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Miiverse Has Once Again Been Updated (Video)

Nintendo has once again made a number of tweaks to its social network, Miiverse. You will notice that there is now a Player Posts button which enables you to filter communities to allow you to see the comments from actual players. With the update you can also unfollow users that you were previously following with a button placed next to their name. People that you have blocked will continue to remain blocked and will no longer appear in the community you visit. You can view all the tweaks in the video embedded above.

Thanks, NintenDaan


52 thoughts on “Miiverse Has Once Again Been Updated (Video)”

    1. everyone freaked out over the last one but with the legend of zelda community it does not effect me negatively anymore. this update is a good one! now we need color and more characters in the posts… i actually sent an email about color; might not happen though……

  1. When Miiverse is accessible on my 3DS, I’m finished with online forums.
    Nintendo has done a fantastic job with their social network. I’m just going to live on Miiverse.

  2. You can update it all you want, but it will never be a great, mature, and manly community and online system like Steam and Xbox Live. God, Nintendo is so pathetic.
    ~THE REAL Bill~

    1. Keep the updates coming! Miiverse is such a MANLY and MATURE community, unlike steam and xbox. God, Nintendo is so GREAT! When I grow up, I want to be just like Reggie! Gosh, my body is ready!


      1. I don’t mean to feed the troll, but do you really have nothing better to do in your time other than to troll a Nintendo fansite? If you love Xbox and Steam so much then why don’t you get off your ass and play them. Jeez Louise.

    2. I don’t think they’re pathetic! Coming to a Nintendo-related blog and saying how much Nintendo sucks on the other hand…

    3. If you don’t like Nintendo? Why do you post on this site so often? This is NINTENDO NEWS, not PC/Xbox/VALVe/Sony news! And if you consider this Manly, you might want to get your ears checked, dude!

  3. Miiverse is like one of the best things to happen to gaming. It just needs a few more updates like these to become a true 10/10 killer app. It completely justifies having a resistive screen and a stylus :).

    off topic – Castlevania demo = SWEEET , Monster Hunter demo =SWEEEEEEEET , Japan dominated by Nintendo = LOOOOOOOOL

    1. Are you kidding me? Miiverse is a pathetic, dumbed down version of an online forum, something that has been around for decades. Xbox Live is much more innovative than the gay-ass Miiverse. Get your head out of Iwata’s ass already!
      ~THE REAL Bill~

      1. No bill. You can’t afford a Wiiu so you would’t know how good it is. It’s trully amazing , Screenshots , advice , artwork , etc. It really is a stroke of genius. It’s like a Nintendo facebook integrated with all the games.

          1. Apples and oranges comparison really , But I love Miiverse , it’s the best thing to happen to gaming , it really is. I love it. Voice chat in certain games + Miiverse is actually better than Xbox live and PSN’s set up imo.
            And online gaming works perfectly on Wiiu and the Eshop is awesome.

            They got the online right , in their own unique way.

    1. I don’t want to see it removed, because some jack-ass will polute posts with things such as the centepede we see here from time to time.

      I would like to see it increased though, and the ability to attach photo’s? (which may be dangerous on a child friendly social network, but maybe they can only allow viewing photo’s if you can confirm your age with a credit card or something.

      1. Hm that would be a good idea actually!

        I would also like a community just for drawings. I love seeing amazing fanart in say the Zelda community, but it can get kind of annoying at times.

      1. Aww bill what’s wrong??? Why are you acting like a little BITCH!!!!!!! Lol

        No one want’s you pathetic loser in this site anyways ^_^ hahaha

  4. I hope they will change the time restriction at some point. 5 minutes is too much. 1-2 minutes would be good and it should apply to each community so if I post in the Zelda community I have to wait 1-2 minutes to post again, but I don’t have any restrictions on posting in another community.

    Adding colors would be a really good idea as well and I’m definitely in favor of increasing the character limit.

    I also think a cool update would be to allow you to add short video clips from the game. Being able to show off a clip of a nice kill streak or an awesome highlight from 2K13 or Madden would be really cool.

    1. When you consider this is Nintendo’s first jump into implementing a large online system(not counting Wii’s friend code system….smh) and first jump into social gaming its extremely impressive. They just need to continue to add updates and continue to find ways to improve it.

  5. I’m loving Miiverse (too bad it doesn’t allow a few stuff but I understand) and I can’t wait to get it on my smartphone. Now if only you could do your own Community…

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