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Amazon Refers To Wii U As A ‘Current Gen’ Console, Alongside Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3

watch_dogs_artAlthough publisher Ubisoft hasn’t yet confirmed whether Watch Dogs will hit Nintendo’s latest console, retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop, have listed a Wii U version of the upcoming game. Via its official Twitter feed, Amazon Video Games referred to the Wii U as a ‘current gen console,’ alongside the aged Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, when it tweeted this: “Watch Dogs for Ubisoft is now pre-orderable for current gen consoles. … ” Just in case you didn’t know, the Xbox 360 was released in 2005, the PlayStation 3 in 2006, and the Wii U launched toward the end of 2012 – about three months ago.

149 thoughts on “Amazon Refers To Wii U As A ‘Current Gen’ Console, Alongside Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3”

    1. now that i have secured first comment, i can say what i want. i think its kinda lame that amazon and other companies did this. thats all.

      1. Its just someone in marketing PR who doesn’t play games or care about which console is which wrote this. Don’t get too upset by this, its not a big deal.

    1. Yeah I think you are right. Plus Amazon isn’t really a “gaming” site either. It probably doesn’t know all the “correct” terms. They are probably just repeating words that they have heard before unknowing that it is actually incorrect.

      1. Just like they refer the Wii U’s GamePad as the WiiPad on Mass Effect 3:Special Edition’s information. “A New Way to Wage War: Command the battlefield with the WiiPad as the Mass Effect franchise makes its debut on the Wii U…”

  1. The thing I hate about stuff like that is that processing power has nothing to do with what generation the console is a part of. The Wii wasn’t powerful, but it was still part of the currently ending generation along with the 360 and PS3. The WiiU is officially next generation, even if the 720 and PS4 end up blowing its power out of the water.

  2. This statement won’t apply until they actually announce Watch Dogs as one of the systems the game is coming to.

    But that’s besides the point; it saddens me to see that people take the level of tech as the definition of a generation, when it’s the sequence that counts, not the power, when defining what generation a console is.
    People need to get their facts straight.

    1. You’re right. The Wiiu is an 8th gen console , one which looks to of gone down a different path than it’s competitors yet again. The controller is worth more than a 360 :S

  3. Whatever.. all the matters is I know that it is Next Gen and many others do too and we are getting a bunch of great games for it. Wii U already has more 3rd party support now then the Wii ever got.

    1. Actually, Watch_Dogs has only been confirmed for current gen consoles (PS3/Xbox360) and PC. But anyway, I really don’t what Amazon’s Twitter says, I truly believe Wii U is next-gen.

      1. It is but we if we fallow the real definition the wiiu is current gen because it is already out like how ps4 and 720 will be wen they release.

      2. Thank you. As one of the people who truly critique the Wii U as opposed to fanboys or trolls, it is very nice to hear you say the Wii U is truly next-gen.

  4. LOL Amazon talking about gaming consoles? hahaha wow. anyway, when the next PS4 and 720 start in the market, then the 3 bigs will be current-gen consoles, but in this time, the Wii U is still a Next-Gen console, sorry Amazon, but you are wrong this time.

  5. Nintedward's Bitch Servant

    In case you guys forgot. Here is a list of amazing exclusive games coming to Wii U.

    The Wonderful 101
    Zelda: Wind Waker HD
    PIkmin 3
    3D Mario
    Bayonetta 2
    LEGO City Undercover
    New Zelda
    Smash Bros.
    Yarn Yoshi
    Mario Kart

    Once these titles hit the Wii U will sell like hotcakes.

    1. …and not a single game there that is of any interest to me.

      “Once these titles hit the Wii U will sell like hotcakes.”
      -Once PSVita starts pumping out the software in Japan and takes away Nintendos single grasp on the gaming industry, Nintendo will be as good as dead… unless MH4 is enough.

      I was once a proud Nintendo fanboy, but no longer. I’ll see where Nintendo stand come E3 2014 (given that they aren’t let completely crippled by then) and see if it’s worth spending some money.

        Also, no matter what Sony does, the 3DS already has a lead over the Vita by 20+million units. Even the Wii U while selling low numbers is STILL outselling the Vita. I may be a Sony fan, but the company should drop handhelds entirely once this generation of handhelds is done in about 4-5 years and focus on home consoles where they do much better. The Vita has absolutely no chance and will probably end up selling less than the PSP.

