everything today is pretty much faster and more ethereal than used to be. This trend results in an decreased will of having a dedicated gaming console at home. And since Nintendo was the first company releasing its next-generation console, all the consequences thereof are being measured and analyzed right now. I believe next Microsoft and Sony consoles will suffer a lot in their lifespan beginning, as Wii U is. What will come next to the three, I really don’t know.

            And, yes, I agree that it is highly unlikely Wii U overselling Wii. My expectations today are getting good games for it indeed.

            1. Wiiu will presumably be the cheapest , most family friendly console with all of Nintendo’s MASSIVE IP’S.

              How is that gunna fail ? OK it might sell half as much as the wii more or less , but it’s not a fail as long as Nintendo keeps them self in the busines and keeps providing fans with the software they want whilst making money and paying their employees.

              The PS3 was a HUGE fucking fail for Sony. They virtually destroyed their entire power house of a company. This will not happen to Nintendo and Wiiu as I’m pretty sure they’re not losing $200 per console.

              Seriously , the Wiiu has been out for 3 months. Let’s wait until the end of 2013 before we make any sort of judgements at all.

              1. Uh, the Playstation 3 is not failing, virgin. The PS3 worldwide is nearly up to the Xbox 360’s worldwide sales total. That is not a failure. Suck Iwata’s dick, little girl.

              2. Sony’s advantage is that they are a ramified company. Nintendo is not. Although it took a long time, PS3 became profitable during 2010 – unless I’m wrong. The fact is, both Sony and Nintendo, as well as Microsoft, have room to err. But the problem lies in the fact that the brand “Nintendo” is somewhat no longer as well received by the game community as it used to be in the past. This elicits the idea that Nintendo’s room to make mistakes is smaller – OK, it is an impression, I may be wrong in this point too. But I reinforce my idea that the future is unpredictable based on the scarce knowledge we have about the current market’s behavior/trends.

                1. Nintendo has a bad image in the eyes of who ? The Wii sold 100 million and the DS sold 155 million.

                  What do you mean by Sony is ”ramified” ? Sony is worth less much less than Nintendo. And Nintendo is only a gaming company…

                  1. In the market’s eyes.

                    Don’t get me wrong Nintedward, please. I was talking about current Nintendo’s aspirational appeal. I know Wii and DS did very well and, now, 3DS too. But I see highly-optimistic predictions concerning Wii U very cautiously. Nothing due to the console itself, but due to the market’s mood.

              3. Exactly.
                It’s interesting how that Monteiro person refuses to adress comentaries that are actually full of truth.
                Like this, the PS3 and Vita being failures and Sony only avoiding to post loses by injecting money from their other divisions into them and blatantly faking numbers; or like Nintendo registering loses not due to 3DS, but to the launch and slow start of Wii U.
                Oh well, it’s your typical smartass wannabe, only replying to those he knows he can baffle with his half truths.

            1. People need to calm down!!!!!!!

              Here’s what we know! – Nintendo have over 15 Billion in capital. SO they could afford to lose 500M every year for 30 years before they even touched their company’s worth. The exact oppisite is happening to Sony – No offence to them.

              I Will be happy if the Wiiu sells better than the N64 (which is my favorite console ever) and provides me with amazing games and Nintendo release a successor to it.

              TBH , I don’t care about the Wiiu being the most successfull. Just for it to do OK.

              1. guillermoleylamphar

                Sony being ramified cand be a good thing or a bad thing. Whoever thinks that PS3 had BlueRay because Sony wanted to deliver better games is blind. They included it BECAUSE they produced the format, they produced the player and they produce Full HD TV’s for that format. And that was the thing that almost killed the PS3.
                Nintendo is completely centered in video games and thats a good thing. But they have no idea about how to deliver services properly and thats a bad thing. Microsoft can rape both Sony and Nintendo in that field. Nintendo is making bad decitions because they are having a bad time trying to engage the new “all graphics” and “gore” audience and keeping the old school, familiar, audience, but thats not just a matter of software, their services are aimed to satisfy both and that’s nearly impossible. The lack of an ecosystem is becasue they have to make both audiences happy, the way their networks work its becasue of that.and that’s why they rre so behind in that field but at this point Nintendo should be introducing almost every service the competitors offer but not things like Hulu or Netflix (wich are important) but more like user friendly account systems and integration into a full Nintendo ecosystem. Overall Nintendos stretegy is super fragmented, MiiVerse should have been in Nintendo 3DS AT LEAST since Wii U day 1. They should be building the app already and not after making it browser based. Are those little things that will matter for Nintendo the most, not in this gen but more to the future one.

