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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Update Brings Voice Chat & USB Keyboard Support


Capcom has announced that there will be an update to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate tomorrow which will bring both voice chat and USB keyboard support for the Wii U version of the game. The update will also allow gamers to control the camera angle via the Wii U GamePad’s ZL and ZR buttons. Here’s a complete list of the update via Capcom Japan.

To answer the stong wishes from Hunters, we’ll be launching a function update!
(From February 19th) If you start the game while the system is connected to a network, it’ll be updated automatically.

Voice Chat Support!
Voice chat will be possible with the Wii U GamePad’s microphone. Furthermore, headphones and headsets will also be usable via the Wii U GamePad’s headphone socket. The Wii U microphone will also be supported when connected by USB.

*As an option, voices in game (voice chat sound) can be set to come from the Wii U GamePad or the TV.

USB supported Keyboards will be usable!
If you connect a USB supported Keyboard it can be used for chat input.

Change the camera angle via the ZL/ZR buttons!
It will be possible to change the camera angle using the Wii U GamePad’s ZL and ZR buttons. This update is to match the control feeling of the Nintendo 3DS/LL Expansion Slide Pad.

90 thoughts on “Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Update Brings Voice Chat & USB Keyboard Support”

    1. And also, if the Wii U was so Kiddie it wouldn’t be getting violent videos games now would it..

      Go play your kinect or something.

    2. People on this site should stop replying trolls and people who simply want to start flame wars. I mean, seriously, what is the point of coming up with a reply like “NO, NINTENDO IS GOOD, PLEASE STOP POSTING ;_; GET A LIFE FAGET” ? It just encourages them to continue to shit on the site.

  1. So in game chat via controllermic is possible.I remember when the system came out this was a big gripe (the lack of this functionality) . Bye bye headsets (unless you want them).

    Hopefully now that capcom has this functionality released, we will see this incorporated in Wii games to come!

    1. Nintendo are fucking idiots with that. They should of made it possible for every game to use the Gamepad mic . It works perfectly on Trine 2 and Ninja gaiden 3. They should of just offered headsets as an optional extra and given all games microphone voice chat as standard.

      1. I don’t think the gamepads internal mic is a good for of chat use.

        Its not a direct mic as such, like on a headset, and people aren’t going to put their mouth to it everytime they talk, so it would have to have a larger pick up range so it would pick background noise. Can you imagine 4 people using voice chat, all with the same background noise from the game, all playing at once, and thats only Monster Hunter, what about big COD games with over 12 people (or whatever size they are).

        I think i’d rather tear my eardrums out.
        Direct headsets are better, and the Nintendo licensed one can act as headphone to, worth that extra money, no big deal in my opinion.

        1. It does pick up a bit of background , You can hear loads of people mothers in the background!!! ”BRING THAT WASHING DOWN THIS INSTANT!!” is all you can hear XD.
          But it DOES work suprisingly well. If you are sat far enough from your TV and there is no sound coming out your gamepad speakers , it’s adequate. The turtle beach is better though , I’m probably gunna buy one considering they double up as good quality headphones.

          I suppose developers have the choice to use Gamepad mic which is cool. NG3 , Fist of the north star , Trine 2 , Monster Hunter all use gamepad mic.

      2. obviously it is possible… if the developer implements it… how is it nintendo’s fault that a developer didn’t implement that into their own game? …(hint: it’s not)

  2. Let the hunt begin! This game is gunna trully justify owning a Wiiu. I already feel happy with my purchase , but games like this will offer Hundreds of hours and will tide you over until newer games arrive and beyond.

    Can’t wait to download the demo this week!

    1. I liked that idea you said a while ago- about making a mynintendonews hunting group in monster hunter. :) Did Capcom specify how many people can join per online game? Imagine 100s of mynintendonews fans in one game xD

      1. XD ! It’s 4 players per group , But I that should be enough. Maybe have 2 groups at a time and people will drop in and drop out!

        It would be awesome right ?

      2. Who is a mynintendonews commenter in the US, let’s also form a MONSTER HUNTER 3 ULTIMATE group. We can share what times we shall be online and hunt JHO in 1080P awesomely lol. Monster hunter is what I have long awaited for the U.

        1. Hey im from US! This would be awesome for Friday;/Saturday nights when theres nothing to do, and finally a weekend from school!

