TeHaxor69 from the GBAtemp forums has managed to get the Wii U Pro Controller working on both Windows and Mac. All you need to do is add your Wii U Pro Controller in the Windows Bluetooth Manager, don’t use a PIN, then start the application. You can download the file to get this working right here. Daku93, who helped get this working, says it doesn’t work using the default Windows bluetooth stack, but these instructions should get you on your way.

Thanks, Collin



        • I wouldn’t mind him, his ‘manly’ comments have been popping up on these sections for a long time. But yeah, he is attempting to compensate for something, that much is obvious


      • Bill, would you please stop your homosexual manliness talk! It sounds so damn gay! And a gaming PC is just as UNmanly as a Nintendo console. So your words are pointless. Besides, PC gamers aren’t even real gamers in my opinion. Computers are made for internet, YouTube, Facebook, eBay, doing business, video and photo editing etc. It’s not a game console.


      • Hahah manliness only in box specs, none of these games software really use it at all.
        2000 dollars gaming Pc for tomb raider 12 hours singeplayer and frustrated online shooters that cost 100 dollars for expantions and premium garbage.

        We all get the picture of the Lonely Blizzard, battlefield gamer.

        Playing on the Wii U together with girls is a lot of fun from both sides and when’s she having fun more fun she will give to you :-)

        These Pc girls aka MMO fat, depri or emo girls not much fun too game together with hé ?
        Also these types don’t give much fun in return to you, you know :-)

        Truth is hard sometimes.


        • Your comment has got to be the most generalization filled drivel I’ve read in recent history. And I don’t even mind generalization normally, cause how the hell else is anyone going to discuss anything ever? But damn, dude..

          Firstly, the PC has WAY more games than any console. Hell, it’s got more games than all the consoles combined. Secondly, people who go from consoles to PCs do so to GET AWAY from the games you mentioned. They are just tired of AAA shooters and 3d person garbage because that’s all you guys ever get on your consoles. Very few people develop games with any depth on consoles. Exceptions are games like Dark/demon’s souls and.. .. Well, there’s not a lot of games with depth I guess, cause that’s all I could come up with. The stuff console gamers call “simulators” are what we PC gamers call “children’s games.” Forza and GT are arcade racing games. On PC we have everything from the dumbest of kart racing games to trackmania to stuff like grid all the way up to iRacing, which is an online title with structured series with drivers who are actually pro nascar drivers in real life. What I’m saying is, the spectrum of experiences you get on a PC makes consoles seem pretty pathetic.

          This may seem like I’m a PC fanboy, but that’s only partly true. I just know what to expect from consoles, and I know that the PC has way more stuff, I just buy consoles (all of them) for exclusives and such. I bought a PS3 to play LBP. That was the only reason. Awesome game. Bought a 360 for Red Dead Redemption, one of my fav games of all time. Bought a Wii-u for zombi-u and upcoming Pikmin and Fire Emblem games. I don’t care about platform, I just want to play awesome games, and the selection of games on a PC just make, as I said, consoles seem pathetic.

          PC gamer girls (which you seem obsessed about) look just like console gamer girls. Not sure what fun these girls are giving you in return, but your attitude seems skeevy at best. You see stuff like this in MMO’s, as soon as someone identifies themselves as a girl on global chat, all the pathetic losers go apeshit, as if someone threw a bloody steak at a pack of starving wolves. Gamers are gamers, gender doesn’t matter when everyone is wielding axes and magic.


          • Thats right. Most of my friends tell me how crappy xbox is because you have to pay for every thing. But i really enjoy platform exclusive games like halo and dead rising3 also bayonetta 2 is coming out as a wii u exclusive. Even the original wii or some of the older consoles had some of the best selling games ever(Mario Kart, ocarina of time, gta vc and sa) all game companys are trying to compete to get the best grafx instead of focusing on the games. Imagine if microsoft put as many years as rockstar take to develop the next gta into maikng an awsome kinect game.

            ps my spelling is bad because im typing on my wii u gamepad


      • Apparently the oh, so manly Xbox One controller is worse than the Wii U pro controller despite the wasted 2 billion dollar investment. The Xbox One controller is worse than the 360 controller whether or not they slapped the obvious “Nintendo” D-pad on it. Seriously everyone knows it sucks. Don’t deny the obvious truth that is burning in front of your very eyes.