        1. aiyrfgakjfgiy aitgye

          Wii U should pick up, but it’s down to Nintendo. The Gamecube was a great console, who’s fortune or lack thereof, was little down to Nintendo. The Wii U so far however has directly been the result or fault of Nintendo’s decision making. Even the bloody name was a bad start!

          1. I will agree that the name is likely hurting it’s sales figures.
            I understand why they called it “WiiU,” however that doesn’t justify giving their next-gen console a silly name.

          2. I will agree that the name is likely hurting it’s sales figures.
            I understand why they called it “WiiU,” however that doesn’t justify giving their next-gen console a silly name.

      1. Can you please stop reporting the crap from this idiot? Im sick of hearing all his nonsense talk nobody cares what he has to say

          1. Was, dude, unless you’re attracted to triple T’s (Tranny-like Trailer Trash), I don’t think LiLo is gonna be giving you a boner any time soon.

        1. If you’re seriously asking that question, you’re as stupid as him. He gets fuck loads of hits for media sites because fanboys love to whinge.

        1. Yes. But people don’t notice or care how often he is wrong. Anti-Nintendo fanatics forgive him as long as he continues to attack Nintendo under the guise of an analyst.

          So, when he is wrong about this, and Nintedo either recovers or profits, No one will remember how much he sucks as an analyst.

          He needs to become a weatherman. That’s his calling.

      2. The thing this guy fails to see is that smartphones and tablets are not handheld gaming devices, so that argument is invalid.

      3. Seriously, when has Pachter ever been right on anything Nintendo related? Its common knowledge he isn’t a fan of them by any means. I’d hardly call his line of work “news” or “Journalism” anyway, any halfwit can do what he does.

      4. I wonder if he’ll say the same thing when the PS4/720 inevitably struggle in the first months after release too. Fucking biased douchebag.

        1. This^ Because they focus on Shooting , Sports games people think those console are more adult on purely on that basis will succeed. When in fact Nintendo’s games are designed for all ages , and they’re the best company at doing that and it makes people feel threatened and hate on them for some bizarre unknown reason.

          Can’t we all just get along ? Why do people WANT a company that tries to provide fun to fail ?

          1. Really? They will struggle as long as the PS3 and 360 stay relevant with the casual consumer. Not everyone will jump ship right when they see new consoles. It will take a lot of games.

          2. hahahahahahahahaha!!! really ? struggle won’t be long for ps4/720 ? really? for consoles that are online only, no pre owned games, kinect only, ditching their past controllers and are 400 dollars and up, those consoles are not gonna fail ? they better have amazing games that no one knows about cuz their future isn’t looking well. tons of my people i know say they are not getting either. espcially since they will have what ? another halo… nope halo 4 just came out.oh oh sly… nope that came out too.little big…gears of….ummm call of duty 4 so ha they have one game maybe ready for launch, right?right?

      5. Does he ever shut the fuck up? I talk a lot of shit about Nintendo. I think the Wii U is a mistake, honestly, but they’re Nintendo, they’re not going to collapse because of it.

      6. Haters gonna hate.
        And handheld market not popular? Bitch please, this is not Sony.
        They sold 30 millions 3DS in less than 2 years.

        1. I doubt that man the same console is so much better than the others. Either your lieing and are not a Nintendo do fan or your somebody who really hates change and innovation. Go enjoy your Microsoft crap.

