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Fire Emblem Awakening DLC Out Today In North America


Nintendo of America has announced via its Facebook page that the Fire Emblem Awakening The Lost Bloodlines maps will be available today for $3. If you complete the map then you’re awarded Leif as a playable character. You also have the option of getting all three Lost Bloodlines maps by buying the bundle for $6.00.

Thanks, Jamie

45 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Awakening DLC Out Today In North America”

      1. this game has been put at around 6 for my top 10 favorite games of all time, this is one of the very few games that somehow manages to get everything right.

        1. except that enemies can appear out of nowhere and kill you…. thats the only thing I hate about it. WHY NINTENDO!?!?!?! WHY?!?!?!????????????????

          1. They only appear from “forts, so yeah, tread carefully near forts on levels where reinforcements are expected.

    1. I guess guess you are a beginner with this franchise and suck at the game so you are blaming it when it really is just you.

        1. That’s not possible. Next you’ll be telling me Darth Vader is my Father, Noooooooooo Noo. *Suicide jumps down the cloud city vents*

    2. I guess you are a beginner with this franchise and suck at the game so you are blaming it when it really is just you.

    3. Then you probably never played any of the older games in the series. I think Awakening is a great game, but if you’re not a fan of tactical RPGs, then you’re not gonna like it.

  1. This stuffs pretty expensive. What the heck nintendo I thought you were making dlc that is worth the money

    but im gonna still buy it anyway cause i love you guys ^^ and I love fire emblem ^^

    1. None of it is required to play the game. You’re purchasing content that is above and beyond an already content rich game.

      I would invest in the Golden Gaffer if you haven’t already…

    1. It’s not required.
      Sheesh, what’s everyone getting upset about. Not to mention, not all the DLC is charged, some of it is free, only te maps have a price tag, and the first one was free.

    2. Please do remember that Fire Emblem Awakening has been out in Japan for a year so all of the dlc is finished. NoA is just translating it and releasing it weekly.

  2. I would say if you’re not a fan of turn based strategy, such as Advanced wars (Or prior Fire Emblem games) – You may want to pass on this, but otherwise, It’s fantastic.

    I decided on download, because I’ll want to carry this one aroud and have access to it all the time.

      1. Wait, really? That’s dumb, you guys should at least get that. Can’t wait til everyone overseas gets it though. It’s now my favorite in the series.

        1. Yeah, my Nintendo HQ where I am is a joke. I don’t expect anything good from them anymore. Don’t know about Europe’s though, so I cant say for them.

  3. Fire Emblem Awakening is amazing and one of my favorites for the 3ds it’s even more enjoyable on the 3DSXL. This game reminds me a lot of final fantasy Tatics. If your being overwhelmed in battles it’s a clue you need to think your plan of action very carefully.

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  6. Why is the Fire Emblem DLC SO EXPENSIVE!? It should be free or .99 cents for all of the packs together. I want to play the DLC, but I am not willing to drop down 3-5 dollars every time they come out with a new one -__-

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