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Capcom Explains Why Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate On Wii U Doesn’t Feature Off-TV Play

monster_hunter_ultimate_wii_uThe Wii U version of Capcom’s Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate doesn’t support the Off-TV Play feature. The reason for this is because, according to producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, Capcom wants players to use two screens – the Wii U GamePad’s screen and the TV screen – while playing the action role-playing game. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate releases for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U on March 19th in North America, and on March 22nd in Europe. A free demo of the game will be available to download from the Nintendo eShop on February 21st.

“We don’t have that feature within Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate – really, the way that we approach making the title for the Wii U was that we wanted to make the Wii U GamePad subscreen a compliment to the main screen. So instead of making the screens replaceable or being able to switch them, we really wanted to make sure that players are utilizing both real estate of the screens, in conjunction with each other.”

-Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate producer Ryozo Tsujimoto

Update: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Wii U now features off-TV play via an update.

92 thoughts on “Capcom Explains Why Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate On Wii U Doesn’t Feature Off-TV Play”

  1. Or… Because the 3ds version is supposed to be the offcreen version. Since most ppl play their handheld at home anyway so making wiiu version offrcreen compatible would make the 3ds pointless

    1. So people without a 3DS are SOL??

      Capcom dropped the ball. Not everyone likes gaming on a tiny handheld, and I refuse to buy one just to play a few games. It would be nice to have the option of off tv play, especially for a game that requires as much time as MH3

      1. Ever hear of the XL? I’m 25 and I play at home or on the go. Trust me those are not tiny compared to the regular 3DS

  2. The fact that the 3DS has a monster hunter 3 ultimate makes this a good point. If I want to play in my bed, I shall simply use the 3DS. Hope that the demo is sweet!

  3. Yet again Ubisoft is messing up. Fool me oncr, chupa mi culo. Fool me twice I am HE-MAN! *joke* for all those asses “adarass” S-Unit”

        1. lol, This site is getting stupider Comments everyday, I think it might be time to Migrate to another News site. :P

  4. Some games will feature that option and some won’t. It’s essential to think about the individual game design rather than just tack such an option on unreasonably and implement it in a way that just doesn’t quite work well. Good on Capcom for not feeling forced to include it, if they didn’t feel it would mesh well with the overall game experience.

    1. Are you kidding or trolling? It’s the exact opposite of what you’re saying: needlessly tacking on pointless touch screen features and depriving us of Off-TV Play. The only reason they could have to not include it is either incompetence, laziness or greed (buy both for off-tv play).

      1. I agree, its probably laziness… Its a very very simple code to insert.. In fact an amatuer programmer could do it in less then a few hours.

        Off TV-Play is one of the biggest features of this console. Game designers need to wake up and take note … I’ll let ZombiU slide, because the game is fantastic ;), but part 2 needs off tv play.

  5. What saddens me is the fact that back in the days of the NES and Super NES, Capcom was like my favorite 3rd party company. With games like Mega Man, Street Fighter II, Final Fight, Super Ghouls N’ Ghosts, and all of those cool Disney games they made on the NES (including one of my favorite NES games, Snow Bros.), they seemed unstoppable. They were awesome. But as the years go by, they seem more and more dull. I haven’t played a Capcom game that I loved ever since Resident Evil 4. I would have loved Mega Man 9 and 10 if they had been physical copy, retail releases. But I’m not talking about WiiWare or eShop games. Those don’t fall into the topic I’m talking about. It just makes me wonder what the future holds for Capcom?

      1. Its a solid game but there were a few issues with it. A few key factors would have made it so much better. Like fast travelling or more port crystals? (forget the name) More citys to buy certain things to.

          1. If they was over, then why do 80’s and 90’s games still appear on eShop, and why do people still buy them? The classics will NEVER die!

        1. That doesnt make the fact that you seem to be stuck in the past any better. We all know how many good games there were back then but that doesnt mean that every single game made by a company that has changed over the years is crap.

          1. I never said it did. I said that I haven’t seen a game I liked from Capcom since Resident Evil 4. Please don’t twist or stretch my words.

    1. I feel the same way about them but you really have to try Phantom Trick: Ghost Detective if you haven’t already. That’s a really really good game of them from recent history.

      1. It’s probably a PS3 or 360 game, and I don’t have those consoles (and probably never will). Same goes for the earlier suggestion from Gamer, Dragon’s Dogma.

            1. It’s a DS game indeed and a very good one to be honest. Can’t imagine a ‘it’s all about gameplay’-gamer (not saying that you are one) wouldn’t like it. In some weird way that game flew under many people’s radar.

  6. Interesting……if they’re so insistent on us using both screens then they must have put some significant stuff on the pad.
    Can’t wait to see what the demo, let alone the full game, has in store….

  7. Can’t wait for the demo. Dissapointed about no offscreen , but this game is going to grant my Wiiu hundreds of hours of hardcore play time , for that I am gratefull.

    Mass effect 3 Multiplayer ftw , can’t stop playing it on Wiiu…

    1. Not that this counts as confirmation, either, but I do remember something related to Destiny using the “My Body is Ready” meme. Maybe the chances aren’t as slim as we once thought?
      I’m still keeping my doubt, so that I can avoid disappointment if it’s not true, but it’d be cool to see it come to fruition.




    1. You realize that MH3U ‘utilizes’ the Gamepad in -the- most gimmicky way possible that it might as well be a parody: Using it as a map screen? There’s no excuse for not allowing you off-tv play with the useless second screen ‘features’ disabled.

  9. I don’t mind, I want to play my game on a bigger screen anyway. Besides, what’s up with people throwing a tantrum because there’s no off-TV play?

    1. Wanted to add: Yes, the off-screen is really neat and convenient but the lack of it doesn’t change how a game plays or how good it is. People, just chill out for once and stop complaining about everything! Games are meant to be fun, not something to get worked up for!

    2. 3ds two screens each screen doing a function

      wiiu two screens each doing a function SOOOOOOOO IS THIS ROCKET SCIENCE LOL @ IDIOTS

  10. That sounds like a good reason, they did it so that players can have an unique experience with the gamepad+TV screen. Off screen play is really great though for when I feel like relaxing down on my bed and just playing…I can do that with Tekken Tag 2 which is really cool. And if I didn’t read wrong there’s a demo coming out tomorrow? Hope it comes to the EU eShop too, defo will download it :)

  11. THey are smart with this.
    If you want to play online – you have to buy Wii U version.
    If you want to play “offscreen” you have to buy 3ds version.
    I want to play offscreen and online, and this is not possible. I wish 3ds had online multiplayer feature, but they just dumped the whole game with basically same graphics and slightly increased textures for Wii U just for fans to buy both version. I don’t think i’ll be paying 100 euro for double version… *sigh*, and i can’t choose which one to buy.

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    1. Yes, because of community request. Capcom is not keen to the idea.

      This is an old article brought back up because of context.

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