      7. What we see in the American entertainment industry and their news outlets is equivalent to RACISM. Most “tech” savvy minority duche bags underline minority in the industry have always hated nintendo. For the reason that it is Japanese and that no American company had dominated video games with innovation and intelligence. Whether the xbox brand becomes the number one console, you should all realize that it is due to microsoft’s money, and negative biases against mostly nintendo; and a little against Sony. Even if you are dumb as an Alabama rock you will see this.

      8. Pachter go take a look at what Kotaku said about the 3DS; O and wait for the nintendo published and nintendo developed games to release before making this judgement.

      9. I totally agree with him, and I’ve said it numbers of times: Nintendo was taking a weird turn with their gammick console Wii, but they proved me wrong by selling alot of time… mostly to non hardcore gamers. I was happy to see that they were coming with a brand new console, something completely different from to Wii, but… NO!!! They named it the Wii U! Twice the same error Nintendo? Come on! You will be totally crushed by the other two consoles when they will come out!

        1. I tended to think the same… But think about it: are your arguments based on personal beliefs or strong, highly solid facts?

          1. It’s only base on the facts that I don’t know how they will manage to survive when the other two will be released. They better have freaking mindblowing good Mario and Zelda coming! When this day will come, I suppose in autumn, Nintendo will be left behind again. They will be one more time a generation behind when we talk about graphics. Game companies will make their games for the other two first, but the Nintendo console will still be loved by the non hardcore gamers, the families, in partys, etc. I repeat: I don’t know what is their plan to survive. Even the controller will be copied by the other two, so why go with the Wii U? Are Mario and Zelda enough?

      10. Oh I’m sorry Patcher, I thought you said Sorny and Microshit.
        And when it comes to handheld yes we know the Vitanic is useless and doesn’t sell even half as good as the 3DS.

        Patcher we know you are another american racist and your whole existence is a joke like the UK gaming base

      11. Wow does he define “they can’t recover from”?

        I doubt it int ndo will go bankrupt because of the wiiu. If he means the wiiu won’t do better and won’t sell well that remains to be seen.

      12. So what, Smash Bros and Nintendo’s IPs don’t exist? You really think the next Smash, Zelda, Mario Kart, etc. won’t move units? Please.

      13. “they probably can’t recover from”

        “Probably” because he’s not sure about it. Also, WiiU have 3 months on market, it has no new (good) games available since launch (when only most dedicated and interested fans buy the system) so its a normal situation. I remember the same words being told about the PS3 when it launched, and look at the system now.

      14. Could Nintendo’s Wii U beginning have been better? Yeah, but it wasn’t catastrophic.
        Can they recover? Well if the 3DS’ first impressions are of any indications and that some big titles like Lego City, MH3, Need for Speed, and Dragon Quest X (albeit Japan-only), they’ll do just fine.

        Seriously, I wonder who his repetitive spiritual predecessors were during the Virtual Boy’s overall failure, N64’s cartridge-bashing moments, Gamecube’s underwhelming, and Wii’s underpowered /casual motion-control clamoring…

      15. Virus... ironically home sick with some kind of virus :/

        Spouting so much Stupid before E3 -__-
        If the rumor of a working Smash4 demo at E3 are true, Nintendo should get back on investors’ good sides (and that’s not mentioning the other 1st-3rd party surprises).

        I doubt anyone will be dropping out of the console race, but if I’m wrong, Nintendo won’t be the 1st- Sony’s making a habit of not being profitable.

        1. Virus... ironically home sick with some kind of virus :/

          These ‘sources’ aren’t very convincing because they’re anonymous time travelers. And for the past 3 generations Nintendo not just survived, but in the case of Wii, thrived without much 3rd party support. I’m more worried for Sony, tbh.

        2. He is not right, and WE know that. he almost say the same thing about the 3DS, and what happened? BOOM! best gaming handheld in the market right now., only watch when Nintendo release the next SSB, Bayonetta 2, NFS:MW, and all those other games. then you will see more and more third party support, but right now, the Wii U just needs time and more popularity.

      16. I do not wanted to see Nintendo to died. I wanted to see the Wii U to be so successful.
        I loved Nintendo, though I played with Playstation one, Playstation 2. I gamed on NES, SNES,
        Gamecube and Wii.