          1. Jake we shall play weekends indeed. Thursday to saturday. This time nintendo should advertise this game tremendously. Monster hunter games are gems.

            1. Yeah we should play monster hunter on weekends! But this would be my first monster hunter game so i would be really new to the concept. Hopefully they put the game on the eshop, as i prefer digital games.

              Oh and i don’t think i have you added on miiverse. If you’d like, you can tell me your gamer id and i can add you! :)

      1. 21st! Think that’s for EU and US unless they’re being racist. Eric do you have a Wiiu NNID ?

        if so add me —-> xNintedwarx

    1. Well, apparently Nintendo (of America) themself said this! Man the american delegation is really the worst part of Nintendo! They are saying/doing so much bullshit, it’s not funny. Glad, I’m from europe!

    2. hmmm. I played ACIII online and it allowed for mic chat. If you plug in headphones, its pretty receptive. If not, it still works, but it doesnt really take in your voice well.

      1. Would be sweet if there would be a option to plug it into the gamepad. Otherwise the cable of the keyboard has to be layed across the room :(

    1. yes, you can plug the keyboard in one of the USB Slots on your gamepad. oh wait, there are non, you say? now thats odd…

  3. Capcom you wonderful people. No matter how much the blue bomber fans may despise capcom or their res6 may cause outrage, when it comes to monster hunter the world’s second best developers give the best of the best.

      1. Thus I covered my field. Like them or not, with Dragons Dogma 2 on the horizon and the console release of Resident Evil revelations, capcom are looking better than EA right now.

          1. I agree with you though. Capcom has a lot more to do to please we their loyal fans. They have the talent to produce master pieces like Shigeru miyamoto. Though even Miyamoto had a Capcom moment with Wii Music lol. That game was atrocious hahahahahahaha.

    1. “Capcom you wonderful people”

      Ah ha, oh man, Capcom have to do alot more to be considered wonderful to me again.

      1. Relative to EA and Ubisoft at the moment, capcom are sure looking like saints. They also gave us dragons dogma, which if the pulled in their collective minds and polished in every aspect dragons dogma 2, would crush skyrim. In fact dragons dogma has a far better battle system.

        1. Dragon’s Dogma is amazing but it’s they’re still massive shitlords. “Oh least ruin all our IP’s, so people just buy our overpriced re-releases”. Fuck you Capcom, fuck you.

  4. By securing monster hunter, nintendo set the Wii U up for great success. All they need now is to advertise this widely, and allow monster hunter 4 to be co-released on the 3DS and Wii U.

    1. Ok hahahahahahaha. My excitement to, love monster hunter, a game with tones of replayability. Three years later and monster hunting on tri :).

    1. I will be signing up. Not Mexican, but I can relate to anyone on the planet with common decency and commonsense. Nintendo gamers are all that, great people, even our fanboys are tolerable humans. Thanks bro. Let’s hunt those wayverns :).

    2. Hi !! Im from Puerto Rico and I also speak english and spanish !! I would love to have some pals to hunt because right now I am the only one among my friends that owns a wii u!!

    1. Anubis it has one of the greatest ever replay values. You set out on quests with friends and solo and always return with varying rewards and items. Getting things and growing your character is awesome. Just don’t give up, fight on until you find your first mini boss; then the game really begins. Offline and online the game is immersive and fun beyond belief.

  5. Sickr & Alba can suck my Nuts

    The Weak U is Doomed! The PlayStation will put that kiddy playskool toy out of its misery on 2/20/13

    1. Say hello to the PS VITA while having your day terrors. The Wii U is a technical marvel of great dimensions. One it uses 1/2 the wattage of any and all systems that shall or are released. It can handle unreal engine 4 and unity engine 4. It ports high end computer games ala need for speed most wanted, Crysis 3 with ease. It has Zelda, metroid, Shigeru miyamoto and Xenoblade 2. Mistwalker and monster hunter 3 Ultimate :). Now ask yourself what gaming really is.

    1. Its always had keyboard support. It up to the various developers to use the tools and service the Wii U posses. You are beginning to see what the Wii U’s hidden features are one at a time. Games games games and innovation combined :). Now hate as you play monster hunter.

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  8. cant wait to try the demo this week! never played a MH…hoping that it will fit my fancy and kinda excited to hunt with other ppl!

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