          1. I love my Vita and everything about it, but yeah, I don’t see it outselling the 3DS unless Nintendo make mistake after mistake, and the odds are that are basically impossible.

            1. I know. Pokemon X and Y arguably the companys biggest handheld game is yet to launch. And it’s gunna be a global phenomenon. It isn’t pokemon black and white 2 , it’s the first proper 3D pokemon game , you’re looking at 20M sales for both version combined and a MASSIVE hardware sales spike.
              And then there is more and more and more and more big titles coming out , Monster Hunter 4 , Mario and Luigi RPG etc etc etc etc

              PS vita is awesome , But the entire industry just knows/accepts that there is NO chance the vita could even dent Nintendo 3DS.

              1. I wouldn’t go so far as to say 20M just yet. Only the original two generations managed to push out that many copies. Black/White and BW2 weren’t so successful, but that could be due to it was the second generation on the DS and people wanted a 3D one so they never picked it up.

                At high school, I was more or less the Pokemon guru, so as soon as the announcement for X and Y appeared, I received shit-loads of messages asking for my friend-code for when they get a 3DS for the game.

    2. The Wonderful 101 – Looks cool
      Zelda: Wind Waker HD – Pretty good, but it is a remake
      PIkmin 3 – Not my cup of tea
      3D Mario – Will probably be amazing
      Bayonetta 2 – Hell yes
      LEGO City Undercover – No thanks
      New Zelda – It better be alot better than skyward sword
      Smash Bros.- Loved Melee to death, hated Brawl. Hope they make this game require skill.
      Yarn Yoshi – Kirby’s Epic Yarn was way too easy and I didn’t like it. Hope this game doesn’t follow the same path. Yoshi’s Island was amazing tho.
      Mario Kart – With each Mario Kart they release it’s getting slower and slower with more ridiculous items and snaking. Pretty much gave up on this franchise.

  6. Do any of you raging fanboys ever stop to thinl and read? Current gen! Nintendo has launched the first of the now brand new “current generation”! Xbox 360, wi and ps3 are now last gen lol! Not everyone is attacking your precious baby console.

      1. I’m not trolling. The nintendo Wii U is curren gen. Its a brand new console. Starting a new gen. Therefore current. Xbox 360, ps3 and wii are last gen.

        1. Could try and resist saying ‘precious baby console’. Last time I checked, that classed you as a troll on this site.

          1. I meant you fanboys treat the console as a precious baby of yours and it just sickens me. But otherwise that is not trolling it is expressing my anger at the hugefanboys on this site. If I was trying to troll, I would make a new profile to do it so I wouldnthave peopl hatingon me.

  7. The Wii U “is” current gen you know?
    It is currently 2013 – and the Wii U was released 3 months ago, that seems pretty current to me.

    Not to mention that the Wii U is on par with the Ps3 and Xbox 360, also making it current gen when compared to either of those consoles, also, multiplatform games such as Darksiders II or Call of Duty Black Ops II look identical on Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360,and PC.

    Wii U is current gen, Ps4 is not being announced tomorrow, sit down, shut up, play the video games, and stop whining about how your new shiny game console isn’t the next best thing. Face it, Nintendo was a few years late the the “next gen” race, they entered in during the “current gen” and for that, and due to stupid consumerists, they’re having a hard time convincing people to buy their console now when they cab get a used xbox 360 or ps3 for real cheap on Ebay or at gamestop.

    The ONLY thing that can save the Wii U is decent first party titles, more exclusives, and a better advertising campaign to get consumers excited to purchase the console. But the Wii U is still just a current gen console, sorry, get over it. “Each system has its gimmick, ps3 has bluray, 360 has its kinect, and the Wii U has its gamepad.” Now Microsoft has smartglass which is trying to emulate the wii u’s gamepad, ps3 has move which is either trying to improve upon the psmove, or emulate the wii or kinect, so any way you look at it, the Wii U is a current gen console, and in 3 – 4 years when a next generation of game consoles is released, the Wii U will be last gen.

                  1. Was there official confirmation of that?
                    So far, from what I’ve heard, all we’ve got is reasonable speculation based off of the talk Sony has been doing about its previous consoles.

                    1. Unless Sony wants to piss off nearly there entire fanbase, they’ll announce it. Plus the fact they have been shwoing off videos of all there consoles each day, I’ll be really surprised if it isn’t announced.