      17. Sickr & Alba can suck my Nuts

        All hail the great Patcher! Looks like Mario Kart U and super smash bros. U will be launch games for the PS4 and Nextbox later this year. Gaytendo will drop out of the hardware business.

      18. Here’s a few ways nintendo can be a success.

        1 Sell about 50 million wiiu’s in its lifetime.
        2. Sell at least 5 million copies of your games. 59.99 times 5 mill is a lot of chedder.
        3.focus on what nintendo does best. People will knock you for mario games but that’s what you do best. Look deep in the crates and blow off the dust off of old Ip’s throw them on the eshop look at what people say about the game they put on there and make a new one updated.

      19. I think the Wii is confusing consumers, Nintendo needs to discontinue Wii production, and all new AND used Wii consoles need to be destroyed. Also, developers need to stop developing games for the Wii. Doing so might help.

          1. They are getting alot of money off the wii, though you are right, Wii U is confusing customers… maybe they shouldnt of gave it a name to close to wii.

      20. What’s this? Patcher talking more rubbish? Why are there more posts about him.

        He’s a terrible analyst. If he thinks it’s that bad then I would like to see him make something bigger.

        Wii U not unique? Patcher is a mere child with no knowledge of the gaming industry. With it only being a few months since release there is room for Nintendo to make it as best as they can and there will be a lot of software. Nintendo show this idiotic analyst that you’re smarter than him!!

      21. I don’t understand how everyone ignores the fact the Wii U has sold more units so far than the 360 and PS3 did in their launch periods.

        It just seems to skip everyones minds completely.

        Patcher, as a supposed analyst, should know this.

        The mentality seems to be “oh, it hasn’t outsold the lifetime sales of the Wii and PS2 combined in the 3 months it’s been out, it’s a complete failure!!!”.

        There are some problems with the system, most of which can be fixed with firmware updates. And when more games start coming, all will be well.

        1. Was about to say, for those of you who don’t know he’s a massive sonybrony and hates nintendo. He likes to overlook sony’s mistakes and focuses on nintendo’s tiny shortcomings as if it’s the end of the company

          1. that, and he always complains about consoles that are new on the market just because Graphic>Gameplay/Story(his logic)
            also, when a company(specially nintendo) introduces a new feature, he spam how in 10 years the console will fail

      22. This is what I can’t stand most about this site. Every little remark that the man makes, you guys have to report it in an instant, even when he is not considered a credible source of information in the industry to begin with, but you have to make it sound like he is this evil person so that you have an excuse to start a flame war. Honestly, it seems like you are literally spying on him to watch for any anti-Nintendo remarks he makes so you can report it quickly. It’s no wonder why people hate Nintendo fanboys. Sure, I think Patcher is full of shit as well, but let’s not lie to ourselves. The only reason you report what he says is to start a flame war and get attention of your own, like Patcher does, as well as all bad fanboys do. Otherwise, if you really understood that he is not a credible source, then you wouldn’t be reporting what he says to begin with, as you should be able to comprehend that non-credible sources do not deserve the amount of attention you give him. If you guys were to dump all Patcher activity from your website, I assure you your quality as a Nintendo news site would skyrocket. But nope, you guys just have to start flame wars, right?


      23. Well from Wikipedia. PS Vita is on 2.2 million and possibly a few more because it has not been updated since June last years which tells you that there are not been big enough sales to update it more and the Vita was out around 8-10 months after 3DS still I would expect 10-20 million from them so where is it?

        So why is everyone saying 3DS is not making profit when Japan sales have doubled and has been number 1 selling for weeks no because of a game we call Animal Crossing which is not even out here and 3DS has passed 30 million so how the hell are they doing bad?

        Wii U has been our or around 2 and nearly 3 months now and they have sold more than a PS Vita and I can bet you all £5 that sales will shoot after E3 and big game released and they still have no announced a big Pokemon battle like game for Wii U and no full on Metroid. Two Zelda games which you never expect would ever be announced so close together so exactly what more do you all want?

