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UK Charts: Aliens Colonial Marines At Number One, Still No Wii U Exclusives In Top Forty


Sega’s disappointing Aliens: Colonial Marines has managed to beat EA’s Dead Space 3 to claim the number one position in the UK top forty all-formats charts. Once again Wii U exclusive titles such as New Super Mario Bros U and ZombiU are noticeably absent from the charts. No Wii U exclusive has charted in the UK all-formats charts in 2013. Here’s the top ten games this week.

  1. Aliens: Colonial Marines
  2. Dead Space 3
  3. FIFA 13
  4. Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2
  5. Far Cry 3
  6. Assassin’s Creed 3
  7. Need For Speed: Most Wanted
  8. Just Dance 4
  9. Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed
  10. Halo 4

59 thoughts on “UK Charts: Aliens Colonial Marines At Number One, Still No Wii U Exclusives In Top Forty”

    1. preorders and day1 purchases, before the bad reviews came in, i guess… altough the game is not thaaaaat bad. its actually quite fun in Coop. it just doesn’t look as good as it could (oh well, its not so much about the graphics anyway, isn’t it?) and you shouldn’t expect it to feel like a real “Aliens” game.. just a space marine shooter featuring some enemies that look like aliens.

  1. The only good stuff that comes from UK are, Stephen Hawking, David Attenbourough, Fawly Towers, Coupling and Absolutely Fabolous…

    1. Just shows that Preorders and Day 1 Sales have nothing to do with how good a game actually is, just with how good its Marketing was…

  2. I guess in order for Nintendo to get a top 40 game they need to make a FPS. My reasoning for this is the aliens game got horrible press and it’s at the top.

      1. actualy i play Pes13, i love the fútbol, in all the world we call it Football because actualy is the true game than you kick a ball with your foot all the time no the shit of maden or American football – dam its even more arrogant call it in this way in AMERICA not its only usa, its the kings of the sports, the Fifa have more countries than the U.N, only the derps of usa call it Soccer :Derp Face here: the futbol(soccer only for usa) remember subnormal its de king of the sports globally

  3. My faith in the British gaming community, which I am a part of, has been damaged by the fact that awful piece of tripe is the best selling game, even after basically every reviewer gave it a bad score…

    Britian needs to wise up and buy games which aren’t FPSs or Fifa. Seriously, this is just shameful…

  4. Can we just forget about the UK charfts now ? Jeez ….

    Give the Wiiu some time to grow. The PS3 and 360 and 3DS and even the Wii are the big installed bases now. Gunna take Wiiu at least a year before it roots its self in the charts. Once PS3 and 360 dissapear from charts you will see Wiiu , 720 , PS4 climb up.

      1. ? The PS3 and 360 and 3DS are what’s popular right now. The Wii is all but dead. The PS3 and 360 aren’t gunna last much longer though. And as they are fading out , guess what ? Zelda , Smash bros , Mario kart and more will be launching on Wiiu. The Wiiu will jump into the charts as the installed base grows , and the PS3 and 360 will drop out of the charts like the Wii has.

        By the start of 2014. The Charts will be Wiiu , PS4 , 720 , 3DS ,Vita will all be what people want. Not old PS3 , 360 , Wii

        1. We get the good with the bad, why sugar coat shit and call it marshmellows huh?

          We know that the Japanese market is great for nintendo but getting these not so great news makes me appreciate the site even more. Makes me look at sickr in a not so bias light, plus the fans need to know.

  5. UK just doesn’t like good games I guess. I wonder how xbox got so big over there, now they’re taste in games is no better than those dudebros.

  6. Wow!!! how is it that Alien’s on top, have they ever heard of its bad reviews? oh well everyone has their own different taste in games I guess…

  7. WOW Just WOW bunch of fool buying garbage games like aliens, oh “but thats not garbage” but fool claim that mario sticker star and nsmb2 and garbage game but this game does not. Im i the only seeing this fucked up?
    in matter a fact why is the trolls defending this game on previous article oh and why is there comments has to do with aliens wii u ver?
    its like “my shit is better than your shit” nobody should be proud owning that game.

    1. Hang on, I need to translate this (No offense):

      “WOW Just WOW, what a bunch of fools buying garbage games like Aliens, Oh “But thats not garbage”, yet fools claim that “Paper Mario sticker star” and “New Super Mario Bros. 2″ and terrible games and that this game is good. Im I the only one who thinks this is fucked up?
      In matter a fact why are the trolls are defending this game on the previous article? Oh and why is there comments that have to do with the Wii U version of Aliens?
      It’s like “My cocks bigger than your cock”! Nobody should be proud if they own that game.”

    1. .. as well as most of the other games in top 40. That’s all it ever is until a new exclusive comes out and then it dies down after so many weeks. It will have relevance once more Wii U units are sold and new games are introduced.

  8. Are exclusives the only thing that matter? Ok then, PS3 has only 2 exclusives in there (if I counted right…), and that console hasn’t been out for just 3 months. See how unfair that is?

    1. America’s charts

      1 X360 Dead Space 3 247,953
      2 3DS Fire Emblem: Kakusei 169,831
      3 PS3 Dead Space 3 137,702
      4 PS3 Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time 88,600
      5 X360 Call of Duty: Black Ops II 43,882
      6 PS3 Call of Duty: Black Ops II 27,412
      7 X360 Far Cry 3 24,953
      8 X360 Halo 4 19,243
      9 X360 NBA 2K13 17,957
      10 Wii Just Dance 4

      Let’s see… one good game there.
      And everyone says the UK is bad? Yeah, sure.

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