                    2. Exactly. You think they would do that and then NOT announce PS4? It’s obvious what they’re doing.

        1. In hardware it’s still better than both the PS3 and 360. Can they pull off PC textures? No? Yeah, that says next gen to me.

          1. People seem to forget about the controller *sigh* the hardware IS better. It’s not the same , once it’s maxed out it will be NOTICABLY better. But the controller is what makes it next gen. For crying out loud. Aymetric gameplay is NOT 7th gen tech.

              1. Yeah , but they didn’t and they don’t have tablet controllers.

                GBA and Gamecube used to do asymetric play for a laugh. But it wasn’t as standard. You couldn’t have a screen each when playing Nintendo land for example.

                Wiiu is next gen. It’s got a big graphical suprise under it’s bonnet to – check THIS out

                Wiiu version looks twice as good , at least.

                PS4 = all graphics (presumably)
                Wiiu = Tablet controller and a small leap in graphics.

                  1. IKR ? DrTre81 is awesome! I saw one of his videos on IGN and I been watchin since. Some of his videos are just personal stabs at others , But some are cool Wiiu vids like that.

                      1. I watch Shokio too. But again not the personal attacks , just the Wiiu/ Nintendo videos :)

                        The rest of that community is bonkers. Shokio and Dr tre are informative and funny!

      1. I agree completely with most of what you said. Though who is to say that hardware is the only thing that determines next-gen? In terms of features, the Wii U MAY be considered next-gen. A bad example, but oh well.

      2. I dont consider the gamepad a gimmick at all, it’s just the usual Nintendo innovating again. And i think the ps4 is being announced tomarrow. Wii U looks “on par” with current gen because it’s ported and the developers are just now starting how to take advantage of the hardware. I like pie…

        1. When you think about it, the gamepad really is a gimmick, but who’s to say that is bad? Nintendo at least tries to do something different from the competition, instead of having minor differences such as online.

          1. Well it’s not a gimmick for what i use it for. It can be a bit gimmicky in gameplay but i use the Pro controller as the main controller(if the game supports it) and the Gamepad when someone else is using the tv. It has alot a potential though.

      3. how is the Wii U on par with PS3 and 360? What evidence do you have? Ports? Do you think the Wii U is supposed to render everything you shove into it at 1080p60? Fucking moron

        1. the wii u is the only console tht can play games at 1080p 60hz natively xbox and ps3 can only play at 720p and then upscale to 1080p

      4. The Wii U runs the infinity 4 engine that has direct X11 equivalent features. Also it runs the unreal engine 4 my friend. Only silly developers cannot handle the Wii U’s complex but easy to program for chipset, here is looking at you Bethesda.

      5. Wii u will have better graphics and the gpad is more advanced than ps4box3 combined it’s more of a 8th gen system than the soon to come fagstation and wreckedbox those are the last gen systems with their 6th gen controllers no one talks about that though

      1. Yes how dare they defend a platform they like.
        Seriously if you don’t like fanboys, what the hell are you doing here? You’re on a site dedicated to nintendo news and all you seem to do is bitch about nintendo fanboys. If you don’t like it, leave. You’re not doing anything useful from constant bitching.

        1. Yes but some of us NORMAL gamers who game on all consoles come here for for news for the nintendo consoles we game on. Just because this is a supposively all nintendo site. Does not make the fanboys behavior appropriate.

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    2. ‘DUH’ it’s out so it’s the first home console of the eighth generation. It’s current Gen, while ps3, xbox360 and the Original Wii are all last generation.

    3. Umm if it was me I would say the same thing. Its just for ease. Saying ” Watchdog now preorderable for current gen consoles, and the next gen console WiiU” is just long and extra. Even though i know that wii u is next gen

    4. More useless fools that can’t get easy facts right.
      If you sell something you should know what it is you are selling.

      And yes Sorny and Microshit are worthless.

    5. Wow even on a Nintendo-specific website, no one is offended. I’m impressed for once internet.

      The day the butt-hurt fan rage never came.

    6. I think that it doesn’t matter to me but it seems true, the Wii U is not an obvious step up visually/graphically over PS3 or Xbox 360.

    7. Current Gen? *face palm*
      It boggles my mind knowing how many retarded people are out there. I really don’t know what people expect out of Nintendo? Is the Wii U supposed to lay golden eggs? It’s HD. Nintendo’s first attempt at doing HD. It IS next generation. People needs to block out dumbass Sony and Microsoft and just concentrate on Nintendo for a moment (who cares if Sony and Microsoft have already been doing HD for years). Has Nintendo ever before produced an HD console which also had a game pad with a giant LCD screen? NO! Has anyone else ever made a console with a controller that had that type of LCD screen? NO! Is the competition already trying to copy Nintendo because they can’t be original and they know Nintendo is the greatest innovators in the industry? YES!

