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Ubisoft Wii U Games Are Now 30% Off On North American eShop


Ubisoft has announced that its range of titles on the Wii U are now 30% off on the North American eShop. The sale is only on for one week and ends on February 26th. You can get popular titles such as ZombiU and Assassin’s Creed 3 for $41.99. Here’s the full list of games that are available.

  • $41.99 – Zombi U
  • $34.99 – Just Dance 4
  • $41.99 – Assassin’s Creed III
  • $34.99 – Rabbids Land
  • $34.99 – Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013
  • $34.99 – ESPN Sports Connection

76 thoughts on “Ubisoft Wii U Games Are Now 30% Off On North American eShop”

      1. Yes! Don’t buy Ubi games! Wii U will lose Ubisoft’s support if you don’t buy their games! I LOVE THE RAYMAN LEGENDS DELAY.

          1. Want to earn free stuff by completing surveys? You have to take surveys to earn digital currency. Some pay a $1 some pay $5. It takes time but its legit. I can get a new 3DS game within a week or two earning a few dollars a day. This is not SPAM i’m just trying to get people to join who also love video games and free stuff. Gift Cards and other Gift cards are also available! Sign up now! Again you gotta put work in but its 100% legit! THIS IS NOT SPAM (Luigi’s Mansion,Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, and other 3DS games available in the rewards section) (Oh they have PS3 games as well)

          2. Respectfully speaking, they should’ve banned him/her already. It would be different if he/she offered an intelligent opinion, but he/she person never does.

    1. Also, keep in mind that ubisoft is probably just trying to increase sales for the end if the quarter.

      Remember, these business guys/suits are the same people who are just looking out for their wallets, which is why there is a huge delay for rl

      1. Yet they delay the game to the month in which GTA V comes out. Not exactly a wise business decision. Personally, they should just screw Mircosoft and release the game for the Wii U and work on the PS3 version.

    1. Screw them. If they want my business in the first place, they shouldn’t have screwed us over in the first place. Too little too late.

      1. Nothing will ever compare to the ’80’s and ’90’s. Greatest times ever for being a video gamer. Back when games were actually games, and not some digital waste of time and money. Niot to mention, cartridge-form. Best format ever!

    1. Agreed. But I think Dragon gave a good explanation as to why they aren’t lower in price, it was a pretty good explanation too.

    1. zombiu is about 6-8 GB and AC3 is 18GB… Both are good games , but zombiu iS AMAZING , the gameplay is super immersive. it has you on the edge of your seat fighting for your char’s life.
      zombiu is a bit rushed and flawed , but it’s also incredible. A must play for hardcore gamers imo.

        1. You seem like a good Trine 2 player and that can get pretty tough at times (when not cheating :P).

          ZombiU is hard , scary and frustrating , but EXTREMELY rewarding , and I mean one of the most rewarding sensations ever in a game. Fighting off 10 Zombis and then getting back to base is satisfying to say the least…

          1. Nah i just get through the levels quick, i don’t always have to use the wizard in trine 2 :)

            Cant wait to try out zombi u :)

              1. If you’d like you can join our group. Me and nintedward play online :) We got dry bones to play yesterday too, it was fun :)

            1. I know , You were great at it anyway but sometimes resorted to a bit of levitation :P , But I could see you were good at the game :) . We fucked that last boss up ! Gravity field X bomb arrows ftw !

        2. Yes, ZombiU is a great game. There are some minor glitches, but you pretty much have to go out of your way to find them. It certainly wasn’t what people expected as it truly is a survival horror game where you can easily get yourself killed and have to start over. I was originally hesitant on getting the game, figuring it was just some shoot-em-up with no consequences, but my craving for a diverse library made me take the plunge. I recommend this to anyone that wants a challenge, wants to have the crap scared out of them and wants to try something different.

  1. I am getting the Assasin creed….. even tho I have it for my ps3 (I got the ps version for free….. CFW all the way….. ha ha hah a ha ha)

  2. Im just wondering if WiiU is slowly dying ???
    Just wondering !
    Cause Theres a lot of discount everywhere …
    Nintendo ? Super Nes era is over :-(
    Here comes the Playstation 4 !!!

      1. I mean Nintendo had the Time ! But now Sony Will release new Playstation !!!
        Just realistic …
        Power is not all but to me its really important …
        I play games since Atari 2600 and I love to see new things !!!

        1. They may be releasing a new system, but the question is what kind of games is gonna be included in the launch. A system can be powerful, but no games = no buy, especially since the PS4 isn’t backwards comparable (another reason I like the Wii U: allows me to still play Wii games while I wait for the U’s games to arrive).

          1. yeah, I’m still playing Xenoblade Cronicles on my WiiU, and sometimes I play DKCR. Good games are coming for WiiU, and I bet this is gonna be a great E3 for Nintendo. also, the PS4 will be released by the end of the year, Nintendo have an entire year of advantage.

    1. Rayman Legends (and maybe another 1st party release) would’ve helped this time of year. There’s a bit of a drought, but I think it’ll pass.

      The PS4 isn’t out, and Nintendo never competes with them anyway. But sales like this aren’t a bad idea.

    2. The bulk of discounts are in the UK where they already had the products marked up close to 50% . The ones in the states as of late seem to be for packaged deals with games coming out in the near future.

  3. Dang it’s too bad I already have ZombiU and Assassin’s Creed. Could have used the extra money on another game. Oh well, still great games.

    1. I know right. First Nintendo must change their policy on who the digital games belong to. As long as they are tied to my system they can stuff their digital content up their a..
      Who wants to have to rely on Nintendo to maybe get their digital content back if their system breaks or gets stolen. With physical copies I am in control, and I can play them on any Wii U that I want to.

      1. you should change your name, there is to many people with that name, and i hate some people with that name, so i really didnt care to respond back because of that, nobody knows witch one is you

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