      • I’m one, plus a friend, nephew…and another friend, and another friend, and his bro I know have/are prepping to be Wii U/PC gamers. Before, we were either PC, PC+Wii, or Wii+360 gamers. Now we seem to be heading in the same direction.


      • I really doubt that over 70-80% of PC gamers are going to buy a ps4 or 720 too.
        If they’re not elitist retards, they’ll most likely buy a WiiU too for exclusives.


      • It’s actually not that hard to understand. Almost everything that comes out on consoles comes out on PC’s. The one console that doesn’t try to be a PC is the Nintendo. It’s been like this for ages, Nintendo is the only true console maker. By that I mean they are the only ones who try to do something that sets the console experience apart from just playing PC games with a joypad, which is basically what you get on ms and sony’s consoles. I have a Wii-U and I kinda adore it. Miiverse is the most tranquil place on the internet because Wii owners are pretty mellow, and because I suspect that Nintendo monitors that stuff and deletes anything sketchy.

        I buy all the consoles, but I have to say that I didn’t exactly get blown away by what sony and MS are delivering this time.. The Xbox One seemed to be more focused on revolutionizing the living room through new ways to experience video, the same way the VHS player did in the 80s.. They did pretty much nothing for gamers. A new Kinect.. yay.. And Sony’s offering was even sadder. Not only did they keep (yet again) the unergonomic torture device that is the dual shock controller, they put a touch surface on it.. Anyone who owns a vita and has played LBP Vita will know how horrible of an experience it is to move your hand from the sticks and buttons just to do some motion stuff on the screen and then go back again.. It adds nothing to any game, and it’s super awkward and irritating. The size of the track surface means it’s pretty much useless for anything but gimmicky dumb stuff as well. And that was everything they added this generation.. The rest is just performance. Whoopdidoo. Now they’ll be on par with PC’s for a year or two, then fall behind and have to rely solely on exclusives. The Wii-u on the other hand (if developers bother this time around) will be behind from the get go, but it will have the posibility of novel game mechanics the PC or xbox/PS can’t due to the fact that they don’t have any new stuff going for it.

        Couple this with the fact that the previous console generation lasted about 2 years too long, resulting in a lot of people migrating over to PC because they either got tired of crummy graphics on an antiquated console, or they just wanted to try out some deeper games like RTS, flight sims, grand strategy games etc. etc. Or just because they’ve grown up and can afford a gaming PC cause they’re not 15 anymore.

        The coming gen of consoles will, once again, sell like crazy to mid teens. Enjoy your voice coms, one and all.


      • you hav a point but in like a couple of months someones gonna hack the wii u to be compatible with a xbox controller just like weve hacked the ps2 controller to work on wii and the wii mote to work on pc


  1. It’s cool but personally think that using a 360 controller (which is obviously similar to the pro controller) is the faster and easier method.


    • Uhm, the 360 controller is much more compatible and doesn’t require any special hacking to make it work. Plus the controller is actually better than the Pro is anyway, especially the trigger buttons. I’ve been using one with my PC and Mac for years now.

      This is not so much Nintendo winning as much as it is this one dude finally finding a reason for the Pro controller, since most Wii U games don’t even use it. Not only that, but it’s years and years late to the party.


  2. :/ I went to the forum and apparently it can only map to buttons with the analogue sticks and has pretty limited functionality, but the creator is working on improving it. Until then though I guess it’s useless for anything that really has a mouse shifted camera view…


  3. Didn’t see THAT one coming. First, the X360 wired controllers works on PC… and now it’s the Wii U Pro Controller (plugged into the USB port, of course). Isn’t technology wonderful or what?


    • I’ll only really consider it if it works near perfectly with steam big picture, I guess if people prefer to use the pro on their wii u and don’t enjoy 360, then this is worth the potential hassle of drivers and such, unless it’s for the 80 hours of battery life.


  4. That didn’t take long at all. This is absolutely perfect. Now the Pro Controller can work on Wii U and be a wireless controller for my laptop with an 80 hour battery life. Leave luck to heaven.


  5. The Wii U Pro Controller’s battery lasts so freaking long. I can’t say anything for the Xbox 360 or One’s controllers’ battery life, but I can go many sessions of gameplay without recharging the Wii U’s Pro Controllers. They are advertising up to 80 hours on a single change on the packaging. I haven’t kept track, but I’d definitely agree with that estimation after a couple weeks of Mario Kart 8, Assassin’s Creed IV, and Windwaker. The funny thing is, I still have half a charge. Do the Xbox controller last that long between charges?


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