      24. Sickr & Alba can suck my Nuts

        All u ugly gaytendo virgins are gonna have to man up and buy a real gaming console later this year after gaytendo goes the Sega way. Is it a Coincidence that Sega last console also had a mini screen on its controller?

        1. …………………./´¯/)
          ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
          ……….”…\………. _.·´

        1. Not really. Only Nintendo fans care about that game, as is the case with all first party games. And Nintendo fans already have a Wii U, meaning SSB won’t be selling too many (if any at all) consoles.

          So… no.

          1. And… there is alot of NIntendo fans lol, Smash bros will sell on Wii U. N64 and Gamecube were dwarfed by Playstation in sales and Smash bros still sold surprisingly well. and to many Nintendo fans and gamers in general the Wii “sucked” but Smash bros Brawl sold over 10 million copies

            So… yes.

      25. I can’t believe that anyone can compare smartphones and tablets to video game consoles. Are they crazy? They’re a completely different type of thing. People should never mix them into the same category.

        When games like Pikmin 3 comes out, I think that Wii U sales will pick up a lot more. Eventually, people like Pachter will look like a total idiot for saying things like he says.

        1. Wrong. Pikimin is a cult classic. Only people who really want it are the same people who probably already have a Wii U. I doubt millions of people are holding off buying a Wii U for Pikimin, in other words. Same goes for SSB or Zelda.

          First party Nintendo games appeal primarily to people who likely already have a Wii U. So they’re not going to sell more consoles.

          What would sell more consoles is:

          1) More third party multi-platform games that are significantly better (and release ON TIME, not months later) than the XBOX 369 & PS3 versions, sometime that has yet to happen (with exception to MAYBE Assassins Creed 3, but even that is only MARGINALLY better).

          2) More blockbuster, AAA third party exclusives.

          3) A price cut.

          Three things that aren’t coming in any significant quantity anytime soon, unfortunately.

          1. But I myself am a Nintendo fanboy (as they call it), but I’m waiting for Pikmin 3 before buying a Wii U. That’s why I figured, if I can hold out until Pikmin 3, then there MUST be others who are as well. I’m also hoping that other issues that the Wii U has had since launch will be resolved by then.

      26. As a Nintendo fan boy, I would personally love to see Nintendo drop out completely for just one generation. It would be interesting to hear the comments people made as the industry crumbled without innovative ideas for people to copy off of.

      27. patcher is such a dick the wii u is amazing and the 3DS is doing every well way better then the vita and wii u is not a mistake

            1. I prefer PC gaming you should know, but anyway since you asked.

              Xbox – best online for consoles, multiplats look best, great library of indie games, gets DLC first.

              PlayStation – great exclusives, plenty of HD collection which contain multiple classic games for $20, linked account system between PS3 and PS Vita, cross-play betwwen the previously mentioned consoles.

              I could go on.

              Now tell me how Wii U is amazing.

                1. Very weak counter-arguement.

                  Where is Smash Bros.? And these other Nintendo exclusives so far are nothing but rehashed crap.

              1. it has monster hunter it will be cross play with the 3DS it has HD as well you can do alot of stuff the xbox 360 and ps3 can’t do

                  1. LIke what? please tell me? better graphics?… No,better controller?… No,multitasking? No…better games?… HELL TO THE FUCKING NO MAN!!! if anything the Wii U does things the other ones cant do. tbh i think ps4 will be better though, but not in games.

              2. Nintendo has the best local multiplayer games Mario Party series,SmashBros series,Nintendo Land,Mario Kart,Pokemon.They have quality games: Super Mario Galaxy,Brawl,Metroid Prime,Super Mario World,SkywardSword, and it goes on forever.Controllers Wiimote and Touch screen and Gamepads gyroscope are better for aiming.WiiU and 3DS are getting the online treatment.Nintendo is the best the Move,Kinect,Analog sticks,Touchscreens,Cross D pad,Sales,Controller buttons,Smashbros,mario kart, and every other things that Sony and M$ copied.