      People that calls the Wii U a current gen console are probably the ones who were stupid enough to think that the Wii U was just a Wii add-on. I’m sick of people comparing Nintendo (and the Wii U) to Fony and Crapbox. Nintendo is in a league of their very own.They’re too damn good to even TRY competing. They do things THEIR way. And they always will.

    8. What a lot of people don’t seem to understand is that Wii U is officially a next gen console. There’s nothing that can change that. Whether it’s a next gen console by THEIR standards is a whole different matter it seems…

      1. No it’s current gen… Next gen is something that hasn’t happened…. Current=now next=later last=before… Understand?

    9. I dont care if its labeled next gen or not. I care about the games. If its fun to me it doesnt matter what its on. People like to come in here and start fights. So proud they have ps3 or xbox or how next systems are gonna blow Nintendo out of the water. Talking shit telling us the cpu this or the cpu that. Shut the fuck up you didnt make the system. Associate yourself with some high tech console makes you so fucking cool. Just makes u a pathetic little bitch! Just play the freaking games and have fun.

    10. Amazon is partially right. Wii U is CURRENT GEN. Because the 7th Gen meaning Xbox 360, and PS3 ARE NOW CONSIDERED LAST GEN. 8th Gen has begun. 8th Gen is Current Gen.

    11. Well techinically the Wii U is a current gen console.
      When it was announced it was a Next Gen console and now its a current gen console, the PS3 and Xbox 360 and Wii are last gen.

      PS4 is a next gen console because its the next in line after the last gen, same with the 720.

      Wii U is a next gen console but now its officially a current gen console of this next gen.

    12. Well.. it is.. i’m sorry to say so, but it is a current gen console :P And when PS4 and Xbox 720 comes out, and the PS3 and Xbox 360 begins to fade away, the Wii U is gonna be part of that gen. I mean if it’s out now, it’s naturally a current gen console, seeing as the others haven’t even been announced. That’s not to say it’s FAR better than the other current gen in my opinion. Who cares tbh, if it’s so important to be ‘new’ and ‘better’, tell me why my Playstation 2 is far more fun than my PS3, and why i played, and play, my Gameboy so much more than my 3DS – i mean it all boils down to what YOU have fun with. Yeah it’s a nostalgia thing for me probably, but i like my Wii U more than the others, and i only have 3 games – 3 games i appreciate more than my 22 games on my Xbox.

    13. This means that the console is “currently available” not current gen as in “same as the ps3, 360 an Wii”. We really shouldn’t be bothered by this whether the Wii U was brought back from the future, or made yesterday it is still fun and a thorough joy to play! I’ve lived with the Wii getting similar criticisms and the 3DS having to trudge through pachter’s muck as well… When you are as specialized and as good at what your company does, as Nintendo is, then you are bound to be the target in every negative campaign around. Nintendo will stand tall and carry on! It’s about the experience, not the tech specs and graphics. We, as gamers, have become tech “whores” in a sense, we frown upon games/consoles that deliver unique experiences, because “they don’t have enough polygons in this game and the characters are blurred, but the story and gameplay are phenomenal!” Why do we allow ourselves not to experience any ge we want just because of flaming reviews?! We need to play these games and enjoy them for what they all are… TOYS! Enjoy them as such and quit complaining about the tech behind them!

    14. Most people regard the “gen” of a console based on technology, not time of release. If you released a console akin to Super Nintendo, it wouldn’t be “current gen”.

      Likewise, releasing a console that is (once you account for power required to run the controller) basically as powerful as an XBOX 360, that doesn’t make it “next gen” simply because of it’s release date.

    15. Current gen for them means already out. They don’t know any better.
      By the way I pre-ordered Watch Dogs on Wii U yesterday.

    16. Wii was next-gen in 2006 even if less powerful than its competitors.
      Wii U IS next-gen and will be even after PS4 and 720 come out.

    17. current gen just means whats on store shelves. next gen is what isnt. if the ps4 is released it is no longer sonys next gen console, it becomes their current gen console. get it? probably not, the internet isnt filled with very intelligent people.

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